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opulentfigure8 has said some nice things
Default Matters of the Middle 1-3 by OpulentFigure8 (BBW, Weight Acceptance)

~BBW, weight acceptance - - chubby siblings learn some important lessons from a reubenesque teacher

Matters of the Middle
By OpulentFigure8 (Sept. 2009)

OK - here's another submission that needed to be conformed to the age rules - unfortunately abandoned by its author - anyone interested in adopting and finishing?

Adam sped his way up the long drive to Pacing High School in a foul mood. It was the third time that week his mother had pulled a major guilt trip on him to pick up his sister Gracie at school. Now 18 Gracie was well over 180 pounds and although active at school didn't care to regularly walk the nearly one mile home. Adam himself had been very chubby during his high school years, and now that he was just about to graduate from college, was proud of his success in winning his battle with his weight.

By the time Adam was eighteen he had sprouted to 6’3 and become lean and muscular. So long as he kept himself busy, it was easy to take off any weight he put on at holidays or from spending a long weekend in playing video games and demolishing pizzas. So, though he could sympathize with his sister’s struggle, he had long forgotten how cruel kids in school could be to someone his sister’s size.

Screeching to a halt in the bus loop of the school grounds he, saw his sister right away, tears obviously still flowing from her face, and beside her stood a hefty young woman he’d not met before, not much older than himself he would guess. The woman had a hand on his sister’s shoulder, and as he stepped out of the car, she was soothing Gracie as best she could.

“But Ms. Hern, everyone, especially the guys, say I’m ugly,” Gracie sighed.

“Grace, you’re certainly not ugly. Now it’s true, that you’re a big girl and you’ve got some extra weight on you. But look at me, I probably outweigh you about by 60 pounds, and we’re almost the same height. I bet I weighed about the same as you when I was your age, and it never kept me from having friends or even dating. I was even on the soccer team. You have loads of friends, and you shouldn’t let those with shallow minds make you feel badly about yourself or worse, make you feel ugly when you’re clearly not.”

“I guess you’re right,” Gracie continued.

Adam had been standing behind his sister, listening to the conversation.

“You must be Adam,” Ms. Hern extended her hand to him. “Thank you for coming on such short notice. I’m Ms. Hern, Gracie’s English teacher, and I also have her for homeroom. She’s a very smart and beautiful young lady, is she not?”

Adam, caught off guard by Ms. Hern’s question took only seconds to process and recover. “If you asked me, she’s too smart to let people get to her like this, and, she’s too beautiful ruin it with all this recent crying.”

Gracie beamed up at her brother. Adam smiled at her, Ms. Hern, and also to himself. Gracie played softball and was very active after school and he thought to himself how it was true, much like the rosy and plump teacher in front of him, that Gracie was just a “big girl”. He wondered if he had been the same way in high school. Even though he was a big kid, he still had girlfriends, and plenty friends. Why were some people so petty about fatness?

Adam lost himself for a moment as Grace and Ms. Hern continued to chat. He studied Ms. Hern discreetly behind his sunglasses, the curves of her body, and the softness of her form. Her eyes were deep brown, and warm. Her face was rosy at the cheeks with a slight double chin, her body an exaggerated figure eight- perhaps leaning towards pear shape. She was lovely, and had a voice that just curled around your ears and made you want to listen.

By the end of the conversation with Ms. Hern, Gracie was smiling, and Adam was entirely charmed at Ms. Hern’s ability to get the heart of the matter without hurting his sister’s feelings. He’d seen his sister crying for almost a week straight. He had offered to help her work out and lose weight, or to cook her low fat meals, and his mother and father had offered to send her to fat camp if she felt that badly about her body. This simple conversation with Ms. Hern opened his eyes to the fact that the problem was not how Gracie felt about herself, but about how other’s around her tried to make her feel.

Adam sent Gracie on ahead to the car, and paused a minute. “Ms. Hern?”


“I just wanted to thank you for helping Gracie out with all this self esteem nonsense.”

“I can assure you it doesn’t seem like nonsense to her- but you’re very welcome. She is a great young lady, and I wish someone said some of those things to me when I was her age.”

“Well, from meeting you today, I would just have to have assumed you were a woman who already knew how smart and beautiful she was….”

Ms. Hern, totally unaware that Adam had been charmed, stood there, and blushed despite herself. She wondered how old he was, or how old he thought she was- for though she only looked about 25, she was about to turn 30, and by the looks of him this young guy couldn’t have been more than 23.

She laughed, “Take a look through the office window. Do you see Miss James that brought Gracie out to you the other day? Now I understand why she nearly fought me to the death to come out here today - smooth talking older brothers are more her speed than mine.”

Adam laughed as he caught the cougar like gleam of Miss James’ eye through the office window, and said, “Honestly, I think she’d be too fast for me.”

“No doubt,” Ms. Hern laughed.

“So, Ms. Hern, do you have a first name? Seeing of course as you know mine…”

“Allora, or just Lora if you like.”

“Would you like to join us for some ice cream. I know I shouldn’t encourage poor eating habits, but I think an ice cream sundae would do us all a world of good today.”

“I would think you didn’t eat junk food at all, from the look of you.”

“You’d be wrong. You should have seen me in high school- believe me you couldn’t have missed me if you tried. Probably would have felt the tremors before you saw me.”

Allora Hern felt tenderness for Adam at his disclosure of once being very fat, and though he was smiling now, she could see in his face how his weight had affected him back in his high school days.

“I’d love to tag along with you two- just let me sign out at the office. This is my period off, and I was heading home any way to get organized for tomorrow’s classes. But as you can see, I don’t pass up offers of ice cream very often.”

Allora patted her belly a little, and then glanced up at Adam to catch a reaction if she could. She wondered if Adam didn’t fancy fast “built for speed” women like Miss James because he preferred his women “built for comfort”. He smiled and maintained eye contact, “We’ll meet you over at Scoop’s, unless you’d like to ride with us?”

“No, I’ll take my car, see you there in a bit.”

Adam couldn’t believe that he was flirting with his sister’s teacher. Since he had lost weight in the first year of college he’d dated athletic and trim girls. He couldn’t explain how he was feeling, but the idea of taking her out to eat was exciting to him. In the back of his mind he hoped Gracie wouldn’t be too uncomfortable about it. When he broached the subject with her in the car, she was more than happy to have Miss Hern along.

Gracie and Adam had taken seats in a big booth along side a sunny window when Allora arrived. They had already ordered a heaping platter of mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fries, and Buffalo wings and were giving some cursory glances to Scoop’s ice cream menu whilst munching away on their appetizers.

Allora waived to them, and scooted in across from them. Suddenly she felt very awkward. What was she doing? Then her tummy rumbled, and she turned a deep shade of red, it was easy for Adam and Gracie to hear. Adam passed her a plate and quickly slid a sample of each to the appetizers on to it before she could protest- or even pretend to object.

“Forgive us for ordering these before you arrived, we were starving, and from the sounds of it, so are you.”

“That’s fine, and I admit, I’m starving. Normally, and I know it doesn’t look like it, but normally, I can’t eat things like this. If I did I wouldn’t be able to fit through the door never mind get into the booth.”

Sitting there, Adam noticed how tight her blouse clung, and how her business jacket’s buttons were slightly tout. She looked a bit pinched in her outfit, so when he got up to stretch his legs before the ice cream arrived; he offered to hang her jacket for her.

With a sigh she unbuttoned her jacket (a lovely deep blue) and her generous belly showed prominently on display. Her skirt didn’t conceal how round she was at all, and her love handles curved slightly over and somewhat around the top of it. In a smaller girl, the muffin top would have offended him, the belly would have been a red flag to indicate laziness or perhaps lack of taking care of one’s self- which clearly was not the case, he felt, here. Still, if not that, then the way she devoured the appetizer platter would have been alarming, but simply because she was a big girl, admittedly so, he found her relative lack of pretense and her generous proportions intriguing.

“So tell me, Gracie, was your brother really all that pudgy when he was your age?”

Gracie laughed a little, but not to be unkind. “I don’t really remember all that well, but from the pictures around the house, I can say he totally was.”

“And why don’t you remember?”

“Oh that’s ‘cause Adam is my half brother. Our parents got married when he was a Senior - and he seemed like an adult. But, yeah, he was ... "

“Fat. I was huge. I would look at all the crap my friends ate and gain ten pounds just from looking at soda or candy. Still like that for me today.”

“So I take it you work out?”

Adam felt a little ashamed at the fact that he had to work out most days to keep himself thin, and he couldn’t figure out why. “Yup. Just about everyday- or keep myself busy with “manly” tasks.”

He laughed and rolled his eyes at himself.

“Ms. Hern teaches swimming lessons to the little kids at the Common Center Pool.” Gracie interjected.

“Really?” Adam shot her a quizzical look.

“Yes- I’ve been teaching Swim Level 1 and 2 there since I was in high school. Swimming is great for maintaining muscle mass- but not so good for weight loss…”

“I wasn’t implying that…”

“I know, not to worry. Plus, I think it comforts the kids knowing that I’m particularly buoyant,” she added with a wink.

The arrival of three good-sized sundaes cut the conversation short. Adam had been daring, and gotten a five-scoop masterpiece with the works, Gracie had gotten a small Strawberry sundae with chocolate sauce, and Allora had ordered a three scoop fresh strawberry and short cake sundae with chocolate cookie dough ice cream. Adam knew right away he was going to regret his sundae, but ate it all down to the last few bites impressing his sister and Allora. Allora, too finished hers, only passing on the cherry that she gave to Gracie who was eyeing it covetously. Bellies full for all three, Adam settled the bill, with thanks from both girls. And the all squeezed out of the booth and headed out.

“Thanks again, Ms. Hern for helping with my sister today,” Adam said, after his sister was safely back in the car with windows closed.

“Any time. She really is a great student, and a nice girl.”

“I know. I was wondering if you’d like to do this again some time, without Gracie of course, or maybe get some coffee?”

“And a doughnut?”

“Sure. You can have a box of them if you like…” he teased.

“Be careful what you wish for young man…” she retorted.

They awkwardly hugged, and as he pulled away, he couldn’t help running a hand over her full belly. She didn’t pull away, or seem upset, though she did seem a bit surprised. Adam was too shocked at his own bold behavior to notice right away the smile spreading across her face, dimpling her cheeks.


“What are you doing Saturday?” she asked.

“I don’t know- whatever you’d like to do.”

“Breakfast, pick me up at nine.”

They exchanged phone numbers, and both went on their way.


Allora was changing into her third outfit for the day, as she wanted to be comfortable and not too put together- but her normal weekend attire of comfortable jeans and warm sweaters didn’t seem right for this morning date. She slipped on a pair of well fitting black leggings, a moderately short black knit skirt, and a lovely yet modest (but not too modest) purple v-neck top. She had just finished putting her newest look together when she heard Adam’s car pull into the driveway.

She still had her doubts about him, and wondered if he was some kind of fitness fanatic who’d try to sway her into dieting and hardcore workouts. She wanted to trust his flirtatious nature, but he seemed too, well, handsome, to be taken seriously. Plus, he was so young, seven years younger than her, and she had mixed feelings about telling him her true age. She tried to push the negative thoughts out of her head as she grabbed her bag and keys closing the door behind her.

Adam smiled and opened her door for her before hopping back into the car. He couldn’t help but be a bit giddy about going out but was trying his best to keep it cool. She smelled amazing. He didn’t know if it was her shampoo or some kind detergent, or perfume, but she smelt amazing nonetheless.

“So, I hope you’re hungry, “ he said, “Because the breakfast buffet we’re going to is awesome. Everything from omelets and pancakes, to fresh fruit, lox and caviar- but it’s going to take awhile to get there.”

“What happened to just getting coffee and doughnuts?” she giggled.

“Oh I’m sure they have those things too. I love food, but if I’m going to eat I’m not wasting my time on average every day menu items. I love good food- in fact I’m quite a good cook myself. So- we’re taking a drive to the Casino where my friend Eddie is a chef- and he’s hooked us up with a great table. Of course, when he offered to get us a room, I said yes.”

“And you were worried about Miss James moving too fast?”

“Well, I kind of had to say yes after he got us a great table for breakfast…and booked us at the best gourmet restaurant for dinner…I hope you don’t have plans for the evening. Wait…that didn’t sound right…”

Allora laughed. She didn’t know what to think, but she liked him.

“From the sounds of things, it seems like your going to keep me well fed…I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

He smiled down at her, “You feel great just about everywhere, I bet.”

“Well, if you’re making bets, we’re headed to the right place. But I should tell you,” she took in a deep breath, “I’m older than you- did you know that?”

“I assumed you were by a little bit. So how old are you? 26? 27?”

“Um…I’ll be 30 in a month or so.”

“That’s only, what, seven years? Pfft, not even a decade on me. And you were worried about this?”

“Well, usually outweighing your date, as a girl, by fifty pounds or so is enough of a worry without the age factored in.”

“You don’t outweigh me by as much as you think. What do you weigh, 220? 230?”

“Some place around that.”

“I weigh 200 myself, though I know I may not look it. But I’m sure with you around I will catch up to you in no time.”

“Oh? What if I don’t like chubby men?”

“Ahh, but you do. I could tell by the way you watched me eat my sundae that you didn’t have any objections to my rounding out a bit.”

“True. Though- this is all a bit surreal. Isn’t it? I don’t know why it’s so easy to talk with you about these things. I keep waiting for TV cameras to show up out of nowhere and say, “Surprise! You’re a new Contestant on Weight Loss Island…or something.”

Suddenly he pulled the car over into the breakdown lane. A serious look spread across his dark eyes and somewhat angular face.

“What’s going on?” Allora asked, getting a bit nervous and unsure of things.

“I thought you said you were waiting for the cameras. I thought I’d pull over and wait. Ahh, you see? Now you know how I feel when you say self-deprecating things about your weight. It’s not a nice feeling is it- being thrown into an awkward moment?”

“You have a point.”

“ Relax. What can I do to make you feel more at ease?”

“Well that’s just it- I do feel at ease. But…”


“People are going to look at us and wonder why you’re with someone like me.”

“So, you care what other people think? Listen, this doesn’t make sense to me either. All through college I dated girls that all my friends thought were attractive, mostly thin or athletic young women, and you know what? I never much felt anything for them. I am just beginning to realize now that maybe I was pursuing the wrong type of woman. Or maybe all this means that it does make sense to me.”

Allora didn’t know what to think. She was not normally this shy, but she couldn’t look him in the eyes. “Then I guess I ought to tell you something, because I think we’re on the same page here, that we understand each other. I like being a big girl, I enjoy being… fat. It’s one thing to take me out to a nice meal- but I get the feeling you and I want some of the same things.”

“Just come to the casino with me, enjoy the day, have a good time. Anything else we may both enjoy is just icing on the cake.”

To be continued...

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I like it. I can't wait for more. Please update soon.
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bump to the top
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opulentfigure8 has said some nice things

I didn't abandon it...not even sure how it was posted here...
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I can't say for certain eiher - but I'm writing you a PM that might give an answer. The good news is that now that you've returned you can take custody.
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