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Why the FA/FFA Forum?

BBWs/BHMs and FAs/FFAs have a lot to learn from each other, and do so in a number of Dimension’s forums. However, there remain areas of discussion where FAs/FFAs can especially benefit from the shared experience of other FAs/FFAs.

Some of these areas tend to be repetitive for the journey of many FAs/FFAs; it therefore follows that serious threads relating to that journey be grouped in an accessible fashion.

Such topics include (but are not limited to):

• Closet Issues (How to make the first steps? How to deal with friend & family reactions? Etc.)

• The discussion (i.e. civil and respectful discourse) of FA/FFA issues

General Forum Principles and Conduct

The focus of this forum is on the experience of being an FA/FFA. Threads or discussions that begin off topic (or meander into subject areas outside of this FA-focused remit) are liable to be edited or closed.

Threads whose OP fit within the scope of the forum will not be moved from the FA/FFA forum into other forums. If a discussion is likely to be inappropriate for this forum, please consider starting it on another board. If you are unsure, please contact a mod before posting.

This forum is intended to be serious and civil, dedicated to helping male and female FAs with real life issues. In general, the hope is that discussion is kept free – flowing, mutually supportive and positive.

Forum Rules

The defining commonality amongst all FA and FFAs is their physical aesthetic for a fat partner. Correspondingly, the abstract discussion of personal views on fat sexuality/fat sex is absolutely fine (where contextually appropriate) on this forum.

However, the following types of discussion are not permitted;
  • Sexual discussion containing individual identities other than your own. Whether the person in question is a board member or not, their privacy must be respected.
  • Excessively lewd, crude or distasteful objectification of people. For instance, saying you like a particular trait is fine but it does not require one to trash all those who do not have that trait in order to make the point. Keep things respectful.

Furthermore, on a more general note, the following behaviors are not permitted in line with general Dimensions rules;
  • Misogynistic (woman hating) or misandrynistic (man hating) comments from any poster.
  • Bashing or disparaging of any individual or group.
If rules are transgressed, warnings or infractions (and even banning in extreme circumstances) may take place. These transgressions form a permanent record across all forums and are taken into account each time a transgression is identified.

How the FA/FFA Forum Relates to Other Forums on Dimensions

The focus of the FA/FFA forum is specific to its intended purpose of providing a place for FAs to help each other out and discuss FA issues. As is the case with forums such as the Main Board or Lounge, it is bound by the general Dimensions rules. Like other special interest forums it has its own additional rules, focus and goals. These are all internally derived which means that it is not relationally bound to other forums with different rules, foci and goals. General Dimensions rules apply to the majority of general and special interest areas. However, it should not be presumed that the application of forum-specific rules in other forums will lead to an equivalent application of those rules in this forum. The FA/FFA forum will only be moderated in line with the rules stated in this post.

On the Participation of Non FA/FFAs…

The focus of this forum is the discussion of FA/FFA issues, but this in no way precludes participation by interested non-FAs/FFAs. The forum is open for all to view and positive or supportive comments from non-FAs are welcomed. However, as the forum is a protected space for FAs/FFAs, any non-FA/FFAs making negative, disruptive or belittling posts should accordingly expect to see those posts removed or moderated.

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