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Hello all!

I'm very new to the subject of gaining and feeding, and I've always been fascinated with both. My fascination with the subject reached its apex when I began dating a large girl at the age of 16. She was already in her mid 200's, and one day, I casually asked what she thought about gaining more weight. She was fascinated, but asked if I was okay with her doing so. I said yes, and began to encourage her growth. She ballooned to a beautiful 320 pounds within a few months.
Unfortunately, due to many issues that rose between us, we went our separate ways, and now I'm single once more. Not that I'm trying to invoke a pity party here or anything, just explaining how my fascination came to be.
So, I was wondering if there are any young gainers/feedees out there? Some who aren't afraid to relentlessly pack on the poundage?
If so, feel free to share your experiences, or send me a private message!
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