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Default Cruise ship weight gain

Kinda delurking for this one. Dont usually post much. I met my wife in 2003 and she was a voluptuous 140lbs. She stedily unintentionally gained to 180 at the time of our wedding in 2007. We were going on an alaskan 7 day cruise in june 2011 where i asked to see how much she could gain, she agreed to play along. The first day we went to the gym and weighed and she was 203 lbs. I was suprised that she had reached 200, sweet! Over the course of the week she didnt hold out on any food and at one point made a comment" u want me fatter right?" is this really happening? The last day of our trip we went on a helicopter flight and had to weigh. I very sneakily peered at the scale numbers hidden behind the cointer and saw 214lbs. I was shocked. Later that evening we got ice cream. Today i would guess shes around 220

Cruises are great. Any similar stories of gain?
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Default More than 20 pounds in 14 days

There is nothing so delightful as a criuse vacation! I often joke that you board as a passenger and depart as cargo! - but like most good humor, there's a grain of truth to it! Granted, my memory is likely colored by my experience, but I'll share anyway.

I did a Royal Carribean cruise a few years ago with a girl friend, and gained more than 20 pounds in just under two weeks. She loved to eat and was aware of my own passion for pigging out - and she encouraged me to enjoy myself. The food was very good - and available nearly 24 hours a day. Everything on the dining room menu was available as room service to your cabin (for the price of a small gratuity) - so if you really liked something they had in the dining room, there was nothing to stop you from returning to your cabin and ordering it again... This was IN ADDITION to the buffet available in the Windjammer lounge at every meal. Add to this the ice-cream machines with cones available for the taking by the pool, fresh pizza, and those luscious tropical drink specials the wait staff keeps parading in front of you by the pool...and it's very easy to indulge yourself to the fullest!

(This is a good thing if you happen to have a ship with a Portofino specialty restaurant on board, because you're really going to need to practice stretching your belly a bit to do it justice - the food is that good and the portions are beyond generous.)

The wait staff at our table was very accommodating and they want their guests to enjoy themeselves (they work for tips, after all!) They were more than eager to recommend several entrees from the daily menu - and they didn't blink an eye when we accepted their recommendations...and ordered them...all.

I think they are used to folks indulging themselves on vacation - but I'm sure one of the servers was aware there was something more to our appetites than just indulgence. About the fourth day out we'd shared a HUGE dinner in the dining room. I can remember standing up with my belly fully distended, way out in front of me...and the servers definitely noticing.

After three days of overindulgence, I was just about stuffed - but the drinks had put my GF in a mischevious mood and she teased me about how much I had eaten. She patted my belly...and was just buzzed enough to actually wonder outloud just how much bigger "that absolutely bloated belly" of mine could possibly get. Needless to say, this was music to my ears... and I told her that at some point on the trip I intended to find out! We hurried back to our cabin where she proceeded to order another complete meal from room service including extra desserts for me to enjoy more comfortably, in private...and it turned out to be our dining room server who brought it!

The look on her face rolling inn the cart was just priceless.

Needless to say, we ate very well the rest of the trip, and tipped our server well.

Hey, look at it this way: You paid for the food, so take it home!
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