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Default Honestly: I only want to be a fat girl

It's all I think about. Take a handful of little pills and become curvy. The author skinny Minnie wrote my ultimate fantasy. I used to be a skinny fit boy. That was 100 lb ago. Without hormones, a lot of weight goes to my bottom. Mom and grandma were huge-bobbed. How did god screw up so bad and give me the wrong equipment?

Girls. Help me. How does it feel? Your femininity flows and jiggles around you. You are hyper feminine. Thick legs, protruding bum. 3d breasts. How sexy! Do you feel mens eyes on you? How does it feel to be inside the result of so much evidence of your girlyness? There is no disguise to the sex goddess inside and out. You are so desirable.

I want to be like you and be with you, sexy curvy venus.
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