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plussauvage has said some nice things
Default M.I.L.F. - by plussauvage (~BBW, ~SWG)

~BBW, ~SWG - A former high school cheerleader enjoys married life.

By: Plussauvage


It was no surprise when Carmen and Jake hooked up. Everyone thought they’d end up being together eventually; they just seemed like a perfect match. Jake was the best looking, best athlete, and most popular guy at school. He was the quarterback of the football team, and a captain on the baseball team, nearly every girl in McCallum high school had a huge crush on him at one time or another. At 6’1” tall and a rock-solid 175 pounds, it was no wonder why.

And then there was Carmen. Saying that she was stunningly beautiful would not be an adequate enough description. Blonde, blue eyed, with perfect slightly tanned skin, as well as a killer body(5’6” tall and a sexy 129 pounds), she was an undisputed perfect “10” with a sweet ass. Her face was almost too pretty, too perfect. Too pretty in the sense that people had trouble concentrating while in her presence, or not even feel worthy enough to approach her. She would cause collisions in the hallways due to so many guys looking at her ass, rather than watching where they were going. People would say she was the hottest girl in Austin, Texas and no one ever argued.

It just made sense that two perfect looking people would be together, and in Jake’s senior year of high school, and Carmen’s junior year, it happened. Carmen had always had her eye on Jake, and she would sometimes catch him looking over at her during football games. As a cheerleader, she was used to being gazed upon by men, especially when she was as hot as she was, but she felt a genuine attraction between her and Jake, and she subconsciously flaunted her body a little more whenever he was looking. And whenever she would shake her hips, toss back her beautiful blonde hair, or bat her long black eyelashes Jake’s performance on the football field suffered.

Jake graduated and played some football at the University of Texas, but he never got much playing time. He ended up dropping out after two years and started working construction.

After high school Carmen took some classes at a local community college, as her grades weren’t really high enough to get into a good university. She also worked part time at Macy’s and moved into a three-bedroom town house with two of her friends. With no more cheer squad and her adolescent metabolism wearing off, she found it a little harder to keep her perfect figure.

Even with her frequent cheer practice in high school she found it difficult to stay below 130 pounds. This was mostly because of her love of partying and her newly formed habit of having off campus fast food lunches with friends. By the end high school she weighed 137 pounds, which was a little more than she would have liked. She thought that her perfectly round ass was a little too round, and that her soft feminine hips were a little softer and a little wider than she was used to. Carmen was a naturally pear shaped girl (although up top she was a 36C) and when she gained weight it tended to go to her hips, thighs and ass.

She would diet and be a little more conscious of what she ate, and chain smoked to fight through her cravings of Ben & Jerry’s and frosted cookies. From the time she was 18 to the time she turned 21 her weight fluctuated. She’d gain 4 pounds, then lose 3 pounds, gain 6 pounds, lose 5 pounds, although as time went on she was finding it harder and harder to make herself lose weight. During all this time Carmen and Jake grew closer and closer, to the point where they were seeing each other nearly every day.

One evening Carmen returned home from work, still mad at herself for eating McDonalds for lunch. Both of her roommates were away for the night and she felt exhausted and wanted nothing more than to curl up on the couch and watch TV. She changed out of her tight black dress pants and white blouse and took a shower. After drying her hair she pulled out her dreaded bathroom scale and weighed herself.

Oh no! 148! I’ve never weighed this much before in my life! I couldn’t have gained this much, I never should have gone to McDonald’s today what was I thinking?

She looked at herself in the mirror. She did have a bit of a softer middle, and her bellybutton was a little deeper, but she didn’t think it was that fat, certainly not 148 pounds anyway. Her boobs did look a little bigger, and she turned to get a side view of her body. She sucked in her stomach and pushed out her chest.

I don’t look that fat. Ooo nice boobs.

She rubbed her hands down her soft shapely hips.

I do need to lose this butt though, and oh my goodness I had no idea my thighs had gotten this big, no wonder I couldn’t fit into my jeans the other day. That’s it, I need to start dieting and get back on track, I need to at least get back to 135. Why didn’t Jake tell me I was getting fat? I had no idea, oh maybe he didn’t notice, yeah he probably didn’t notice.

She threw on a pair of lose fitting pajama bottoms and a white T-shirt of Jake’s that he had left there a few days ago. She lit a cigarette, grabbed an ice-cold hard lemonade and cuddled up in front on the TV, waiting for her beautiful blonde hair dry completely.

Well I’ve already messed up my diet earlier today so I might as well just order a pizza.

She called Pizza Hut and ordered a large pepperoni and bacon pizza with sides of wings and chocolate dunkers. As she waited for the delivery, she decided have a bowl of ice cream to keep her company. She saw that the tub of Dryer’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was half empty so she figured she’d just eat right out of the carton.

An hour later the ice cream was gone as well the chicken wings and half the pizza. She opened another lemonade, lit another cigarette, and stared at the chocolate dunkers.

I really shouldn’t have ordered so much; I probably shouldn’t eat these things. Maybe just one wouldn’t hurt.

The minutes past by as she watched reruns of “Friends” and she didn’t realize that she had eaten nearly all of the dessert. She was just about to pop another one into her mouth when her blackberry blew up.

“Hey Jakey,” Carmen said lovingly.

“Hey there, what ya doin’ tonight?” He asked.

“Oh nothing, except thinkin’ about you.”

“I was thinkin’ about coming over, are your roommates home?”

“Nope I got the place to myself. I thought you were out with the boys tonight.”

“Na, I’d rather see you. I’ll be there in about a half hour.”

“Oh you should pick up some beer.”

“Really? I thought you didn’t really drink beer.”

“Yeah, but I feel naughty today.” She answered sensually.

Carmen wasn’t exactly expecting her boyfriend to come over that night, and she was a little unprepared. She didn’t want Jake to see the half eaten pizza box, and she certainly didn’t want be dressed the way she was when he arrived.

She went to her bedroom to find something cute to wear. She slipped into a thong and squeezed on a pair of ultra short black cotton shorts.

Man these shorts are tight, why are they so tight? I hope I don’t look like a slut.

After putting on a low cut spaghetti strap tank top she went to the bathroom to put on makeup. While applying her eyeliner she looked at her reflection. She was a little discouraged at the hint of a belly poking out ever so slightly against her extremely tight fitting top, but on the whole she thought she looked damn sexy.

Oh goodness, my ass is getting pretty frickin’ big, I really need to stop eating.

Her hips had become a little wider, and her perfectly shaped ass had become a little fatter, and her tiny black shorts amplified those facts. She hadn’t really put on that much weight and she still had a slim waist, her figure was just a little curvier than she was used to. Her bra felt a little tighter as well, but she was proud of the ample cleavage she sported in that low cut top.

As much as she hated the fact she had put on few pounds, there was a small part of her, perhaps in her subconscious, which liked it. Something about the tightness of her clothes and the softness of her body made her feel sexy in a way she had never felt before, and when a hot chick is turned on by her body, you can bet your house that men are even more turned on.

The following night she stopped in at a gas station to buy cigarettes. Dressed in a skintight pair of black athletic pants and a pink tank top, she wiggled her way to the counter and said, “I’ll have a carton of Camel filters please.”

The clerk was an overweight man in his mid-twenties and he looked as if he was using every ounce of his will power not to stare directly at her cleavage. He gave her the cigarettes and did a half turn as she walked out the door, completely hypnotized her big round butt nearly bursting out of her tight cotton pants. The man that was waiting in line behind her did the same and once she was out the door the customer said, “Man, that is one sweet ass.”

“No kidding.” Said the clerk. “Some lucky guy gets to come home to that every night.”

Carmen smiled to herself as she slipped into her red Chevy Malibu. She could sense the admiring looks she got from the clerk and the other customer, and although she got those kind of looks all the time, it never really got old to her. She didn’t doubt they were talking about her right then, and she felt better about herself and a little less self conscious about the size of her ass.

A week or so later Jake took Carmen out to a nice steak house. It was kind of a celebration because Jake had just decided to start his own construction company with his older cousin Dale. Dale had money and Jake had saved enough to buy to work vans and a pickup truck with a lumber rack.

Carmen looked stunning in a body hugging sleeveless black dress. She was feeling pretty good about herself because she had managed to shed a couple pounds in the last week and half. Jake had reserved an isolated table in the back of the restaurant so the two of them could have a little privacy.

“You look absolutely incredible tonight.” Jake said with a smile after the food arrived.
“Well thank you. You look pretty hot yourself.” She replied after finishing her second glass of wine. They started eating in a bit of an awkward silence as strong sexual vibes began to build.

“Carmen.” Jake said as he put his fork down.


“I really think this construction company is going to take off.” She smiled back at him. “I mean I know I’m a bit young to be owning my own company, but I have experience and Dale has had experience in business.”

“Yes, I think it’s great, I’m really proud of you,” said Carmen as she leaned in closer, giving Jake a good view of her cleavage.

“I’m going to hire Patrick from high school as an employee, he’s a good builder.”

“Yes, I know, you have told me many times. What are you really trying to say?” She asked, feeling a nervous tension in air. Jake paused, and slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. He opened it revealing a gorgeous diamond ring.

“Carmen Cooper, will you marry me?”

Carmen put her hands to her face squealed with shock and delight, before she said, “Yes, Jake, of course I’ll marry you.” Jake took the ring and slipped onto Carmen’s outstretched finger and smiled.

Carmen had the fairy tale wedding she had always dreamed of. She came from a wealthy family so expense was not an issue. Over 200 of Jake and Carmen’s friends and family were in attendance to see the beautiful looking couple tie the knot.

Carmen looked spectacular. In the months leading up to the wedding she had been hitting the gym and sticking to a somewhat strict diet, to look as good as she could on her big day. She got down to 138 pounds, not quiet her goal of 135, but she was satisfied with how she looked nonetheless. In sickness and in health, through thick and thin, Jake knew he was a very lucky man.

They honeymooned in Europe, paid for entirely by Carmen’s parents. They went from Paris followed by Italy and then Greece. Carmen had a field day in Milan, and she put a bit of dent in her father’s credit card, but who could blame her? She loved fashion, and how often does a girl from Texas get to visit the fashion capital of the world? They stayed in nice hotels, made love every night and ate out at numerous fancy restaurants. Jake couldn’t believe how much money was being spent, as he was not used to living like a rich person, but it wasn’t his money so he didn’t complain.

During the honeymoon Carmen’s diet went out the window. She was having the time of her life indulging in European chocolate, wine, and desserts, as well as being with the man she loved.

After a month the newlyweds returned to Austin and moved into a nice two-bedroom apartment. With all the fun had in Europe, and all the eating she did, Carmen had gained 6 pounds putting her at 144. It wasn’t enough for anyone to notice, but it did make some of her clothes feel a bit tighter, especially around her hips.

At this point the 21 year old Carmen, was no longer going to school (nothing ever really came of it anyway) but she was still working at Macy’s, doing makeup, although she only worked 30 hours a week.

Jake was starting his new business and things were a little slow at first, but Carmen’s parents helped out from time to time financial until Jake’s company started rolling.

After a year of being married Jake and Carmen were as much in love as they were in high school. Jake had been working hard and his business had been doing really well. He now had 3 work vans and 4 employees, and money was being made.

Carmen had been trying to keep her down, but she ended up gaining 12 pounds in her first year of marriage, putting her at 154 pounds, the heaviest she had ever been.

One day Jake came home exhausted. Although he was the co-owner of a construction company he also did his far share of building. On days when concrete was being poured, or an addition to a house was being framed, Jake wanted to be a part of it to make sure it was done right.

He walked in the door in a white T-shirt and blue jeans, looking very muscular and very sexy to Carmen. It was in late July and although the sun was beginning to sink it was still very hot outside, and it was welcome feeling for Jake to set inside his spacious air-conditioned apartment. It was even a more welcome feeling to see his young 22-year-old wife waiting for him.

At 154 pounds Carmen looked amazing. A flimsy sexy cowgirl hat covered her beautiful long blonde hair and she flung her legs up on the leather sofa and fluttered her dark eyelashes. She was wearing a skintight white spaghetti strap top that showed of her perfect lightly tan skin and fabulous breasts. Her curvy hips and bodacious ass and thighs were packed into her size 8 jeans. They had designed holes in them at the knees and judging from how tightly they clung to her shapely thighs and the way they dug into her softer waistline, it was probably time for her move to size 10.

“You look (munch) so hot right now,” beamed Carmen as she finished her cookie. “You sexy construction man.”

“So do you, Mrs. Taylor.” Jake replied jokingly as he slowly crawled on top of her.

“Ooo you’re so strong and, sweaty Mr. Taylor.” Cooed Carmen as she continued playing their little game. Jake held her tightly and kissed her soft full lips; he felt the delicious softness of her upper arms.

“I guess I’ll have to take a shower.”

“No.” Carmen paused and started rubbing his chiseled chest from underneath his shirt, and feeling the scratchiness of his five o’clock shadow. “I don’t care if you’re a little dirty.”

“Is that so?” He asked and then kissed her again.

“You know what Jake?”


“I think I’m going to have to quit my job.”

“And why do ya say that?”

“Well, I just think that with a baby around I should be at home.”

“No!” Jake exclaimed ecstatically as he quickly sat up. “No way!”

“Yeah, I went to the doctor today, I’m two weeks pregnant!”

“Honey, Carmen, that’s great, that’s great! I Love you so much, we’re going to need to buy a house!”

Nine months later Carmen gave birth to healthy baby girl. They decided on the name Ella, for their prized third member of the family, and Carmen did quit working to be home for the baby. They had moved into a lovely new two-story house in the suburbs just a few months before Ella was born.

Having quit smoking as well any attempt at dieting while being pregnant, Carmen had put some weight. Instead of the recommended weight gain of 25-35 pounds, Carmen put on 45. She took the phrase “eating for two” literally and spent much of her time on the nest snacking on high calorie foods. Even by time the baby was 6 months old she still weighed 180 pounds.

While her stunningly beautiful face had for the most part, remained unchanged, the same could not be said for her body. Her breasts were bigger and very attractive, and she now wore a 36D.

Despite putting all that weight, with a beautiful healthy 6 month old, Carmen glowed exquisitely. It almost seemed that she was even more beautiful now, than she was before, if that’s possible. Her soft shapely thunder thighs below her wide round hips were enough to make any man drool. Her ass had become quite large, but it was still so round and well formed that Jake found it to be very alluring. It was a major turn on to watch her swaying hips and the soft rhythmic jiggle of her ass when she walked. Her entire body was smooth and soft, from her chubbier upper arms to the paunch in her stretch mark free middle.

Despite looking so incredibly hot, Carmen wanted to lose weight. She knew she was looked at as the hottie from high school among her peers, and she wanted to get back to her old size. Her mom helped take care of Ella a good amount of time, which gave Carmen some time to herself. It was a relief to be able to have few cocktails and cigarettes again, something she sorely missed while pregnant. But aside from relaxation she also got back in the gym.

Going to the gym was almost more of a social event than a real workout. A lot of her friends were there, all of them with fresh makeup on and all of them working on their derrières, as girls do.

Carmen would spend much of her time chatting, rather than on the treadmill, but by the time Ella turned one, she had managed to lose 15 pounds. Not a whole lot of weight for six-month time span, but for Carmen and her tendency of putting on weight very easily as well as laziness, it was.

She had gotten rid of most of her belly, and some of the jiggle in her upper arms, but she found it to be difficult to lose that ass. At 165 pounds her ass was a little smaller, but it certainly hadn’t shrunk at the rate of the rest of her curvaceous body. She didn’t look that fat really, just very curvy and voluptuous, she had big boobs, a big ass and a gorgeous, glamorous face; she was just flat out hot.

It was then that the now 23-year-old Carmen found out that she was pregnant for a second time.

(Continued in post 5 of this thread.)

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Nice story and I love the mental image of Carmen!
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.

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pretty good story...are you going somewhere else with this too??
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plussauvage has said some nice things

Originally Posted by samster View Post
Nice story and I love the mental image of Carmen!
To bad it's not illustrated
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Default Part 2

Part 2

Being pregnant once again, the diet stopped and the treadmill was replaced with fast food. She figured, “When else am I going to be able to eat what I want?”

She would say things like, “My baby is hungry and I need a Big Mac! Not for me of course, my baby wants it.”

She knew she would have to lose the weight eventually, but she’d cross that bridge when she came to it. As a result even months after her second child was born, (a boy named Blake) she had her work cut out for her.

By the time Blake was six months old, and Ella was two years old, the 24-year-old Carmen weighed 208 pounds. Trying to lose the baby weight a second time proved to be difficult, and Carmen would constantly promise herself to start dieting soon, but until that time she ate. The habits of indulging in all the foods she loved during this second pregnancy were hard for her to break. Curling up in front of the TV with a carton of ice cream, a piece of cake, or a bag of chips was much more appealing to her than dragging her expanding posterior to the gym.

“Thank you so much Mom. I’ve just been feeling so overwhelmed lately.” Carmen said to her mother who was named Tracy. Carmen and Jake were going out to dinner later that night so she was leaving the kids in Mom and Dad’s hands for the day.

One look at Tracy and it would be obvious to tell where Carmen’s good looks came from. Tracy was a 46-year-old former beauty queen with a face nearly as gorgeous as her daughter’s. She had hardly a wrinkle, and not single sign of grey amongst her shoulder length light brown hair. She looked like she was in her 30’s rather than her mid forties and if one did not know better they might mistake Tracy to be Carmen’s older sister rather than her mother. That was one thing Jake kept in mind after meeting Carmen’s Mom. He knew if he married Carmen she would age well.
What’s more is that you could tell Tracy’s beauty was natural. Sure she had makeup on, and probably used her fair share of expensive facial creams but nothing more. Only further evidence of the good genes that were passed down to Carmen.

Being 5’5” tall and 118 pounds in her early twenties, the effects of two children, and years with little or no exercise, Tracy was now a voluptuous vixen of about 190 pounds, however stunning nonetheless. She was the quintessential MILF with a few extra pounds, and her youngest son Justin got his fair share of badgering about it among his teen-aged friends.

“Oh don’t you worry dear.” Tracy replied in her calming Texas accent. “You know I just love seeing my grandkids.”

“Ooo and thanks for (chew) making these brownies,” added Carmen as she daintily ate her third. “They’re sooo good.”

“Well thank you, but you take it easy on those now hun,” warned Tracy, noticing the substantial belly roll that was forming beneath her daughter’s blouse. “The eating habits you form when you’re young tend to stick with you for life.” Tracy put her hands on her thighs, “I’m living proof of that.” She lifted herself out of the chair at the kitchen table and added, “I remember before you were born when I was in the running for the Miss Texas pageant. My manager had to keep a close eye on me to make sure I stayed away from the local Steak n’ Shakes, and of course he wasn’t always successful.” She added laughing.

“Oh Mom what are you talking about, you were so skinny back then.”

Jeez my Mom can be annoying sometimes, telling me I need to take it easy on the brownies. Why doesn’t she look at herself?

“Yeah, well it seemed like I had to nearly starve myself to get that way.” Tracy went on with a reminiscent smile on her face. “I remember I was 125 pounds and some agent from California told me my thighs were too big!”

“Oh, Mom you’re makin’ me feel like a whale!” Whined Carmen as she self-consciously slid her chunky ass to the back of the collapsible wooden chair causing it to grown under her increased weight.

“Nonsense honey, you’re gorgeous. If there’s one thing I learned from your father it’s that a girl don’t need ta be a size 6 for men to find her attractive. That being said, you ain’t eaten for two anymore ya know?”

“I know, I know, I’ve been putting off going to the gym. It’s just been so busy with a baby and a two year old that whenever I have a free moment I just want to relax with my hubby.”

At least I’m not as big as her, am I? No, of course not, but I do need to go on a diet, and stick with it. Uhh! These jeans are so tight!

“That Jake’s a pretty good cook too, isn’t he?”

“Oh yeah, really good.”

I should probably get something to eat, I’m kinda hungry, brownies just don’t cut it, I wonder if we still have any of that Chinese food at the house, Oh screw it I’ll just go to Sonic. Man, I could use a cigarette.

“You really hit the jack pot with that boy. Why if I were a younger woman and if your father wasn’t-”


Tracy started laughing. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have you.”

“Trust me, he does, he shows me every night!” Carmen exclaimed with a devilish smirk.

By the time Jake turned 26, he and his 32-year-old cousin Dale really had things rolling with their business. They had gained a very good reputation around town, and they had expanded into a very profitable company. Dale hired an accountant, and Jake was feeling more like a boss, and he allowed himself more time off to spend with his family.

He now had one-and-a-half-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter that were starting to develop personalities of their own, and he didn’t want to miss a thing. He was also as attracted to his 25-year-old blonde babe of a wife as ever, and a little more quality time with her sounded very appealing to him.

The two proud parents had decided not to have any more kids, as Ella and Blake were enough of a handful for Carmen already. Jake knew she was busy being a housewife as well as a mom, and he decided that with the extra money he was making, he would hire a maid service, just to make things easier for his wife.

After Blake was born Carmen had vowed to get back in shape. Six months later she still vowed to get back into shape, a year and six months later, she had kind of given up. Instead of losing weight, she gradually gained a pound or two month. Until at age 25 the 5’6” Carmen weighed 227 pounds.

The maid service was a welcome luxury for Carmen. She had been finding it harder and harder to balance taking care of the kids as well as cleaning the house, and the maids coming once a week made things much more manageable.

Carmen was still avoiding the gym, mostly because she hated working-out, but also because she felt self-conscious about her weight. After Blake was born she started to let herself go. Before, it was a little easier with goals of losing ten or even twenty pounds, but now the task of getting in shape just seemed too daunting. And because she didn’t really know how to cook, she often ate fast food, or easily prepared high calorie store bought meals. As a result she continued to gradually gain weight. This didn’t stop her from keeping up with fashion trends however.

“How do you eat like this and stay in such great shape?” Carmen asked her friend Amanda as they sat together at a Mexican restaurant. Although Carmen knew she had put on quite a bit of weight, she was still very vain and always dressed to impress. She had squeezed her thighs and ass into a pair of skintight designer jeans, and wore expensive, tall leather high heal boots. Her tight white tank top was covered by an equally tight, light pink ruffled cashmere sweater jacket that came together high at her waist by a single button hanging on for dear life. Her upper arms filled out the sleeves like inflatable balloons, and her DD breasts pushed her sweater jacket apart revealing her white tank top as well as a good amount of cleavage.

“I’m really not in that great of shape.” Amanda replied. “I’ve probably gained like ten pounds since I’ve been with Jeff.

“I would kill to be your size again,” pouted Carmen as she scooped a healthy amount sour cream onto her chicken enchiladas.

“Oh please Carmen, you look amazing, and you have two gorgeous kids!”

“Yeah, but they made me fat!” Carmen whined as she dipped another chip in guacamole and sour cream and struggled to cross her chubby legs without putting too much strain on her tight jeans. Her ass had become so big that it was wider than the chair she was sitting in. You know I hired a personal trainer after I had Blake?”

“You did?”

“Yeah, I worked out with him like twice, and then got lazy and kept canceling, and then just quit altogether,” Carmen said giggling.

“I wish I could get a personal trainer.”

“I just don’t really care anymore. It’s just to frickin’ hard to get my ass to gym on a regular basis, so why even try?”

“Yeah I know what you mean. Who are these people that have time to work out all the time?”

The two friends continued chatting about girl stuff until Carmen finished off the second bowl off chips as well as her entrée.

“Is it hot in here or is just me?” Carmen asked as she awkwardly peeled off her sweater.

“I guess it’s a little warm,” answered Amanda as she observed her friend stripping down to her skintight white top. She was in awe at the size of Carmen’s breasts and even felt a little uncomfortable as that shirt left very little to the imagination and it was bound to draw some attention.

“I’m gonna go out for a smoke to cool down, you wanna keep me company? Carmen said as she stood up. “I’ll just tell the waiter what we’re doing and then let’s come back in for dessert.”

Amanda could hardly believe how big and ridiculously voluptuous Carmen had become since their cheerleading days in high school. Her cushiony protruding belly pressed firmly against her tight shirt and the outline of a deep-set belly button was clearly visible through the fabric. Her huge curvaceous hips flared out and her shapely, chunky thighs were completely compressed together. Her chubby upper arms were exposed, but the flawlessness of her skin made Amanda jealous.

After wiggling out the door, Carmen lit her cigarette and put her weight on one hip, making her ass look even bigger than it actually was. Amanda observed the roundness of Carmen’s middle, the alluring swell of her abdomen, the way she filled out her jeans with her huge rear and swelling thighs, and just the soft, feminine, untoned figure that stood before her. She couldn’t help but marvel at how her beautiful face remained mostly unchanged from the way it looked in high school.

“I can’t believe you, you’re like such an adult,” said Amanda.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh I don’t know, you’re married, you have kids, you own your home.”

“Yeah, it’s crazy right? It seems like (cough) just yesterday we were at cheer practice talking about boys.” Carmen laughed as she took another drag on her cigarette.

“Yeah, I remember you were always talking about Jake.”

“Yep, and look at me now!”

“You are so lucky Carmen. You married well; I can’t believe Jake started his own business. My boyfriend is 26 going on 18!”

“Then just get rid of him.”

“He’s really good in bed though.”

“Oh.” Carmen replied giggling as her Blackberry started vibrating. “Ooo it’s Carrie. Hey Amanda, when you go back in will you order me a Sopapilla Cheesecake and another glass of wine, thanks.”

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I'm very interested to see the end of this story!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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Great update! Loving Carmen more and more as this goes on. Some much goodness in one chapter...particular mention to the scene with her mom. Tracy sounds like quite a looker herself - also loved how her mom's weight kind of makes Carmen justify her own.

Also this line was perfect:

“Oh.” Carmen replied giggling as her Blackberry started vibrating. “Ooo it’s Carrie. Hey Amanda, when you go back in will you order me a Sopapilla Cheesecake and another glass of wine, thanks.”

Thanks and can't wait for more!
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Default M.i.l.f.

Part 3

“Mommy can you take me to the playground?” Said the now 4-year-old Ella in a high-pitched whiney voice.

“Not now honey, Mommy’s tired.” Carmen replied. She had just gotten comfortable and was curled up on her black leather sofa watching TV. It had been a busy morning and she wanted nothing more than to enjoy her second cinnamon roll in peace.

“But that’s what you always say.” Complained Ella.

“Uhhh!” Groaned Carmen as she muted her 65” HD television. “Alright honey, just give me a half-hour to relax and I’ll take you and your brother to a playground.”

“Yay!” Squealed Ella as she scurried off to her playroom. Carmen sighed, finished her cinnamon roll and coffee, had a cigarette and then headed upstairs to the master bedroom.

After catching her breath, she put her hair up, touched up her makeup in the bathroom, and contemplated whether or not to leave the house in the form fitting charcoal colored velour outfit she was wearing. She looked great, but by Carmen’s standards she thought she looked a little sloppy to be out in public.

Oh screw it, I’m not going to see anyone I know and I’m too tired to change into jeans, they’d probably be too tight anyway.

Carmen loved dressing up and showing off in nice clothes, but when she was at home she just wanted to be comfortable.

Oh my goodness, I really need to stop eating, even these pants are tight now!

Carmen tugged on her soft velour lounge pants and reached down to pluck out her slight wedgie. In the past year Carmen had struggled to keep her weight down. She would try things like not eating during the day, but then found herself gorging on junk food in the evening. Or trying to eat five smaller meals throughout the day, but that basically turned into her snacking all the time. She eventually gave up on any attempts to control her weight, relaxed and just blocked it out of her mind. She knew she was hot, and a part of her kind of liked her fuller body, it made her feel sexy, but she felt very out of shape and self-conscious at times.

The pounds had pilled on gradually and because of it, Carmen wasn’t always aware of how big she was getting. In fact she was in a little bit of denial about it and always thought of herself as a little slimmer than she actually was. Nevertheless, now at age 26, the drop-dead gorgeous young Mom weighed 238 pounds.

Her beautiful figure suggested pampered softness and generously indulged luxuriance. Most of her weight continued to settle on her thighs, hips and butt, which was obvious by one look at the tightness in her pants. Even still, from the neck up she didn’t look a whole lot different than she did in high school, if anything her face was even more beautiful now as it exuded femininity with a slightly fuller look.

After rounding up Blake and Ella, she pulled out of her driveway in her fairly new Chevy Traverse and headed to McDonald’s, as she knew they had a playground there.

“Hey I thought we were going to the playground!” Moaned Ella who was ridding shotgun.

“We are honey, we’re going to the McDonald’s play ground!” Carmen exclaimed trying to make it sound exciting. Although Carmen was no stranger to McDonald’s, she couldn’t remember the last time she actually went inside the restaurant, as she almost always did the drive through. The kids wanted to go to a playground however and Carmen was too tired to walk to the park so McDonald’s play place it was.

“Yeah, I’ll have two Happy Meals, one with umm chicken nuggets, and uh one with a hamburger please.” Carmen said to the pimple-faced kid across the counter. She planned on being good and just getting a crispy chicken salad, but after taking in the smell of the French fries she decided to order a little more. “And also a crispy chicken salad.”

“What kind of dressing?” Asked the young man, who was a little taken back by her rare natural beauty.

“Umm ranch. And a crispy chicken ranch BLT.”

“Do you want the meal or just the sandwich?”

“Meal please.”

“Small medium or large?”

“Um large.”

“What kinda drink?”

“Coke, diet please.”

“Anything else?”

“Uh, well, I guess I’ll have an Oreo McFlurry and that will be it.”

Carmen sat a table in the corner of the Play Place and dipped fry after fry into her ranch dressing as she kept an eye on Ella and Blake who were happily playing. As the minutes disappeared so did her fries, ranch dressing soaked salad, chicken BLT, as well as her McFlurry.

Man this stuff is so addicting, too bad it’s so fattening

Carmen heaved herself up and jiggled over to her daughter who had just come down the slide.

“You know your foods gettin’ cold over there.”

“I want to keep playing Mommy.”

“Well I’m going outside for a few minutes, do think you can be a big girl and keep an eye on your brother?”

“Yes I can do it Mommy.”

“Well okay, you have fun and be careful.”

Carmen stepped outside and lit a cigarette. As she smoked, two teen-aged boys walked out towards their car with a couple bags of food, making not so subtle glances at Carmen. Carmen smiled and tugged on her tight velour hooddie making sure it wasn’t ridding up her curvy midsection. She was feeling a little awkward about being seen in the pajama-like clothes she was wearing, and at McDonald’s no less.

Once the two boys were inside their car one of them said, “Man, that chic is hot!"

“She’s got a huge ass dude.” Said the other.

“Big tits though, what a MILF, I saw with her kids in there.”

“Yeah she’s hot, but she’s pretty overweight.”

“I don’t care dude, I’d totally hit that.”

Carmen could still see them gawking at her as she took the final drag on her cigarette.

Oh boys are so funny. Sorry to disappoint you guys but I got to check on my kids now

She bounced her way back inside to find that her kids were still playing. Without thinking she began to munch on some of Ella’s chicken nuggets.

“Come on guys time to go.”

Once the kids finally came Ella said, “Hey Mom, you ate some of my chicken nuggets.”

“Well, they were waiting here for you for thirty minutes.”

“Can I have a McFlurry too.”

“No, no dear, I don’t want you having sweets this time of day. Now let’s go, I think it’s nap time for all of us.”

Some months after Ella turned five Jake got an invitation in the mail for his ten-year high school reunion.

“Oh wow I can’t believe it’s been ten years already.” Said Jake as he stood next to the kitchen counter. “You wanna go to it babe?”

“Yeah, of course I wanna go to it.” Replied Carmen as she opened a bag of potato chips. “I’ve gotten asked if I was going like a million times on facebook.”

“Let’s see it’s at the, oh it’s at the Continental. You remember that place don’t you?”

“Yeah, I love that place, that’s like one of my favorite clubs.”

“Well I’ll have to get a hold of Megan.”

“I already talked to (munch) your sis, she said she can watch the kids on 18th and the 19th.” Said Carmen after dipping another chip in ranch. “Love that girl!”

“So if your going to the reunion this year does that mean you’re going next year with your class as well?”

“Yeah, I’ll probably go next year too.”

One month later Carmen was getting ready to go to the reunion. She decided not to wear a dress, but instead on a really cute white tank top with stylish floral lace around the neckline and hem. She also put on a tight pair of designer jeans and cowgirl boots, as the Continental was a western themed club, and so was the reunion.

“Hello, anybody home?” Said Jake’s sister Megan after letting herself in.

“Ooo, hey Blake, Ella, Auntie Maggie is here!” Yelled Carmen as she slowly wobbled down the stairs. Megan was a stunningly beautiful 24 year-old brunette who worked as a bar tender at an extremely high-end restaurant. She was 5’7” tall, had perfect lightly tanned olivey skin, and gorgeous brown eyes. If Carmen was a perfect “10” then Megan was at least a “9.5” and that was evident by the copious amount of money she made in tips. It did however look like Megan had been snacking on her fair share of appetizers lately. In fact during the past few years she had gone from a bikini ready 139 pounds to a curvaceous 162. She had packed her expanding ass into a pair of tight jeans, and wore a tight black tank top that emphasized her perfect breasts and revealed a cute little belly.

“Wow Carmen your hair looks amazing.”

“Well thank you, I had it done earlier today.” Carmen replied as she gave Megan a hug. “So good to see you girl, and thanks so much for coming, I know your days off are precious.” Megan didn’t remember her sister-in-law being this much of an armful, and she was surprised at how big Carmen’s soft belly had become as it pressed against her as they hugged.

Man Carmen’s really let herself go since she’s been married, I can’t believe how big her butt looks in those jeans! She does look really pretty though too.

“Hey Mags.” Said Jake who had just stepped inside after watering the lawn. “There’s money for a pizza and whatever else you need on the counter, Blake only eats plain cheese though ya know.”

“Yeah I know, we’ll be fine, you two have fun.”

“By kids, be good for your Aunt Megan, we’ll be back tomorrow.” Jake said somewhat sternly. “Oh and Megan, if your gonna smoke, do it away from the kids alright.”

“Yeah, of course.” Replied Megan.

“Alright let’s go babe.”

As Jake drove he and his hot young wife into downtown Austin, he started thinking about how many of his former classmates might be a little shocked at how much weight Carmen had put on. He himself didn’t care. He thought his 27-year-old wife was every bit as beautiful as she was the day he married her. Jake felt very lucky to be with her, and sure, maybe he knew Carmen had a bit of problem with out of control eating at times, and that she probably wasn’t in the greatest physical condition health wise, but she was so beautiful, so sensual, and a such pleasure to be with, that he didn’t care. That’s why he didn’t mind her chain-smoking in the house, or her habit of overspending on high-end clothes at the mall. He loved pampering his wife, and he didn’t want her to have to work hard at anything. It was his motivation for starting his own business, and working so hard at it. He knew that with Carmen’s looks she could have married any rich snob she wanted to, but he made sure that didn’t happen. He knew Carmen had always wanted to be with him, and looking at her now with her 248-pound sinfully sexy body, he was glad she did.
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I like it!!!!
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Great update and can't wait for the re-union!
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As my comments have no doubt made clear I love this story! So I've started to do some illustrations which chart Carmen's progress into MILF territory. There will be a total of six and here are the first two:


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you do excellent work the both you. i love the illustrations samster
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Default M.i.l.f Part 4

By plussauvage
Illustrated by Samster

“Hey man you see Carmen Cooper yet, holy sh**!” Said DeShawn, a former running back on the McCallum high school football team. “I mean Carmen Taylor now, I guess.”

“Yeah, how could I miss her?” Said Jesse, another former jock. “I can’t believe how much she’s let herself go!”

“She’s lookin’ fine, I mean that ass, damn!” DeShawn added excitedly.

“I don’t know man, she was smokin’ hot in high school, but now, I mean she’s still got that face but it looks like she’s been hittin’ the fridge pretty hard.”

“Whatever dude, she’s lookin’ pretty freakin’ fine to me.” Said DeShawn. “I wonder what kinda relationship she’s got with Jake, you know what I’m sayin’!” He added laughing.

“I wouldn’t try nothing knowing Jake.” Said Jesse as he ordered another beer. “He’d kill ya.”

The Continental was a throwback nightclub to the 1950’s, with a country and rock music theme, with numerous framed posters of Hank Williams and Elvis Presley. It was a really nice joint, and it had been rented out for McCallum high school’s class of 2001.

Like she usually was, Carmen was the center of attention. After socializing and drinking with countless old friends, she was approached beautiful brunette she didn’t quite recognize.

“Hey Carmen Taylor is that you? It’s me Bridget…..Bridget Boyle.”

Carmen didn’t know what to say at first. She thought the young women look somewhat familiar, but she couldn’t connect the dots, and she found it odd that this Bridget person had put such an emphasis on her last name when she spoke.

“You don’t recognize me do you? Remember we were in Math class together, I helped you with algebra your junior year?”

“Oh yeah, wow, of course Bridget. I’m so sorry it’s just been a long time, you look so different, in a good way I mean.” Carmen apologized. “Didn’t you used to wear glasses?”

“Yeah, I wear contacts now. I changed my hair as well.”

“That’s right, you used to be a redhead, no wonder I didn’t recognize you!”

Bridget sat down at the bar and finished her drink. Carmen hardly knew Bridget in high school, but Bridget seemed eager to talk, and Carmen didn’t want to be mean, so she joined her.

“Let’s get a basket of fries and like some chicken wings, while we catch up.” Said Bridget crossing her long legs as she sat on the barstool. “Oh and I’m gonna get another drink, looks like you need one too, bar tender!”

Bridget was a year older than Carmen, and a bit of geek in high school. She wore thick glasses, was tall, awkward, and slightly chubby back then. Bridget was always secretly jealous of Carmen and her looks.

A lot had changed since high school however. Bridget had blossomed into a very attractive young woman, although she wasn’t as naturally beautiful as Carmen, she was still very pretty. It was just that nobody could compete with Carmen in the looks department.

Standing 5’10” tall, with long, unnaturally dark brown hair, sexy brown eyes and a devilish smile, Bridget hadn’t had any trouble finding a boyfriend in the last few years. It was just that Jake Taylor was the one she always wanted.

She and Jake were in the same grade, and she gave him countless hints that she was interested in him. Then blonde little miss perfect Carmen and her electric hips just had to bat her long eyelashes and steal him away. It really made Bridget mad, but she was always too proud to show it. Deep down Bridget knew she never had a chance with Jake, at least not with the way she was in high school. She knew she would have to make some serious changes in her personality and appearance, so she did.

After losing a little weight, a boob job and a hairstyle change, she began to get looks from men in ways she had never experienced before, and after hearing that Jake and Carmen had gotten married, she sought out the richest men she could find, as perhaps a way to get back at Carmen. And seeing Carmen now, roughly one hundred pounds heavier than she was in high school brought a sneaky little smile to her face. It did piss her off however that Carmen wore her weight so well, and actually still did look amazingly hot, in a way Bridget never could.

Unlike Carmen, Bridget had lost weight in the last ten years. She was a vegetarian and worked out religiously, and at the age of 28 she weighed 140 pounds, pretty slim for someone of her height with big boobs.

Tonight she was dressed to impress. She wanted to show Jake what he was missing. As a result she was a little overdressed, giving Carmen the impression that she was trying too hard. Wearing a tiny strapless black lace dress that showed a great deal of skin, as well as a ridiculous amount of cleavage.

“Oh my goodness that’s a lot of fries.” Said Carmen after the food was delivered. “I really shouldn’t be eating like this, I’m trying to watch my weight.”

“Yeah, uh huh, so what’s it like being married to Jake Taylor, I hear you have two kids.” Said Bridget as she watched Carmen greedily indulge in the fries and boneless chicken. She was eager to see Carmen stuff herself with food and alcohol, hoping she might make a fool of herself.

“Oh Jake is (munch) so sweet, and yes, we have two (chew) gorgeous kids.”

Well aren’t you special; is that your excuse for getting fat? Having two kids? Oh please, look at yourself; your ass makes that barstool look like the size of quarter. I’ll bet Jake didn’t know he was signing up for such a fat ass wife when he married you.

“Oh you must be very happy.” Said Bridget somewhat sarcastically as she eyed Carmen’s girth.

Carmen took another sip of her Cosmopolitan and asked, “What have you been up in the last ten years? You look great by the way.”

“Oh don’t even get me started, first off I was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for like two days, before they told me I was cut, because some bitch changed her mind and decided that she didn’t want to quit team after all. “ Lied Bridget, hoping to make Carmen jealous.

“Oh sad.” Replied Carmen, not even questioning her outlandish story, which just made Bridget angrier.

She went on about the various boring stuff that had happened to her since they high school, and Carmen tried to pay attention, but she seemed more interested in the food than in Bridget’s ramblings. “Yeah, and then I was dating this 54 year old divorced millionaire for like 3 years and we were going to get married and stuff, but then he decided to hook back up with his ex-wife so that was off, and just on and on and on.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Carmen said in a genuinely sympathetic voice. She looked down at the baskets of fries and chicken tenders that were nearly empty. “Oh my goodness, I need to (cough) get away from all this food, you wanna go out for a cigarette?”

“No, I don’t smoke.” Bridget replied smugly.

“Alright well, I’m sure I’ll see around, nice (huff) talking to you.” Carmen said as she stood up and adjusted her stylish white tank top.

Jeez look at those chubby arms, Carmen honey you need to go on a serious diet, how the hell did you fit that huge butt into those jeans, just look at that thing!!

Bridget watched as her former classmate wiggled away in her stylish cowgirl boots.

Could those thighs be any bigger?? Don’t walk too fast Carmen, we wouldn’t want you to get out of breath.

“Oh hey Carmen is that you?” Squealed Jennifer who was another old friend of Carmen’s. “Wow, what has it been, like six years?”

“Oh my goodness, Jenny, so good to see you girl! Look, I was just going to go have a smoke you wanna join me?”

“Yeah sure, but first I’m going to get a drink. You want some champagne?”

“That sounds great.”

“Awesome, I’ll be right out!”

Jennifer came outside a few minutes later and handed Carmen a glass of sparkling white wine, as she puffed on her cigarette. Jenny had always been a beautiful girl, (people said she looked like Norah Jones) and although she had never been a cheerleader, she and Carmen had been good friends.

Despite putting a few pounds over the years herself, Jenny still looked stunning. With her gorgeous black hair, creamy olive skin, and piercing dark eyes, she looked as beautiful as ever. Having been a petite 5’4” tall and an admittedly slightly curvy 120 pounds in high school, she now weighed a voluptuous 164.

“So how is your daughter, she must be what, like 3 years old now?” Carmen asked as she took a sip of her drink.

“Yes, she just turned three, what about your kids?”

“Oh, they’re great, Jake’s sister is babysitting right now.”

“How is Jake, I haven’t seen him yet.”

“He’s around here somewhere.”

“He should meet my husband, he’s an assistant coach at UT.”


“Yeah, I’m sure they’d have a lot to talk about.”

“I know, right! We should all get together some time.”

“Yeah my daughter would love to play with someone her own age anyway.”

“Totally” Said Carmen as she put out her cigarette. “Let’s get some more drinks and talk inside.”

“Yeah, we should get something to eat too. I need something to counteract all this booze.” Jennifer said giggling.

After ordering some quesadillas, caviar, another basket of fries, and a bottle of wine, the two friends chatted and gossiped away as they got reacquainted.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve been eating today.” Carmen said sighing. “I feel like I’ve gained (chew) five pounds from just this night alone.” She added with a chuckle as she moved her captivating ass in her seat.

“I know, same here.” Said Jenny as she took another wedge of the quesadilla. “I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant, and I just haven’t been able (munch) to lose it yet.”

“So did I!” Carmen exclaimed, somewhat forgetting that it was obvious. “I don’t understand how these women can give birth, and then start jogging on the treadmill like every day. Especially when they now have a kid at home!”

“I know, and who likes to exercise, I mean really?”

“Yeah, I hate working out, why would someone want to get all sweaty and gross, screw jogging!”

“Cheer’s to that.”

Once the girls finished the last of the wine Jennifer said, “I’m gonna go find the boys.”

“Great idea, I’ll think I’ll order us some dessert, cheesecake okay?”

“Totally, yes!” Jenny said as she leaned over to Carmen’s ear and whispered, “Get us some chocolate ice cream too, and we better get another bottle as well.”

“Okay!” Carmen answered laughing and acting a little tipsy.

“Wow, that was fun!” Carmen said with delight and cigarette in hand as she and Jake walked towards the hotel. After the long night of eating, drinking, and mingling Carmen’s clothes felt excruciatingly tight, and she undid the top button of her jeans, allowing her cute tan belly to spill out.

“Everybody loved you in there baby, you were wonderful.” Said Jake with his arm around her waist, feeling the alluring softness of her love handles.

“No you were wonderful.” Carmen cooed, slurring her words a bit as she leaned on him and kissed his cheek.

Jake held her up, preventing her from falling right on the sidewalk, and guided her back into a walk. “Easy now, here’s the hotel.”

“I can’t wait to get (gasp) you back to the room.” Added a somewhat winded Carmen.

Meanwhile a drunken Bridget was stumbling towards her car not too far behind Jake and Carmen. She witnessed their deep sensual kiss and Carmen rubbing Jake’s butt and angrily mumbled to herself. “What a (hic) drunk whore. Don’t you know how out of shape your wife is? What’s wrong with you people?” A tear rolled down her cheek and she cursed at the parking ticket on the windshield of hybrid Hyundai Sonata.

Carmen woke up at 10:30 the next morning with a slight headache. Wearing nothing but her skimpy pink bra and panties she heaved up to a sitting position and lit a cigarette in bed.

Jake had been up for a while and he walked out of the bathroom fully dressed.

“So where are we meeting Jenny and Keith again?” He asked, referring to the breakfast they had planed the night before with Jennifer and her husband.

“At that (yawn) Jalisco place, Jenny gave me directions.” Replied Carmen as she wiggled her toes and tossed back the down comforter leaving her full tan thighs somewhat exposed. “I’m gonna take a shower first though.”

After finishing her cigarette she got up and daintily toddled to the bathroom. Even after a late night of drinking and socializing, Carmen looked absolutely flawless. Although she felt sluggish and groggy there was a brightness in her mesmerizing blue eyes that played off against her thick blonde tresses which made her look hauntingly beautiful. The elegance of her fuller figure was exceptionally attractive in her sexy light pink underwear. Jake gazed at the untoned softness of his wife’s physique. The sensual fullness from her buxom contours to the alluring soft swell at her waist more than demonstrated her seductive voluptuousness, and the fact that her beauty seemed to be increasing.

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Great writing as ever, loved the Bridget/ Carmen scene almost as much as I liked her re-union with Jennifer.

On the illustration front I have Carmen and her very MILFy mom Tracy eating cookie's (okay is brownie's in the story but I had to settle for cookie's - from what we know about Carment she'd eat cookie's just as quick as brownie's) back in Part 2.

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great stuff sir...can't wait for the ending whenever it is
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Default Part 5 by plussauvage

By plussauvage
Illustrated by Samster

“Oh hey you guys, hope we’re not late.” Said a breathy Carmen as she threw away her Trident gum and greeted her friends at the Jalisco bar and grill. Keith and Jennifer were already seated and looking through their menus.

“Don’t worry we’ve only been here like five minutes.” Replied Jenny as Carmen lowered her huge butt into her seat. She had squeezed herself into one of her favorite pairs of casual black Capri’s, but hadn’t remembered them being so tight.

“Good to see ya again Keith, Jennifer.” Said Jake as he sat down and playfully pinched Carmen’s thick juicy thigh.

“Yeah man thanks for joining us.” Keith replied.

Keith was a good-looking guy, a little older than Jake, (age 31) with short dark brown hair and a goatee. He was pretty well built, having been a linebacker at Texas Christian University, and he Jake had hit it off pretty well when the met at the reunion the night before. Keith had stopped playing football after college, but he got a head-coaching job at a high school in Austin. He quickly moved on to an assistant coaching job at Baylor, until he got his current position as defensive backs coach at the University of Texas, which Jenny loved because it was her hometown.

“Coffee?” Offered Jenny.

“Yeah that sounds good.” Said Jake as he poured himself a cup.

“There’s cream and sugar right over here.” Said Jenny.

“Na, I like it just black, thanks though.” Jake replied. “Carmen, coffee?”

“Umm, actually I think I’ll get a champagne and orange juice, they’ve got Mimosas here.” She said as she looked over the menu.

“Ooo yeah, that’s a really good idea.” Said Jenny. “I think I’ll get one too.”

“I’ll just have a latte or something later.” Added Carmen.

“Hello can I start you guys off with anything?” Asked the waiter, a young good-looking man in his early twenties.

“Yes, we will have two Champagne Mimosas.” Said Carmen. “And are you guys getting anything else to drink?”

“No, just coffee is fine.” Said Jake in agreement with Keith.

“Okay, and would you like a little more time or are you ready to order?” Asked the waiter.

“Uh, well I think we’re ready.” Said Keith, referring to him and Jake. “Girls?”

“Oh gosh, everything looks so good.” Said Jenny. “But yeah, I guess we’re ready, what are you gonna get Carmen?”

“Umm, goodness, it’s so hard to choose. I guess I’ll have the three egg crab omelet and home fries…………and…..I probably shouldn’t, but could I have a side of that apple wood smoked bacon as well?”

“Of course you can.” Answered the waiter. “And you Miss?”

“Um, the vegetable and manchego cheese quiche please.” Said Jenny. “And…..oh man, I guess a toasted bagel and cream cheese on the side, thanks.”

“French Toast.” Said Keith.

“Just Pancakes.” Said Jake. “Thanks.”

“Oh wait, I’m sorry, but I’d like one of your delicious looking cinnamon rolls as well.” Carmen said sheepishly as she slid her hips playfully in the booth causing them to press against her husband.

After enjoying their brunch, Carmen and Jenny stepped outside for a smoke while Keith and Jake talked football.

“Uhhhh that was sooooo good.” Said Carmen as she elegantly blew smoke into the air.

“Yeah it was.” Replied Jenny with a sigh as she ran her hands down the sides of her waist. “I really need to stop eating like this though. It just goes strait to my thighs.”

“Oh gosh I know, me too, I’ve been eating like a total pig lately.” Added Carmen half giggling and half sighing. “I probably need to do something about it before it gets too out of hand.”

“You look great Carmen, you’ve got awesome curves.” Said Jenny. “For me I just kinda want to give up and just except the fact that I’m never going to be a size 6 again. I mean go the gym, quit smoking, eat healthier, it’s just way too overwhelming.”

“Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to quit smoking, I don’t even want to think about that right now.” Said Carmen as she took another puff. “Plus when my Mom quit she ended up gaining like 40 pounds and that’s the last thing I need (cough) right now.

Carmen and Jake returned home and were happily greeted by the kids.

“Did you two behave for Aunt Maggie?” Asked Carmen as she put her handbag on the kitchen counter.

“They sure did.” Answered Megan who emerged from the living room and into the kitchen. She was dressed for comfort in a pair of soft form fitting brown knit pants that amplified her curvy hips and expanding backside. The tight low cut grey tank top she was wearing was so revealing that her black bra was showing in the front and sides along with bountiful cleavage. Her cute paunch was clearly visible as was the outline of her deepening belly button. “And they’ve been fed. Didn’t want to make a mess in the kitchen so we just went and grabbed some Jack in the Box for lunch.”

“Alright great, Thanks so much.” Said Carmen as she grabbed a diet Coke from the fridge. “Here, you can come finish your fries in the living room, I need to get off my feet for a sec.”

“Oh and I bought cupcakes if want some, they’re right there on the counter.” Said Meghan. “Don’t worry, I limited the kids to one each, I know you don’t want them having to too much sugar. Plus that way there’s more for me.” She added giggling.

“Oh you read my mind Megan, thank you.” Said Carmen as she grabbed a plate and two frosted chocolate cupcakes.

“Still a little hung over?”

“Yeah, just a bit.” Chuckled Carmen as she slowly sauntered into the living room. After struggling to kick off her stylish red clogs she curled up on the sofa with her cute little feet tucked under her huge soft thighs. She let out a couple of sweet feminine gasps and began to nibble on her snack. She exuded and oozed sexiness in her extremely comfortable and unintentional provocative pose and Jake took notice. She was so out of shape that he could hear the arousing sexy sound of her cutely breathing through her nose and he loved the sight of her belly moving in sync with each breath. Despite being a little concerned for his wife’s health, he was as turned on as ever. “I am going to go take a nice little nap, thanks again Megan.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Jake walked in the master bedroom to find his now 30-year-old wife still asleep and sweetly, softy snoring in a sensual feminine way. Sleeping until eleven had become a normal thing for Carmen on the weekends as she didn’t have to drive the kids around. With the Blake and Ella (now age 6 and 8) a little more grown up and involved in sports and school, Carmen found less time to worry about little things in life like pant size. She had continued to gradually pile on the pounds during the last few years, and because of her increased size she found herself having less energy and being more and more sedentary. As a result she gained on average about ten pounds a year in the past three years, putting her at a libidinous 279.

Jake gazed lustfully at the mountain beneath the white satin sheets that were his wife’s hips. He went over and sat on the edge of the mattress and gently brushed her long beautiful blonde hair out of her gorgeous face and kissed her soft warm cheek.

She yawned and groaned sweetly as she awoke and smiled at him. “Hey.” She cooed as she delicately fondled his chest. Jake leaned in on top of her and lasciviously held her soft jello-like waist and kissed her full moist lips.

“I made waffles and bacon for us and the kids.” Said Jake as he stared into her big, glowing blue eyes. “You should come down, it’s after eleven.”

Carmen sighed and yawned again and then finally heaved her alluring girth into a sitting position causing the mattress to groan and become depressed from the weight. She lit her first cigarette of the day, stretched out her cute jiggling arms and flung the sheets off of her smooth sexy legs.

Because her weight gain had been gradual it wasn’t a shock to friends and family, and quite frankly, she herself hadn’t realized how big she had become. What’s more is that Carmen gained weight very proportionately and in all the right places. She wore her weight beautifully, and her face was as pretty as ever. Her perfect skin was still perfect, if not better than perfect. It was tan, deliciously and incredibly soft, silky smooth, and unblemished.

Her upper arms had become big and chubby. Her breasts were huge, perfectly plump and enormously sexy. She had a nice big comfy belly and equally arousing love handles, although her midsection was still relatively small compared to the rest of her ridiculously voluptuous body. The majority of her weight continued to go to her ass, hips and thighs, and her hip to waist ratio was still more than enough to make men swoon. Aside from her stunningly beautiful face, the first thing that jumped out about Carmen was her massive round, perfectly formed derriere, and her immeasurable wide womanly hips.

She was still very well put together and was not sloppy fat by any stretch of the imagination. She was curvy, shapely and had an hourglass/pear-shaped physique complimented by flawless skin and a glamorous cover girl face, the quintessential image of a pampered overindulgent beauty queen.

She finished her cigarette, threw a silk robe over her sleeveless purple camisole and wiggled and jiggled down the stairs.

It was Superbowl Sunday and Carmen had invited Jenny and Keith over for the game. In the past few years Jenny and Carmen had become close, and their bad habits rubbed off on each other, while the men in their lives swooned over them.

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oh my goodness...you pick the "worst" places to just stop...haha. Can't wait for the next piece!!
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Default M.i.l.f. Part 6


by plussauvage

“So we picked up the pizza’s and a ton of buffalo wings.” Said Jenny on her cell phone on the car ride to Carmen’s house. “Are you sure we shouldn’t bring anything else, have you got enough booze?”

“Ha ha, yeah we’ve got plenty of that don’t worry girl.” Replied Carmen laughing. “I bought some of those do it yourself little bacon wrapped sausages and Jake’s barbequing so we are totally set.”

“Alright be there in twenty.” Said Jenny as she put her iphone away.

Her husband Keith (who was driving) turned the corner and paused for a moment. He had been wondering about Carmen’s weight gain and he wanted to mention it to his wife, but he didn’t quite know how to say it without being rude.

“Carmen has filled out quite a bit lately hasn’t she.” He said somewhat hesitantly.

“Keith!” Jenny replied in a scolding tone.

“What? I mean, I love her as a person but jeez, she can’t be all that healthy.”

“Oh please why do have to bring that up now?” Asked Jenny. “Carmen is like the most beautiful girl I know, at whatever weight she is.”

“Oh yeah, I mean no, I think she’s very pretty. It’s just I would think she woulda made some kind of change by now. Or at least Jake woulda said something about it.”

“Jake totally adores Carmen, he would never say something like that.”

Keith sighed. “Yeah, I guess.”

Jenny felt the sides of her soft curvy upper thighs were she had once been able to feel her hipbones long ago and started to feel a little awkward and self-conscious. “You don’t think I’m getting big do you?”

“No no of course not.” He answered as he reminded himself never to bring the issue of weight with a girl ever again.

“Do you think I’m as pretty as Carmen?”

“Yes of course I do, you are beautiful honey.”

“Oh but you don’t think I’m prettier.”

“What? Yes you’re just as- you are gorgeous, yes you are prettier than she is babe.” He said with a nervous chuckle.

“You are attracted to Carmen though.”

“What is this some kind of quiz?” He asked defensively.


“Yes of course I think Carmen is pretty, I was just pointing out that I thought she was getting pretty big. I think you’re gorgeous though and I will always love you.”

“Even if I get all fat? Because apparently you think Carmen’s-“

“I’ll love you no matter what.” He answered convincingly and smiled at her. “Now let’s go have some fun.”

She smiled back at him and finally was appeased. Deep down Keith didn’t care how much his wife weighed he was just curious about how much Carmen had blimped up.

Jake greeted them at the door and he welcomed in the good-looking couple along with their 6-year-old daughter Anna.

“Make yourself at home guys.” Said Jake as he closed the front door behind them.

“Where’s Carmen?” Asked Jenny as she took off her overly snug stylish black leather jacket. Her thick cute figure was advertised in a light-weight yellow knit top with an exceedingly low v-neck collar that flaunted captivating cleavage in her perfectly formed oversized breasts. The blouse was very tight at the top but it flared out loosely over her waist and hips as a way to hide her expanding and softening mid section. While it did somewhat hide the swell in her abdomen it could not however detract from her widening hips which erotically flared out on either side. With her weight now at 193 pounds on her petite 5’4” frame she had a silhouette similar to that of a cello.

After wiggling her way to the living room she found Carmen who was comfortably resting on her huge butt, working on some chips and guacamole.

“Hey Carms.” Said Jenny excitedly.

“Omigod hey!” Exclaimed Carmen as she rocked a couple times back and forth on her seat on the couch in an effort to get to her feet. The two friends gave each other a very squishy hug and Jenny complimented Carmen on her clothes.

“Oh come on I just wanted to be comfortable.” Answered Carmen who was dressed in a tight white tank top partially covered by an ultra soft open front black cardigan with matching velvety soft black pants. Her nicely tanned neckline gave way a pair of perfectly huge, heaving breasts which seemed to be pushing the fabric of her white top tighter by the second. Her entire outfit closely embraced her body and defined her soft, swelling, expanding contours in a remarkably attractive manner. “Look at you though, love that top!”

“Thanks, I was a little worried cause I’ve gone up a few sizes lately.” Jenny replied quietly and meekly, not wanting to make her friend feel self-conscious about her own size.

“Please Jenny, you look awesome, plus guys like a little shape to their women, trust me.” Carmen whispered with a devilish smirk. “How bout’ a beer, or something?”

“Do you think they kids are okay?” Asked Jenny.

“Oh, yeah.” Answered Carmen. “Jake’s got em’ upstairs playin’ Xbox, they’ll be fine.”

“In that case, hell ya I’ll take a beer, what ya got?”

“Take your pick.” Said Carmen as she opened her stainless steel fridge.

Jenny looked over the broad selection of Heinekens, Coronas, and Budweiser, and Hard Lemonades and chose a Heineken, while Carmen grabbed a Corona. “If we’re nice to the boys I’ll get Jake to make us some Long Island Iced Teas a little later.” Said Carmen with a smile as she took out a cigarette and headed for the back patio where Jake was now once again back manning at the barbeque. “Come on its kinda warm outside.”

The two girls chatted, gossiped, downed their beers and smoked a couple of cigarettes each. Although it was February it was an unseasonably 68 degrees in Austin, and quite comfortable to be outside. Especially for Carmen who had a clear view of her husband’s backside in her cushioned lawn chair as she watched him tend to the old fashioned Texas BBQ baby back ribs. Carmen’s hips and thighs filled out that lawn chair much like they filled out her soft black pants, to the upmost capacity.

“Honey.” Purred Carmen with her hand stretched out holding her empty beer bottle. “Us girls could use a couple more beers please.”

Jake turned the ribs, rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself. Only Carmen could get away with acting so helpless like that and still seem so sweet and generous at the same time. It was a terribly sexy trait that she had, and Jake could never resist it. He was happy to let her sit on her ever widening one, and cater to her every need. He looked at his wife, her face was as beautiful and radiant as ever, with that perfect nose, that alluring eye makeup and thick luscious blonde hair. If any other women in the world asked him for favors like that while sitting on their ass, he would go off on a rant, but with Carmen it was a turn on. “Keith you mind watchin’ the grill for a second, and yeah you want a cigar or something?”

“Yeah, that sounds good, thanks.” Keith replied.

“Oh and you need something to drink to or are you good?” Asked Jake as he turned towards the sliding back door.

“Na, I’m good.” Answered Keith.

“Well then ladies, another Corona, and what’s that a Heineken?” Asked Jake.

“Yes please, oh and bring that pizza out here too before it gets cold would you please.”

“Alright but let’s save some pizza, Dale and Erin should be here pretty soon.”

“Jeez what do you think I am so kind of pig?” Giggled Carmen. “Hey when are Mags and her new boyfriend coming over?” She asked in addition.

“I just talked with her, they were just leaving the bar, they should be here in an hour.” Said Jake as he headed inside.

“You remember Megan don’t you?” Carmen asked Jenny.

“Oh yeah, but I haven’t seen her a few years.” She replied. “So she’s got a new boyfriend huh? Have you met him yet?”

“No, none of us have, but that’s typical Meghan, that girl seems to have someone new every month!” Said Carmen.

“What’s up guys.” Said Dale as he suddenly showed up through the back sliding door followed by his wife Erin. Dale was an average looking guy, about 5’10” tall and balding. His wife of three years, Erin, was moderately attractive and about the same height as her husband. She had a decent shape, (although below average looking breasts) was fairly slim, and kept her weight at about 150 pounds due to her love of jogging. Her face was quite stunning, although compared to Carmen and Jenny it seemed plain.

“Oh hey Dale, hey Erin!” Said Carmen without getting up. “Dale you’ve met Jenny.”

“Yes good to see you again.” Said Dale politely. “This is my wife Erin, Erin this is Jenny and that’s her husband Keith.”

“Nice to meet you.” Said Keith as he greeted her.

“Nice to meet ya’ll too.” Said Erin. “Thanks for having us over Carmen. I made some Fried Chicken just in case we run out of food.”

“Oh Erin that’s so sweet you shouldn’t have.” Said Carmen. “Thank you so much. Erin makes the best fried chicken.” She added in the direction of Jenny.

“Well I guess since we’re all hangin’ out here I figured we’d need a cooler.” Said Dale as he barged outside with a large portable ice chest in his hands. He set it down as Dale and Erin got comfortable and then headed back inside to return with the pizzas. “Help yourself guys.”

Carmen and Jake had prided themselves at being very hospitable to others, and they loved to open up their house. They had a great home for entertaining guests, and that along with the fact that they had their lives together, and had great kids, it always seemed to the Taylor’s house that people would flock to. Not to mention that they were both beautiful to look at, (which also attracted people to them).

The group chatted for a while and ate pizza and drank some beers. Just as the BBQ was about done, and Carmen was starting to work her way into the fried chicken Megan and her boyfriend arrived.

Megan looked as beautiful as ever, almost borderline slutty (as she had always been the wild one in the family, much to Jake’s disgruntlement). And although it was still winter, she was wearing a pair of ridiculously short black shorts exposing her thick tan thighs; and a tiny blue top with nothing but two straps going over her soft tan shoulders. She had put on weight, and in fact now carried over 180 pounds on her 5’7” hourglass figure, making her outfit choice all the more revealing.

“Hello everyone, this is Travis.” Said Megan as she grabbed a beer and handed one to her boyfriend. Travis was a tall man in his early thirties and he looked like he just stepped off of a Harley. He looked strong and handsome, and just Megan’s type, at least that’s what Carmen thought anyway.

“Hi, nice to meet you all.” He said is a surprisingly friendly tone. “I don’t know if you guys like Tequila, but I felt like we should bring something.” Added Travis as he held up a bottle of Gran Patron.

“Wow thanks! What a treat.” Said Carmen as she lit another cigarette, still sitting in her lawn chair.

“Thanks for having me, good to finally meet you.” He said as he took a seat and opened a beer.

Wow so that’s Carmen, they weren’t kiddin’, she’s very easy on the eyes. Looks like marriage and kids have done that body good, maybe a little too good though. Hope she don’t break that chair. Thought Travis as he drank in Carmen’s beauty.

Once the game actually started, the guys were glued. Jenny and Carmen watched much of the first quarter, but ended up spending most of their time in the other room gorging on the vast quantities of food, as well as drinking and smoking to their hearts content. While the men were focused on the game, Carmen was focused on the food, and it was a bit of feast. With baby back ribs, pizza, sausage wrapped in bacon, Buffalo wings, fried chicken and nachos, she had a hard time deciding what eat, and what she was going to eat next. By the time the game finally ended she felt aroused, sensuously feminine, full and heavy.

“So what do you think of Travis? Asked Carmen to Jenny as she opened a box of miniature Hostess chocolate covered donuts and gracefully at one in two bites.

“He seems nice.” Answered Jenny as she tried to fight the erge to eat one of the donuts. What does he do for a living?”

“Get this.” Said Carmen. “He’s a civil engineer.”

“No way really?” Said a surprised Jenny. “He looks more like a member of the Hell’s Angels.”

“I know right, but better looking.” Said Carmen as she reached for another donut.

“Yes definitely better looking.” Replied Jenny as she gave in a grabbed one of the little donuts. “Looks like he’s been feeding her well.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Said Carmen with a slight giggle. “I never realized how much of a badunkadunk Mags has.”

“Well it’s hard to miss it in those shorts!” Said Jenny.

“She looks really good though, I’d be wearing shorts like that if I could still fit in them.” Added Carmen with a sigh. “Speaking of that, I need to get away from these donuts! I think I’ll go cuddle up to Jake and see if he’ll make us some drinks.” Carmen cooed to Jenny, and daintily wiggled (arms bent, hips gyrating) over to her husband who was still on the couch with the others watching the post game show, (but not before she grabbed another donut).

“Hey baby.” Carmen said in a slow sexy voice as she lowered her huge shapely ass over him and collapsed in the corner of the sofa with her soft fat thighs and legs spread across his lap. “Who won?”

“Are you serious?” He asked.

“What, I was in the other room with Jen.” Whined Carmen.

“The Saints won, it was a great game you really missed out.”

“Oh you know I don’t care about football.”

“You hear this Keith, that’s a former cheerleader saying she doesn’t care about football.” Jake said laughing.

Carmen was a cheerleader?? Wow, so that’s what happens to cheerleaders after high school. Makes sense I guess, no more practice and all that. She must have gained a lot of weight, for some reason it looks damn sexy on her though. Thought Travis as he sat with Megan on his lap in the corner of the room, trying to avoid glares from Jake.

“Ha, Jennifer’s the same way.” Said Keith who was sitting on the love seat as Jenny where Jenny was now joining him.

“If you don’t care about football, then why were you a cheerleader?”

“Just so I could look at you in tight pants.” She said playfully.

“Oh is that right.” Said Jake as he leaned over and kissed her.

“That’s, exactly right.” Purred Carmen in a lustful whisper as she put her small soft hand on his crouch, and squished herself even more firmly against him. Jake squeezed and fondled her warm fleshy thighs as Carmen delightedly groaned and batted her dark eyelashes at him. She slowly scooted her hips and butt to the back of the sofa and arched her back causing her breasts to stick out and heave and bounce. She yawned sweetly and flirtatiously ran her fingers through her perfumed hair and said, “I was thinking, maybe you could make us all some drinks, I’m we haven’t really touched any of that vodka yet.”

“You guys got some margarita mix right?” Said Dale. “Why don’t I make some. All right if I crack open that Patron, Travis?”

“Go for it man, that’s why I brought it.” Travis Answered.

* * * * * * * * *

Hi guys.” Carmen greeted Jake and Dale at one of her husband’s construction sites. She was swinging by to pick up Blake’s baseball glove, which for some reason he’d forgotten that he’d left it in Jake’s work truck (as kids do) and needed it for his game which started in less than an hour.

The now 32 year old Carmen slowly wiggled and jiggled her way toward them breathing heavily with a cigarette in hand. “Eww whoa!” She girlishly squeaked as she nearly stumbled on the awkward step along the side of the gutted-out house.

“Watch your step there honey.” Said Jake. “Your shoes untied.”

In the past two years Carmen had allowed her weight to get out of control. Eating for her now seemed like a hobby, and she was getting to the point where she was unable to do the simplest of physical activities without getting winded. Even her favorite pastime of shopping was becoming a form of exertion. Still, she was in a bit of denial. Sure she knew she was very out-of-shape, but she justified it because she felt so feminine and sexy all the time. And to be honest she liked what she saw in the mirror, and why wouldn’t she, why wouldn’t any woman? She didn’t have a fat chubby face but rather just a bit of a less defined jaw and neckline. She still had the stunning youthful looking face and skin of a cover girl, and it was as beautiful, if not more beautiful than it was ten years ago when she was slimmer. Despite being somewhat disappointed with the size of her belly, she didn’t really mind her thighs and butt. Even if they were huge and soft and jiggley to the touch, at least they were still shapely and pretentious, she thought. The weight seemed to pile on a little more quickly than it did when she was in her twenties. Without realizing or meaning to, she had gained a good 40 pounds in the past two years putting her at a very unhealthy, yet very attractive 320 pounds of exaggerated voluptuous curves.

“Whewww! Why didn’t you (pant, wheeze) tell me it was such a long (cough, cough) walk down here?” She said between breaths and attempted to bend over and tie her shoe. She stopped herself halfway, sweetly gasped and asked for a place to sit down.

“Sure baby, umm…ah…there we go.” Said Jake as he quickly walked over and grabbed a metal folding chair for her.

“Ooof! Thanks babe. I (cough) seem to(pant) be..ah..little winded (huff, gasp) for some reason, just give me a sec.” She said as she sat down took another long drag of her cigarette and put down her stylish genuine leather handbag. Carmen was dressed casually (for the most part) for her day as a sports mom. Her thighs were poured into a pair of sexy white cotton pants, and on top she had on a tight black v-neck tee shirt that showed a great deal of cleavage.

Dale glanced at Jake for a moment and then turned his attention back to Carmen. “So the boy’s got a tryout today.” He said noticing Carmen’s heavy breathing and curvaceous girth. “Heard he’s quite the little ball player.” He had always thought of Carmen as this glamorous and sort of unobtainable beauty and dream of a wife, but he was a little surprised at how fat she had gotten lately.

How the hell is she so out of breath and out of shape and still her hair and eye makeup looks that amazing? Dale thought to himself. Why can't Erin ever look like that? “Yeah, (huff) ya know, just like his daddy.” She replied with a sweet half giggle, as she finished tying her trendy women’s tennis shoe. “You got (cough) it?” Gasped Carmen catching her breath, referring to Blake’s glove.

“Yeah, just a sec.” Replied Jake as he turned towards his truck.

A few hours later Jake and Dale were sitting a table in a nearby bar with a couple of pitchers in front of them. They were there to talk business, but Dale seemed more interested in the beer.

“So he doesn’t like you to watch him play.” Asked Dale.

“Not for a tryout.” Replied Jake as he sipped his glass of Bud Light. “He gets nervous when I’m watching.”

“Oh, yeah.” Said Dale. “It’s a kind of father son thing.” He added as he polished of his glass and poured another.

The two men sat and talked a little about the future of the company, and Dale made glass after glass of beer disappear in the process. He got a little buzzed and worked up the courage to ask a question that had been burning away in his head for the last few hours.

“How’s Carmen’s weight?” Asked Dale as he poured himself another glass from the picther.
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Great updated, loved the descriptions and particularly the conversation between Jenny and Keith about Carmen's weight. Very sexy and believable!
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Default M.I.L.F. by plussauvage

Part 7

“What hell Dale, what’s the matter with you, man?” Jake replied in a stern and slightly angry tone.

“I’m sorry Jake, I only ask because I care about you guys, and I’ve been getting a little worried about Carmen’s health.”

Jake gritted his teeth and tried to stay calm and composed. “I love my wife, alright.”

“Hey I didn’t say-“

“I’m not gonna tell her how she should live her life, that’s up to her.” Said Jake forcefully and cutting Dale off.

“You’ve got to get her to quit smoking.” Said Dale plainly.

“Look.” Jake paused and glared at Dale. “You know how everybody always says marriages are full of ups and downs?”


“Well, Carmen and I have never had ups and downs. We don’t fight and really never have, she’s doing fine, and I’m doing fine and let’s just leave it at that!”

“Jake you got to wake up though before-“

“You know why I worked so hard to start this company with you Dale?” Said Jake cutting him off again.


“Because I was about to marry the kindest, most beautiful girl in the world, and I knew she deserved a great life. I wasn’t about to be married to a girl like that, and have her feel like she needs to work to pay the bills and have nice things.” He said with a finger pointing in Dale’s direction. “I would work 20 hours a day for her, I never want her to have to lift a finger.”

“Yeah, but to what point?” Asked Dale. “What do you think she’s just gonna suddenly start exercising, or are you just gonna let her eat herself right out of-“

“This conversation is over.” Said Jake as he slammed his beer down on the table and left.

Jake remained slightly pissed off at Dale for the rest of the week. A part of him knew he was right, but Jake was just so happy and so incredibly turned on by his wife of 11 years. Even at well over 300 pounds Carmen’s beauty far exceeded that of any other woman, and that was not just in his mind. While some of his other friend’s wives had cut their hair short, stopped wearing makeup regularly, and started to look their age; Carmen looked every bit like an over-fed beauty queen, and in fact looked more like she was 26 or 27 rather than 32.

She still had that soft, radiant, light tan, flawless skin. She still had that long, thick, glamorous blonde hair, and that perfect female nose and those glowing seductive eyes and eyelashes. Even still, Jake couldn’t get those words from Dale’s mouth out of head.

“Why don’t I do the grocery shopping today, you just stay here and relax.” Jake said one day, hoping that maybe he could get his wife to eat a little healthier.

“Are you sure baby? Carmen sweetly cooed as she puffed on her cigarette and relaxed in front of the TV.

“Yeah it’s no problem.” Jake replied as he grabbed his keys.

“Great, then I think I’ll start on some champagne a little early.” Said Carmen with a titillating giggle.

When Jake returned from the store, Carmen lifted herself out of her seat on the sofa to greet him. “I hope you got somethin’ good, mommy’s hungry.” Said Carmen as she squished her body against him and sensually kiss the scratchy five o’clock shadow of his cheek.

Jake pulled out a bag of apples followed by some bananas. “Jake you know I hate bananas.” Whined Carmen.

“Yeah, but I think it’s time for me start eating a little healthier.” Said Jake nonchalantly.

Carmen laughed and put her cute little hand on his stomach. At age 33 Jake had finally started to put on some weight himself, probably a good 20 pounds or so in the last 2 to 3 years, and it was evident by his somewhat softer gut. That being said he was still quite muscular, and at 6’1” and a mere 205 pounds he was still in pretty good shape.

“Why, like your cute little ass can get any smaller.” Said Carmen as she stared at the bananas like they were her worst enemy. “I want some cookies.” She added in a girlish complaining tone.

She started looking through the kitchen pantry for something to snack on. Jake watched his beautiful wife’s arms jiggle as she looked and he suddenly felt guilty. Was he really going to let Dale’s words influence him like this? The last thing Jake wanted to do was deprive Carmen of pleasure, how could he have gotten so lost?

“Did you get anything for dinner or should we just order out?” Asked Carmen as she grabbed some Rocky Road ice cream and started eating it right out of the carton.

Jake thought about the healthy dinner of baked cod and brown rice that he had planned. This was so stupid, he thought. Dale doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s probably just pissed off that I have Carmen to come home to and he’s got that poor man’s Maggie Gyllenhaal look-alike Erin.

You might have had good intensions Dale, but you just don’t know how much of a good thing I have here. Screw it, she looks way to good right now.

“Yeah, let’s order out.” Said Jake finally. “We’ll keep it simple, I’ll order a couple of pizza’s you pour yourself some more of that champagne and we’ll just relax tonight. Okay?”

“Ummm…. you always know the way to my heart.” Carmen said with a seductive smirk after taking the spoon out of her mouth.

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excellent addition sir...can't wait for more!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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kuopiofi has said some nice things

Is this finished?
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Well, I like the progression and if you decide to continue it, you should do something for poor Dale... (-:
It comes down to a simple choice. Get busy eating or get busy starving! I prefer eating, myself!
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