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I have a real peeve against people who think because they have a Jesus fish on their car they don't have to use a turn signal.

Men who wear their pants so low, the only thing between there equipment and me (walking down the street) is a sheet of paper thin underwear.

Miserable people who want to spend time with me to try to bring them up, and therefore drag me down.

Skinny girls who walk as slow as possible in front of your car.

People who think it's alright to talk on their phone while interacting with another human being who is working in the service industry.

Men who mistake friendly for an unwanted sexual response!

How about starting a new thread on things that we love...

I'll start, when someone brings your food out in a restaurant that isn't the person who originally ordered from, and acts all confused with who ordered the salad and who ordered the huge fried chicken basket! LOL
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