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lozonloz knows EXACTLY what's going onlozonloz knows EXACTLY what's going onlozonloz knows EXACTLY what's going onlozonloz knows EXACTLY what's going onlozonloz knows EXACTLY what's going onlozonloz knows EXACTLY what's going onlozonloz knows EXACTLY what's going on

Met my first FA when I was 17- a friend of a friend. I was still struggling with alot of self esteem issues at the time and at first it seemed a bit strange to me that I guy I'd never met before kept finding excuses to go out drinking with my friend and I when he was a good 7 years older, until we finally ended up at a club and we started with the dancing. And then the dirty dancing. And it became pretty obvious that he was very very into me. At this point my friend mentions that this guy was into the bigger gal.

We met together at a few partys and stuff and flirted outrageously but in the end nothing came of it, mainly becuase I was still dealing with alot of stuff and really wasnt ready to let people get that close to me.

It did really, really help me feel comfortable being sexy. Dirty dancing, flirting and feeling up/being felt up were completely new things to me at 17 (weird as that may seem) and it felt really really good to do them and know the guy was having as much if not more fun than me.

I loved that this guy had a preferance for big girls because it made me chill about the way I looked around him. I mean, he liked my rolls so there wasnt any need to suck it in or wear HORRYFYING underwear and so on. I could just relax and be me.

Originally Posted by kayrae View Post
Dims shaped my opinion about the BBW/FA community. There was nothing to change. I didn't really think about fatties or "chubby-chasers" beforehand. Because I met FAs within months of signing up to Dims, my knowledge of this community is based off reading the forums and talking to members IRL. I find it amusing to actually discuss the thread topics during our meet-ups.
This is very like me. I found this site when I was 19 and although I was aware of FA's and had met a few, this was what introduced me to the community.
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