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louisaml can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokeslouisaml can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Stupid Psychiatrist

He had the odacity to tell me to start loosing weight, when its the damn meds that are making me gain weight. I went off one med that I geuss counteracted the weight gain effects of two of my bipolar meds. So basically I have gained almost 30 pounds in 9 months, I went from 228 to 255, due to this, big woop. I am not eating any differently, I dont eat breakfast or lunch, just usually dinner. I am very physically active. I take my dog for walkies 3 times a day. Plus I smoke but hey that is my decision no one else, and really no ones business. So he keeps bitching about my weight and I look at hime like "seriously dude, you are 5 foot 5 at the most and weigh over 300 pounds and your in your 60's and you wanna get on me about my weight" but I didnt say that because I have more class then he does. Anyway I have been dressing very skimpy and feminine and gotta say I love the attention and stares, it keeps people geussing about my profesion.
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Silver Fox
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Please, please check this out:

My daughter was bipolar and I got her started on this program years ago and she has been completely symptom free ever since!
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