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Default Stuffing Weekend

A fantasy of mine has been to take my wife on a weekend trip to a location with many restaurants and a delicious variety of foods. We would leave on Friday afternoon and get in two delicious meals before resting on Friday night. Saturday would be an eating marathon. The hotel would have breakfast with the room, as a starter. We would then go out for a brunch and follow with a buffet lunch, which would take us to stuffed and waddling by 2:00. Back to the hotel, where we would digest, rest and love each other for a few hours. By 5:00, we would be up and out looking for two more full dinners that we could drag back and appreciate our swollen bellies for the night.
Sunday would start by again feasting on the hotel breakfast followed by a bunch in a local restraurant. Then we would get into the car, bloated, and head home.
Of course, we would take measurements, weight and pictures before we left and after we returned. We would also buy the next size up in clothes, because we would need it to come home!
Does anyone else have such fantasies, or have others actually done something like this. I would like to hear about it. I love my wife, but she is far to weight conscious to do anything like it. So this has to be a fantasy for me.
A full belly and a pretty dress are two of my favorite things!
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Default You need to take a cruise!

Your fantasy can come true if you book a cruise vacation for the two of you, and you won't have to drive anywhere.

I did a 10 day cruise a few years ago on Royal Carribbean and brought home more than 17 pounds as a souvenir. Seriously good food and drink available nearly 24 hours a day.

You board as a passenger and return as cargo!
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