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Old 04-25-2012, 09:53 PM   #1
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Default Pledging Tri-Phi

“Well, well, well,” cooed Heather. “Are you sure, really really sure, you want to join Tri-Phi, Pledge?”

Heather was sitting in a low soft armchair, her flabby legs splayed wide underneath the monstrous bulk of her own stomach, slumped in the chair underneath her obesity. Her low-cut dress strained to contain the bulging sorority president, flab oozing out of every vee and seam. Her tone was low, and silky smooth, but to those who knew her, and these four did, that tone meant menace.

In front of her, a freshman pledge stood on a scale, clad only in a bikini.

“Y, uh, Y-yes” whimpered Kaylee, standing on the scale.

“Yes WHAT?” snapped Heather.

“Yes, Sister” Kaylee managed to reply.

“That's better” Heather continued, once again soft and low. “Now, let's see here. The problem was pretty simple. You had thirty days to gain thirty pounds. And, oh dear, it seems you've only gained twenty-four.”

Kaylee struggled to keep back her sobs. She had tried, she had honestly tried, but she wasn't naturally a big girl, really.

Heather went on. “Your friends there, they had no problem with it. So what shall we do with you?”

It was true. Candace played lacrosse in high school, and had a prodigious appetite. She'd gained the most of all of them, forty pounds, and was now sporting a big round stomach. Tara had always been a butterball, short and fat, and was now still short and a good bit fatter, and “Melons” Melanie, who gained all her weight in her mammoth breasts, had swollen up tremendously, and her swaying and bobbing chest had become one of the wonders of the freshman dorms.

Kaylee, however, was a tiny little thing, not even five feet tall and a hundred pounds when she first enrolled, and little had changed until this, the final challenge to join Tri-Phi. She had tried, stuffing her poor little belly until it hurt, time and time again. Now, standing on a scale in her bikini, her little pot-belly cradled in her hands, she knew she hadn't quite made it. The scale indicator read 122 lbs.

“You know the rules” murmured Heather. “If you can't do it right, you have to do it again. Next month, thirty pounds. Well, thirty-one, because there's thirty-one days in the next month. Unfortunately, we have to add a little punishment for failure, too. See, you missed by six pounds. So we double that to twelve and add it on.”

Heather idly twirled a lock of golden blonde hair with a fat finger. “So that makes thirty one plus, oh, math is hard, uh, thirty and twelve and one is forty and three... Forty-three pounds. Let me write that down.” Heather made a note in the sorority's pledge folder.

Candace, Tara, and Melanie looked sympathetically at their friend. Kaylee was still trying, not completely successfully, to hold back her sniffles. They knew how much she'd wanted this, eating as much as she could, but it just wasn't enough. They had hoped Heather would be kind, and give her a little extra time or something, but now they knew, in fact they'd known from the beginning, that was a vain hope from someone like Heather.

Heather was by now practically talking to herself. “Hmm, today's date, next month, there we go.” She finished the entry in Kaylee's file. “Now, you two:” Heather pointed at Candace and Melanie. “Help me up.”

The two pledges rushed forwards, Candace's belly leading the way closely followed by Melanie's breasts. Each pledge took one of Heather's hands, and with a tripartite grunt heaved the grossly obese president to her feet.

Heather wobbled, leaning on the two girls, and Melanie wobbled as well, but sturdy Candace stabilized them both, her firm gut pressing into one of the rolls of fat around Heather's waist.

“Oof” grunted Heather again. In her typical bossy voice she ordered, “Let's go to the dining room. I'm feeling a little peckish, and I know someone” with a meaningful glare at Kaylee, still standing on the scale, “who could definitely use something to eat.”

Just a snippet I felt like writing. I dunno where to go with it. Scx
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Looks like this has potential.
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