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Default FA/Weight Gain Erotica and Dating

I was not sure if this is the correct board to use... but I guess when in doubt, one should go with their gut feeling, especially around this place.

I thank you all in advance for your time. So, as I am once again single and entering the dating world I am wondering if I should continue to post fantasy stories under my user name, or if I should create a new one? I do have a crazy notion that it would be possible to meet a beautiful woman via dimensions or dimensions associated events, so I am interested in some feedback...
Do you think it is a good thing for someone to have such an insight into your mind so quickly?

As a woman, would you go through someone's older posts to get a "feel" for the type of person they are/likes/dislikes etc...
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I think if you are going to post as your own name, then post things that are what you are into sexually or denote that you are writing something that is not your normal tastes lol so when a girl does find them to read what you are into (I know I would lol) she is aware of what you truthfully are looking for lol...I know I write short story fiction (not erotica more horror lol) and if I was going to write here, I would be writing all sorts of topics and not just my own personal fantasies....if you want to get creative with stuff, maybe a fake name is better lol
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