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Default Fatty Food Fantasy

One of my biggest fantasies is watching a bbw speed-stuffing herself with super-high calorie food. Clearly this would not be a daily activity as it would effect health, but in moderation. To see a big girl chug a huge jug of the most calorie packed weight gain shake I could make, blended with heavy cream and butter, seeing how many thousands of calories I could put in it. Then watching her test her limits to see how much and how fast she could get it into her belly. Maybe do it once a week and try to break her last record? The faster she drank it the slower she would get full, and I would cheer her on and rub her belly to make room. Could she fill her growing belly with a 10,000 calorie shake in 10 minutes? She would probobly have new stretch marks by morning! Just the thought of something classified by the 'public' as bad and unhealthy makes it soo taboo, and so hot.....to me. What's your thoughts? (Just a fantsy ppl)
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