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Default Karen by Anonymous (~BBW, Magic, Feeding, Bi-Sexuality, ~Sex, ~MWG)

~BBW, Magic, Feeding, Bi-Sexuality, ~Sex, ~MWG Wherein our heroine wakes to a whole new body.


By Anonymous

(Migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Archives)

Karen woke up before the kids, which in itself was unusual. She took a moment to roll over in bed and relax. She felt odd just rolling over; there was something under her stomach. She reached down to move it out of the way, and her hand found her stomach much sooner than she expected to. Where she had expected to find a pillow or a wad of blanket there was her own soft flesh. She sat bolt upright in bed and ran her hands over her suddenly huge body. Terror gripped her as she explored not only an enlarged belly but also plump thighs and cantaloupe sized breasts.

She stood up quickly and looked in the mirror. All she could do was stare at her body. She was wearing the same nightshirt that she remembered putting on the night before, but she was at least three sizes larger than she'd been at bedtime. Needing to be sure that this was not some illusion of the light, she lifted her nightshirt off. No, it was real; she must have weighed nearly two hundred pounds. For a second her terror changed to wonder; instead of a grotesque figure she saw a soft well-rounded form that was strangely attractive to her.

Her trance was suddenly broken as Paul, her husband, came out of the shower. He reached over gave her a hug and kiss. " Babe, you had better get dressed; the kids will be up soon."

For the second time Karen was speechless. How could he not notice the change?

Fearing rejection from her husband, Karen hurried into the shower. As her mind attempted to grapple with the day's surprise, she picked up the soap and started to wash without thinking about what she was doing. She was suddenly aware that her own hands were caressing her stomach. Its mass was soft, warm and inviting. She found herself becoming aroused, and this was not her. She quickly pulled her hands away and finished her shower.

As Karen got dressed, she searched for evidence of the life she remembered. The picture of her and Paul in the mountains last summer was there, but instead of the beautiful thin young women she recalled was the voluptuous form that now filled her mirror. The clothes in her dresser and closet were all her new size, and she could not even find her tight fitting aerobics wear.

As she pulled her jeans over her now considerably larger buttocks, her gaze again became locked on the mirror. Like most young women her age, she was usual repulsed by the sight of someone carrying too much weight, but today she found an appreciation for a larger form. The larger curve of her buttocks and breast were very pleasing to the eye. She wrenched herself back into her daily routine to avoid these thoughts.

Breakfast went off without a hitch. Paul and the kids acted as if nothing had changed. Karen soon found herself swept up in getting the kids in the car and off to daycare. Karen felt like she needed to talk to someone about what happened to her, but Paul could be so callous at times. Elizabeth had been her friend for almost her entire life, and Karen hoped her friend would not have her committed. After she dropped off the kids she drove to Elizabeth's house.

Karen opened the door to her friends' house without knocking and received another surprise. There stood Elizabeth completely naked, and by all appearances she had suffered the same drastic weight gain.

Before Karen could say a word, Elizabeth wrapped her swollen arms around Karen and gave her a warm passionate kiss.

"I wish the kids went to pre-school more than twice a week," she said as she dragged Karen down the hall.

Karen moaned, "Oh no, you too."

"Oh yes me too! You know I can't resist you," Elizabeth giggled.

Karen found herself overwhelmed by her urge to join her friend in bed and assisted Elizabeth in removing her clothes.

In seconds, they were both naked in bed together. Elizabeth had obviously been preparing for this encounter. On the bed was a bowl of chocolate pudding. Elizabeth stuck a hand in the bowl and coated her breast with chocolate delight. Karen started to moan in delight, and suddenly found her mouth full of chocolate covered breasts. She ravenously sucked both clean and then started over again with more pudding.

Next, Karen covered her partner's warm generous belly with pudding and cleaned it off with her tongue. After several minutes of feeding frenzy, Karen found her stomach beginning to bulge. Her swollen stomach actually made feel more passionate than she could ever remember. Unable to resist any longer, Karen piled Elizabeth's love center with pudding and buried her face between her legs.

That night, as Karen prepared, dinner she could not help think about the intensity of the orgasms she'd shared with Elizabeth all morning. Her friend had not mentioned any sudden weight gain and acted as though things had always been this way. Karen actually smiled when she remembered that Elizabeth had at one time been her workout buddy. Judging by her appearance this morning, she was not such a gym rat, although both she and Karen had done quite a bit to raise their heart rates.

"Hi, babe, I'm home," said Paul. "Wow, what's with all the food? Are we expecting company or will we be dining alone?" he said in a seductive tone of voice.

Karen looked down and noticed for the first time that she had prepared a meal fit for at least one if not more kings. "Well, I sent the kids to my mother's and thought you and I needed to spend some time together."

They sat down and greedily dug in to the meal. After Karen had cleaned half of her plate, she leaned back to catch her breath. "You would get off that easy," said Paul as he fed her a spoonful from his plate. Paul proceeded to empty both his plate and Karen's down into her expanding belly. Karen had to unbutton her pants and could not help but think that that would just speed things up in the bedroom. As her stomach filled, her hunger to have Paul inside of her seemed to grow.

Finally, she could resist no longer. She got out of the chair well, she tried to get up, but her overstuffed stomach would not allow it. "Help me up," she said.

Paul was only too willing to comply. As he led her down the hallway, he helped remove her blouse. He rubbed his hands gently across her huge belly and slid off her jeans and panties all at once.

As Paul removed his own clothes, Karen looked up at her reflection in the mirror. She thought back to this morning and how she had resisted her happiness with her new form. She climbed up onto the bed on her hands and knees. Paul came up from behind her and slid his shaft into her quivering sheath. His hands on her bulbous ass felt magnificent. Karen could almost imagine her ass was growing around her husband's firm body. As they rocked back and forth Karen could feel her abdomen sway tugging on her already excited vagina taking her from one orgasm to the next.

"Karen, that was wonderful. Why don't we do this more often?"

"Well, I did make a cake for dessert," she said, with a smile, "and you know how hungry I get after sex."
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Excellent short little story. Another great example of Kafkaesque weight gain fiction.
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