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Default After Hours - by Wille (BHM, Dining, ~SWG)

~BHM, Dining, ~SWG In which young-&-gay Mike finds his dream job at McFadden’s Buffet Supreme. . .

After Hours
By Willie (williebearwv@yahoo.com)

Prologue - Beginnings

Mike always thought of his life as normal and boring. The typical life that you would think that everyone would want but nobody has in today’s world of busy times and even busier days. He just turned 21 only two months ago and was looking for a job around his area so he can have some money during his summer break from college.

“I need a job that will be exciting compared to my boring days here being unemployed,” he said.

He looked through the classified ads once and even twice over, he sighed, as all he glanced at was the regular jobs of telemarketing, working at a gas station and housekeeping. Granted they was good jobs but Mike wanted a job that was different, unlike any other job he saw or did during his time in the work force, that was when he saw an ad out of the corner of his eye:

Looking for something different?
Why not work at a local buffet restaurant?
Promise to be different from any other restaurant job
Or any first job you ever had!
Apply in person only!
“Interesting but a job at a local buffet?” he questioned the ad in his mind, “It would be something different and not like working at any other job I had already. I’ll give it a go.”

So Mike wrote down the address at the bottom of the help wanted ad on a piece of paper and got ready to head out the door.

Chapter One - Arrival and Interview

Mike finally arrived at the buffet that was only 20 minutes from his home. He thought of the distance to be pretty convenient in the way of the job. He got out of his car to glance at the place. The restaurant had a look of an old 50’s diner but was much larger than one since the property was large enough for a strip mall.

“Weird that this is the only restaurant here,” he said, “With a strip mall size property you would think there would be more here.”

He shrugged the idea off and heads indoors, pushing the doublewide doors open with the logo in bright white saying “McFadden’s Buffet Supreme.” The inside of McFadden’s was just as huge as the outside was, with pearl white tiles for the floor and most of the walls. In the middle of the restaurant there stood several buffet like troughs with metal tables and metal chairs with white pillow padding surrounding the whole area, there was no sign of any booths at all.

As he looked over the area, he bumped into a huge guy with a massive beard that looked to take years for it to grow out. He pulled back from the large figure to get a better view. Here were standing a big 6’1” and most possibly 450 pounds bear of man with black hair and a beard to match followed by a tanned skin tone and brown eyes.

“May I help you?” growled the big man standing in front of Mike.

Mike with almost a speechless state of mind, tried to remember what he was here for.

“I…I’m here for the help wanted ad in the newspaper,” said Mike while clearing his throat.

“Ah okay. I’m the manager. My name is Mr. Roberts but the staff here call me Big Rob for obvious reasons,” he chuckled to himself while patting his gut.

“So I see, the buffet business has been good to you there,” said Mike trying to make a witty remark in return. Big Rob looked at him with a smiling gesture to sit down at one of the tables.

“Okay now,” said Big Rob, “Let’s start off with the application you have to fill out and I’ll interview you right now since you are the first one here.”

With that Big Rob handed him a clipboard and application with pen as he headed into the back of the restaurant. Mike was shocked to see a man of that size still able to get around. He always had a fondness of big men but never truly opened up to it cause he was always around jocks and bodybuilders during much of his high school days. After high school, he decided to become openly gay but not openly in love with the size of big men since he thought it would be wrong to be that way in the gay community. He shook off the image of Big Rob for the time being and started work on the application.

A few minutes past and Big Rob comes back to interview Mike for the job. Mike noticed that Rob is wiping his mouth off with a napkin and cleaning his shirt with crumbs.

“Excuse me here,” Big Rob said, “I was trying out some of the food here before we start putting them out here for the grand opening.”

Mike watched as Big Rob’s shirt looked totally stretched out and ready to give up and being a mini shirt on his overly full and bloated gut.

“That is quite alright. If the manager can’t eat the food then why would the customers here?” Mike replied back.

“That’s true. A big guy like me has to eat and the buffet is the best place for it,” Big Rob chuckles as he rubs his full gut, “Anyway, let me check out the application there and we’ll get the interview underway.”

Big Rob leaned over and noticed that Mike was sucking in his little belly just to make him look slimmer.

“What’s this now?” he said while patting Mike’s midsection.

“Yeah, I’m a little chubby here. Especially for my height of 5’7”, I’m roughly 250 pounds,” Mike said a bit sheepishly.

“Hey, nothing wrong with being fat there, Mike. We are all made different for a reason,” Big Rob said with a smile.

Time passed and the interview went well for Mike. Big Rob told him that he would hear from him within a week if he got the job. As Mike left McFadden’s, he felt a bit better about his belly and started to rub it a bit while heading for his car. Although not aware that Big Rob was looking out the windows of the restaurant rubbing his big gut as well.

Chapter Two - Calll Back and Starting Work

A week passed and Mike was called in to work for Big Rob. He dressed in some casual khaki pants and button down white shirt. Before heading out the door to McFadden’s, Mike glanced at himself in the mirror and rubbed his gut in remembrance of Big Rob’s belly.

“It would be rather cool to have a gut like his and play with each others’ bellies,” he thought.

20 minutes later…

Mike arrives at McFadden’s where he sees a big crowd of people entering with a big banner overheard saying “Grand Opening” above the doublewide doors. While walking into the restaurant, he noticed many of the customers as well as the staff working in and out of the kitchen area was very heavyset.

“Hey Mike!” Big Rob shouted over the busy crowd of people, “Glad you can make it. We got a good crowd going on here and need your help right away. You’ll be working with my right hand man here named Carlos.”

Big Rob helped Mike through the crowd to the kitchen area where he saw several chefs, dishwashers and waitpersons busy at work.

“That’s Carlos over by the stove,” Big Rob said as he pointed out the big figure dressed in chef style clothing.

Carlos, a big size Latino male but not as big as Rob, had a goatee and black wavy hair. He lunges over the stove like a big shadow flipping burgers and frying onions for onion rings.

“I call him my right hand man for the simple fact he can eat just as much as I can,” said Big Rob with a chuckle, “He stands to be just as big as me but only shorter in height by at least an inch but wider in the gut than me since he is only 350 thus far.”

“Thus far?” Mike replied.

“Of course, he is the chef here and has to try out all the food before it goes out there for the customers,” said Big Rob, “Hey Carlos! Come here and meet the newbie.”

As Big Rob called him over, Mike swears he can see Carlos’ gut jiggle as he not walked but waddled over towards them. Mike’s heart quickened at the pure sight of seeing the big guy coming over his way but had to control his sexual tension for fear of being questioned.

“Hola Mike, I’m glad to see a new face here but then again we have a lot of new faces around here at this grand opening,” said Carlos as he was wiping the grease off his hand via on his chef outfit.

“Quite true. It is nice to meet you and I hope I can learn a few things here that will be less than boring,” said Mike while shaking Carlos’ hands.

“Oh I’m sure you will, Mike,” said Big Rob, “I guarantee it. Be sure to come back after hours for the celebration just for the staff here, Mike. It will be something you won’t forget.”

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Default After Hours - 2

Chapter Three - Some Things Are a Growing Lesson

After working eight hours at McFadden’s, Mike was getting ready to head back to the restaurant for the after hours celebration. But before he went out the door, he glanced at himself in the mirror once more. He began to rub his belly which was sticking out quite a bit from the buffet food that was free to eat during the grand opening for the staff members, the other hand however was in his underwear as he was slowly playing with himself in sweet reminisce of Big Rob and Carlos’ big bellies.

He fantasized about playing with the bellies of Big Rob and Carlos after hours at McFadden’s. They all began to hug and kiss each other in hot pleasure and love of their fat bodies. Then he began to feed both Big Rob and Carlos the leftover food from the grand opening, stuffing their bellies more and more as they urge Mike to keep stuffing them until they are too huge to move under their own power and will. And then…


Mike awoke from his sweet fantasy to realize that it was 15 minutes after 9 pm which meant the restaurant should have been have closed since 9 pm already!

“Yikes!” said Mike, “I’m late. They probably already finished the after hours celebration there without me!”

With that said, he rushed to get finish dressing and headed out the door to get to McFadden’s without any second thought.

20 minutes later…

Mike arrived at McFadden’s and noticed that the lights were out but the doors were left wide open. He thought that maybe they were in the back putting the food away for tomorrow’s opening.

Mike went into the restaurant and headed to the kitchen area. The only lights that were on were that of the stove and dishwashing area. He noticed that Big Rob and Carlos were eating some of the food that was leftover from today’s buffet. Mike cleared his throat to get attention and the two big men looked up from the big metal trays of food.

“Oh, hey there Mike. Good to see you made it to the after hours celebration,” Big Rob said.

“Really? So it will be the three of us?” asked Mike.

“Well that is what you wanted, isn’t it?” said Carlos with a grin.

Mike was a bit shocked by the reply from Carlos. How did they know? Was it that obvious?

“You don’t remember us, do you?” Carlos continues, “It is me, Carlos Luis and William Roberts. We was a couple of jocks that use to hang with you during high school.”

“What?” gasped Mike, “The faces does look familiar now but whoa, both of you have blown up to be huge fat boys. What happened?”

Rob and Carlos began to tell Mike about how they was jocks and like any former jocks that doesn’t keep up with their workout, starts to get flabby and fat. Rob met up with Carlos almost a year before the idea of McFadden’s even came up as a business venture and found out that they both enjoy being fat and willing to grow fatter until they are both almost immobile. But since they both wanted it, they need a third partner in the gaining triad.

They put it out of their heads for the time being and started up McFadden’s, a big time local buffet that they hope for to be a restaurant chain, so they will have all the money they need to keep up their growing and any other needs they will require for their growing girth.

“But since I ran into you, Mike. I was wondering if you would like to be the number three wheel of our gaining triad. I’ve noticed how you look at me and Carlos’ bellies every chance you get,” said Rob.

Mike blushed then thought about the offer. It was a dream or better yet a fantasy come true. But would they be up for him being sexual with feeding and playing with their bellies?

“I would love to do it fellas but I’m gay and I don’t know how that will work out to be a factor in the triad,” said Mike.

“And?” said Carlos, “I’m bisexual here and Rob is a bit bi-curious so he has never been with a man sexually. Even if we was straight as arrows, we are in it for the belly play just the same as well as getting out bellies bigger and worshipped.”

“Besides, anything we haven’t done yet we can grow to understand and enjoy,” said Rob with a wink and grin.

“Cool.” Mike said, “Well then let’s said, let’s work on getting you guys bigger. Heck, I might add on a few pounds as well.”

With that, they started working on eating all the leftovers from the grand opening. All three of them rotating between dishes and trays by the trough loads, after awhile both Rob and Carlos started to slow down on their eating but that was when Mike started to rub their hugely expanding bellies for them to fit more in.

“We have a lot of food here to get rid of before the place opens tomorrow and we definitely have to work on keep it up the day after that,” Mike said.

“I told you that you’ll learn something not boring here,” said Carlos with his cheeks full of spaghetti and meatballs.

“Well we definitely won’t have to worry about leftovers at McFadden’s,” said Rob, “We'll just take up the after hours shift to handle that and it pays in full BURP!”

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