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Default First encounters of the BBW kind - by JennyRiot (~BBW, ~ Lesbian, Light Sex)

~BBW, ~Lesbian, Light sex - a poem about two lover's epihany

[Author's Note: I realize that this isn't in the same format as most of the stories written here, but I have a very different style of writing than most, I guess. This prose was written spur of the moment. This is my first post on this account, being that my girlfriend and I share this account. Anywho, I hope you enjoy. <3]

First Encounters of the BBW Kind
by JennyRiot

I remember our first time like it was yesterday.
Months of dating
Weeks of sexual banter
All leading up to the defining moment
In my entire history of intimacy.
She was beautiful.
Unlike any woman I had ever seen in person,
But exactly like the women in my fantasies.

I used to dream about what it would be like to touch her
Her body looking like a cloud but a million times softer
With the texture of silk spread across butter.
I remember touching her hand for the first time
Chubby fingers wrapped around my own.
She was my own personal goddess
Larger than life
But I handled myself well.

When it came time for our clothes to be taken off
I stared at her body, afraid to blink
As if suddenly that magnificent creature in front of me
Would suddenly shrink from a rubenesque goddess
To a sack of skin and bones.
But she did not.
As her shirt came over her head
I saw her breasts, held in place with a silk black bra.

My eyes traveled from there to her stomach
Two rolls stacked together, her skin the color of fresh cream.
I reached out for her,
Fingertips running down her sides and across her stomach
I nearly came at the touch, but held myself back.
She felt so good, so warm, so right
Like everything I dreamed,
but much much more.

My fingertips went from her stomach to the hem of her skirt
Sliding it down her large thighs and down to her feet.
She kicked it off and moved her hands to her bra
Unbuckling it slowly.
She was teasing me, I knew it. But I didn't mind.
When her bra was finally discarded,
Her breasts fell against her stomach
Like two gigantic pillows.

I wanted to touch them, to taste them
So I did.
My lips pressed against her left breast,
My hand creeping up to massage the other.
Her skin tasted faintly like vanilla, and I revelled in it.
I could have spent hours here, my lips exploring her body
Every curve, every inch of her gigantic form
But she wanted more, and so did I.

She lifted my head from her chest and we kissed.
We had kissed before, and we kissed after,
But nothing compared to this kiss.
Her lips were swollen, pink
And her mouth tasted like the Marlboro smooth we had shared before.
Somewhere during this kiss, she lost her matching panties
And I managed to lose all of my clothes.
But neither of us cared much about clothing at that point.

I laid her against the bed
But being the dominant woman she was she ended up on top.
Her body covered every inch of mine, and then some.
My lower body was held in place
Between her two mountainous thighs
I was surrounded, completely, in her, and it was heavenly.
But being the dominant that I was
I wanted her to squirm from my touch.

My hand traveled down between her legs
And brushed against her sex.
She quivered in the most delicious of ways.
I leaned up slightly and whispered against her ear
"You're beautiful" I told her
And the apples of her cheeks flushed a little pinker.
She slowly climbed off of me
And pressed her back against the bed.

It creaked from her weight, but we didn't mind.
I promptly turned on my side and edged closer to her.
My hands traveled across her stomach
Massaging, rubbing, touching
The ample amount of flesh there.
My lips fell against her neck
And my hands traveled lower
Fingertips exploring every inch of her sex.

Her body quivered, and she let out the first carnel sound
I had ever heard her utter.
I drove my fingers inside of her over and over again
Until her body began to quake.
The bed made more sounds of strain
But neither of us cared.
She was edging closer and closer to the brink of climax
But I wanted to taste what laid between her legs.

With a quick movement, I positioned myself between her legs.
I could smell the scent of her, and it intoxicated me.
I dipped my head down,
And began to lick at every bit of her sex that I could.
She tasted like nothing I had ever imagined
But it sent my bland, black and white world into brilliant technicolor.
I looked up at her face between licks
Her eyes were shut, teeth biting down on those swollen lips in ecstasy.

She was close, I could sense it.
She pressed her large thighs against my head and locked me into place
I could hear her moans becoming louder with each passing second.
Her body rocked against my face
As I delved my tongue deeper inside of her.
My fingertips dug into the buttery flesh of her thighs,
And then it happened.
She climaxed hard, and I tasted her juice on my tongue.
She cried out for me, over and over again.

I continued to lick at her, riding out her orgasm as much as I could,
And then she fell quiet.
Her abundant chest rose and fell quickly as she tried to catch her breath.
I gave her one final lick before slowly raising up;
I laid my head on her stomach, and my eyes looked up to her.
"I love you." I whispered finally, after several minutes of silence.
She gazed down at me with loving eyes and a beautiful smile and said
"I love you too, Jennifer."

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Damn thats hot!!!
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Lovin' it!

Ahh, if I could meet a girl like that someday...
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