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roddles can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesroddles can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Aren't we all fetishists to a degree?

Hold on a second, I don't post much, but some of these comments really have annoyed me. Happily married, don't you think all FAs are fetishists to varying degrees? I know you may not like to think your a fetishist, but we are all here because we are attracted to fat. That is a fetish. I know the word sounds derogitive. I think as a young FA emerging most are all about the sex and the fat, but as you grow older, you hopefully find someone compatible in personality as well as physical attraction. But just like "normal people" all FAs are different and vary in intensity there are also different kinds of fat fetishism eating gaining etc. so they are the same you are in the closet about being a fetushist the same way the guy in the OP is (maybe) in the closet about his attraction to her. You tell yourself it's more respectable to be FA but same god damn thing. Speaking of the OP, everyone went and got off topic, yes guys do stand off when they on the closet. I admit I have done it, I missed out on the girl of my dreams because I was too afraid to come out and admit it
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