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Originally Posted by CurvyEm
If a woman is 250lbs and hates herself then shes too fat. If she's 600lbs and loves the way she looks then shes not :P
Originally Posted by Dravenhawk View Post
Yup that sounds abouy right. I keep hoping for the 600lb girl who loves the way she looks.

I agree!

Now I absolutely love my soft plump round body. In fact I'm so madly in love with my fat body that I don't believe I'm fat enough yet!

No, not at all!

At 5 ft 6 in, and now, 395 pounds, I feel like I'm still much too thin and seriously need to fatten up some more!

I wont be happy until my butt is so wide I can't squeeze through a doorway, until my thighs are so fat I walk bull-legged, until my lower belly below the waist band hangs down over my big round knees, and my arms lay straight out on the sides of my big round body!

And even then, I still won't be satisfied, I will want even more and more!!!

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