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Heading_for_the_Light does more than just post hot picsHeading_for_the_Light does more than just post hot picsHeading_for_the_Light does more than just post hot pics
Default Some pictures to share, your thoughts wanted :)

My current place of employment is a little general store/restaurant/music venue in Central Virgina. Great people and atmosphere and stuff, and the food we do is rather amazing. I figure if anyone would appreciate some examples of the menu, you guys would.

I hope the link works. Just a little photo album I've started keeping to help visualize the menu on our Facebook page.


Just an example or two. No editing of any kind added to the pics.

I know it's gonna smell a bit of blatant advertising, but, hey, if you're passing through Madison County you'd be hard-pressed to do better. And I don't say that as an employee.

This is us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bright...55993424473568

Hope you guys approve.
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