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Originally Posted by BigChaz View Post
I have a question for you. When I am at the grocery store and the cashier is ringing up a bunch of stuff for me, I will start putting it in bags for them. It saves time for both of us and hey, less work on their part. But like 80% of the time I do it they look uncomfortable and start waving someone over to take over. Is it wrong of me to do that? Are they going to get in trouble because I want to help? I have asked a few times and never get anything but non-committal answers designed to not get them fired.
No it's not wrong. If you want to help. Alot of customers do. They might feel uncomfortable but they won't get in trouble. Our company pushes customer service. Sometimes they don't have enough baggers. So they will call people to the checkout. They just want to do their job well. The managers know how the checkout runs, and who is and isn't working.

I don't know about walmart though.

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