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Exclamation Gee whiz, a thread for Poetry, WooHoo.

She is so skinny, she is so mini. The constant working out and dieting make her tinny. Why must she be so mean. Where has she been? What has she been through? She has been with who? Was it those who raised? Or was her teenage personality erased. Did she have some trauma, some pain. Did abuse in her life reign? She just wants to be rail thin. It is a real sin. It is one thing to be skinny. But to be skin and bone? Is that the way she gets men to leave her alone. Was it a man who did it to her? You cannot be sure. But to always have to refrain. THat is a type of pain. To never be able to gorge and really eat. To have a big piece of meat. To be able to eat until stuffed and more. THat is a real horror. It is one thing to be healthy. It is one thing to try to be wise and healthy. But when bone is right there. Even to the woman it isn't fair. When breasts are super flat. Because she simply has no fat. When barely muscle does cover. What is the reason, there must be one or another? Is it the boyfriend, the media, or just a need to please. And a broken heart ease.
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Wink This may offend some. Sorry if it does.

Now another question to ask. Now this task. When is one too fat. When simply stuck home on a mat. Sitting on the floor. Simply waiting for the opening of the door. Totally depending on your mate. Crying if they are too late. Starving all the time. Getting up is impossible. And you feel like you are a criminal in jail for a crime. When is one too fat. When even huge the chest falls to the floor flat. When you are no long firm. When the body is soft like a worm. When does one become too big. When people on the street call you a pig? When is one fat or big enough??? The decision is tough. And once again when is one too thin. Does it depend on height? Is that right? Is it muscle tone? Should I just leave that alone? Or is it simply when one is happy? When at the right size, life doesn't feel crappy. Maybe it is the choice of the person walking around with that weight. And if the partner wants you fatter? Tell him or her to find another person to sate. But, then again. Do you want to be talked in? Is that the way happiness to win? Ah well, it is a question for the ages and for stages. When society is once more fat accepting. Maybe this question can be asked and there will be less rejecting.

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