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Default Does anyone's feeders sort of ebb and flow with food, or is it consistent feeding?

I have been getting plumped for the past year or so. During that time, my feeder, has definitely ebbed and flowed with the amount that she has fed me. At certain times she would stuff me, and then at other times it would slow down a bit. Then other times she would continually feed me mint chocolate bark basically all day as I watched TV, then it would slow down for a day or two, then she would really feed me a lot.

Does anyone else have a feeder like this, or do you experience constant feeding? It is sort of a turn on to be handed something unexpectedly and told to eat it, and then you never know when the next request will be to consume something. I find that I am gaining more consistently and it is more erotic when I don't know when I will be stuffed or fed.
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hom nom nom
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Yes, not to mention it's hotter for you and your partner to be spontaneous in any capacity, so sexily feeding on a whim is all the better. When there are expected, prescribed "stuffing sessions" it's kind of gross and can become too gain-oriented, in my opinion and experience. Feeding is part of my sex life and when anything in my sex life is regimented or scheduled I get quickly bored.
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