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Originally Posted by Power_Metal_Kitsune View Post
I really think that FAs' lack of social contact because of the autism thing is what leads them to date and/or approach fat women or fat men because the fat person is more likely to not have much experience in the arena of dating experience, so they don't know that the person's inappropriateness is what drives away potential dates, leading them to seek out fat people because they perceive us as friendlier, more tolerant, and in general, someone that won't know that the person is eating with his/her hands (like the last FA I dated) or that they left no tip (one before that) or that they are cheap, horrifically ugly or old or want something.

I don't hate them for it but the fact is, if these people could get Megan Fox or Chris Hemsworth, they'd do it like anyone else. Yes, we may have pretty faces, great personalities, intelligence, senses of humor, but in the long run, when the Firewind concert comes on Oct 16, I will remain dateless for that just like the last 4 concerts I went to, getting no numbers, not even one drunk wackjob hitting on me, and being instantly "friend zoned" by any decent-looking guy I know or ever meet and no male interest of any kind, one comes down to a conclusion: Nobody normal wants to date a fat person. And if they do, it's because they like our personality not our looks.

And that is why I no longer bother with my appearance over being clean and keeping my hair out of my face. Worrying about my appearance as a fat woman is like being a falling tree in the woods: No one is there to see it or hear it.
How did I miss this before? Anyway....

Yeah, I think Megan Fox is fucking gorgeous. If I wasn't taken already and she came on to me you better believe I'd be taking her up on her offer. Same goes with Kim Kardashian, Heather Hunter or Alexandra Silk. All gorgeous.

I like thin girls and I'm not autistic (I got tested when I was younger). I also like big girls too and contrary to what you say...I tip well, eat with silverware (or plastic if I'm at a cookout), far from cheap, not horrifically ugly, not old (yet) or want to get in anyone's pants (besides my fiance of course).

I'm far from normal but even if I was, I'd still date a fat woman. You make it sound like dating someone for their personality is a bad thing. Would you rather a guy look at your ass and say "hey baby" rather than a guy looking you in the eye and listening to what you have to say?

What fat women do you know that has no dating experience? I know a lot of fat women with more experience than a lot of thin girls I know. You just haven't been to the right places to where dating is quite common amongst the larger folk.

I have no idea who you dated in the past but are you really going to judge the behavior of thousands of F/A's because one guy ate like a slob and the other tipped like a (radio edit)? You do make one point, a lot of guys claim to be F/A's but really aren't. Fortunately though, there are a lot of guys (including myself) that are very real. Just have to find one of those types.

Oh and who the hell came up with the myth that F/A's find all fat women attractive? That's not true at all.
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Just read this Myth for the first time. Never heard it before and I dismissed it at first, but the posts have made me think a bit. A couple of random thoughts about this (and some of the posts):

1. I was always an FA from the start. It was an arousal thing, not a
"who can I get to date me" thing. Back in the 60's/70's there were
a lot fewer big girls.

2. I suppose you might say something similar about gays, who have had
a big uphill acceptance and (in most cases) self-image battle. There
seem to be some occupational trends for gays (as far as I can tell
w/o being part of that community). Many of them are into aesthetic
and artistic professions, and geeky things as well.

3. I'm spending time in N.C. these days and there are a lot of big women
around here. There are no tech jobs around here to speak of so I
don't think many of their men are engineers. A lot of blue collar types
of one description or another seem to have larger partners.

Bottom line -- I don't really think so but don't know enough to be sure.

4. Still can't believe how intrusive and crass some people can be about
nosing into personal preference for larger partners. Glad my parents
said nothing about any of my choices. Sorry to those who had to
endure otherwise.
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Originally Posted by Power_Metal_Kitsune View Post
Okay, but they also usually don't go for Gabourey Sidibe either. Sorry, but maybe like 1 out of 1,000 men is a chubby chaser, but the rest are just settling. Sad but true, and that is why I don't even get attracted to anyone anymore.
It saddens me you think this way. There are many men who love big women and are attracted to them both inside and out, whether they are normal or autistic. Though I have grown up with autism and I'm definitely not the most regular FA ever, but I am actually more physically attracted to bigger people, and it really has nothing to do with just settling. Also, I think Gabourey Sidibe is a very beautiful woman and I highly doubt she has trouble getting men.

Originally Posted by Power_Metal_Kitsune View Post
Why bother with it when there aren't enough potential dates to go around? So I can spend money I don't have buying makeup, perfume, and clothes to impress other fat women who will have the same deluded idea that we all look so pretty that the (largely non-existent) FA's will all come out of the woodwork and we will be barraged with so many suitors we won't know what to do?

It's nice for you that you believe that. It really is, but wait until you are shot down by any and all men you are attracted to anywhere and always the sexless fat friend, never the girlfriend. You'll eventually get the idea.
I know it may seem difficult for you to believe that fat women could be seen as physically attractive, because of what you've been through and what you been taught, but there is quite a big community of FAs who dream about being in a relationship with a girl like you, and they are much easier to find than they use to be, thanks to the internet.

Originally Posted by Power_Metal_Kitsune View Post
Denial is not just a river in Egypt.
I think you are in denial yourself with this issue. Really. Coming to a website full of FAs and BBWs, trying to tell them their community isn't real? That would be like going to a mosque and telling them Allah doesn't exist. Well... Sort of..

Regardless, this site is full of people who are willing to help you accept you for who you are. Just try to stay positive and don't be afraid to ask questions and talk to other Dims members if there is anything you want to know. Somewhere out there, there's a FA waiting to meet a sweet girl like you, and sicne you've entered the BBW community, you should at least make an attempt to find him. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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