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Default Bellykissangel - by Marty FA (SSBBW, Stuffing, Humiliation, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Stuffing, Humiliation, ~XWG - A less than ideal job yields a nice workplace romance.

[Author's Note: This is the first story I've put up online, it got good feedback on Fantasy Feeder (to the extent that a followup is being written by popular demand) so I thought I'd share it with Dimensions too. It's not overly realistic (the best wg fiction never is); it's kind of straight to the point and slightly contrived, but that's the way I like it! Let me know what you think]


by MartyFA

‘Are you OK in there?’ called Kylie ‘You sound like you’re having trouble!’

Kylie had been enjoying a morning coffee in the kitchen but had been alerted by the sound of grunting and heavy panting coming from her housemate's room.

‘Debs, are you OK?’ she inquired a little louder.

‘Ah yeah, I’m fine,’ came the reply ‘I’m just finding myself an outfit.’

‘Well, OK, let me know if you need any help,’ said Kylie.

Kylie went back to her coffee in the kitchen and carried on planning her aerobics class for that night.

Kylie was 26 years old and a thin, athletic-looking girl with jet black hair. She’d recently graduated as an aerobics instructor. She was extremely image conscious with a toned physique, striking good looks and a keen fashion sense. She hated to think what her flatmate Debbie might be attempting to squeeze herself into.

‘OK, this will have to do - I’d better not be late, as it’s my first day!’

Kylie looked up to see her housemate Debbie.

‘You’re going like that?’ Kylie asked, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

‘Why, what’s wrong?’ asked Debbie.

‘Well…’ she stammered, trying to find the right words.

Debbie had always been a rather plump girl, but she had gained an awful lot of weight since they’d moved in together last summer.

‘It’s your outfit… It doesn’t really do you any favors,’ said Kylie.

Debbie Brennan was a very tubby 24 year old. She was several inches shorter than Kylie but twice as wide. Debbie was a brunette with shoulder length hair, a lightly freckled nose and deep brown eyes. She was very pretty, a wonderfully outgoing sort and had a delightful Irish accent. Debbie’s major downfall was her love of food. Whenever she ate Debbie was possessed by an overwhelming urge to get as much food into her belly, as quickly as possible. Debbie had always been teased by her friends and family for her incredible appetite, but it had never really bothered her and she was only too happy to play along with it. Debbie just loved eating way too much to even think about dieting.

Kylie was a health freak and had warned Debbie about the consequences of her gluttony on a few occasions. Debbie’s reaction had varied from nonchalant to slightly perturbed and Kylie had decided to give up, to avoid any further tension.

It was January now and over the holidays Kylie had seen Debbie fattened like a Christmas turkey to a very large size 28.

Kylie assessed her friend's choice of outfit. Debbie had squeezed herself into a black Angora sweater which failed to completely cover her stomach, exposing a flabby band of flesh, but it was the bright red leggings that Kylie really balked at. Kylie had not realised just how big Debbie had got until she saw her excessive behind crammed into revealing lycra. Debbie had probably worn them hoping they’d be slimming, but it was to no avail. Either that or Debbie had outgrown most of her pants, Kylie suspected.

‘Y’know, I could help you pick something out from your wardrobe, if you’d like,’ said Kylie.

‘Uh, no that’s OK,’ said Debbie guiltily. ‘I don‘t think I‘ll be wearing any of that stuff again.‘ Confirming Kylie's suspicions.

Kylie looked her friend up and down again. Everything was way too small and it made her look like a real porker.

‘Well it may have been a nice outfit… a few pounds ago,’ Kylie said regrettably.

The large black leather belt wrapped round Debbie’s bulging waistline made her look like a sumo wrestler, thought Kylie.

‘Hey, you’ll just have to come to terms with the fact that I’m a big girl,’ Debbie said defensively. ‘I enjoy my food, not starve myself like you.’

‘I eat sensibly Debs,’ said Kylie shaking her head. ‘You… you stuff yourself.’

‘Well maybe I overdid it a bit this Christmas,’ admitted Debbie, ’but, hey, it’s 2007. There’s someone for everyone. I’m sure there’s a cute guy out there just waiting for a plus-sized lover.’

Debbie patted her protruding tummy. Kylie watched as it wobbled about for a few seconds. There was an awkward silence. Debbie laughed nervously. Her tummy was a lot wobblier than she’d expected it to be.

‘Seriously Debs…’ Kylie said, sympathetically. ‘Isn’t it time you thought about going on a diet?’

Debbie snapped. ‘How many times do I have to tell you were you can shove your diets?! I AM NOT GOING ON A DIET!’

‘I’m just thinking of you…’

‘Seriously Kylie you can GO TO HELL!’ said Debbie as she flounced off heavily.

Kylie heard the front door slam.

Debbie had managed to calm down on the bus to work. She needed to regain her cool, and give a good impression; this was a new job, after all. A temporary contract putting numbers into a computer was hardly Debbie’s dream career, but it was work. At least she wouldn’t have to listen to Kylie’s criticisms.

She entered the reception area and approached the young man on the front desk, immediately Debbie’s began to get butterflies in her oversized stomach; the guy at the front desk was hot.

‘Hello there, how are you,’ she said. ‘I’m Debbie and I start today.’

‘Hi there. I’m James,’ he said. ‘And can I say what a pleasure it is to meet you, Debbie.’

Debbie gazed into his swimming pool blue eyes.

‘I work on the front desk - I’m kinda like a security guard. I’ll show you around in a bit - if you’d like me to show you where you can get yourself lunch, I’ll show you that too. Or if you need a snack, there are vending machines. And hey - I don’t tell everyone this but you can have a code for it so you don’t have to pay anything!’

James wrote down a number on a pad and handed it to Debbie.

‘Thank you so much,’ Debbie said taking the slip of paper.

‘Have as much chocolate as you like,’ James smiled.

Debbie could feel him eyeing every inch of her body as he talked. Debbie just knew he liked big girls - and it sounded like he wouldn’t mind seeing her get a little bigger. She was in luck!

‘Well then, I’ll show you to your department,’ he said, hopping to his feet.

Debbie considered waddling to exaggerate her size. Maybe he’d like that. Perhaps she’d just swing her hips a little.

‘After you,’ he said as the elevator door opened.

Debbie stood in the mirrored lift with him. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, her bulging tummy, her tremendous boobs and her wide bum. He must be in heaven to be sharing an elevator with a such a hot fat chick. Like an amphibian mating ritual, Debbie inflated her belly as big as her belt would allow.

‘So did you have a good Christmas?’ he asked.

‘Oh yes, a real lazy one,’ she said. ‘I just watched TV, drank and ate ‘til I was fit to burst.’

‘Good,’ he nodded, approvingly.

‘Yeah,’ she cooed seductively. ‘I think I’ve outgrown most of my wardrobe. I’m getting so fat, I’m surprised this elevator has even got off the ground with me in it!’

‘Well, it has a capacity of 2500 lbs,’ James laughed. ‘So unless you have a really big lunch, I think you’re OK to use it for the time being…’

‘Just don’t take me to an all-you-can-eat!’ she flirted.

She patted her stomach to make it wobble again. It seemed to wobble around for even longer this time.

‘Well all the girls in the office are gym-crazy,’ he said. ‘I’m sure they’ll all help you lose a few pounds. Don’t worry - you’ll be a size 0 in no time!’

Her heart sank. He didn’t like fat chicks at all. She deflated her belly as best possible. It was still huge. He hadn’t been eyeing her up at all - and the free chocolate was probably his idea of a joke. She felt terribly embarrassed. Debbie didn’t want to be fat anymore.

The elevator arrived at their floor..

‘Well this is your office, Debbie,’ said James.

A feeling of dread spread through Debbie’s entire body. Every girl in the room was very pretty. None of them weighed more than 130 pounds. They all eyed their porky new colleague suspiciously.

‘I’ll leave you with Jane, she runs this department,’ said James, and he made his way back downstairs.

Jane was around 40 years old. She was tall, thin, tanned and had blonde hair. She towered over Debbie and looked down over her designer glasses disapprovingly at the tubby young lady before her.

‘Right, the new girl, Deborah, is it? Goodness me, look at you.‘ she said ‘OK so this is Natasha, Chloe, Nicole, Leanne, Claire.’

She walked Debbie over to another desk. A woman of around 30 was sitting at her computer. She was curvy, with dark black hair, a very rounded tummy and a big bosom. She was pretty, Debbie noted. Debbie was relieved though that she wasn’t the only fat girl in the office.

‘This is Jessie, who’s leaving to have a baby.’ said Jane ‘I’ll leave you with her, she’ll teach you all you need to know. You‘ll be doing her job as of tomorrow.’

Debbie’s hear sank again. Debbie was almost twice the size of Jessie and she was preggers!


Kylie was at the beauty salon when she heard the text alert from her phone. She picked it up and read the text.

‘think U were right, every1 here is a stick insect! I feel so fat, its unreal, think its time 4 me 2 go on a diet, Debs x’

Kylie shook her head and began to prepare a diet and fitness regime in her head for Debbie to come home to.

Debbie sat beside Jessie at her desk, whilst she showed her what her new job was going to be. It was easy - it amounted to little more than data entry. The only problem was going to be staying awake.

‘So you‘re having a baby, Jessie?’ Debbie asked, making conversation.

‘Yeah, it’s my first’, Jessie answered excitedly. ‘It’s so exciting. Have you had a baby?’

‘No, I’m just a little bit out of shape after Christmas.’, Debbie joked.

‘Oh… sorry’ Jessie laughed nervously, ‘Anyway we are a shape - round is a shape!’

Debbie laughed regrettably. Debbie observed that Jessie’s pregnant tummy wasn’t nearly as big as her own.

‘Here, have a feel’ Jessie insisted and placed Debbie’s chubby hand on her pregnant belly.

Debbie rubbed it awkwardly.

‘I’d let you rub mine,’ she joked ‘but it’s not quite the same.’

‘Why do you think you’ve put on so much weight?’ asked Jessie.

‘I’ve always been plump but I don’t seem to be able to control my appetite at the moment.’ Debbie sighed ‘And I’m just getting fatter and fatter.’

‘Well most of the girls here are fitness fanatics.’ said Jessie ‘Working here we get really cheap membership of a gym and everyone goes down there after work. I’m sure they’d let you come along. I can’t wait to get back down there once the baby is born.’

‘Well I definitely need to lose weight but I don’t know ‘bout the gym - I’m not sure they make leotards in my size.’ admitted Debbie ‘And what’s more - the girls all seem a bit hostile towards me. They barely say a word to me, but I can sense them talking about me.’

‘Ah they’re OK. They are all just anorexic airheads. It’s only because you are a bit different, they look at you funny. It’s all Jane’s influence that they’re so thin. She‘s body image obsessed and she has been known to show a real nasty streak if you don‘t fit in with her way of thinking. Just make sure you don’t cross her though and you‘ll be fine.’

‘OK, thanks for the warning’ Debbie said ‘She was looking at me like I was a useless bucket of lard earlier. I’ll try and stay out of her way.’

For the rest of that morning Debbie worked solidly with Jessie. Debbie vowed she would skip lunch today. She was twice the size of any of the other girls and she could do with losing a few just to fit in.

‘Debbie, I need a word with you.’ came a voice.

Jane was standing above Debbie. With dread, Debbie squeezed herself out from between the armrests of her chair and followed her superior to a secluded area, out of earshot of Jessie.

‘Whatever happens today, don’t let Jessie go to the meeting room. We are setting up a surprise leaving party for her after work. If she needs to get anything from that room then you volunteer to get it for her.’

‘Surprise party, huh?’

‘Yes. I don’t usually approve, but it is a special occasion. We would invite you but you’re the new girl and quite frankly there won’t be enough food to go round if you come.’

Whether this was a dig at her weight or not, this was just rude, Debbie thought.

‘What exactly does that mean? Listen - there is such a thing as size discrimination!’ said Debbie, attempting to stand up to her new boss ‘Just because I’m a little on the large size, doesn’t mean I don’t have the same feelings as you horrible skinny bitches!’

Jane remained calm, but Debbie knew that she was furious.

‘Oh dear,’ said Jane ‘What a silly thing to say. Now get back to work.’

Debbie felt like storming out of the job right there, but she knew she really couldn’t afford to.

She made her way back to her desk, feeling all shook up, but Debbie figured that she’d got off lightly.

‘I think I just pissed off Jane.’ Debbie told Jessie.

‘You didn’t, did you?’ said Jessie ‘Oh Jesus, Debbie, that’s the last thing you want to do! What happened?’

‘I kinda called her a… bitch.’ Debbie said.

‘I can’t help but think you’ll end up regretting that.’ said Jessie shaking her head.

The morning passed uneventfully.

Debbie skipped lunch and by 3pm she felt absolutely famished. Debbie couldn’t remember being quite so hungry - she’d never gone so long without food before. She couldn’t wait to get home. Hopefully Kylie would be taking one of her aerobics classes. Debbie would have the house to herself - the diet could wait. Kylie could screw herself and so could Jane. She’d treat herself to the biggest takeaway feast she’d ever eaten.

‘I need some files from the meeting room.’ said Jessie.

‘Ah, its OK,’ said Debbie getting to her feet ‘I’ll get them.’

Debbie got up and made her way to the meeting room at the end of the corridor. She passed Nicole and Natasha, a waif like blonde girl and a thin half-Chinese girl from the office. Debbie’s stomach rumbled loudly as she passed them. Nicole and Natasha giggled.

‘Excuse me…’ blushed Debbie before making her way through the double doors and into the large conference room.

Boxes of files were stacked at the back of the room, but before Debbie could make it that far, she suddenly became very aware of what was in the middle of the room. There laid two long tables placed together. They were covered by sheets, but Debbie’ nose was twitching. Forgetting about the files, she lifted up one of the sheets. There was a vast spread of sandwiches, sausage rolls, chicken wings, pastries and cakes. Debbie’s mouth began to salivate. A long time had passed since she’d sat down to her fry-up that morning. She was ravenous.

Before she had time to even think about the consequences, Debbie had already begun putting food into her mouth. She grabbed a few sausage rolls and ate them down. Then she grabbed some chicken. It didn’t matter - the girls in here were so skinny, they’d barely make a dent in this food!

Just as she was starting on her next pie, she heard the door go, followed by the voice of the last person she would want to hear.

‘Oh, I might have known...’

Debbie looked round. There in the doorway, stood the willowy frame of Jane.

Debbie quickly tried to concoct an excuse in her head, but it was no use. Even if she could think of anything to say, her mouth would have been too full to even be able to utter it.

‘Well, looks like we are quite the piggy, aren’t we?’ said Jane as she circled Debbie menacingly. ‘It’s funny, I don’t remember giving permission to have any of this food.’ she said very sternly ‘In fact, I remember saying quite the opposite.’

‘I was just having a little snack…’ stammered Debbie ‘Sorry, I’m just a greedy guts, I know.’

‘I‘ll say.’ Jane said calmly. She looked even more furious though.

‘You know - I really should ask you to leave right now. It amounts to theft. Though you’d probably say it was size discrimination, so I‘m not going to have you removed and I’m not going to inform your agency. Instead I’m going to let you eat it.’

Debbie didn’t understand.

‘Well, tuck in then.’

‘I think I’m OK,’ quivered Debbie ‘I’ll just get the files and I’ll be back up to the office. Jessie is waiting’

‘Oh no, I’ll take them for her. I insist - take a seat.’ said Jane. ‘Sit down.’

She moved behind Debbie and put her hands on shoulders and pushed her oversized bum down into a chair.

‘Relax. Unbuckle that big old belt of yours, and have yourself a good feed.’

‘Well I am quite hungry…’ admitted Debbie.

‘Of course you are.’ said Jane pushing a napkin down Debbie’s front. It rested on her bulging breasts ‘Now lets see if there is enough here to satisfy your appetite.’

Debbie was terrified. She didn’t really understand.

‘Now - eat all of it.’ Jane snarled, menacingly.

‘But there’s enough food for twenty people here!’ Debbie protested. ‘I couldn’t possibly eat it all!’

‘Oh, I think you could…’

‘But what about the party?’ asked Debbie. ‘There won’t be enough food to go round!’

‘Jessie is going to the hospital for a scan straight after work, so it transpires. All this was going to go to waste. But now I’m going to use it to teach a greedy girl a lesson.’ smiled Jane.

Debbie gazed at the mountain of food in front of her, partly in lust and partly in fear.

‘NOW EAT IT.’ Jane boomed.

Debbie began to eat. She was petrified of Jane.

‘I’ll be back in an hour or so. I want to see it all gone!’ said Jane.

Debbie didn’t dare look at Jane, she just carried on eating.

‘Bon Apetit, Debbie!’ sneered Jane.

Jane left the room and locked the door behind her.

Debbie sat there shovelling more and more food into her mouth. It was delicious, but there was far too much food for one person, even someone with an appetite as huge as hers. Jane had got her trapped though - she had to do exactly what Jane wanted.

As she ate though, Debbie’s fear of Jane subsided and her love of food took over.

Debbie thought there were worse punishments she could think of as she shovelled a fifth slice of chocolate cake into her mouth. Jane thought she was teaching her a lesson? No chance - this was one of Debbie’s all time fantasies!

Debbie was glad she’d worn expanding lycra pants, she thought as she undid and removed her belt, which had gotten way too tight

Debbie continued to eat greedily and voraciously. She’d almost forgotten about Jane, such was the intensity of her feeding frenzy. Debbie didn’t even notice the chair buckling under her weight she was so enthralled by the thrill of eating more and more.

CRASH! The chair gave way sending Debbie’s immense bulk sprawling on the ground. Tugging the table cloth she brought a mountain of food tumbling down on her.

Debbie continued to gorge herself, stopping only to rub her hugely swollen belly. Her sweater had begin to tear, she was getting so big. She pulled it over her head and carried on eating in just her enormous black bra and red leggings which were, by now, struggling to contain her.

Debbie carried on eating until she realised that she’d done it. She’d actually eaten everything. Closing her eyes she laid back and congratulated herself on her achievement - two tables piled high with food had passed her plump lips and into her belly. She lay on the floor feeling very, very fat. She could barely move and she was so stuffed it was painful, but she was in bliss. She’d never eaten that much before.

Debbie belched loudly.

Suddenly Debbie heard the sound of the door turning.

Jane stood at the door and looked down in horror at the scene of overindulgence.

Debbie had swelled to gigantic proportions. Her red leggings were stretched to their extreme trying to contain her enormous girth. Her titanic boobs spilled out of her bra onto her belly which was swollen so huge, she looked like she’d swallowed a gym-ball whole.

‘Oh my word.’ Jane exclaimed ‘You’ve actually done it. You’ve actually eaten everything. That is quite extraordinary.’

Debbie could barely move she was so stuffed. She hadn’t even tried to get up yet.

‘What’s for dessert?’ Debbie said smugly. She attempted to pat her belly, but realised she couldn’t even reach it, it was so big.

‘Oh dear,’ Jane said ‘Here you are - like a beached whale and you’re actually proud of your own gluttony.’

Suddenly Debbie realised that all the girls in the office were surrounding her. They began laughing and taunting her.

‘Look at the size of her! - She’s huge!’

‘If I looked like that I don’t think I’d ever eat again.’

‘Get a camera! People have to see this!’

This was too much, Debbie didn’t want people laughing at her picture on the internet. She decided enough was enough and decided she had to get out.

Debbie‘s humiliation worsened when she realized she couldn’t get up. She was just too big and too stuffed to lift herself off the floor.

‘Uh…’ Debbie said, turning bright red, ‘I might need some help getting back to my feet.’

‘Why can’t you get up? Did you eat too much?’

‘I’m glad you’re all having your fun.’ groaned Debbie ’But can you please just help me up.’

‘OK, but first…’ said Chloe grabbing her camera phone. The girls began to snap away.

‘Well it seems we’re all just skinny anorexic bitches!’ said Jane ‘We couldn’t possibly lift a big buxom woman like you!’

Two of the girls tried half-heartedly to lift Debbie up by the arms.

‘See - you’ve just gotten way too big!’

They all followed Jane out of the room laughing.

Debbie had been left like a beached whale, too fat to move, humiliated. Secretly she liked feeling like this, but knew she had to get out.

Debbie lay on the floor wondering how she was going to get out of her predicament. She began wondering if she'd even fit through the doors.

Just then Debbie found the piece of paper she’d been given earlier.

‘Call me… James xx’

She quickly tapped his number into her phone.

James arrived a matter of minutes later.

‘Oh my goodness.’ he exclaimed as he found Debbie's fat form lying helplessly on the floor, chocolate still smeared around her face.

Debbie was embarrassed that James see her like this, but she figured he liked the bigger girl, and they didn’t come much bigger than she was now.

‘I can’t get up…’ Debbie groaned.

‘We’re going to have to roll you, Debs.’

With great effort, James helped roll Debbie onto her bloated belly.

‘Thanks James, you’re my Oompah Loompah.’ Debbie blushed as she slowly made her way to her feet.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much before.’ she said embarrassedly ‘You must think I’m the biggest pig you’ve ever seen.’

‘Ah well, as long as you enjoyed yourself’ he smiled.

‘Look at the size of me!’ Debbie said ‘I’m so stuffed!’

‘Here, maybe this will make you feel better.’ said James. He began to rub Debbie’s enormously stuffed tummy.

‘That feels great.’ Debbie cooed.

James began to massage her smooth round belly more and more.

‘Oh… that feels so good’ she groaned as she felt a kiss being planted on it.


Kylie heard the door go.

‘Debbie, I’ve got you a diet prepared.’ said Kylie. ‘Cabbage soup tonight. Follow this diet and we’ll take inches off your waistline in weeks.’

‘Ah, not to worry about that silly diet’ Debbie laughed.

Kylie looked up and had to double take. Debbie was huge! Her belly looked twice the size it had earlier. The T-shirt James had helped her squeeze into rode up, exposing most of her belly.

‘What the hell?’ stammered Kylie ‘Your clothes? You’re huge! What happened?’

‘Oh there was a buffet at work today…’ Debbie said.

‘Jesus Debs, how much did you eat?’ Kylie asked

‘All of it!’ she smirked proudly.

‘Debbie you’re getting way, way too fat.’ Kylie said horrified ‘There isn’t any chance in hell you’re going to pick up a man that’d like you that big.’

‘Well actually that’s where you’re wrong - I have a date tonight,’ laughed Debbie ‘And he obviously doesn’t think I’m big enough because he’s taking me to an All-You-Can-Eat!’

Debbie licked her lips greedily.

‘You’re going to end up enormous Debs!’

‘It’s OK, if need be, James is going to roll me home!’ Debbie beamed.

Kylie sighed. Debbie was only going to get fatter and Kylie realised that nothing she could do was going to stop her.

‘Well enjoy your cabbage soup. Now if you’ll excuse me - I’ve got an evening of serious eating to prepare for!’ Debbie laughed greedily as she waddled off to put on the most expansive pants she could find.

(continued in post 4 of this thread)

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i love it! great detail, i hope for more. please, keep writing!
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Momo has said some nice things

Chapter 2: Debbie Does Donuts

People have always been cursed with addictions; many people become hooked on booze and drugs. Others find themselves unable to go without sex or are inclined to gamble all their money away as soon as they have earned it.

Debbie Brennan had her vice; food. Right now she was more hooked than ever. Anything in sight that was edible quickly found itself in the enormous Irish girl’s mouth and, after the minimal chewing required, sliding down into her increasingly large belly. A belly which Debbie was finding increasingly difficult to satisfy.

Debbie lay on her back, her ‘Little Miss Greedy’ T shirt riding up and her belly swelling up into the air like a huge blubbery dome. The hands of her new boyfriend James slowly massaged the smooth, taut skin. Debbie giggled as his index began to explore her deep, deep navel. She was stuffed again, for the fourth time that week.

‘You feeling full now then, Debs?’ he asked her.

‘Hmm,’ she pondered, ‘I wouldn’t say no to ice cream.’

‘You’re incredible…’ laughed James, staring at the mountain of empty pizza boxes, the empty KFC bucket and the empty box which had contained a large chocolate cake.

‘Yeah, and so is ice cream,’ snapped Debbie. ‘How about getting me some?’

James got up off the bed and trundled off to fetch some more treats for his porky princess.

‘Oh and maybe some donuts!’ Debbie called after him. ‘You think I’m a piggy now - just wait ‘til donuts are involved!’

James made his way through the flat towards the fridge-freezer. There in the kitchen was Kylie, Debbie’s slim, beautiful housemate sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop. Raven haired and tanned with a fiercely independent air, James could see why boys found Kylie so attractive, even if right now he was a devoted to his fat Irish girlfriend, who impatiently lay in wait in the bedroom.

Kylie appreciated Debbie’s increasing girth somewhat less than James. She tried to ignore him as she wrote her kickboxing blog while he sheepishly fumbled around in the fridge-freezer for both the tubs of ice cream.

‘What are you doing, James?’ asked Kylie.

‘Debbie fancied some ice cream,’ he replied awkwardly.

‘On top of the who-knows-how-many takeaways she’s already eaten?’ she quizzed him.

‘Well… Yeah, guess she’s just really putting it away tonight.’

‘Look - Debbie has a problem with overeating, as you well know,’ Kylie lectured. ‘You know those M&S commercials where they practically turn food into pornography? The ones that show cream being poured over a chocolate cake in slow motion or the juice seductively dripping off of a leg of lamb?’

James nodded.

‘Well Debbie sees everything like that. A cold, half-eaten slice of pizza the next day looks like that to Debbie. That’s why she’s getting so fat – she’s become hell bent on eating everything in sight and I can’t help feel that you’re encouraging her. She’s on a slippery slope.’

‘I guess Debbie just enjoys her food,’ smiled James slightly guiltily.

‘Listen, I love Debbie,’ said Kylie, ‘and while I’ve realized she’s never going to have my figure, that doesn’t mean I’m happy to just sit here while she balloons to the size of a dump truck.’

Two things struck James about what Kylie had just said. Firstly, there never was any ‘left-over pizza’ with Debbie – any pizza would be devoured pretty much immediately. And secondly, how useful a dump truck would be, clearing away the endless rubbish mounding up Debbie’s room.

‘Well… I care about her too,’ said James. ‘I just want to see her happy.’

‘Well, can I please ask of you one thing?’ she sighed. ‘Can you get Debbie weighed? Maybe when she sees how big she’s getting, it might shock her into losing a bit.’

Kylie fetched some heavy duty and advanced looking scales from her room.

‘These are specialist scales that I used when I ran my weight loss group,’ said Kylie. ‘When I bought them, I never thought someone under my own roof would need to use them.’

James didn’t really think it wouldn’t shock Debbie into losing weight and he was curious as to just how much his new girlfriend did weigh. James took the scales from Kylie and though she was staunchly pro-fitness and was obviously biased, he knew that perhaps Kylie did actually have a point.

James brought the ice cream through, along with the scales. Debbie was lying on her bed, scraping the cheese from one of the pizza boxes.

‘Here we go, Debs,’ he said, putting the ice cream down beside her.

‘What are those?’ asked Debbie as she spied the large capacity digital scales.

‘Well, uh, Kylie suggested that you might like to weigh yourself…’ he mumbled.

‘Did she?’ sneered Debbie. ‘How thoughtful of her. Well I do hope the results don’t disappoint her.’

‘I think she means well,’ said James.

‘Oh, I’m sure she does,’ continued Debbie in a sarcastic tone. ‘Well, I suppose it might be worth finding out. But first… Ice cream’

Debbie lay down while James spoon fed her the two tubs. This was how Debbie liked it. Although she’d already eaten four large pizzas and a KFC bucket, she always seemed to find room when it was needed. Ice cream just slid down so, so easily, and being pampered like this made it even nicer.

‘Well, I mustn’t keep my fan club waiting,’ said Debbie as she struggled to her feet.

James switched on the scales, and the semi-naked Debbie stepped heavily onto it.

James gazed at Debbie. They’d only been dating for a month, but already she had become significantly fatter and she was looking bigger than ever right now. Heavily bloated from an afternoon of nothing but eating, James was beginning to wonder if she was getting too big, even for him.

‘Well?’ asked Debbie impatiently. Her belly protruded out far too much that she might see for herself.

‘Deborah Brennan,’ James smiled up at her, ‘you weigh in at… 468 pounds!’

Debbie looked slightly disappointed.

‘Fetch me some more pizza,’ she said, lying back down on her bed, ‘and some more fried chicken. 468 doesn’t have the same ring to it as a nice round 500. Let's see what Kylie makes of me then.’

‘Be careful what you wish for’, so goes the old saying. James Hinton was beginning to find out all about that. For years James had trawled the internet looking for pictures of fat girls. He had been treated to a myriad of beauties, some plump, some a little more than plump. A year ago, at the age of 28, James decided he would come clean and decided he would start dating big girls for real. He was sick of living the lie. It was more difficult, however, than he’d first thought it would be. It wasn’t that there weren’t fat girls around, there were. It’s just that he’d found it difficult to find any who actually embraced it.

Then one seemingly innocuous day in James’ deadbeat security job, in waddled Debbie, a girl with the kind of enormous, soft, round body he’d only dreamed of and with an appetite that was even bigger.

Debbie had been sweet enough when they had first met. Temporarily immobilized by her own gluttony, James had been her savior and at the time, she seemed eternally grateful. Now though, Debbie had settled into the role of spoiled princess a little too easy. James was struggling to meet her demands and was becoming exhausted. The fatter Debbie got, the greedier she became. The greedier she became, the fatter she got, and so the gluttonous cycle continued. James wanted to make it work, but as Debbie demanded that James go and fetch more and more food for her, he began to feel like he was being taken for a ride.

As Debbie became chunkier, his wallet became thinner and he was getting tired of being walked over. Although they had only been an item for a short time, he was beginning to wonder what he had got himself into.

‘Let's go to town,’ demanded Debbie, ‘I can hear the food court calling me. You’d better bring plenty of pennies, ‘cos I am ready to blitz it.’

James wondered if Debbie’s huge food intake was really such a good idea. James had already seen Debbie’s gluttony almost get the better of her, but on that occasion, he’d found it kind of sexy. Now, he still found it sexy, but it was beginning to test his patience and he knew she was spiraling further and further into self destruction. At this rate, Debbie’s waistline was going to be shattering world records. It was arousing, thought James, but now it was a reality, also rather worrying.

Kylie Luckhurst had been a health and fitness fanatic ever since she’d finished college. Her impressive repertoire included aerobics, tai chi, karate and her number one love, kickboxing. Kylie excelled at kickboxing and her incredible suppleness, reflexes and physique had seen her ascend in the national rankings as of late. Chances are, thought Kylie, that with a bit of dedication she could be representing Great Britain in the upcoming Internationals.

Debbie’s increasing weight problem meant that Kylie regretted having to cancel her weight-loss group. To be fair, it had been suffering from dwindling numbers. It was though, regarded as one of the best and most intensive weight loss programmes in the country. The only reason people stopped coming was that Kylie was becoming increasingly harsh to some of the members. Kylie would regularly berate her clients who failed to lose weight. She had only just stopped short of bringing along a piggy mask and tail that she’d got hold of, for anyone in her class who’d gained weight to wear as punishment.

James pushed his head around the living room door, where Kylie was doing Yoga, preparing for her upcoming kickboxing tournament.

‘Kylie we’re off out for a bit,’ said James, ‘you want me to get anything from town?’

‘Ah no, I’ve got to go into town myself, thanks anyway,’ she replied. ‘I’ve got to go and get a present for my little sister’s birthday. She’s 16 tomorrow, bless her. There’s a big party. I was going to get her something really nice, not sure what yet. Then onto my kickboxing tourney.’

‘Ah well, remember to kick some ass,’ winked James ‘…at kickboxing that is. Not your sister’s party. That wouldn’t be a good idea at all.’

‘Okay, will do,’ laughed Kylie. ‘Oh and… If you can make sure you-know-who doesn’t go anywhere near the cake I’ve made,’ she whispered. ‘Tell her I’ve counted the decorations and everything.’

‘Sure thing,’ said James.

Slim, model good looks and immaculate, long, jet black hair, James was beginning to see why boys were so in awe of Kylie and, despite her vaguely masculine air, enough of her femininity shone through that, at times, he couldn’t help but wish he’d come across Kylie first. The grass is always greener, thought James, and now he longed for a girl who was considerably leaner. He would, after all, be the envy of pretty much all of his mates.

‘Are we going out then?’ said Debbie, butting into James’ daydream.

‘Um, yeah, of course…’ said James. ‘Where we going to go then?’

‘I can’t decide…’ said Debbie. ‘I wouldn’t mind having something to eat in a few different places. Your treat?’

‘Hey Debs, c’mon…’ he protested, ‘I’m not made of money. You haven’t made much effort to get yourself a new job since the whole debacle at my place. It’s a whole two and a half weeks ‘til pay day and I’m going to be penniless at this rate.’

‘Hmmph,’ sulked Debbie. ‘Well, if you want to see me starve then you’re going about it the right way.’

‘Well, you’re hardly going to starve,’ laughed James, before carefully choosing his words. ‘But… y’know, perhaps its worth you slowing down a little bit… Perhaps you’re getting just a little too tubby, Debs.’

‘Well I thought you liked me that way,’ said Debbie, genuinely hurt.

‘Well, yes’, said James, ‘but, y’know, when we weighed you the other night, it made me realize just how big you’re getting… Don’t get me wrong, you’re still sexy, but I just think you might regret it eventually.’

‘Well, so much for my loving boyfriend who I thought accepted, and what’s more, fancied me,’ she moaned, slightly losing her cool. ‘Well, I guess that’s my fun over.’

‘Debs,’ said James, frustrated, ‘let's go to town and get you something to eat.’

Debbie nodded silently, still with a sulk on her face.

‘Now give me a smile,’ he requested.

Debbie refused, her big brown eyes looking up at him. James used his two index fingers and pushed them into Debbie’s chubby cheeks, raising them to try and make a smile.

‘Did Kylie say something about cake?’ she asked.

‘Oh, don’t worry about that, Debs,’ he said shaking his head, ‘Come on, there’s plenty to eat where we’re going. If I can afford it, that is.’

Debbie loosened her belt in anticipation.

Since her daddy was rich, Debbie had never thought too much about money. She had never bothered to get herself a career. Her father co-owned a small chain of restaurants in Ireland and her sisters and her brother all had followed him into the industry. As a girl, Debbie too had loved to go along and sample the delights the kitchen staff were cooking up, but as soon as she became old enough to actually work for him, her interest quickly dwindled. A job as chief taster would have been her ideal job, lying like Cleopatra on a bed while the chefs fetched her a never ending conveyor belt of fresh gastronomic delights. As a young girl, she often fantasized about what that would be like, dreaming that one day it would become a reality.

When it became clear that Debbie was not going to be following the family tradition, her father had given Debbie a large sum of money to come across to London. There she was to enroll in college and hopefully make something of herself. Picking up only a mediocre qualification in economics, Debbie had squandered most of the money on takeaways. The only thing Debbie had to show for her father’s investment was a significantly larger girth and now the requirement to buy two plane tickets for the return flight to Dublin. Debbie had no intention of taking such a flight, though - she dreaded the thought of having to go home. Despite their involvement in the food industry, her family were all slim and they would have been shocked to see their youngest daughter arrive home twice the size as when she’d left, squeezing herself through the front door and sitting down with only tales of London’s McDonalds and Burger Kings to share with them.

A burger restaurant it was, where the tensions in Debbie's and James' short, but passionate, relationship were coming to a messy head. They had been sitting in their secluded booth for an hour and a half and Debbie had been eating zealously, as usual. She was beginning to sense, though, that James wasn’t sharing her enthusiasm.

‘So why the sudden change of heart?’ said Debbie, still perturbed by their minor altercation earlier that day.

‘Oh Debs,’ said James, ‘I like you, really I do, but… it’s like you’ve changed.’

‘Well, yes. People change,’ she said, sucking on the straw of her large milkshake.

‘But the thing is…’ James said, choosing his words carefully. ‘All this eating is fun, sure. But you can’t go on like this… It’s crazy.’

‘Listen. When I met you, you said you liked me like this,’ she quietly fumed ‘You wanted a supersized girlfriend. Now you’re going back on that?’

‘Debs, I’m just thinking of you…’ he sighed.

‘You aren’t thinking of me. If you were thinking of me, you’d be getting me another double cheeseburger, large fries and an ice cream sundae,’ she replied.

‘Seriously, Debbie. It’s been fun. But I think it has to stop here. You have no money left and I’m rapidly becoming as skint as you. And let's be honest… the more you eat, the bigger you’re getting and… well, you’re not very nice to be around anymore.’

‘Oh come on…’ came Debbie’s response. ‘You wouldn’t have me any other way, surely. I’m everything you ever dreamed of. To you, I am the sex.’

She pouted. James looked at her. She was sitting with a tray with six empty burger cartons on it while countless empty fries bags lay alongside them. Squeezed uncomfortably into the booth, it was difficult to believe she’d even got in there. Half of her belly bulged over onto the table. Her ridiculously large breasts sat heavily on top and her mouth was smeared with the greasy remnants of her binge so far. She had become the very embodiment of greed and gluttony in its purest form. James was turned on, but he had made his mind up.

‘Debbie. I want you to stop and take a look at what you are becoming,’ James said solemnly. ‘You are becoming some kind of big fat diva and I’m finding it almost impossible to cope with your demands.’

‘So why shouldn’t I expect to be pampered by my man?’ she said.

‘Yes, but this isn’t pampering,’ he said, shaking his head. ‘This is slave driving and quite frankly a staggering and grotesque level of overindulgence!’

‘Well, if you aren’t going to treat me like a princess, then it's perhaps time I looked for someone who will,’ she threatened. ‘If this relationship is going to work at all, I need you to prove to me that you are committed to me. Right now I’m not even half satisfied. I want you to get me a dozen donuts. I want donuts.’

‘Don’t hold your breath,’ he said, getting up. ‘I’ll see you around.’

‘Go on then, leave,’ she blurted. ‘You’ll come crawling back. By then I’ll have found someone with more money, though.’

‘I wouldn’t bank on it,’ sneered James. ‘Oh, and I should take some of Kylie’s advice if I were you. You may be five times the size of her, but you ain’t even half the girl she is.’

‘What? How on earth could you?’ she raged. ‘I thought you were into…’

‘Yeah, well people change. You said so yourself. Let’s just say you’ve turned me off all of that.’

‘I can’t believe this…’ she hissed.

‘See you later.’

Debbie was infuriated. She wanted to slap James, but she was wedged into the booth so tightly she couldn’t move.

‘Uh, James…’ she whimpered, ‘I think I might be…’

‘Oh, Debs - like you didn’t see that coming!?’

‘Okay, I’m sorry, just help me out…’ she pleaded.

‘Look, I’m sure some sweet, fatty loving fast food employee will willingly grease up your belly so that you can squeeze out. Then you can go and have lots of amazing sex with him. He’ll feed you everything you ever wanted and you’ll live happily ever after. Isn’t that how it usually works?’

‘Usually,’ Debbie nodded.

‘Well, you can count me out,’ said James as he stormed out of the restaurant.

Debbie sat and pondered what she was becoming. Yes, she was a diva, she agreed. She was a big fat diva, but that was just her. She’d thought that’s how James had liked her. She couldn’t believe his head had been turned by Kylie. She had always been jealous of Kylie and the attention she got from boys but she had managed to suppress it. This, however, made her mad. Right now, though, she didn’t need James. She didn’t need a man. She needed donuts. Lots of them. As many as she could get. It was getting late and she wasn’t sure where she might get them from, but she needed something gooey and sweet right now.

With all her might, Debbie managed to squeeze herself out of the booth. Nothing stood in her way when her nose started twitching and her mouth began salivating.

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Chapter 3

Debbie arrived home laden with a ludicrously large amount of takeaway bags. She switched on the hallway light.

‘Kylie!’ she called. No response.

Debbie remembered that Kylie was at kickboxing and probably wouldn’t be home for hours, if at all. Perfect. Debbie could wait until the morning to give Kylie a piece of her mind. Right now, she had some serious eating to do. She laid the bags on the table, and tried to decide which bag to eat first. Debbie had been unsuccessful in her quest for donuts, and after withdrawing the last of the money she had, she had decided to stop at every takeaway on the way home and got herself a sumptuous feast from each.

Debbie sat at the table and loosened her pants. Debbie had eaten big before, but this was going to be something special. On top of what she’d already eaten in town that day, she wasn’t sure that even she would be able to finish the lot. But she was going to have fun trying.

She plunged her chubby hands into the first bag and took out a chicken curry. She quickly guzzled it straight from the container. She paused for a second to feel the warm spicy sensation of it sliding down her throat into her belly. She needed more. Luckily she had more. Six more. She made short work of them, gobbling down great handfuls of rice along with it.

Debbie needed more. She opened up the first of her four large pizzas. Debbie salivated as she took the first slice of stuffed-crust meat-feast pizza and lowered it into her mouth. It was times like this that Debbie wished she could dislocate her jaw, it would certainly have made things a lot easier.

Four pizzas later and Debbie was still not finished. That had just been an appetizer. Debbie gazed lustfully at the enormous pile of fattening foods that still lay before her. Debbie began to chow down once again.

Debbie continued to eat; a 12-piece KFC bucket, two large kebabs with extra mayonnaise, a footlong meatball subway, five greasy portions of chips and a couple of steak pies.

Debbie moved onto a Chinese takeaway meal meant for six people, or one greedy Irish girl. As she began a large dish of sweet and sour pork balls, Debbie cracked open a fortune cookie and read the wisdom that lay inside:

‘She shows a fool in every wise
Who day and night forever hies
From feast to feat to fill her paunch
And make her figure round and staunch.’

As she read it, her fingers, by now extremely greasy, dropped a battered pork ball. It rolled down her cleavage, into her top and came to settle on an even larger pork ball; her belly. Unable to reach it, Debbie pulled her top over her head so that she could retrieve it. As she peered down, billowing out in front of her, even Debbie was shocked by how big her belly was getting. She had been treated to some stuffings over the past few weeks, but never before had her stomach swelled to quite this size. Debbie paused to rub it momentarily. She let her warm hands massage every inch of it, coating it with a layer of grease. At least she wouldn’t be getting stuck anywhere tonight, she thought, as her hands moved up to her breasts. The greedy brunette began eating again, devouring four burritos and a hat trick of Cornish pasties.

Debbie continued to eat until all that lay before here was a mass of empty takeaway boxes and cartons. Still not satisfied, an almost spherical Debbie fell to the floor and flung open the cupboards. There she found a twelve pack of crisps, a tub of savoury biscuits and a baguette. Sitting on the floor, Debbie split the baguette in two and filled it with crisps before quickly shoveling it down.

The fridge held even more delights. Debbie finished the ham, a quiche, two tubs of coleslaw and an entire block of cheese. Debbie began to gulp down a carton of chocolate milk. The sweet, creamy chocolate flavour began to flow down her gullet into her growing tummy. She began to crave sugar. She needed dessert. But there was nothing sweet in the cupboards. Cakes, sweets, biscuits never lasted long in her household and now her cupboards were bare. She’d eaten everything in the house.

With great effort, Debbie heaved her stuffed body across the kitchen floor, swinging open the cupboards in search of forgotten, sugary treats. She found nothing. But still she wanted more. She came to Kylie’s food cupboard. Not expecting anything worthwhile, in desperation, Debbie opened it as a last resort. Amongst the wholegrain pasta, low calorie soups and meal replacement shakes there was something hidden at the back. Debbie let out a groan of excitement. It was a large double-tiered cake with thick white icing. ‘Happy Birthday Sweet 16!’ it pronounced in pink icing.

‘Looks like it's your sweet 16 again tonight, my girl,’
Debbie said to herself, patting her belly in anticipation.

There was another sign on the cake though which was clearly addressed to Debbie, should she stumble upon it, ‘Do NOT touch!’

Debbie had hit the jackpot, though. She knew it was for Kylie’s sister Amy. She didn’t care. James was welcome to Kylie and Kylie was welcome to James. Debbie was welcome to this cake and, unfortunately for her, Amy was not.

Debbie pulled out the cake, barely able to contain herself with excitement. Debbie remembered greedily guzzling eating her own entire cake in one sitting on her 16th birthday. It was probably the first time Debbie had realized just how much she loved eating. Now she had the chance to relive it. Debbie squeezed out of her far too tight trousers and sat on the floor greedily eating the enormous cake in just her bra and panties. The cake was divine. Debbie was eating it so enthusiastically that cream began to smear round her face.

As she polished off the last of the second tier, Debbie congratulated herself on her biggest stuffing yet. She felt enormous. She rubbed herself in an attempt to soothe her titanic belly. The only thing that would make this moment better would be a few dozen donuts to finish it off. Looking at the doorway though, she was going to struggle to squeeze through as it was. Debbie adored feeling this fat, but it wasn’t without its consequences, she thought as she sat putting her long brown hair back into a ponytail.

Debbie heard the door go. Crap! It was Kylie… She was back way earlier than Debbie had thought. This was going to get messy, she thought, as she quickly concealed the ‘Sweet 16’ decoration in between two of the large rolls of fat under her arms.

‘Oh…. My…. ' stammered Kylie as she entered the kitchen. Her jaw almost reached the floor as she stood staring in horror at her outrageously stuffed housemate. She had almost gotten used to how big Debbie was getting, but nothing could have prepared her for this. In just her underwear, Debbie sat nursing her obscenely oversized belly which swelled out in front of her like an enormous food-filled zeppelin. Covered with grease and cream, her huge stomach inflated and deflated with every laboured breath.

‘Do you have any donuts?’ pouted the Debbie lasciviously, as she finished tying back her dark brown hair.

Kylie walked out of the room and screamed loudly. She walked back into the room.

‘DEBBIE!’ yelled Kylie ‘I have had it with you! You simply cannot be helped. This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!’

Debbie just lay there. She was too stuffed to move, let alone argue.

‘What the hell were you thinking?’ Kylie despaired. ‘Look at the freaking size of you!’

‘Hey,’ said Debbie ‘I’m comfortable with it. I split with James today. Seems he was more interested in you, after all. So I’m having a tough time of it. I thought I’d treat myself. Y’know, to see if I could cheer myself up.’

‘And did you?’ snarled Kylie, disgustedly.

‘Sure did…’ smiled Debbie rubbing her massive stomach ‘Could do with some donuts, though. Oh, and by the way… About James - don’t worry about all that, your sister’s cake was more than compensation.’

‘You what?’ shrieked Kylie. ‘You’ve eaten my sister's cake!?’

Debbie patted her belly, proudly.

‘You fat, greedy, bucket of lard! Consider this the end of our friendship! You have RUINED my sister’s birthday!’

‘Oh please…You make my heart bleed. Look, you’ll just have to get another one,’ said Debbie as she struggled to her feet. Although it was difficult getting upright, she didn’t dare ask for help.

‘I can’t believe you could do this! Look… You need help. You are an addict. It's no wonder James left you!’ Kylie yelled. Debbie was so big she was struggling to stay on her feet.

‘Look at you… you’re enormous, what are you now, like 600 pounds?’ Kylie continued. ‘I can’t express how angry you make me, you… you… words fail me… You need help.’

‘Perhaps you’re the one who needs help,’ Debbie huffed ‘You seem to want to spend your whole life working out and starving yourself. So you can do what? Come home early when you get knocked out of your tournament?’

‘Okay, that’s it, I’m going to kick your fat ass. For your information, they wouldn’t let me compete, because I’m too high a standard,’ said Kylie, adopting a combative stance. ‘Now I get to take out my frustration on you. Come on big girl, let’s see what you’ve got.’

In all honesty, Debbie had eaten far too much and was feeling far too bloated to fight Kylie, but she had had it with Kylie. Sure, Kylie was taller, leaner and a kickboxing champion. But Debbie was five times the size of Kylie. Debbie considered adopting a sumo stance, but instead she squared up to Kylie as best as her vastly inflated stomach would allow. The contrast between Kylie's slender, athletic frame and Debbie’s huge overstuffed figure was incredible as Debbie’s big, brown eyes looked up at Kylie's piercing sapphire stare.

‘I don’t need your help or anyone else’s for that matter,’ Debbie growled. ‘I have had enough of you telling me what to do with my life. I do what I like, I eat what I like and as much as I like. Quite frankly, I don’t give a crap about ruining your stupid sister’s birthday. I’ve eaten her cake. Deal with it. Now the little slut can stay a scrawny, boobless runt just like you.’

Whether or not being so stuffed had made her reactions worse, Debbie was completely unprepared for what followed. Her massive bulk slumped heavily to the floor as Kylie’s roundhouse kick met her square in the side of the head.

Debbie awoke some time later. Briefly, she wondered where she was exactly. Then she realized she was lying face down on the kitchen floor. The aching in the side of her head was more than matched by the stuffed sensation from her middle and the altercation quickly came back to her Debbie had been hogtied. Fat, naked and hogtied in the middle of the kitchen floor. Not only that, tightly strapped onto her face was a rubber pig’s snout. Kylie had really gotten her back this time, she thought, as she looked back over her shoulder. There, sticking out of her massive posterior like a butt plug, was a pink curly tail. Kylie had turned Debbie into the pig she really was. Debbie couldn’t help but think she’d gotten what was coming to her.

As she lay there humiliated, Debbie’s snout began twitching. Donuts! Debbie realized that there were boxes and boxes of donuts, placed just out of reach. Was this some kind of bizarre therapy that Kylie was performing on her? Was Kylie forcing her to realize once and for all what her gluttony had turned her into? There was a note on one of the boxes:

‘Hey Piggy, thanks for ruining everything! But to show there are no hard feelings, thought you might like those donuts. Eat ‘til you burst. My treat. Enjoy. Kylie.’

Debbie didn’t appreciate the sarcasm, but even through a plastic pig's snout, the donuts sure smelled good. Still hogtied, Debbie’s whole body began to wobble towards the donuts, though it seemed an almost impossible task to actually reach them. Her tail wiggled in the air as her blubbery behind shook from side to side. Debbie was showing incredible determination to shift her bulk towards the donuts. Improbably, she eventually reached the donuts.

As she reached the first box, Debbie nudged it open with her snout. They looked and smelled delicious. She thrust her mouth in and began to eat the first. They tasted even better than they looked. One by one, she ate them. She was almost ashamed of what she had become, but the donuts tasted so, so good. She could almost feel herself getting fatter as she ate them; her girth widening, her thighs thickening and her bum turning into a bulging mountain of blubber. She was going to need three seats on a plane if she wanted to go home now. That’s if it would even be able to get off the ground. She wondered what her family would make of her if they could see her now. She knew though, that she deserved it.

As she finished the last one, Debbie rolled onto her back to give her enormous belly room to breathe. She squirmed to try and get her tail out from underneath her. She rather liked it. As she lay hogtied in the razorback position she read the note that was attached to the last box.

‘Congratulations, piggy, on becoming the star of ‘Debbie Does Donuts’. Enjoy your fame!’

It was then that Debbie noticed the laptop. The camera was pointing straight at her. Kylie had left the webcam running and she had filmed the whole thing.

Debbie’s body squirmed and wobbled about briefly but she realized it was no use. She was the star of ‘Debbie Does Donuts’, destined to hit Youtube and every other video sharing facility on the net. Women all over the country would be pinning a picture of her to their refrigerators to help with their diets.

‘Oink, oink…’ she sighed at the camera, before laying back and contemplating her forthcoming fame. It wasn’t so bad though, she thought. As her stomach swelled into the air, a giant blubbery monument to her uncontrollable greed, she wished that she wasn’t hogtied, so that she could touch herself. But she couldn’t.

Instead, she began imagining what it would be like for real if she was a farmer’s prize piggy.

She imagined him approaching her pen and looking down on her squeezed into her, by now, too small pen.

‘You’re getting to be such a big fat girl, aren’t you?’

Debbie grunted in agreement as the farmer reached over with his branding iron.

Debbie squealed with delight as the red hot branding iron met her huge, huge belly. ‘100% IRISH PORK’ it proudly read.

(Continued in post 25 of this thread)

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amazing! I truly cannot wait for the next part
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a really amazing story.

I am truly stunned by its quality
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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics

I agree! One of the best I've read in a long time. I can't wait to see what comes next!
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

I love this story, I wish it would never end.

Hope to see more.
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samster can now change their title

This is a fun read
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

Is there going to be more?
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Momo has said some nice things

There sure is. I need to make sure the story is an improvement. I wasn't sure how I was going to work it, but now I'm writing it, I can tell you that Debbie is going to be getting even fatter and its going to get a little bit embarrassing and a whole lot sexy.
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

Originally Posted by Momo View Post
There sure is. I need to make sure the story is an improvement. I wasn't sure how I was going to work it, but now I'm writing it, I can tell you that Debbie is going to be getting even fatter and its going to get a little bit embarrassing and a whole lot sexy.
Awesome! Thats great
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dweazel has said some nice things

i cant wait for the next instalment this story is superb
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

Bump, I'm getting anxious for an update.
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luvsfeedees has said some nice things
Default i agree

i agree this is my favorite story and im getting super anxious for the next installment.
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Momo has said some nice things

OK, I do apologise for the delay. It'll be up soon, hopefully in the next week or so.
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dweazel has said some nice things

thats more than a week marty time to get the story posted. still the best story i have read in a long time
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

Originally Posted by dweazel View Post
thats more than a week marty time to get the story posted. still the best story i have read in a long time
Give him all the time in the world. Best to have it finished than rushed.
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Momo has said some nice things

To be honest, its not something that I want to finish now. I've done a lot of thinking lately, and have decided that I want to do something a bit more positive. The whole humiliation thing is just an extreme fantasy which I was exploring cos of someone I was chatting with on a regular basis at the time. If I do write another story, it will be much more size acceptance based... Perhaps more of a romance. I'm sorry if thats disappointed a few people, but I think i need to use my powers for good, rather than negative stuff.
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

Originally Posted by Momo View Post
To be honest, its not something that I want to finish now. I've done a lot of thinking lately, and have decided that I want to do something a bit more positive. The whole humiliation thing is just an extreme fantasy which I was exploring cos of someone I was chatting with on a regular basis at the time. If I do write another story, it will be much more size acceptance based... Perhaps more of a romance. I'm sorry if thats disappointed a few people, but I think i need to use my powers for good, rather than negative stuff.
I would lie if I said I wasn't disappointed.

You had a good thing going.
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dweazel has said some nice things

i agree gendo.

the story doesnt have to be deemed as negative. do you have any part of it written? if so post it and see what the feedback is.
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Gendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot picsGendo Ikari does more than just post hot pics

If he doesn't want to finish it, thats fine.

I'm happy with what we have.
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Momo has said some nice things

I'd be interested to see if anybody else wanted to finish it, by all means. But its not something I'd want to do at this stage, the whole humiliation thing isn't really me and I'd like to distance myself from it I'm afraid. But if anyone wants to add to it, feel free...
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dweazel has said some nice things

Author's note: Thanks Momo i know your feelings on this story mate but I have to say you made a cracking story all in and all and one of the best written I have read. Top work. I have put my on take on how this story pans out and apologies in advance as i think theres no comparison to the original. Here goes, please leave feedback; this is the first thing i have ever written and so please let me know if I should just stick to my day job. thanks ]

- - - - - - -

After Debbie’s humiliating experience she had come to realise how much it had turned her on being tied up. How her heart raced as the final piece of iced dough had slid down her throat and how she could watch it over and over again as Kylie, true to her word, had uploaded the video on Youtube.

After Debbie’s feast she had noticed that her clothes were becoming an issue, her continual bulking up had left her shirts straining and her breast billowing out of her tops. Her bras were looking far too small with the top of her cleavage almost touching the bottom of her large double chin and even her arms were starting to strain the sleeves of her tops.

Debbie knew it was time to contact her parents for some much needed cash advances otherwise the lifestyle she was becoming accustomed to wouldn’t last much longer and she would be back looking for another job where people would ridicule her.

Debbie finally plucked up the courage to call her parents. Fortunately her dad picked up, she was always daddy‘s little girl. She explained that times were tough at the moment and she was finding it very difficult to find any job she liked plus finding it hard to settle. She explained she needed extra funds to make sure that she could meet new friends and appreciate her new home town also that she wanted to fit in and find a job she enjoyed.

Her father cut Debbie short. He explained that it had always been his ambition for her to take over the business before he retired. His businesses were doing well and that he wanted to branch out to other areas. He said “I would like to have you run one of my restaurants where you live we could start a new chain around there. Consider this your trial period, this will give you training for when you are ready to take over from me”.

Debbie couldn’t believe her ears.

“Me have my own restaurant,” she gasped thinking about what type of food she would have, what she would make the chef prepare for her and have the waiter serve her in her own booth - one where even if she was wedged in she would still be served food 24 hours a day. Her stomach then grumbled almost sounding like an applause at the endless possibilities.

“Daddy this will be the biggest and best in town.”

Debbie finished speaking to her father and decided to celebrate. Kylie wasn’t speaking to her and she knew that after what had happened there was no point in even trying to make friends again. She decided to get her best outfit on and hit town to celebrate but beforehand stop off to do some research on the other restaurants. She wanted pizza tonight and headed for the “all you can eat” .

Debbie burst through the door and noticed it was quiet, there on the heated trays were a vast array of pizzas…in her mind that meant they all had Debbie's name on them. She patted her gut and said “just me and you tonight, no man to get in the way.”

She paid for the buffet and then darted to the trays grabbing two plates filling both up with grease laden foods, placing the plates on the table. Debbie went back for two more plates, then two massive bowls of pasta; if she was going to research the restaurant she was going to make sure she did it properly. Debbie took one look at her table and then her chubby fingers plunged in. she began to eat as if she had never seen food before.

One of the assistants at the till saw what Debbie was doing and gazed at her, he could see her bulging gut moving up and down from each gulp and breath but with each breath he could see her gut was slightly extending. After her third plate he could see her already tight top starting to move upwards as her stomach was pushing outwards.

Debbie didn’t notice the assistant staring at her she was in a daze. Shovelling pasta down her throat she knew she had to get more, she justified it in the name of research! The assistant had never seen anyone do this before and he was intrigued and extremely turned on by what he was witnessing he walked to her table.

By now Debbie had finished the four plates and one bowl of pasta. Moving onto the final bowl she noticed the assistant standing there. She stopped, coming out of her trance

“Excuse me miss, would you like any drink” he looked at her almost struggling to get the words out. Her top was now looking like a sports bra, her black leather skirt was near bursting point with her ass looking as if it would struggle to get out of the double doors she burst through when she walked in, her breasts that were before almost touching her double chin were now starting to restrict Debbie in eating with her fat laden arms now having to come in side ways to get the food to her mouth.

“I want a extra large sprite, make that two and if you're walking past the trays there pick me up another two plates and two bowls of this pasta which is really lovely, thanks hun” she flickered her eyelids to see if she would get a response.

“Certainly,” was the response she got and within a minute her table full of barren plates were cleared and fresh plates loaded with all flavours of pizzas were placed on her table.

“Save some room for dessert miss, my treat!” It was his turn to play the eye game and winked at her as he walked away. Debbie didn’t even notice the wink she had already got stuck into the new plate of delights before he even left.

She thought to herself “screw going out in town tonight if I can feed myself and pull at the same time at this place”.

Debbie finished round two and by now she was a sight. She thought of herself tied up being fed pizzas by her new very own assistant., she felt herself become moist, just as the thought was running through her head the assistant came back and again cleared her table

“Oh my you have quite an appetite, what’s your name” he asked as he felt his confidence coming back

“Debbie and I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment” she replied struggling to speak due to the amount of food she had consumed.

“Hi Debbie, my name is Jack and you can take it whatever way you like but its definitely intended as a compliment. Give me two secs.” He ran off and came back with what to any normal human being would look like the biggest amount of ice cream ever shoved into a bowl but to Debbie it just looked like dessert.

Debbie looked at what Jack had just put down on her table - 4 tubs of ice cream crammed into a large mixing bowl with two bottles of chocolate sauce and and plenty of whipped cream. Debbies eyes lit up…could she have found her first employee of her new restaurant.

Unbeknown to Debbie while she had been devouring her second helping of pizza and pasta Jack had made this dessert up. That was the easy part, carrying it to Debbie’s table was the difficult bit. He managed and for his efforts he was given a sight to behold.

Debbie licked her lips as if hunger had returned and with a large ladle she began to devour this man made mountain of dessert. Jack again watched from the side as he saw her breasts starting to strain her top. Her cleavage and belly was starting to push her away from the table. He knew that any minute now he would have to feed her, otherwise she would be unable to reach the dessert. The more difficult it was in reaching the dessert the more she had to spoon in to get more before it became harder, her face was covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

He noticed her chin was moving from a large double to a large triple and even her arms were getting rounder with her sleeves now stretching beyond capacity and had now ripped the material. Jack wondered what Debbie must be thinking to keep on eating even when her clothes were becoming more revealing.

Debbie knew full well what was going on. She knew he was being turned on by the sight of her expanding and knew her clothes were showing more and more of her ample bare flesh but this made her even more moist and she just also couldn’t stop eating Jack’s amazing dessert. It was a simple treat but one of the best she had ever tasted and she needed him for her restaurant.

Jack could hear more ripping, her leather skirt got his eyes attention and noticed it was starting to rip to shreds. He quickly ran to staffroom and grabbed one of the largest overalls he could find “here put this on Debbie”.

Debbie didn’t want to leave her dessert. She was halfway through it and wanted it finished. However even though it was quiet she was in a public place and knew she had to change before got arrested for being nude in a public place. After much help from Jack she got up and her extra bulk caused her to stumble onto him and pin him to the wall.

Despite her new found thickness she knew she could feel where Jacks blood was rushing to.

“Thank you Jack how will I repay you for all your kindness?” she said again flickering her eyelids.

“Erm erm” he stammered, struggling to breathe with her crushing weight.

“You could finish your dessert and then comeb ack to mine if you’d like I could bring some leftovers from the kitchen…if you were still hungry that is, I clock off in about 20 mins”.

“Let me get changed and finish my dessert first then I’ll let you know.” was Debbie’s calm reply.

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