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Talking My gain is your gain ;)

Hi, I have never actually sold anything on here before. I have only ever done ebay. However, I decided to put 3 things up here first before doing the ebay thing. I have only ever worn these things like 0 to 4 times ever. I am just too big for them. I have just let this stuff sit in my closet. I have a LOT to sell that has hardly ever been worn, but decided to only try 3 pieces for now on here. Sooooo my gain is your gain..

I am selling a white corset top (size 3) I bought from Torrid. I never actually wore it though. I completely forgot I bought it and then by the time I found it I was too big for it. The pics really do not do it justice. I am selling it for $30 + S/H.

I am also selling a plaid top from Lane Bryant. I wore it less than 5 times before I was too big for it. It is a size 24. I took a picture with the flash on and off. I could not seem to get a good pic of it. I am selling it for $15 + S/H.

Last but not least, I am selling a size 24 black dress from Maurices. It is hard to tell in the pics, but it is a wrap around dress. It goes to your knees, but depending on your height it may go slightly below your knees. But it is not a long dress or anything like that. I took a pic of the sleeve bc when I bought it I fell in love with the sleeves. Again, I wore it maybe twice before I was too big for it. I am selling it for $20 + S/H.

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