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Default Efficient Calorie Consumption

Hi All

Just want to make an observation. Last weekend I was invited next door for a meal. My neighbour has progressivey put on weight over the last few years and quite recently I have noticed that she can efficiently pack away thousands of calories quite easily. Obviously this has led to her recent weight gain.

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed such a phenomenon
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Well, your body definitely adjusts to your habits. I know personally, even though I'm not exactly big at 211 that as I've put on weight it takes quite a bit more to fill me up. I've basically been eating "too much" for 7-8 months and now it takes more to fill me up on a regular basis. What happened as a bi-product is when I binge it also takes longer to hit a high point where I have to stop. In the past month there was a point where I ate an entire large pizza and even yesterday, 6 jr. bacon cheeseburgers. That wasn't possible in the past even if I wanted it to be. Yesterday it was almost scary how easy it seemed.
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