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Smile Feeders and feedees going to the Las Vegas BBW bash soon

The BBW Bash is coming up fast, I would like to connect with fellow feeders and feedees at the bash. My long term goal is to create a community of feeders and feedees that socialize, know each other and create a support structure, so that you can find somebody to talk to, somebody that gets it. Feederism is a very touchy subject and I have already lost friends just mentioning what my passion is, so for me it is important to be able to share this with people that I know in person.
I would love to chat with you, what your experiences, frustrations and joy has been with feederism. This is not a hook up request, but simply to meet like minded individuals for exchange and friendship.

You can contact me via a form post here or sending me a private message, whatever you prefer.

Im ready to just meet individually for a coffee during the bash, before a group will develop out of people that are comfortable to share this with others in a social context.

This call is for feeders and feedees of all genders, and even feederism curious FAs or BBWs

I have experience in a lot of areas of feeding and have written tons of articles and stories about it and Im totally out of the closet, and can help others that want to do the same. Maybe a conversation can also help you develop your relationship to feeding and find out what it means to you.

Markus (aka Rubens_Feeder)
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MJ Moore
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Default BBWnetwork Las Vegas Bash

I plan to attend the Friday nite costume party (as Angus Young from ACDC) and the Saturday nite formal (White Dinner Jacket). I am also planning on attending the Pre-Bash party at Plush the Night Club in Alexis Park on Sunday, July 10
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