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Default When I get around to it ...

Tonights dinner, shall be one of my favorites. Feel free to try it with your own twist and get back to me with any changes! (Though im very picky with my food, so I may not listen to suggestions )

Bacon and egg salad!

Torn up baby spinach,
lettuce mix,
crispy bacon torn into tiny pieces,
asparagus bite sized pieces,
a wee bit of shredded cheese,
wee bit of shredded apple,
beetroot (if you like it .. which I dont),
tomato (if you like it .. which I dont),
any other kind of salad greens you have lying around.
(ive most likly forgotten something .. but just make it up as you go along and it will be fine )

Poach an egg or two, cut roughly, throw on top of all other mixed ingredients.

I top with Blue Rooster dressing (from the Blue Rooster restaurant down the main street lol .. I cant tell you whats in it, but its a creamy + oily thing with herbs ..)

Any who, its just about the best thing in the world, and is MUCH more filling then you would expect .. dosnt stop me having seconds though ..
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