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Gordo Mejor
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Default The Dining Room - by Gordo (~BHM, ~FFA, Feeding, ~~WG)

~BHM, ~FFA, Feeding, ~~WG - bored housewife with a hard working hubby finds an exciting new outlet for both of them

The Dining Room
by Gordo

The honeymoon was over, Karen decided as she took the measuring cup from a cupboard in her kitchen to start baking Doug a cake. Not that it was so bad, but since they had moved to a new town because of Doug's job she just wasn't quite as happy.

Maybe it was the long hours Doug put in. Maybe it was because she didn't have any friends. Maybe the spark was gone. She wanted him to succeed. But she felt they were drifting apart.

She had heard that most marriages that end in divorce do it around the fifth year. They had been married for four years. The trouble years, Karen thought to herself.

Karen blended the ingredients together and poured them into a greased cake pan. She really did love him. She just felt so out of control. She wanted a way to be sure it would last.

She heard Doug's new Mustang pull into the drive as she put the cake in the oven. She inspected herself, and pulled the apron off and put it on its peg. She heard the car door shut, and a few moments later, the front door parted.

"Hi Sweetheart." Doug said as he gazed at her. "Saturday's at the office...." his voice trailed off.

She knew what he meant. He put down his laptop and laid his cell phone on the sideboard and sighed. She went over, wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a kiss. As she kissed, her arms stroked his back. There was a little softness at the bottom, above his belt. Not like when they got married. He didn't go to the gym like he used to. He worked too much now. She swirled her finger in the softness and caressed it. He was working hard for her.

He really loved the treats that she baked him. He shared them at work. He said that the guys at the office joked that if they had a wife who cooked like she did they'd weigh 500 lbs. in no time. She thought about the cake in the oven, and remembered her parents. Her Dad was a nice round guy, and her Mom always used to have treats ready for him. But still, she liked how buff Doug had looked on their wedding night.

"Ya wanta go out tonight?" Doug asked her. "One of the guys was recommending the Broadway Bistro, he said it's really good, and their desserts are excellent."

"Sounds great." she said, "Let me freshen up."

Parking was hard to find near the restaurant. As they got out of the Mustang, Karen looked at Doug. His belly pushed at the shirt ever so slightly. Karen thought again of the six-pack abs he had on their wedding night. She knew he had a little tummy now, it was fun to play with, but she was surprised that it showed.

The 'Bistro' was busy. The waiter took their order and they sat, sipping their wine, watching the activity around them.

At a nearby table there was a couple a little older than them. The woman was a slim brunette but the husband was fat. His belly flowed over his belt and halfway to his knees. Karen stared. The woman talked non-stop.

"Here Mike. I can't eat my potato, I'm stuffed, You eat it. I've got extra butter, do you want sour cream?" After mixing butter into the baked potato, the woman slid the potato from her plate to his with her fork. "Mike, sweetie, you don't want to waste the food do you?" The man sighed and moved the potato to the side of his plate and continued to eat his steak. He dipped the slices of steak into the potato before eating them.

"Pushy, isn't she." Doug observed.

"You heard her, Doug. She just doesn't want to waste food. This place is expensive."

"Yeah. you're probably right." He admitted.

The food came and Karen and Doug went silent eating. Everything tasted delicious and the wine complimented it perfectly. There just wasn't enough food. Bistro prices and bistro portions. They heard the couple again.

"I'm stuffed Cecilia, I can't eat another bite." the man said.

"Don't you want the dessert I ordered Mike? Its bread pudding with rum sauce. I can't eat it all myself." the woman responded as she pushed a dessert at him.

Karen watched them. "That looks good." she said.

The waiter came up to them and asked if they wanted a dessert. Karen asked him if they had any of the bread pudding with chocolate sauce. The waiter nodded.

"Good. Honey?" Doug nodded.

"Mike, I'm not as hungry as I thought." the woman said again, "Do you want to finish my dessert?", pushing a portion of bread pudding with one bite taken from it towards the man.

Karen thought bread pudding was excellent, but she was intrigued by the woman's boldness. Doug was finishing his dessert and Karen had one bite left. She looked at him tenderly and said, "I'm stuffed. Do you want to finish mine?"

The next Saturday, Doug didn't have to work. Karen made a deal with him, she'd endure Home Depot if he went with her as a fashion consultant, while she shopped for a new blouse.

When they got there, the shop was busy. A number of men milled around while the women combed the racks.

"Fashion consultants." Karen mused to her self. Suddenly she realized that one of the men was that fat fellow from the restaurant. He was considerably less presentable now. In fact Karen could see at least 5 inches of flesh oozing over his pants, and hanging below his belt. He was laughing at something and his exposed belly jiggled loosely up and down. The woman from the restaurant gave him some money and then hugged him and patted him with an upward motion making his belly bounce.

Karen couldn't help staring. But when the man left, she tried to focus again on the blouses. A few minutes later, she found a nice top, and stepped back from the rack to appraise it. But she bumped into someone behind her. They both turned to look. It was the woman from the restaurant.

The woman said. "Excuse me.... hey, haven't we met somewhere?"

Karen looks at her and paused. "The Bistro? I saw you there."

"The Bistro. Isn't the food fabulous! Forgive me, I'm Cecilia"

"Uh, Karen"

"Delighted." Cecilia replied. "Say, what do you think of this blouse? Mike says that pink is my color."

"Mike? Is he your husband?"

"I think he needs new clothes more than I do. He's outgrown just about everything he owns. I swear, I can't believe how fat he's becoming. It's like he's determined to become obese. It's not my fault."

Out of the corner of her eye, Karen noticed that Mike had returned. She turned her head and saw that he was licking an ice cream cone. Then she noticed that Doug was standing next to him.

Cecilia flipped through some blouses and went to the far side of the rack. Then she too saw Mike. As she came closer, she commented, "Ya know, he used to run, a six pack stomach when we married. Now he never stops eating. What can I do?"

"What about the pudding at the restaurant..." Karen asked.

"Oh, you saw that", Cecilia says. Cecilia was quiet for a moment. She lowered her voice and confided to Karen. "Its a little game we play. He makes me do..." Cecilia looks around, "Can you keep a secret?"

"I don't know why I'm telling you this. I started out just being nice to him, you know, like all brides. Bake him a cake, make him a nice meal. I loved it. But I guess he assumed that meant that it was okay to get fat, like I wouldn't mind. After a couple of years of marriage, he really started to eat. But then friends started to tell me how fat he was getting. They were all consoling me.

"I had always preferred lean and muscular guys. And Mike was pretty lean when this started. Mind you, I still like to look at a good buff young guy. And when we got married I could never imagine liking a fat guy, much less lusting after him. But when he started getting fatter eating my cooking, I found it kind of exciting.

"I never thought about him becoming real fat though, just a little fatter. Making him food became my secret pleasure. I love to cook, but I don't want to gain, so if I'm hungry, I make something for him to eat. Can I help it if I'm a great cook? I can make a cobbler so good that he can't resist it, but I never force him to eat. You saw, didn't you. It's not my fault he eats so much. Lord, the man eats everything I put in front of him.

"But then I started noticing all these huge, fat men. And I thought about Mike getting real fat. It used to worry me. But then I began to like his fat. It's so soft. Now, the bigger he gets, the bigger I want him. All that flesh is so exciting. He doesn't know it but I have plans for his belly to touch the ground. "

Karen glanced outside and saw Doug talking with Mike. Mike was having problems with his double dip ice cream cone.

Cecilia asked her, "Is that your guy with Mike?"

"Yeah." Karen beamed.

"Good looking guy." Cecilia noted. "He could use a few pounds, but nothing a some good cooking wouldn't cure. He's got a good start. You could put a good tummy on that boy if you really tried."

Cecilia pulled a pair of pants out of a shopping bag.

"These are for Mike. They are two sizes too large. I give him two to three months before they fit him perfectly." Cecilia sighed. "Do you think?"

"Well," Cecelia continued, "I just don't see anything for me. I think I'll try that new place at the mall. It was nice meeting you."

Karen watched her go and as she looked around the store she noticed that many of the men were fat. She found herself looking at them, wondering how many of the men were being fattened up by their wives.

Karen pawed through the racks, and finally found that blouse. It just looked like her. Outside, Doug was waiting.

"Some fashion consultant you are." she said when she emerged from the store.

"Karen, I tried. But dress shops are so boring. Hey, guess who I met. I met that guy from the restaurant. He was telling me about the Chevelle he just bought."

"I'm surprised he could stop eating long enough." Karen observed.

"Hey, he's got his own business." Doug interrupted and then paused. "He bought the car sight unseen on Ebay out of Arizona. He says its sweet. I'd love to see it."

"Are you hungry, Doug? We could get an ice cream on the way to Home Depot." she said, testing him.

"Well, I'm not really hungry now." he said, starting to walk over to the Mustang. I'm starting to get a little fat."

Karen watched Mike's eyes and dcided to ignore his response. Soon the Mustang pulled into a parking space in front of Baskin-Robbins.

"I just thought you'd like a special treat, dear. Fat. Don't be silly. A hunky guy like you...." Karen cooed. she got out. Mike did as well.

She pulled open the door of the ice cream shop and let him walk in.

The shop was empty except for the teenager behind the counter. "Can I help you sir?" he said dully.

"Karen, what would you like?"

"I haven't decided. You order"

"Uh, I guess I'll have a chocolate cone." Doug said.

"And you mam?" the counter-boy asked.

"I've changed my mind, just get him a cone. Do you want a double dip dear?"

"I thought you wanted one?" he replied.

It was a nice day, so they stepped outside to eat the cone. Doug was concentrating on the mechanics of eating the cone without dripping. Karen stood behind him and wrapped her arms around him. She lay her head on his back and smiled. Then she stretched. As she stretched she pushed her arms forward until her finger tips could barely touch, forming a hoop a foot in front of his stomach. Her fingers came apart and her hands settled on his hips while he ate.

Driving home from the Home Depot, Doug told her that for the Fourth of July, he wanted to go to a car show at a resort town in the mountains. He said that Mike had told him about it. Mike had said that there were plenty of antique stores and restaurants there. It sounded like fun, Karen agreed.

The Fourth was a beautiful day. Doug enjoyed putting the Mustang through its paces up the curves on the winding mountain road. As they arrived in the resort town, Doug was excited and eager to see the cars. They managed to find a spot to park near the center of town. It was 11 'o' clock so he and Karen agreed to meet in an hour or so for lunch.

Doug went off to find the car show and Karen wandered along the main street window shopping. Suddenly she saw Cecilia. Karen's first impulse was to go the other way, but before she could take a step, Cecilia looked up from the window full of ceramics and spotted her.

They chatted and Cecilia invited her to join them for lunch. Karen was glad to have someone to shop with, and she discovered that Cecilia was like an antiques encyclopedia. They shopped and talked and then wandered over to the car show.

Karen found Doug drooling over a 64' Mustang convertible. She asked if he had seen Mike. He said yes. She told him about lunch and they wandered back to Mike's car.

Mike was showing off his Deuce Coupe. It had a For Sale sign on it.

"Doug, I love this car. I built it with my own two hands." Mike boasted.

He sighed and lifted his huge stomach slightly. "But I gotta admit, I think I've gotten a little too big to fit in it anymore."

"It was your choice Mike, Deuce Coupe or two scoops." Cecilia chirped. "I had to drive this beast up here today, while he cruised in my Cadillac. I really like the Chevelle, though. It's so much more comfortable... and roomier."

They had to wait in line to order their food.

"What would you like dear?" Cecilia asked looking at the menu on the wall.

"Just a cheeseburger I think." Mike responded, "I'm still full from breakfast."

They gave their orders at the window and then found a free table on the balcony. A large tree shaded them and the wind was very gentle. They sat back in their chairs and talked while waiting for the food. Cecilia dominated the conversation with her observations on antiques. Doug heard their number called and went to pick up the food.

He returned with a full tray. He put it down, sat in his chair and began to distribute the food.

"Club sandwich, Karen? The sub is mine. Double cheeseburger, fries and shake."

"That's Mike's." Cecilia says. "I had the Caesar salad."

"Boy, I don't know if I can finish it all." Mike said looking at the pile of food in front of him. " I just asked for a regular..."

"Mike, just eat what you want to, baby. I ordered the double because I wanted to be sure you didn't get hungry later on. Just wash it down with the milkshake.

After lunch Mike and Cecilia were leaving, the car show was over, but Mike invited Doug out to see his Chevelle and they exchanged addresses and cell phone numbers. Karen still wanted to do some shopping and she got Doug to accompany her.

As they shopped, they passed a delicious-smelling donut store. Karen bought a dozen powdered doughnut holes.

As they left the donut store, she reached in and took one and handed the bag to Doug. "Have some." she offered.

As they wandered, she watched him with amusement. In each store, one by one, Doug slowly ate all the donut holes. She waited till he had the last one in his hand, and then she asked him for one. With embarrassment, he realized that the bag was empty and gave her the one in his hand.

"I never thought it was possible." Karen mused, "Honey, imagine getting so fat, that you have to sell the Mustang."

Karen paused. "Do you want to have dinner here or back in town?"

Two weeks later, they drove out to Cecilia and Mike's place. It was far out of the city, halfway to the resort town. They turned off the highway and drove down several miles down a winding road. Finally they saw it behind a small forest of trees. The one-story ranch house stood well back from the street on several acres of land.

As they drove up, they could see Cecilia and Mike coming out of the house. They pulled the Mustang up behind Cecilia's late model Cadillac and got out. The women hugged, the men shook hands and they went in the house.

"Want a beer Doug?" Mike asked.

"That sounds good."

"I'll grab you a cold one and lets get out to my headquarters in back."

Karen looked around at the house. It was much as she had imagined it had to be with Cecilia's knowledge of antiques. A wonderful collage of furniture with knick-knacks everywhere, but never too many, and all in exquisite taste.

"It's so beautiful, and so quiet." Karen exclaimed.

"Yeah, we're isolated. I can pretty much do what I want here. Would you like a tour?"

Cecilia gave her a tour of the house. Each room was beautifully decorated and tidy.

"How do you keep it so neat?" Karen marveled.

"Mike has got his 'Headquarters' as he calls them. He's in control there. But he knows that if he makes a mess in here, he'd better clean it up."

Cecilia ended the tour in the kitchen. Karen couldn't help but notice that it was a perfect 1950's style kitchen. An antique percolator perked triumphantly on the gas stove.

"I do have a new dishwasher, though. It's behind that cabinet door. Want some coffee?" Cecilia asked. I have some pies to bake for this week. I hope you don't mind if I work as we talk.

Cecilia poured some coffee from the percolator and set Karen down at the kitchen table.

"Want sweet and low, or non-dairy creamer?" she asked.

"No, I like it black." Karen said. "What are the pies for?"

"Oh, just Mike's weekly pies. Did I tell you that he sold his that old hot rod?"


"Some fellow he met at the car show, called him back last week. Gave him what he was asking for it."

"I still can't believe he had to sell it because he was too fat.", Karen said. "Don't get me wrong, but I can see that a guy might overlook tight clothes, but wouldn't getting too fat to get into your car, be a big clue that maybe it's time for a diet. Sorry."

"I like the Chevelle much more." Cecilia commented as she trimmed the crust on a pie."You just have to adjust to things.

"I told you that Mike was a runner when I married him, didn't I? Mike was a ladies man. He was dashing. All the girls flocked around him." Cecilia went on without waiting for an answer. "He kept his figure for several years after we got married. But I think that I was too good a wife. I'd make him cakes and pies and fix his favorite foods. He started getting a belly on him. Now I didn't mind, I figured that I was taking him out of circulation. Kinda branding him with my own good cooking.

"Mike's a good lover - careful and thoughtful. I didn't see that tummy as a problem. In fact I enjoyed playing with it and shaking it. I called it my pillow of love. It embarrassed him, he didn't think that women should like that kind of thing. He went on several diets and slimmed down several times.

"But it gave me kind of a thrill to see how fast I could help him recover from those diets. He would struggle so hard to lose the weight. I'd give him a couple of months and then hit him with a big stack of pancakes for breakfast and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Pretty soon he'd be a few pounds heavier than when he started the diet. It made me feel powerful, in control.

"But then one day, one day I was sitting right here in this kitchen. I opened up my old cookbook and started looking at foods and calories. Only I wasn't seeing how few calories there could be. I was seeing how many calories there could be. My Lord, peanut butter had almost as many as cream!

From then on I was reading the calories on the package every time I went to the store."

Cecilia interrupted her monologue to open up the oven and put a couple of pies in.

"Like this pie I just put in. Half peanut butter, half cream and the rest is sugar. I started to make him all kinds of treats.

"Mike really started to put on the weight then. I guess he just gave up on the diets or something. He started getting big fast. Seemed like his belly started just flowing over his belt.

"Well you know how every so often you have to spice up the old love life and do something different to keep it interesting. Well, it was when I figured out about calories.

"One day, Mike was out in the garage, fiddling with that old hot rod and I was watching that cooking show with that fat guy from New Orleans. Then it hit me.

"I got a chef's outfit, with the hat and coat. I bought me some of those mirrored police sunglasses. Hunger was the crime, and I was going to be the Food Police. I bought all kinds of food. Enough to feed a family. I got shredded cheese, a huge steak, good wine, two big potatoes with butter and sour cream, extra rich ice cream and a big chocolate cream pie.

"That night, I made him put on sweatpants, and cinch them under his little belly roll, to emphasize his tummy. I had taken a large black trash bag and cut a hole in it for his head. I made him put it on as a bib. Then I made him sit in his recliner while I wheeled in all the food I had made. I turned down the lights and then made him put a sleeping mask on. He was curious about it all but went along.

"As he was adjusting the mask, I took a bit of duct tape and taped his wrists. He was surprised by that. He started to object, but I slipped a hot dog in his mouth. He tried to spit it out but I had my finger on the other end and he realized that the only way he would get to talk was to eat it first. While he ate, I loosened the sweatpants and attended to other parts of him. Caressing him and teasing him, I made him eat everything. With the mask on, he didn't know how much there was left, so he just had to keep eating and eating and hoping." She laughed.

"Honey, he was so stuffed that it took him two hours to eat the pie alone!, but I wouldn't budge. I wouldn't let him up, not even to pee. When he finished the last forkful, he leapt out of the chair to run for the bathroom." Cecilia cackled.

"But I'm kind of obsessive, he knows that," Cecilia observed. "I even enjoy just counting the calories and tracking his progress. It varies, but he's eating more and more... and more. When things get a little boring here, I just whip up my favorite dishes, sit him down and see how much his capacity is. It still seems to be getting larger. When he's full then I mix cream and chocolate syrup to fill up the cracks. Mmmm. After that, he's stuffed for a day, but it seems to improve his appetite."

Cecilia jumped up. "Oh, time for his snack! "

When the girls got out to the garage with some hot nachos covered in cheese and beer, they saw Mike and Doug on a couple of old steel kitchen chairs. Mike was showing Doug some old car magazines.

"I thought you boys needed a snack" Cecilia said. "Chips and Beer?"

"Ooh good." said Doug.

"Mike, I'm planning on making a real big dinner tonight. Don't fill up on too many chips, leave a little room." Mike glanced at Cecilia and then at Karen and back at Cecilia. Doug reached for the nachos.

"Enjoy, boys." Cecilia said.

Cecilia and Karen returned to the house. On the way, Cecilia looks at Karen. "Do you want to see something?" Cecilia walked to the far side of the house.

"This is our private dining room." She went down a few steps and unlocked a cellar door.

At one end of the room is a large plasma video screen. At the other end, a sparkling kitchen with every appliance known to woman. A coat rack contained several chef's outfits and hats. On the cooking island was a photo of a couple, a thin woman in a chef's hat, coat and sunglasses, and a fat man with a sleeping mask on and apple in his mouth. In the center of the room was a large recliner and a large side table. Then Karen noticed the restraints. On the walls were paintings and photographs of enormously fat men. "That one is an autographed picture of Happy Humphrey, the circus fat man.", Cecilia exclaimed.

While Karen was looking at the decor, Cecilia opened the refrigerator. "Oh good, I still have a gallon of cream." she said. Cecilia opened cabinets and cupboards, checking her supplies. Satisfied, Cecilia returned to the main door and beckoned Karen to exit.

"What is this room?" Karen asked.

"Its kind of a game room...." Cecilia paused, she giggled, "with whipped cream instead of whips"

"I told you he used to run. One day he ran into a college sweetheart of his. I discovered this six months later when I found a receipt to a very chic restaurant in his wallet. Then the whole story came tumbling out. That's when I knew I had to do something. Honey, we had a terrible blow-up. He said it would never happen again. But part of me just couldn't forget it. I wanted to preserve the marriage. I wanted to make sure he would never fool around again. That's when I had the food police idea. He had it coming. I just never imagined it would be so fun.

Of course, it's not my fault that he's gotten so fat. But, now I like him large, He's got bigger tits now than that college sweetheart of his. I didn't make him fat. He ate every bite, every mouthful. If he didn't want to be so fat, he wouldn't have been such a pig at the trough, you know?. But don't you just want to grab a belly like that and jiggle it?" Cecilia shivered a little at the thought.

"Oh, the pies!" she exclaimed.

Cecilia bolted for the door. "Come on!" she commanded. "We can't let them burn."

An hour later, Mike and Doug came back into the house with the empty nacho platter.

"Did you boys enjoy yourselves?" Cecilia asked.

"It was wonderful, but I'm afraid it's getting late." Doug said.

As Doug drove them home, he talked excitedly. "That is such a cool car! I can see why he gave up the deuce coupe for it. Did you know it came from the factory with a supercharged big block. It'll do 9 second quarter-miles. And it has full factory power options, windows..."

"Hey, slow down!" She said.

He grinned. "Oops. I guess on these deserted country roads its just too easy to pick up speed."

"Let me drive." she said. Doug eased off the accelerator and pulled off the highway.

The next weekend, Karen had a surprise for Doug. She sat him down in his easy chair and put a bottle of his favorite beer in his hand. "Hey, this isn't light beer" he said. "Nothing's too good for my sweetie", she replied. She cued up "Uncle Buck" starring John Candy and went in the kitchen as the titles rolled.

A few minutes later, she came back in the living room, with a chef's hat and sunglasses on. She dropped a tray piled with food on the side table and popped him playfully on the ear with a pastry whisk.

"We have ways of making you eat." she giggled.

She leaned over and kissed him. She whispered in his ear, "I'm going to fill your tummy like its never been filled before. Here, put this on."

Karen slipped a sleeping mask over his head. Doug raised his hand to push it up. "What's going on here? What is this?" He demanded.

He started to take the mask off and Karen met his hand, giggling.

"Resistance is futile and will be severely punished." He started to protest and she pushed a hot Fried Mozzarella stick into his mouth. She held it so he couldn't spit it out. While he chewed, she swung her leg up and over him and sat down on his lap, pinning his hands underneath. Then she poked his mouth with the rest of the Mozzarella stick.

"Eat up sweetie. I'm not letting you up till you've finished every bite."
Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

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Very nice. Hope to see a second part of it.
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Default Good

A very good story, I love it.
Allzuviel Bewegung schadet der Figur
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"I told you he used to run. One day he ran into a college sweetheart of his. I discovered this six months later when I found a receipt to a very chic restaurant in his wallet. Then the whole story came tumbling out. That's when I knew I had to do something. Honey, we had a terrible blow-up. He said it would never happen again. But part of me just couldn't forget it. I wanted to preserve the marriage. I wanted to make sure he would never fool around again. That's when I had the food police idea. He had it coming. I just never imagined it would be so fun.

Of course, it's not my fault that he's gotten so fat. But, now I like him large, He's got bigger tits now than that college sweetheart of his. I didn't make him fat. He ate every bite, every mouthful. If he didn't want to be so fat, he wouldn't have been such a pig at the trough, you know?. But don't you just want to grab a belly like that and jiggle it?" Cecilia shivered a little at the thought.

You gotta love writing like this!!! Thanks for a nice tale... of love and its longevity.
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Thanks for posting!
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wow thaat was breathtaking ! such a sexy relationship and i liked those evil talks between the women very much ;-) hehe would love some of that nice treatment :-=

thanks for such a nice story please go on
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