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Default Exercise and gaining, is it possible?

I love to feel fit and strong, usually I exercise 14 hours a week and want to continue with that while gaining.

Would like to know if anyone else have experience with exercise and gaining

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Smile Too Many Hours

I gained(unintentionally) from stopping exercising. Now I average 3-5 hours per week and maintain with that level. If I get less exercise than that I gain. With increased alcohol and eating over the holidays I gained 5 pounds back even with the exercise.
14 hours a week is excessive. Almost obsessive. It is well beyond what is needed to be fit and strong. I'm also going to guess that nearly 10 of those hours are committed to cardio exercise and the remainder to strength and flexibility training. Am I correct?
Here's a recommendation from a former Physical Education Teacher with 39 years experience in weight training and 35 of those years working out in gyms. Reading volumes of literature on the subject. Cut the workouts down to 5-6 a week. Make your cardio sessions 30 minutes maximum-while retaining the intensity. You would really maintain excellent cardio-vascular health with 20 hard minutes per workout.. Spend the rest of your One Hour on strength and flexibility training.
You really need one or two days off per week to completely relax and take in calories if you truly want to gain-which I am certain from reading your posts that you do.The complete day(s) off also help your muscles rebuild and grow stronger. If you find yourself feeling nervous,apprehensive or even distraught at the thought of less than 14 hours. Then perhaps you have found the root of your problem in gaining as you wish to. I have a casual acquaintance in business who was a former All-American level college athlete. When I knew her in her mid-20's she was fit and strong with some body fat and nice curves. After having 2 children she dove headlong into a kick-boxing program and developed Exercise Anorexia. Even after dwindling down to a skeletal appearance with protruding jawbones she was still going to the gym every day . After a family intervention she has sought treatment-after 2 years she is far from recovery and is still going to the gym. But at least there is some hope and a few very small signs of improvement.
So unless you are a college or university athlete in training-or preparing for a triathlon or marathon race.14 hours is way too much. You'll feel every bit as good and actually much better by increasing calories and continuing with sensible overall training.
Best of luck to you by the way.
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