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plussauvage has said some nice things
Default American Hot Girl - by plussauvage (BBW~WG~Romance)

American Hot Girl
by plussauvage

Chapter One

May, 2006

How much longer could she keep doing this to herself? The question lingered in Kailee’s brain as she continued to huff and puff through the pain of the treadmill. Another weekday waking up at noon with an agonizing hangover and 5 pounds to lose. Why is it so hard to stay skinny? She wondered.

With her tight white spaghetti strap top, and her painted on, black elastic yoga pants, Kailee (pronounced Kay-lee) looked stunning and unbelievably sexy, and she was certainly getting a lot of head turns and double takes at the Voda Spa fitness center off of Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. If only she felt as good as she looked.

Kailee, a former prom queen in high school, was absolutely breathtaking. She was just 20 years old, stood 5’6” tall and had a stunningly curvy body of 144 pounds. With glamorous dark brown hair falling well past her shoulders, dark seductive eyes, creamy light tan skin, full pouty lips and a cover girl smile, Kailee was the definitive embodiment of classic feminine beauty. She looked like Claudia Cardinale, out of Once Upon a Time in the West, with an enticing hint of a young Emmanuelle Béart.

August, 2006

‘My God, he was so beautiful.’ She thought, as the cab dropped her off next to her apartment. ‘I hope I looked alright. Who am I kidding of course I did, with this dress I could make even.......I don't know...like.. Lance Bass hard. Wish it wasn’t so tight though, I forgot I got a little too much booty lately to wear a sheath like this, what was I thinking? Oh well, he sure didn’t seem to mind, can’t wait to see him again.’

Kailee looked dangerously sexy as she staggered tipsily from the elevator to the door of her studio. Her sleeveless little black dress clung tightly to her soft salacious figure and struggled to contain her gorgeous curves with every movement. It was 3 am and she was just returning home from the Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel where she had just met the man of her dreams.

Once in her apartment, she tossed her Fendi calfskin handbag on her kitchen table and lazily collapsed on the sofa in front of her flatscreen after grabbing a half eaten carton of Ben & Jerry’s and a of slice of leftover chocolate cake.

She tried to drown out the voice in her head that reminded her of the promise she made to herself of no more eating after 7 pm. But there she was, slightly drunk once again, gorging herself on whatever gave her comfort at the moment, which was part of reason her weight had crept up to 148 pounds.

She had really grown tired of the whole Hollywood party scene in the past few months. Tired of all her phony friends, tired of sleeping with that rich snob loser Brad, but most of all she was tired of dieting all the time and feeling constantly hungry, while still never being quite as thin as most of her bimbo friends.

‘See, just when I wanna get out of this town, I finally end up meeting a decent guy for once like Cory.’ She thought as she slowly and carefully pealed out of her dress in front of her mirror next to the bed. ‘I would love to just get away with a guy like that...start over and just relax. I hate how everyone is always pursuing their dreams. Why can’t a girl just have the dream of settling down with a hot guy someplace nice and quiet, without the constant pressure to impress, and ‘one up’ bitches all the time?'

After pouring herself a little late night glass of wine, she set up her laptop webcam and adjusted the lighting in her room. ‘Oh my God I look pretty damn hot tonight if I do say so myself. Gettin’ a little bit of a sexy belly too, and ooo! Those boobs aren’t gettin’ any smaller, that is for sure.’

Every now and then Kailee got a little crazy, and it usually came after a few drinks, but even still, she liked to explore her kinky little fetish of gaining weight, or ‘feeling fat’ in a somewhat public fashion. She did this by filming herself from the neck down in her underwear, poking her full belly or playing with whatever little fat she had and posting the footage on youtube.

She pressed record and watched herself on the screen of her macbook. She looked herself over from the front, the side and from her beautiful back. Even back in high school when she was a good 10 pounds lighter she still had that butt. And as she slowly became a little heavier and grew into her curves, her ass had only gotten wider, deeper, and rounder. You could almost hear a collective ‘DAMN!’ sounding off in the brains of young and old men alike, whenever she would walk from her yoga mat back to the ladies room at the gym in tight pants. She definitely had that ‘hate to see her go but love to watch her leave’ quality about her. Kailee looked at herself again on the computer screen. She plopped down on her bed and played with the small roll that formed over her magenta panties. She moved so gracefully on camera, she new how to exude sensuality, and was so photogenic it was a crime that she didn’t show her model-pretty face. But she wasn’t ready to cross that line. She liked what she saw in the fullness and shapeliness of her thighs however, the curviness of her generous hips and the buxom contours of her amazing 36 C cup breasts that almost looked too perfect to be real.

She was so torn between the extreme sense of relaxed pleasure she inferred from feeling full, heavy, soft, womanly and voluptuous; and the empty feeling of compulsion and outside pressures to get and stay below 135 pounds. She took another sip of her wine, ended the recording, and after a quick run-through, clicked upload video.

Only hours later and just a few miles down the road, Cory was laying in bed, unable to shake the vision of Kailee from his head. He was struggling, trying to wrap his brain around, how a girl could be so lust provoking and sexy, as he scanned the internet, watching videos, looking for anything to get him off before calling it a night.

‘Damn, I should have asked her to come home with me, what was I thinking?.’ He thought to himself. ‘Why is it that just when i’m about ready to leave this town, I have to go out and meet somebody like her? She was so hot, so perfect, and she wasn’t pretentious, or dumb, or anything. Well maybe kind of dumb, but i’ve never seen anyone like her...and oh my God she had a nice ass too! I can’t believe i’m sleeping alone tonight.’
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Default American Hot Girl - by plussauvage (BBW~WG~Romance)

American Hot Girl
by plussauvage

Chapter Two

December, 2006

“My God, Cory really hit the jack-pot with that Kailee, don’t you think?” Aunt Dianne exclaimed in the concluding hour of an annual Christmas Eve party.

“I know!” Replied Karen, who was a family friend. “Where in the world did he find her? She’s a knock-out!”

“Remember, he told you.” Cory’s mother Pamela said as she turned to Karen. “They met when Cory was still living in L.A., she moved up here with him.”

The relatives were a buzz with chatter after Cory and his new girlfriend left the small family Christmas gathering. It was the first time Cory had brought a girl home to meet the parents in quite a while, and they were sort of blown away by Kailee.

“That’s my boy.” Chimed in Jim who was Cory’s Dad, as he chuckled and smiled at his wife Pamela. “Just when you thought he’s gonna be a bachelor all his life, he brings home a damn supermodel.”

“Umm, yeah she’s pretty, but was it just me or was her butt kind of big?” Countered Ashley, who was Cory’s little sister.

“Oh, look who’s a little jealous.” Aunt Dianne said as she smiled and watched Ashley’s fidgety body language perched on a bar stool next to the kitchen counter. Up to that point the 18 year old Ashley was the one who was always getting praised for her looks, and she wasn’t quite accustomed to having the attention directed toward another girl her age, especially during the annual tradition of the family Christmas Eve dinner. “Don’t know how he pulled it off, getting a girl who looks like that!”

Cory came from a really tight knit extended family, and although they were very kind and accepting, they also liked to talk a lot, a bit too much for Cory’s taste. This was part of the reason why he shied away from bringing girlfriends over for gatherings and functions. He knew his family well, and he also knew that what ever girl he invited over to meet his family would get talked about and dissected to an extent that made him cringe.

Kailee’s family however was just the opposite. Although she grew up in an upper-middle class Thousand Oaks home, she was never that close with her Mom or her step-dad. In fact, they were a big reason why she decided move to Seattle with Cory, just to get away from them, apart from also being very much in love.

Cory’s Mom Pamela however was overjoyed that her 24 year old son had found a nice a girl, and at the prospect of Cory finally settling down. She could tell the two of them were in love, and although she secretly perceived Kailee to be a little too “va va voom” and high maintenance for her taste, it was obvious to her they were a good match.

* * * * * * * *

“Oh my God those mashed potatoes were so good!” Kailee exclaimed as she lit a cigarette in Cory’s car as they drove away. “Your Aunt is a really good cook.”

“Yeah, I could tell you liked them.” Said Cory.

“I know, I’m sooo full.” She replied as she adjusted her tight black dress around her waist, underneath her stylish, cream colored pea coat as she scooted her curvy hips further back in the seat. She looked so hot, like she was ready to be on the cover of some wintery edition of a Land’s End type catalog. “It feels wonderful!” She added with a cute giggle.

“You gonna do a video tonight?” Cory asked as he turned to her and smirked. Cory and Kailee had gotten to the point where they new everything about one another. They new each others fetishes, fantasies, and secrets, and the didn’t shy away from exploring them together. And at a weight of 154 pounds after a month of holiday treats and cranberry bliss bars, Kailee had a bit more to explore.

She had always loved to eat, and had a bit of a sweet tooth. And because of it, as I sort of mentioned before, she spent much of the last few years in her teens dieting, only to see her weight fluctuate 5 or 10 pounds, up and down, down and up, leaving her, as a girl with a naturally voluptuous body type, an hourglass figure with a tendency towards a pear shape, perpetually frustrated with her body. Therefore, being with Cory was like a breath of fresh air. For the first time in her life, indulging in so-called ‘bad-for-you’ foods was simply a pleasure instead of a guilty one.

“Want some more of these cookies before I put them away?” Asked Cory once they returned to his apartment and got settled in. Kailee wiggled out of her coat, looked at the cookies longingly and sighed.

“I’m going to get so fat if I keep eating like this.” She said as she set her handbag down on the kitchen counter, and daintily grabbed a few of the spritz, Christmas tree shaped cookies.

“Now see, that’s hot.” Said Cory as he gazed at her soft tan, now exposed petite shoulders. “Why don’t you just relax and let yourself go.” Kailee just looked at him rolled her eyes as she carefully and cordially continued to munch on the homemade cookies.

“What if I gain like 20 pounds then?” She cooed somewhat sarcastically as she plopped another a cookie between her plump glossy lips.

“I’ll bet you would look really sexy with extra 20 pounds.” Cory replied as he started to slowly run his hands under her arms, down to her small girly waist, savoring the feeling of the tight fabric of her little black dress over her soft warm flesh.

“I bet I would.... feeeeel sexy with an extra 20 pounds.” She replied as she took a quick look at herself in the mirror. “It’s just that I would eventually have to lose it.....(sigh) I wish you could just be fat without being fat, if that makes sense.”

“Who says you would have to lose it?” Cory asked slyly, realizing quickly that she was paying more attention to her reflection than to his question.

“You know what would be fun?” Kailee interjected as she grabbed another cookie and playfully pushed him away with a titillating prod of her finger to his collar bone.


“What if I were to gain just a little weight or whatever, and you document it.” She said as she stepped back and smiled brightly at him and flirtatiously battled her long black eyelashes.

“You mean with the camera?” Cory questioned, now very intrigued and mesmerized by her glowing, deep green eyes.

“Yeah, I think it would turn you on, you little pervert.” Kailee said as she giggled. “I already have some subscribers on youtube. I think it would be...you know, very interesting, and I need something fun do.” She whined.

“It’s your body, if you want to prostitute yourself, go ahead.” Cory replied sarcastically, trying to sound nonchalant as he reached for a bottle of red wine in the corner of the kitchen.

“Oh you shut up! You have no idea how sexy it feels, to be like, bursting out of a cute pair of jeans.” Kailee purred as she slowly pressed herself against him as he tried to open the bottle. “How sexy it feels after a nice...big.....meal.” Kailee added as she seductively and provocatively bit her lower lip and ran her hands all across his well defined chest.

“Where do you get these ideas?” Cory managed to ask, nearly breathless and completely under her spell, with one hand reaching ever higher up her silky smooth thighs from underneath her low cut dress.

“You don’t think i’ve see some of your internet history? I know it wasn’t just me you were looking at, and it seems like most of your ex’s were plus-size models.” Kailee sweetly whispered in his ear as the two lovers entangled themselves further in each others arms. “Fat bitches.” She added with a snicker.

“Oh my God you little-” Cory grabbed her soft shoulders abruptly, a little taken back before being cut off.

“Don’t worry, I think it’s cute.” She supplemented with a sinfully sexy smirk. “I like a boy with a few quirky fetishes, it’s kind of dirty....and erotically....romantic.” Cory stared at her incredibly gorgeous face, love struck momentarily before leaning in and passionately and poetically kissing her soft, full, delicious lips.

“I didn’t realize you were such a bad girl.”

“You have no idea.”
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Love it!!! Kailee is a very sexy character and I love the filming element; great stuff and can't wait to read more.
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zachi has said some nice things

great work, please more
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Keep going!
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Default American Hot Girl - by plussauvage (BBW~WG~Romance)

American Hot Girl
by plussauvage

Chapter Three

March, 2007

[There aren't even words to describe how hot this is. My arousal level is wayyyyy too high.]

[Your giggle is so adorable. You only get to see a beauty like you once in a lifetime.]

[¡¡El vídeo más caliente ALGUNA VEZ!! ¡Usted es la mujer más hermosa en la tierra! ¡Le amo!]

“Oh my God this is hilarious, look at all this, even one in Spanish.” Cory said excitedly as Kailee yawned and stretched her arms out cutely while groggily getting out of bed. “We better be careful, you’re getting famous in a hurry!” He added as he sat in front of his lap top, reading the dozens of comments from the latest video he had shot with her, and for the first time, it included her flawless and seductive facial features.

In the few months after the holidays, Kailee’s weight had increased closer to 160 pounds, if not over. She had a tendency to put on weight very easily, and with her recent overindulgent lifestyle, the last 10 pounds came on quickly.

From the neck up, she hadn’t really changed at all and was as out-of-this-world beautiful and gorgeous as ever, but her perfect body was starting to look a little thicker, especially in the hips and thighs. She still wasn’t exactly chubby or anything, but she certainly had buxom curves, and was a bit softer and squishier all over. She wore her weight so well however, and seemed to only get more beautiful with the added few pounds, especially her ass, but also in her perfect breasts.

“Oh stop it.” Kailee squealed with delight, as she admired the sight of her boyfriend’s well-defined shoulders in his black sleeveless tank-top undershirt. She was used to being courted by hot guys all her life, but Cory may have topped them all. She thought he looked like a cross between a young Brad Pitt and James Dean, and although he was no longer in Hollywood, at least the former aspiring actor/director could use his film skills for some good. And even if what he was doing wasn’t adding anything to his IMDB page, it was certainly more fun and stimulating than what he had been doing back in L.A.

“No, no, you don’t even know how good this, what this does to guys. It’s no wonder everyone thought you should be an actress. You’re so good on camera, so... photogenic.” Explained Cory, snapping Kailee out of her dreamy-eyed lustful, morning gaze.

“Oh my God, boys are so weird!” Kailee said with intrigue as she wiggled her expanding hips over to the computer, lit a cigarette and peered over Cory’s shoulder.

“What if people start recognizing you?” Cory asked as the potential effects of showing Kailee’s face on the internet finally dawned on him.

She just laughed, collapsed her arms over Cory’s deltoid and gave him a little peck on the cheek. Still wearing nothing but bra and panties covered loosely by a dark pink babydoll chemise cut short just below her beautiful derrière. “Who’s gonna recognize me? I barely know anyone up here, and if any of my friends back home see this they’ll be too embarrassed to say anything.”

“So......what do you want to do?” Cory paused and questioned as he surveyed his girlfriend in awe and wonder. She had just gotten out of bed, but somehow she looked like she was ready for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot.

“What do you mean?” She asked as she ran her fingers through her beautiful, soft, thick, slightly tanged dark brown hair.

“You know...with this whole youtube thing, what do want to do with it?”

“I don’t know, you figure it out.” She replied after a long drag off her Camel No. 9 brand cigarette. “I think it’s kinda crazy, but it is a lot of fun.” She added as she shifted her weight to one hip, causing her bodacious ass to stick out provocatively. “I don’t know, I like being in front of the camera and I like being able to eat what ever I want and not caring, if that’s what you mean.” Kailee arched her back, let out a cute girlish yawn and stretched her arms, sticking her butt out even more in the process.

“What I mean is I think we could get some money out this.” Cory answered.

“Oh, so you want to prostitute me is that it?” She replied with a devilish sarcastic smirk, using his own words against him.

“I’m serious Kailee.” Cory continued. “Look at these comments, look at this! All these hits and its only been a few days! I can advertise you on other websites, and you know... if you’ve got somethin’ don’t do it for free right?”

Kailee looked at him with an eyebrow raised, her beauty and her sexiness was otherworldly and overwhelming. She gave him another little grin as she put her cigarette out and gracefully slipped out of her chemise in a titillating fashion. “So is this the Hollywood businessman coming out in you again?

Cory smirked, a little impressed and turned on by how well she knew him. “So wanna do it?” He asked.

“I want to go out for breakfast.” Was Kailee’s only pouty response before she disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower. Cory gawked starry eyed as he witnessed her ever widening hips and ass slowly gyrate and jiggle back and forth until the door closed behind her.

‘Dear God she is getting waayyy too hot!’ He thought.

May, 2007

“Looks like those two are still smitten for each other.” Cory’s Mom Pam declared as she loaded a few plates into the dishwasher.

“She really seems to make him happy.” Added Aunt Diane who was also in the kitchen, helping her sister clean up a bit after a family Sunday brunch in Cory’s parent’s luxurious suburban home.

“Yeah, vise versa too.” Said Pamela. “Kailee seems to be enjoying herself, to say the least.”

“What do you mean by that?” Asked Diane.

“Oh, nothing.” Replied Pam coyly.

“What?” Diane asked again, this time in a much softer voice, as she knew Kailee and the rest of the family was still close by in the living room.

“Oh just that Kailee seems to be....you know.... filling out a bit.” Pamela said a little awkwardly as she closed up the dishwasher and started a cleaning cycle. “Guess that’s just what comes with being so in love.”

“Oh I know, you’re right.” Diane replied in a gossipy kind of way. “I wasn’t going to say anything but i’ve noticed that for a while now. That girl better be careful. I mean she looks absolutely amazing and wears her weight incredibly well...but she could blow up fast if she doesn’t watch it.”

“Yeah, but i’m not sure she even realizes it yet.” Added Pam as she cleaned out the coffee maker. “I think I saw her have a second helping of those cinnamon rolls.”

“She’s gettin’ kind of big in the rear.” Diane replied softly. “Believe me, she’ll start hittin’ the hot yoga again once swimsuit season rolls around and she finds out that her butt’s to big for her bikini bottoms!” She added with a light-hearted laugh.

“I don’t know... Cory’s a pretty good cook, and remember he used to date that plus-size model down L.A., maybe he likes the ‘well-fed’ look.” Pamela added in a somewhat joking tone.

“Oh, please, Kailee blows that girl out of the water.” Whispered Diane. “I don’t know... she just seems too perfect.... too gorgeous to be putting on weight, I don’t know if I can even picture it, perfect looking people don’t get fat.”

“We’ll she does have a bit of sweet tooth.” Said Pam as she pressed brew on the coffee maker. “She likes to eat, who doesn’t...so what?”

* * * * * * *

“That brunch was delicious Pam.” Said Kailee as she and Cory stood by the front door as they got ready to head home. “I’m going to have to be careful, or I’m not going to be able to fit in to these jeans much longer.” She added with a smile.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it, you’ll always be a knock-out.” Pam said to her potential future daughter-in-law reassuringly. Kailee was wearing almost inappropriately tight designer jeans for a Sunday brunch with her boyfriend’s family. Pamela noticed there was no gap between Kailee’s healthy sized thighs, and saw the way her hips flared out a little wider than she remembered, causing her denim fabric to remain firmly taught all over. Pam thought to herself, ‘boy she wasn’t kidding about those jeans, they look painted on!’

“Thank you.” Replied Kailee, a little embarrassed by the bluntness of her compliment, although she was no stranger to being told she was beautiful, she had heard it nearly everyday of her life.

“Of course......you know, it’s not too late to sign up for that half-marathon with Ashley.” Blurted Pamela as she began to think that maybe her sister was right about Kailee’s weight. She looked her over again and noticed the size of Kailee’s breasts. They did seem bigger than the last time she saw her, in fact she just looked quite a bit curvier everywhere. Judging from the way she filled out that low cut, short sleeve, white silk blouse, and the little hint of a deeper set belly button showing through just above her tight waisted belt-less jeans, it was certainly evident that the young beauty queen hadn’t been skipping too many meals.

“Oh my gosh Mrs. Levine.” Kailee answered as she self-consciously ran her hands along her hips. She certainly hadn’t lost any weight in the last couple months, and in fact her current weight of 167 pounds gave her body a shapeliness that she still wasn’t quite used to yet. “I am in no way ready for a marathon. I’m so out of shape right now.” She added with a nervous giggle.

* * * * * * * *

Kailee touched up her makeup a bit in Cory’s ’02 Maserati Spyder as they drove away, and lit a cigarette soon after.

“I know my Mom can be a little...talkative.” Cory said as he turned toward Kailee who was in the passenger seat, sensually filling her lungs with smoke. “That’s just the way she is.” He added as Kailee just stared blankly into the overhead passenger seat mirror.

“(sigh)Those cinnamon rolls were really good.” She said after a pause and kind of out-of-left-field, as she took another nice, long, calming drag off her cigarette. “Do you think you could.....umm... buy me some more?”

“What do you mean? We just ate.” Replied Cory a little awe struck again by her beauty and a bit confused by what she said.

“Because.... I want you to..... feed them to me.” Kailee answered slowly with a sinful, sexy stare that made Cory weak in the knees, and almost causing him to floor the gas pedal.

“What do mean, you wanna do a video tonight?” Cory asked trying to downplay is arousal.

“Of course, to do a video silly.” Kailee replied as she leaned in on him while they were stopped at a red light. “But also because... i’m still hungry.” She pouted as she slowly began to caress his jawbone followed by a deep, passionate, wet kiss.

“I love you.” Was all Cory could get out once they unlocked their lips.

“I know.” She whispered slyly.
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Love it
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amazing, i always liked your stories best.
the smoking thing really gets me
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Fantastic update...love how this story is developing!
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Default Unflagging Excellence

Plussauvage, you are amongst a cadre of excellent writers who post to this site. It's a pleasure to read your work, smooth-flowing and exciting. More than anything else, it's a good read.
I like what you're doing here, and I want to support you in your continued writing.
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Default American Hot Girl - by plussauvage (BBW~WG~Romance)

American Hot Girl
by plussauvage

Chapter Four

August, 2007

“Mmmm, ohhhh....(munch,chew) oooo!” Kailee moaned and groaned in ecstasy as she slowly devoured the buttery cheese topped french bread Cory had ordered from Romio’s Pizza & Pasta about a half-hour earlier.

Cory had his tri-pod and camera set up, and had it focused on his beautiful girlfriend as she decadently consumed the greasy food. She was dressed in a ‘way too small’ ruffle lace tank top, and a pair of skintight pink boy-short panties. Her soft tan thighs were exposed and ‘in frame’ as she sat in utter enjoyment, knees bent with her legs folded underneath her, atop the cushy, cozy surface of their tempurpedic mattress. She arched her back gracefully, causing her voluptuous breasts to push themselves further out in front, thus becoming even more exposed in her tight, low-cut top, as she took a slice of the gooey cheesy pizza.

Her playful, joking words during Christmas time of the previous year were ringing true, and her weight had indeed, slowly crept up by about 20 pounds. I don’t know if she actually mean’t it when she said it to Cory months earlier, or if she was simply talking sexy to her boyfriend. But, either way, there she was...probably still not fully realizing how much T & A she was now sporting, or how much bigger she was getting, yet as I said... there she was, in front of the camera, lighting up the screen, melting the hearts and blowing the minds of her viewers.

She didn’t have to say a word. Her flawless, now 174 pound body packed in that skimpy outfit, displayed in that provocative pose, with her cute subtle chewing noises and girlish laugh....it was more than enough to draw 100% of any man’s attention. And with that dramatic eye makeup that made her blue-green eyes stand out in a vivid fashion, her viewers were rendered helpless, and they were naturally mesmerized by their intensity and beauty.

“Whew..(gasp)..that video stuff really......gets me in the mood.” A breathy Kailee said after she had finished shooting, as well as 5 slices of bacon pepperoni and pineapple pizza, along with the cheesy butter laden French bread. “Funny how feeling full and sexy, makes me work up and appetite for...you.”

“This one’s not going on youtube, no f***ing way.” Cory said as he plugged his camera in to his computer, not really paying attention to how sexy Kailee was at that moment.

“What do you mean?” She asked as she snapped back the elastic on her panties over her silky smooth tan skin, and pulled out her little wedgie.

“This one’s going on sale for no less than......what do you think $10.99?”

“Oh that sale thing.” Said Kailee as she pulled up a chair next to him and flopped her legs over his lap. “You really think (hic) (pant)...wheww....excuse me.” She cleared her throat and tried to catch her breath as she lit a cigarette. “People will pay for this, huh?”

“Are you kidding? You are absolutely the hottest chick on the internet that does this kind of stuff!” He answered as he gazed at her luscious thick tan thighs and her cute little exposed belly, which was protruding ever so slightly over skimpy boy-shorts and causing her tiny top to ride further up her soft waist.

“Oh stop.” Kailee responded bashfully, as she took another puff on her cigarette, and placed her hand flirtatiously on his wrist as she batted her long dark eyelashes.

“Most of the time you just see fat girls that aren’t even that pretty, that were fat their whole lives and they just decide to get fatter.” Said Cory forcefully as he started rendering the video footage. “Plus they usually screw it up with distracting background music, or by wearing nothing but underwear or a ridiculous costume and stupid crap.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Because people want to see a really hot woman being really sexy. They want to see you in normal clothes...revealing yes, but normal.” Kailee began to caress her fingers over his abs. “And they want to hear every little noise you make....every breath and every giggle...... and everything.”

Kailee had started to move her fingers down underneath his pants before giving him a good loving kiss on lips to shut him up.

“Or is that just what you want?”

“Well the results won’t lie, so I guess we’ll see.”

“Jeez buddy you are turning in to such a nerd.” She said after releasing her full warm pizza flavored lips from their impassioned position. “A cute nerd though.”

October, 2007

“Have you seen Kailee around at all?” Asked Tracy who was one of the fashion consultants at Karen Dannenberg, a high end women’s clothing store, and one of Kailee’s bosses.

“Um.. she went on lunch, I’m sure she’ll be back soon.” Replied Heidi with a slight look of worry on her face. It was still raining outside and there wasn’t a customer in sight, and once again the two women were waiting for their much younger colleague to get back from....whatever it was that she did. During the slow shopping season between summer and Christmas, Kailee had gotten in the habit of taking frequent breaks..... and every lunch seemed to be longer than the last.

“I wanted to ask her what she thinks of these new halter tops that just came in.” Tracy added. “They look a little too... ‘middle-aged woman’ to me, maybe I’ll have her try one on. That girl can make anything look good.”

“I could try it on.” Blurted Heidi as she continued arranging hand bags on a display case in their small, exclusive downtown store.

“No offense Heidi but you are a middle-aged woman, just like I’m practically a middle-age woman, Kailee is the only one that really knows what the young people like, besides she’s so drop dead gorgeous.....even if she has put on a few.”

“Oh thank God somebody finally said something.”

“What do you mean?” Tracy asked.

“Oh nothing, it’s just i’ve noticed she’s really been starting to... fill out a bit lately and was wondering if she was doing okay.” Heidi answered with fast paced anticipation. “Because I know when i’m depressed, that’s when I eat.”

“Oh please Heidi, slow down. How could you be depressed when you look as good as Kailee?”

“Well you never know.”

“I think she’s just happy.” Countered Tracy. “Have you seen her dreamy boyfriend?” She added laughing. “I’ve never seen anything like it, he’s the manger of that Starbucks, but he looks like a male model. Their like the most gorgeous couple i’ve ever seen!”

“He’s the manager of a Starbucks?”

“Yeah, the flagship one, you know on 3rd.” Answered Tracy.

“How the hell did he land a girl like Kailee?” Heidi asked, with purposeful, exaggerated bewilderment. “Didn’t know she liked Frappuccinos that much!”

Tracy laughed again. “I told you, he looks like a model.” She said. “Plus I think he comes from money.”

Just then Kailee entered the store with a wet umbrella and a bag of McDonald’s. She wiped her designer high heal boots on the entry mat, folded up her parapluie and ran her fingers through her slightly damp and gorgeous hair. “Sorry i’m late, didn’t think it was raining this hard.” Said Kailee as she walked in, and headed towards her desk in the back room. Her wet hair in slight disarray, complemented by her dark eyes just made her look all the more hot.

She turned around, set her McDonald’s on the desk and slowly lowered her hips into her seat, giving Tracey a good view of her expanding caboose.

‘My God! Maybe Heidi was right, Kailee really is storing quite a bit of extra junk in that trunk.’ Thought Tracy as she wandered around to the front of Kailee’s desk. ‘You better be careful girl. You’re not gonna keep that hot boyfriend of yours happy if you keep eating like this.’

“Little bit of comfort food, eh Kails?” Tracy said in a somewhat condescending tone as she observed Kailee digging in to what looked to be a crispy chicken ranch BLT along with a sizable order of fries.

“Yeah.” Replied Kailee after she finished chewing and sighed. “I’ve felt kind of (sigh) lethargic all day, figured I was probably just hungry.” She added with a guilty smile. “Sorry I should have asked if you guys wanted anything.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” Answered Tracy smugly. “I’m on the cleanse diet right now, I can’t eat any of that stuff you eat.” She added as she grabbed a few of the halter tops that were hanging up on a rack in the back of the store.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Kailee asked with a mouth full of french fries. “I really needed this stuff today okay, i’ve got a lot (munch) (chew) on my mind.” Kailee was getting defensive and she didn’t even know why. She loved being curvy but she also knew very well that her weight could easily get out of control in hurry if she wasn’t careful. And although she’d made a promise to herself to get back in shape and lose those 25 pounds or so that she had gained in the mast several months, she still wasn’t quite ready to take that dreaded plunge just yet. Even still, something about the way Tracy was talking to her made her feel a little self-conscious and agitated. ‘Bitch.’ She thought to herself and she tried to draw her attention back to her yummy meal.

“Well when you get a sec, I was hoping you could be our little model for this new merchandise.” Kailee looked up at Tracy with her mouth full.

“Umm...(much) (chew) Okay.”

* * * * * * * *

Kailee sauntered into the dressing room with a halter top, size small. Tracy had to put on her glasses when she came out moments later. It was an ivory colored black snake skin printed top, completely sleeveless and it looked gorgeous on Kailee. The only problem was the size she had chosen for herself was designed for a woman with a 34-36” bust and at that point Kailee was more like 43 inches (with petite little shoulders mind you), so you can imagine the cleavage.

“Oh my God Kailee you really fill that thing out!” Tracy said in awe, shock, and envy of her beauty, as Heidi looked on from behind. “You make it look like it should be in the lingerie section.” She added with a laugh.

“Yeah, you look smokin’ hot girl, but I wouldn’t go out in public in that thing.” Heidi finally chimed in. “The club, maybe, but even still you probably need to go up a size.” She added. Still with her jeans on, the revealing and admittedly, too small halter top, left little to the imagination on the subject that was Kailee’s body. “You’re lookin’ just a wee bit too... boobalicous.” Heidi added once more.

“Oh come on you guys, it’s not that bad.” Kailee protested as she took another look at herself in the mirror. “Oh my God, I had know idea I was this hippy.”

“J-lo’s got nothing on you girl.” Tracy said with a look of admiration and disgust at the same time. It was true of course, Kailee’s 177 pound body did look ‘hippy’ to say the least, and those skin-tight, figure-hugging designer jeans and that undersized top wasn’t hiding any of it.

“Hey no teasing!” Kailee protested, a little embarrassed.

‘Oh my God...she looks gorgeous.....but when did Kailee turn into like a plus-size model pin-up girl?’ Heidi thought to herself as she observed the shear size of Kailee’s breasts and her vast cleavage.

“Well it certainly doesn’t look middle-aged anymore now does it.” Heidi said as she laughed and looked at Tracy.

“Yeah...umm, Heidi... maybe you should try and model this one instead. Jane Russell over there isn’t exactly your average customer.”

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Awesome work and love that final scene with Kailee trying on the outfit and the catty/ jealous Heidi and Tracy...fantastic!
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Default American Hot Girl - by plussauvage (BBW~WG~Romance)

American Hot Girl
by plussauvage

Chapter Five

November, 2007

“Oh my God so good to see you!” Kailee squealed with delight as she embraced one of her best friends Cassie, who was visiting from Los Angeles. Cassie noticed a definite change in Kailee’s figure as they hugged, especially in the softness of her back and the fullness of her breasts.

“You too!” Said Cassie as she walked further into Kailee and Cory’s apartment.

‘My God typical Kailee.’ Thought Cassie. ‘A lazy Sunday and she looks like she’s ready for the red carpet. How does she get her hair to look that good?’

It was true, the voluptuous profusion of Kailee’s tresses was one of the most gorgeous hairstyles that Cassie had ever seen, and she always knew only Kailee could pull it off like that. A captivating 'do’ so wild and passionate yet elegant as well.

Kailee may be the only friend I know who can actually gain weight and look just as hot as ever.’ Cassie thought to herself again with some jealousy, but also with admiration.

Kailee was wearing a sleeveless pink top, irresistibly girlish, and it showcased her sensual, rounded tan arms--so perfectly formed, so soft and fleshy, without a hint of unfeminine muscle tone, just luscious natural fullness, that Cassie knew she could never get away with herself.

“You really needed to rent a car huh?” Asked Kailee. “I told you I could have totally picked you up at the airport no problem.”

“Yeah, no..I know thanks, I needed to check out the NY Fashion Academy while i’m here anyway.”

‘Besides you seem a little too tipsy at 1 in the afternoon to be driving me anywhere.’ Cassie though to herself.

“Oh yeah that’s right..by the way sorry I started drinking without you. Cory and some of the boys were over watching the game and I just couldn’t help myself.” Kailee said with a hot smile as she showed Cassie in, and picked up her drink.

“What is that Kahlua?” Cassie asked as she eyed Kailee’s icy martini glass.

“It’s called a...let me remember....a Toblerone Cocktail. Cory’s friend is a bar tender and showed me how to make it.” Kailee explained as she took another sip. “Did I tell you we got a little mini bar set!”

“Yeah, I see... and I can’t believe your place, you have a view and everything!”

“That was all Cory.” Answered Kailee. “He insisted that we get a place with a view and a balcony.”

“Good choice.”

“Let’s go have a cigarette, i’ll show you.” Said Kailee as she led her friend towards the sliding glass door which accessed her 5th story outside porch. Cassie witnessed the girth and shapeliness of her girlfriend’s backside as Kailee sauntered and wiggled away in her tight, white designer pants. The fabric looked excruciatingly snug around her hips and thighs, despite the fact that they were wide-legged around her tiny girlish ankles to expose her stylish leather platform sandals.

“Love those pants Kails.”

“Oh....well, thanks...they’re..umm.. getting a little tight..but I guess I kind of like it that way.” Kailee said devilish grin. “Just don’t even asked me what size they are.”

“I’m sure Cory wouldn’t mind.” Said Cassie with a smirk.

“Ha, ha...yeah..you know it’s funny, i’m sure you’ve noticed... but it’s.... probably a little obvious that i’ve gained a little weight since you’ve seen me last...” Kailee said with nervous hesitation.

“Oh...uh..” Responded Cassie as she blushed. There was no doubt about it, Kailee had gone from a slim energetic little curvy girl/prom queen, as she was when they grew up together back home, to a voluptuous, amorous, and admittedly somewhat lethargic acting full-figured woman.

“It’s okay...Cassie... it’s like whatever I eat goes to certain body parts and refuses to leave.” Said Kailee, saving her friend from an awkward moment by cutting her off. “And I hated it at first and was....you know kind of...disgusted and stuff, but then I tried on this like really tight dress from when I was 19 or something.. one time....you know like as joke in front of the mirror...and I looked freaking amazing!”

“A girl should never underestimate the power of a tight dress.”

“I know right, and beauty is not in your dress size, it’s really all about just being healthy and confident.” Kailee added as she sat down on the balcony wicker chair and lit a cigarette.

“I know that’s funny but so true.” Responded Cassie half-heartedly as she crossed her legs, and gazed with some amazement at the thickness of Kailee’s thighs, and they way they completely filled out her seat, and caused the poor wooden thing to groan under the strain of her increased girth.

“Yeah, I was like all curvy and sexy and spunky and amazing. And I looked that way because of my weight, not in spite of it, and oh my God I could get Cory to just like totally swoon over me!” Kailee said with a smile and a giggle.

“Yeah it’s weird and I don’t know when looking like a stick became hot.” Cassie responded with a snarky look on her face. She herself was pretty slim, but at 5’8” tall and weighing about 140 pounds, she had some curves to her body and was in genuine agreement with her friend. She did think however that Kailee may have been taking things a little too far, just judging by how out-of-shape and voluptuous her body looked, but still she followed by saying in accordance, “It’s just wrong.”

“I know! And I remember I was like...looking at myself in this way too tight dress and was like..maybe it’s not too tight... maybe it’s just right and then I stuck my butt out a little.” Kailee added with a laugh as she took another drag off her cigarette.

‘Stick your butt out?’ Cassie thought to herself. ‘With an ass like that, her butt is always sticking out.’

“You look great though Cassie! How do you stay in such great shape?”

“Uhhh, how do I stay in such great shape?” Cassie responded in a light-hearted disgusted tone. “By working out and dieting my ass off!”

“Sounds fun.” Kailee said sarcastically.

“Yeah right.”

“No but seriously though, if it works out with the NY Academy and everything we could start working out together again.” Kailee said excitedly. “Just between you and me I could stand to lose a good ten pounds. I mean don’t me wrong I love my curves, but I do want to get rid of some of this jiggle.” Kailee added as she shimmied her breasts and juicy upper arms around while still sitting in her chair.

“Yeah, that would be fun...just like old times.” Cassie answered, still a little struck by just how much bigger Kailee looked in her bra....area.

“We should make some drinks when we go back in.” Kailee interjected as she put out her cigarette.

“It’s only one-thirty, that’s a little early for me.” Said Cassie as she looked at her Kasha bracelet watch.

“Oh come on Cassie.” Countered Kailee. “It’s not everyday that my best friend is in town, we should celebrate!”

* * * * * *

“So did you see you’re folks when you were down there?” Cassie asked in reference to Kailee’s most recent trip back home.

“Yeah.” Kailee responded with a sigh. “My Mom and step-dad were...like they always are I guess. Totally into themselves and whatever their latest interior design plans are and whatever.” She added with a disgusted look on her face. “And of course they’re all wondering what i’m doing with my life and want me to move back...I really can’t stand being around them, I mean I know it’s my Mom and I love her but....... I just thank God I have Cory.”

“Yeah..you’re Mom can be a little overbearing.”

“Oh you don’t even know the half of it.”

“By the way get this.” Cassie said in somewhat of a whisper as if she was getting in to ‘gossip mode’. “Your old.. not-so-secret admirer James keeps asking about you.” She added with a smile, changing the subject.

“Oh my God, that European guy?” Kailee asked with amusement. “He’s had a crush on me since 10th grade.”

“I know.” Responded Cassie. “Poor boy....he did get really hot though. When’s the last time you saw him?”

“I don’t know, not since I moved up here....he was such a nerd in high school.”

“Well he’s a really cute nerd now.....makes a lot of money too.” Cassie said as she began staring off into space, and both girls paused and sighed. “It’s so cute the way he’s still like so in love with you.”

“Oh...well maybe I need to keep my options open then.” Kailee said as she started giggling. “Just kidding.”

“So you still working at Karen Dannenberg?” Cassie asked after another pause.


“That’s so awesome, they have to coolest stuff, just super expensive.”

“Woah, that’s the first time i’ve heard you say the words ‘too expensive’ Ms. Louis Vuitton, what are you... becoming an adult?”

Cassie sighed and said, “Uhh, you know the scene down there just isn’t what it used to be. The salon is slow and most of the hottest guys are just as broke...... and their good for nothin’ but a little...female satisfaction once in while.. but that’s about it.”

“Oh yeah, that’s tuff.” Kailee responded sweetly. “So you should just move up here.”

“Yeah well, that’s why i’m checking out the fashion school, everybody else seems to be going back to college anyway.”

Kailee listened to her friend and right then it hit her just how lucky she was that she had found a guy like Cory and moved up north. She wanted so badly to tell her friend all about the kinky sexy stuff she was doing online, and how Cory treated her like a princess, but something inside her told to hold back, and that some things are best kept secret. But also for whatever reason and at that moment, the image of James back in high school popped into her mind and got her excited. Kailee was way out of his league back then, but she always had a soft spot for him, and the thought of someone still being infatuated with her like that warmed her heart and couldn’t help but make her feel good.

January, 2008

Once again Christmas time had been nothing but a flurry of chocolate fudge, decadent cheesecakes, pastries and high calorie cocktails, and although Kailee enjoyed every second of it, there comes a point where every girl looks herself in mirror and goes into panic mode. And for Kailee it came with all the talks of new years resolutions and the Dr. Oz’s of the world in conjunction with discovering that yet another pair of cute jeans no longer fit around her soft exorbitant derriere.

“Okay, I think it’s time for me to really start thinking about eating a little healthier.”

“Why?” Cory reassured her. “You look amazing.”

“I know ‘you’ think I look amazing, but look at this! This is getting ridiculous.” Kailee whined as she slapped both of her hands on the sides of her beautiful, ever widening hips. “Look at this butt!”

“Yeah I see it. It looks so nice and round, and so perfectly shaped and so...... sexy.” Cory stated dreamily as he drew her close and sensually kissed her forehead. “But you don’t need me to tell you that, remember the money you made from that video?”

“I know, but i’m getting fat! And this video stuff is too weird.” Kailee added in with that excruciatingly sexy pout that only she could pull off. “I need to stop this before I become like... obese right before your eyes.”

Cory knew that what she was saying was probably true, and there was a part of him that felt slightly guilty for encouraging her to do the whole internet modeling thing, which was no doubt a contributing factor in her weight reaching 186 pounds, witch was getting to be quite a bit of poundage for someone with a petite 5’6” frame, the body of London Andrews on a carnivorous relapse.

Cory was still a little torn however, between being incredibly attracted to her ever curvier body, and being slightly concerned for her health, especially with the way she smoked cigarettes.

“Well then maybe we should just take a break from doing the whole video thing.” Cory said regretfully. “No pressure.”

“No, well.... I still want to keep going with the web cam stuff, I love doing those videos.” Kailee countered. “I just really need to slow down on all this mindless eating i’ve been doing and try and lose a few pounds. I mean bikini season is just around the corner and there’s no way i’m gettin’ in a swimsuit right now.

“You would look so sexy in bikini right now.”

“Shut up, you would say that.” Kailee replied bashfully as she smiled at him a batted her eyelashes. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my curves and I know I’ll probably never be 140 again, and I will never deprive myself of food like I used to. I just need to be a little less self-indulgent all the time, that’s all.”

“Why don’t you give my sister a call.” Suggested Cory. “You guys hardly ever hang out, I would love it if you guys became friends.”

* * * * * *

“So this will be your second marathon Ash?”

“First marathon.” Ashley replied. “The one i did last year was just a half.” Ashley was Kailee’s polar opposite in many ways. She was very pretty, although not nearly as naturally beautiful and glamorous as Kailee, but then again who was? She stood 5’8”, weighed about 126 pounds, had shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and was an avid jogger, and a bit of an organic health-nut environmentalist.

“So that’s like what...like 8 miles or so?” Kailee asked, completely clueless. “Or is it kilometers?”

“13, a marathon is 26 miles so half of 26 would be 13.” Ashley answered condescendingly.

“Oh my God!” Answered Kailee, who was genuinely shocked that anyone in their right mind would want to run that far. “And you jogged that whole way?”

“Yep.” Ashley replied as she headed out the door of the fitness club. “Four years of cross-country, but you don’t want to jog, you want to run.”

“Wait, we’re going outside?”

“Uh, yeah.” Answered Ashley in a ‘well duh’ sort of way. “There’s trails back here. It’s part of my routine.”

“Yeah common’ it’s good for ya Kails!” Cory blurted as he suddenly appeared in court yard to meet them. Kailee had insisted that he come, not wanting to be stuck with Ashley alone for more than hour.

“Oh...okay.” Kailee said meekly as she grabbed her dainty little foot and stretched it behind her shapely butt. She was dressed in a pair of skintight black athletic capris with white trim lines down each side, and a French terry top with a scoop neckline, exposing her alluring decolletage. She was outfitted for style rather than athletic performance, and her girly guise certainly didn’t hide the 30 plus pounds she had put on in the past year.

‘Oh yeah look at that ass, that thing is a monster.’ Cory thought to himself as he gazed at his girlfriends huge heart-shaped posterior in those tight pants. ‘I can’t believe she actually agreed to do this. This will be the most exercise Kailee’s had all year.’

“Why whats the matter?” Asked Ashley, as she observed the girth and shapeliness of Kailee’s ass and thighs.

“Oh, nothing.” Replied Kailee. “It’s just that I always do the treadmill....so I guess this will be a new experience for me.” She added trying to hide her dread.

Even at over to 180 pounds Kailee still looked stunning. Her awe-inspiring beautiful face hadn’t changed all that much, a little softer around the edges sure, but nothing that noticeable. And although she had thickened up quite a bit, she still had that hourglass figure and a very attractive waist to hip ratio, much better than Ashley’s who was a stick by comparison.

“Alright guys let’s go.” Ashley exclaimed as she started a slow backwards jog. “We’ll just do a slow and easy lap to start off.”

“Yeah and i’ll run with Kails if you want to go on ahead too.” Said Cory as he started jogging. “We’re not as fast as you.” He lied, not wanting Kailee to feel like she was a burden. Cory was actually in fantastic shape. Working out was one of the things he retained from his acting days, and although he wasn’t hugely muscle bound, he was extremely toned and fit, something that Kailee found irresistible about him.

‘’Oh my God i’ve only gone like 20 feet and already I can tell there’s no way I can keep with her.’ Thought Kailee as she began the harrowing act of moving her legs quickly in secession, something she was not used to doing nor good at to say the least. ‘Look at her tight little ass, was I ever that tiny?’

“Doing okay babe?” Cory asked as he turned around mid-stride to check on his girlfriend, noticing her massive and delectable breasts flopping and bouncing in a tantalizing fashion. Kailee was wearing a well supported sports bra underneath her revealing terry top but it didn’t really matter. Her buxom double D’s weren’t exactly the best accessory for cross country style running.

“Umm, yeah i’m good.” Was all she could muster, between breaths.

“Come on!” Said Cory as he watched her sexy struggle of exertion. “You run like such a girl, get your knees up.”

“Shut up, i’m running aren’t I? Just let me do this my way...it’s been a while.” Kailee said with concentration as she continued heaving herself forward in a delightful totter. Her hips and ass were jiggling and gyrating in hypnotic way, and her cute little tan belly was beginning to poke it self out more and more as it forced her tight top further up her waist with each provocative bounce.

Cory circled around her as they ran, checking her gorgeous body out in the process. Kailee had her hair tied up exquisitely, and her makeup was done to perfection like always with just a hint of eye shadow, making her look like a cover model for activewear.

‘Why does she always have to look so damn good? How is it possible?’ Cory thought as he jogged. ‘In shape? No, but sexy oh...yes.’

After about just a quarter mile of slow jogging Kailee’s body had just about had it. “Cory...I need to (pant) stop.”

“Alright.” He replied, slightly disappointed with her complete lack of stamina, but also extremely turned on. “You keep going Ash, I’m gonna walk with Kailee for a bit.” He added as Ashley just rolled her eyes with disgust and ran off.

“Oh..my (huff) oh my God.” Kailee panted breathlessly. “I’m so (wheeze) out of breath.”

“You sure you don’t want to try and go a little further?”


“You okay?” Asked Cory.

“Yeah...I just (cough) (wheeze) need to catch my breath.”

“You gotta push yourself a little.”

“Shut up!” She said in a a whinny, breathy and somewhat angry voice. “Let’s just walk.”

“You are so cute.”

“I need to (cough) stop (pant) smoking.”
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This story really is excellent! Love Kailee's progressive plumpness and the desciptions are very sexy. You also write the modern American dialogue better than anyone I've read. Awesome work and keep it up
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Default Excellent!

I always read your stories. You are gifted with painting a picture. gifted with pacing. With realism. And your girls always smoke.I understand and accept this as part of your "style." I could really take it or leave it.Your stories are so strong that the smoking is just a tiny part of the total picture.
BUT. I also always hoped that you would eventually have a smoking girl give up the habit. The result with the women in your stories is Bound to be accelerated weight-gain.They already love their food. And with the resulting freshened taste buds.And withdraw . This gal is going to explode! She'll quit smoking so she can work out. But the resulting weight-gain will probably have her doing anything But work out. She's going to Love the Food Even More! Bravo!
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Great story, makes me hungry for more
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Default Loving it!

Keep it going
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great storytelling, keep going
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Thumbs up Awesome story.

This story kicks ass! Incredible writing, sexy descriptions, and believable dialogue! Best read I've had in a long time.

Can't wait for more!
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Default Kailee (illustration)

Kailee in February of 2007, doing something in her apartment.

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Good story so far.
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Default Kailee (August 2006) Illustration

Kailee and Cory Meet (August 2006)

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these illustrations are such a tease! i'm awaiting the next chapter!
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Default American Hot Girl - by plussauvage (BBW~WG~Romance)

American Hot Girl
by plussauvage

Chapter Six

February, 2008

“So oh my God yeah...yeah....uh huh...ooo...excuse me a sec.” Kailee said into her T-Mobile G 1 as she simultaneously nibbled on a brownie and waited to pay for her order in line at Starbucks.

“Miss, excuse me miss, what did you order?” A Barista at the register asked, a little annoyed by Kailee’s selfish aloofness and total lack of awareness that a line was piling up behind her while she took her sweet ass time on her cell phone and digging through her purse looking for her gold card. “Looks like a brownie and......”

“Oh...(munch) (chew) two brownies and...umm..(chew) a bacon egg and cheese breakfast..”

“Breakfast sandwich..okay and did you get something to drink?”

“Yeah and an iced grade......breve carmel macchiato with whipped cream.”

“Carmel macchiato with breve?” The barista, Dave asked again for conformation, while also nearly forgetting where he was or what he was doing as he slowly became mesmerized and taken back by just how pretty her face was, like it was too perfect and too seductive to be real.

“Yeah.” Kailee sighed. “It’s been a ruff (munch) (chew) morning...need something to wake me...(cough) up and I really don’t like the taste of coffee.”

“Okay and they got your order...right?” Dave, the barista who was a young man in his early twenties questioned, as Kailee went right back to talking on her phone and ignoring him as she handed him her card. “Miss....did they get your order started?”

“Uh..yeah.” Kailee responded smugly with a roll of her eyes, as if she was being inconvenienced by having to wait in line like everyone else.

“Okay thank you. Your breakfast sandwich and your drink will be ready in a few moments.” Dave said as he watched her wiggle away while she continued to eat her brownie and talk on her phone. He turned to Ruben who was another one of the few straight male baristas who worked there and said under his breath, “God damn it’s always the hottest chicks that are the hardest to deal with, it’s like they purposefully try to hold up the line.”

“Don’t you know who that is?” Ruben asked as someone else took the register and he and Dave went off to re-brew coffee. “That’s Cory’s girlfriend.”

“What?” Dave asked a little shocked and embarrassed.

“Yeah man you got to be nice to her, I thought you knew that.” Ruben whispered, a little surprised that his co-worker didn’t know who the bosses girl was. “Besides....she’s hotter than shit!”

“Oh.....fuck I didn’t know.” Dave said as his face turned slightly red.

Ruben laughed, “Don’t worry you can make it up to her, she comes in here all the time.”

Dave paused and tried to get his head together. “Yeah...looks like she’s been gettin’ a few too many double chocolate brownies too.” He finally said with a chuckle. “You’re right though.... she’s insanely hot.”

“Yeah she is.” Answered Ruben with enthusiasm. “Pretty thick in the thighs and ass though, but on her I strangely kind of like it.”

“Yeah....what the hell do these hotties need to eat like that for...it’s not like they ‘work’ up an appetite or anything." Commented Dave who could not stop staring at her.

“I’ll bet I could make her work up an appetite.” Ruben joked with a perverted look on his face.

“Shit I don’t care....... do you see her face...do you see how pretty she is? I couldn’t even look her in the eye...her hotness almost melted my brain.” Dave exclaimed longingly as he continued to look off in Kailee’s direction. She was wearing a short, snow white double breasted trendy trench coat that squeezed in and showed off her soft voluptuous curves beautifully. The light-weight coat didn’t go down too much further than her waist and it therefore exposed the thickness and shapeliness of her womanly legs which were covered by nothing but skin-tight black leggings and stylish Italian boots.

“Yeah.....God made that.....no question.” Ruben said with both eyebrows raised. “I could die happy.......Christ......Cory gets to go home to that every night? No wonder he’s always so quick to get out of here after work.”

Kailee sat in the corner of the coffee shop and unapologetically gorged on her breakfast sandwich and brownies. It wasn’t typically of her to eat like that in public but at this point she didn’t care. The prolonged string of failures to lose weight and her increasingly indulgent intake of cocktails and wine had taken their toll, and she was right back to where she was, if not in worse shape than before she started to try to work out with Ashley.

The struggle to diet and exercise just wasn’t worth it to her anymore, and that fact was only reinforced by how much better she felt after finishing her lavish helping of a Starbucks breakfast.

Knowing she only had a few more minutes before she had to be at work, she forced herself up and out of her seat, waved goodbye to a few of the baristas she knew and headed for the door. Her head hurt, her feet and ankles hurt and she felt heavy and sluggish all over. That feeling was all too familiar and it caused her to strangely feel aroused, which was the last thing she needed right before work. But, after taking a deep breath, adjusting her bra, and letting out another cute little yawn she wiggled out the door like jellyfish, telling herself all she had to do was just get through the day, and regardless of how out-of-shape she looked or felt, the eyes of every single man in the coffee shop still never failed to be plastered on her every move, causing a little smirk to form in her lips, which distracted her, if only for a moment from the pain of her aching head.

2 hours earlier.......

“Hey come on wake up.” Cory said as he gently nudged his sleeping beauty. “Kailee wake up you got to go to work.”

“Oooumm....ehh....no...I don’t want...to go.” Kailee groaned and whined as she slowly rolled over on to her back and attempted to sit up a little. Cory noticed that his girlfriend’s body was really sinking into the soft bed more than it used to, and that the mattress groaned and became more depressed underneath her weight. Observing signs, as well as sights and sounds like those would normally be a cause for concern for any boyfriend, but they instead did nothing but turn him on immensely.

“Come on now, you can’t keep callin’ in.” Cory said again as he calmly caressed the side of her soft, warm, tan body wonderfully on display in a revealing cotton ruffle slip nightie as she drew the cozy comforter away. “Just seven hours....and I’ll be home by the time you’re off, and we’ll do something special tonight if you want.” He added a little more directly.

“Dinner?” Kailee asked as she put her thin nightie strap back over her supple shoulder.

“How bout’ this.” He said as he placed a cigarette between her full sumptuous lips. “You go to work and just tough it out, and I’ll have a nice dinner waiting when you get home.” He added as he reached for a lighter. “And be sure and stop by my work and get a good breakfast too, Starbucks is always the best cure for a hangover.”

The blow to her pride of the failed, pathetic, half-hearted attempts to exercise, along with an increasingly sense of a love induced, comfort zone cocoon with Cory, had sent Kailee spiraling back down into lazy over indulgent habits. Sometimes Cory felt like he was her babysitter as well as her lover, and he both relished and resented that fact. Kailee had him wrapped around her little finger but in Cory’s mind he was still in charge, and he felt responsible for her and knew that if he didn’t force her ass out of bed and off to work, there was a good chance she wouldn’t go at all.

Kailee had felt embarrassed and a little shocked at how at of shape she was during her endeavors of working out with Ashley in the month of January. But she justified it to herself by saying phrases like, ‘All that diet and exercise stuff just isn’t a natural thing for a girl.’ Or, ‘It’s probably healthier anyway if I just let my body do what it wants to do instead forcing it exercise or depriving it all the time.’

Getting out of bed, shower and make-up was a struggle for the groggy Kailee who had of course, indulged in a few too many strawberry martinis the night before. It didn’t help that she was running late, and she never remembered ever getting that out-of-breath or exhausted just from getting ready for the day, but a sense of relief came to her when she, after parking her silver BMW in the garage downtown, had finally made it to Cory’s work, and although he wouldn’t be there to greet her, nothing sounded better than an iced carmel macchiato, and perhaps a little something to eat.

Back to 2 hours later.....

Walking away from the Starbucks, with her drink in hand and a late morning breakfast inside of her made Kailee feel a little better. She distracted herself from the thought of work by lighting another cigarette and thinking of her boyfriend waiting for her at the end of the day with....maybe a cold drink prepared especially for her, and dinner plans and hot bath and a soft couch in front of the TV with Cory cuddling up next to her.

Kailee new that all she had to do was cross the street and she would make it work just barely on time, but that breakfast at Starbucks had made her feel so good, and as she wiggled down the crosswalk she couldn’t help but be lured by the delicious smells coming from another nearby cafe.

‘Maybe i’ll just buy lunch now.’ She thought. ‘It’ll save time later.’

Kailee had gotten to the point where she had lost nearly all of her will-power when it came to food. All those little bad eating habits had sort of built up over time, to the point where now her self-indulgence had become almost an addiction.

* * * * * *

“You’re late again.” Tracey said scoldingly as the voluptuous little princess finally walked into work.

“I know, I’m sorry.” A breathy Kailee replied as she sat her handbag and her hot food onto her desk.

“What did you order the whole menu?”

“Uh, no....I just grabbed lunch for later so I wouldn’t have to make another trip over there.” Said Kailee with a little annoyance in her voice.

“Okay well I need you to get that order done for the spring promotion, and remember we’re having a few models come by later for the Nataya dresses.”

Kailee sighed and let out a big long yawn. “Alright....don’t worry I’ll get it done.” She said as she collapsed into her office chair with a clumsiness, causing it to groan and squeak from underneath her widening hips and heavier body.

‘F**k this shit.’ Thought Kailee. ‘I can’t believe I have to come all the way down here four days week and work on this crap.’

Tracy eyed Kailee from across the room with a disapproving glare. She wondered what had happened to the energetic bubbly little supermodel-like girl that she had hired over a year ago, and why she had been replaced by the unmotivated slow moving overly voluptuous sloth-like creature that Kailee had become.

Kailee tried her hardest to focus on the tasks of the day, but ended up spending most of the hours that followed with her ass cemented firmly in her seat, slyly avoiding, and hoping that Heidi or someone would fold the clothes and tidy up the store so she wouldn’t have to. And as she went about her work she almost subconsciously, but nevertheless, steadily grazed on the hearty lunch she had bought earlier, and by the time her scheduled lunch break finally arrived she had already consumed her food in it’s entirety.

Kailee gently ran her fingers down her hips and thighs, and felt her soft squishy belly and the way it was protruding slightly, or not so slightly into her lap and over the waistband of her leggings. Her belly was big enough that she could actually really grab hold of it now and that realization both depressed her and turned her on at the same time. She slid her ass deeper into her seat and arched her back causing her little paunch to push it self out further. ‘Oh my God I’m really starting to get jiggly in this area.’ She thought to herself. ‘So why do I still feel like getting a little something more to eat?’

Kailee wasn’t exactly the type to work through a lunch, so after going out for a cigarette, she broke down and ordered some chicken chow-mien from the P.F. Chang’s just down the street, and before too long she had finished her second good-sized lunch within a few hours, not to mention her Starbucks breakfast.

Ooooo..ummmm......okay now I’m full.....I can’t wait to get home and see Cory, I could use a drink and good dinner........I guess I’m going to just have to call this my cheat day.’

* * * * * * *

“Work gets more frustrating every day.” Kailee cooed with a sigh between chews of the home-cooked chicken fettucini alfredo Cory had prepared for the both of them.

“Why, what’s going on?” Cory asked as he pored a little more Chardonnay into her glass.

“Uhhh, I don’t want to talk about it let’s change the subject.” Kailee answered after another forkful of pasta followed by a healthly sip of wine. “I need to do something to make me feel sexy let’s shoot another video babe.”

“What, right now?” Asked Cory as he put his fork down with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah..it’ll be fun...come on.” Kailee said as her eyes brightened up a bit. She wiggled out of her chair, stood up and playfully placed her hands on her big, full breasts and sensually ran them down towards her soft midsection. “I feel like being a little devious tonight.” She added with a bat of her long dark eyelashes and sexy smirk, giving Cory the impression that the wine was doing a little of the talking for her.

“Well you know I’m always down for a little fun.” Cory said as he stood up and drew her close, pressing her soft warm body firmly against his. “You know money is still coming in from those old videos, if we start shooting a little more consistently you could really see some serious compensation.”

“Ummm...I know....I don’t know why we don’t shoot more often... I guess I just haven’t been in the mood lately. Either that or because it kind of f**kin’ weird.” Kailee said in a whisper as she started to grab her boyfriends hunky body a little more aggressively.

“Reality gets in the way sometimes.” Cory said as the two continued to embrace and make-out in way that only gorgeous people in their early twenties can. He kissed her plump moist lips and fondled her every curve, and was really taken aback and aroused by the way her soft squishy belly pressed into him, a little more so than he remembered.

“Oh my God I feel so full right now....you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve......eaten today.”

“Well it sounds like its the perfect time to make a video then.” Cory said in a slow deep voice before kissing her once more.

“It was like I couldn’t turn down any kind of food if I tried.” Kailee responded in a whinny voice as she absorbed all of Cory’s love in ecstasy.

“You know I love it when you talk like this.”

“Yeah, you’re more of a Marilyn Monroe type of guy then an Audrey Hepburn man aren’t you.” Kailee said softly as she stared into his eyes and bit her lower lip provocatively.

“All men secretly are.”

“Good.” Kailee purred after a long pause as she stepped away and jiggled her body around like Jessica Rabbit as if to tease him. “You know I used to hate my curviness......ever since....”

“Ever since what..... puberty?” Cory asked with a smile as he took in her beauty, all the while feeling like the luckiest man in the world.

Kailee laughed. “Yeah...I guess ever since puberty. I used to hate it.....until...”

“Until...?” Cory asked, trying to finish her sentence with anticipation.

“Until I met you.” She answered as she fell into his strong arms.

“Oh really.” Cory said as the two of them just took a moment to gaze into each other’s eyes.

“You make me feel like a natural woman.” Kailee said, breaking the silence with a laugh as she hummed the old Aretha Franklin song. With that Cory could no longer contain himself and he deftly scooped her up off her feet with a burst of adrenaline. At 188 pounds picking Kailee up off the ground and carrying her to the bedroom wasn’t exactly an easy task, but Cory was strong enough and turned on enough to able to do without making her feel self-conscious.

“Woooo! Careful mister, be gentle.....my back has been killing me the last few days.”

“Sounds like you’ve been listening to too much Starbucks music.”

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