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Default The Soul Mate - by UKLionheart (~BBW, Force Feeding, ~~WG)

~BBW, Force Feeding, ~~WG - Two feeders accelerate the intake of a natural glutton

[ Author’s Note: Hi. This is my first attempt at this sort of fiction although I've written historical and Pagan short stories before. Any advice would be appreciated.

Part One sets the scene. I am trying to build up the excitement before the feeding actually starts; hope it doens't drag on too long!

Thanks in advance for constructive criticism.]

The Soul Mate

by UKLionheart

I had always liked “chunky” girls, but I had never really considered myself a fat fetishist. Friends used to laugh at me because I would rather have a girlfriend with a bit of a belly than one who was a stick thin lollipop, but although they called me that a “chubby chaser” I genuinely believed that girls should have curves – and I’ll confess that means breasts and bum – and shouldn’t feel bony when you cuddle up to them at night.

Also, I had never heard of the term “feeder” although, again, I would be more attracted to a girl who would happily eat a proper meal than one who would eat half a lettuce leaf and then stress about calories.

Then I met Katie.

She was almost my perfect girl. A little bit Goth, pale with long black hair and, I was pleased to note, nicely rounded. I found out later that she weighed 185 pound when we first met, and she was slightly shorter than me; around 5’4. As I said, quite chunky.

I was so pleased when she agreed that our first date could be at a restaurant; and when she told me that she really enjoyed eating, I found myself strangely aroused. She told me that her previous boyfriend had been embarrassed to take her out to a restaurant after they went to an All You Can Eat buffet at the local Pizza Hut, and she had eaten 17 slices of pizza and several plates of pasta.

“I swear to God,” she told me, “I have some sort of addiction and will just eat and eat and eat!”

I had never felt so excited! As if to prove her point, she ordered a dessert called a Millionaire Candy Mania. Eight scoops of ice-cream, covered in whipped cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, with Twix sticks, biscuit, chocolate and caramel coated shortbread stuck in it and finally sprinkled with M&M, Maltesers and chocolate.

“How many spoons?” asked the waitress.

“Just one!” replied Katie in surprise, as though wondering why she was being asked such a stupid question.

The waitress, a lollipop, sort of sneered. I could tell she was thinking something unpleasant about Katie’s weight!

The order came in a huge goblet shaped bowl, almost as wide as my hand and about 6 inches deep. It was full to the brim with ice-cream and all the extras piled on top made it a truly magnificent sight, but not as magnificent as the sight of Katie getting stuck into it as though she had never eaten; especially bearing in mind that before this, she’d already had a full plate of chicken breasts covered in some sort of cheesy sauce, with all the trimmings and extra fries.

As she pushed away the empty bowl, I told her that I was embarrassed and she looked quite sad.

“I told you that I like to eat...” she began.

“Oh no,” I interrupted. “I mean that we’ll just have to sit here for a while, because that was amazing, but unfortunately, I have the wrong sort of trousers on and well... I liked it a bit too much!”

Katie laughed. “You’re so weird!” she said. But I arranged to see her again and decided I was going to take her out to eat as much as possible, because she was my perfect girl. So this is what we did, and every time we went out, she amazed me! At the All You Can Eat Chindian (Chinese and Indian buffet) she piled her plate high with noodles, rice and fries, before even starting on then real dishes , and then, after she’d eaten it went back for seconds. And followed it all with a bowl of ice-cream with lots of sauces and sprinkles.

“I know when I am full,” she said, “because I find it hard to breathe.” This is how much she force-fed herself at every opportunity.

It never really crossed my mind at that point quite what all of the eating would do to her waistline, but over the months I started to realize that she was actually gaining weight. I would be cuddling up to her in bed and I would notice that her belly was actually pushing up against me. In our first four months together, her weight hit 221 pounds and it wasn’t an issue until she got a cheap last minute holiday to Turkey with her friend Jan. None of her clothes fit her and that was when she realized how much weight she had gained.

“When I come back from Turkey,” she said, “I am going on a diet.” I nodded. After all I was totally besotted with her and would love her fat or thin, although I would prefer her to be a little plump.

I waved her off from the airport and had to go for a week without her hugs, but it turned out that the holiday was an incredibly fattening experience. It was an all inclusive with a permanent buffet including a twelve foot cake table. All Katie did for the week was lay by the pool being fetched plates of food by the waiters, and apparently all encouraged by Jan. She also had the opportunity of smoking a Hookah Pipe, and I was quite disappointed to find out later that she didn’t. I knew that she was a smoker when she was younger and had quit, although she did occasionally still have a sly cigarette, especially if she’d been drinking. Unfortunately, I had never seen it (and that was quite disappointing as this is a fetish I knew I had!) but it turned out that Jan wouldn’t allow her to have the pipe. I thought it was strange, but didn’t think much more of it. I was more thrilled by the fact that she looked pregnant when she came back; it was obvious that she had spent the entire week just stuffing her belly.

But then she joined the diet class....

After the first couple of weeks, she’d lost around ten pounds. It wasn’t particularly noticeable physically, but it was clear that her eating habits were changing. I was becoming more curious about Jan though. When we were all out for dinner (Katie was having a large ice-cream, which was her Cheat of the Week) Jan poked a small fold of fat under her arm.

“What are you doing?” laughed Katie.

“Nothing,” said Jan. “Just noticed it was smaller.” They continued laughing about the weight loss, but as part of the humour, I noticed that Jan took frequent opportunities to pinch or poke Katie, as if measuring her. As we were walking back to the car, Katie shuddered.

“Are you cold?” I asked.

“Yeah. A bit,” she replied.

“It’s because she’s lost that layer of fat,” giggled Jan, but in truth she seemed a little disappointed about it.
I waited for an opportunity to get Jan alone and confront her about this.

“Katie’s doing really well at her diet club,” I said, and before Jan had chance to answer, added, “but I worry that she may lose that chunkiness which is so sexy!”

Jan looked at me curiously.

“I feel a bit responsible really,” I confessed. “I’ve taken her out to dinner at every opportunity and let her eat until she almost burst. It’s my fault she put the weight on, but it was just so good to watch her eat like that.”

Jan smiled. “You’re a Feeder,” she announced. As I said earlier, I didn’t know what the word meant, but Jan took great pleasure in explaining it to me, and as she did, I realized she was right. I was aroused by girls over-eating and gaining weight. Jan was a feeder too and Katie was her Feedee, although she didn’t know it. For the last few years, Jan had been slowly over-feeding Katie, taking advantage of her natural gluttony, but I had thrown a spanner in the works. My feedings had made her gain more quickly and as exciting as this was for Jan, it meant that Katie had noticed and gone on this diet.

“At least on that holiday I got to do some proper over-feeding,” she said with a sigh. “I’ve never had the opportunity before, but it was my last chance so I thought I may as well.”

I nodded slowly; a plan was forming in my mind. “Can’t we just do it?” I whispered hesitantly. “I mean, I don’t really want her to diet; you want to feed her more...” I left the sentence hanging.

“What are you suggesting?” asked Jan. The shock in her voice made me think I had gone too far, but I was committed now; I took the risk.

“Just get her, and over-feed her. I mean REALLY over-feed; properly stuff her and then feed her even more. Keep her belly full and stretched and...” I shrugged not really knowing the words, but Jan seemed breathless with excitement.

“You want to fatten her!” she gasped. “I’ve spent a long time feeding her, and the weight gain has been a bonus, but I’ve never really gone as far as trying to truly fatten her up.”

I was confused, unable to see the difference.

Jan excitedly explained. “Usually, I give her food and like to feel her full belly; keep her well fed and plump. But to actively fatten her is different; it’s not so much about the eating as the gaining. We have to keep measurements and make sure she doesn’t realize that we are actually aiming to make her fat rather than just feeding her... Not until it is too late anyway.”

“Too late?” I didn’t really like the sound of that.

Jan smiled. “Yeah! What do you think is going to happen? We are going to make her eat more than ever and she is going to get fat. She will be bigger than she’s ever been, and she’s not going to thank us for that, is she?”

“I wasn’t actually thinking about giving her a choice,” I said slowly. “I can see what you mean about trying to fatten her slowly so she doesn’t notice, but I was going to be a bit more ruthless really. Just say to her, ‘Look, you are here to eat and you are going to gain weight. No discussion, no debate.’” I laughed. “Didn’t mean to make it a cheesy rhyme!”

“I like it,” said Jan grinning widely. “We will control what she eats, how much and how often. Always keeping her belly stretching and always feeding her that little bit more. We can make her really fat, really fast!”

“And she’ll know we are doing it!” I said, getting caught up in thrill of the plan. “She’ll have to know we are fattening her, because we will measure and weigh her every week and give her progress reports. Let her know just how much bigger we’ve made her!”

“Yeah!” Jan clapped excitedly but as if reality had suddenly reasserted itself into her life, she looked disappointed.

“I don’t see how we are going to do this though,” she said.

“Leave that to me,” I replied confidently. “Give me a few days and a flip chart. I’ll let you know when I am ready!”

(Continued in post 10 of this thread)

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Jerry Thomas
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Good start! Sounds interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. The story flows nicely and is well-written. Since you appear to be writing from the UK, why not add some local color (colour!) to add realism -- where exactly does the story take place? You could have her stuffing herself at a seaside restaurant in Brighton, or chomping down fish and chips at a pub in Newcastle. Anyway, I like it so far. Welcome to the group! By the way, I am no stranger to the All You Can Eat buffet at Pizza Hut myself !
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tarquin has said some nice things

Terrific story, and well-written! Anxiously waiting for the next chapter.
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Great beginning!
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sounds very good

Any news on this story?
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Fab story look forward to the next part!!!!! Keep up the good work.
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brilliant story so far. hope the rest is good.
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Thanks for your positive comments so far! I originally put this under the wrong forum; didn't realise it had been posted!

Yes, as you noticed, I am writing in UK, so I had some issues with words like Chips and Fries... and also having to convert weight to pounds when I am more likely to use stones (14 lb = 1 stone!)

The story is set in Cleethorpes close to my home town, and there is something which loicals will recognise in Part 2, which is hopefully coming soon!

Thanks again.
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thats sounds very good
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Default Part Two

It took me a little longer than I expected to get everything ready. There was an old fort off the coast which used to be a defense against enemy shipping in the war. It had stood empty for a long time and nobody ever went there. It was perfect!

Jan and I waited for Katie to go visit her family for a couple of days and then sprung into action. We’d had a boat on standby, and as soon as Katie left, we were backwards and forwards to that fort with everything we needed. We decided that the day after she returned would be the day we carried out our plan.

I remember that morning so clearly. I was up first, as usual, and was making a cup of tea when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs behind me. Katie really was beautiful! Her morning hair hung loosely over half of her face, and she smiled so sweetly. I almost changed my mind! But then I looked at her belly, still round and soft, and I imagined it stuffed, solid and stretching. There was no way I was going to back out now! Plus Jan was still on the fort. We decided she would stay there because it would look strange if we picked her up; especially with the plan I had to get Katie there.

“I really missed you while you’ve been away,” I said. “So I have arranged a special day out for us. Somewhere you have never been!”

Katie beamed at me.

“You’re so thoughtful! I am so lucky!” she said.

If only she knew! I felt guilt again, but as we cuddled, I realized that I wanted nothing more than to fatten her.

I took her down to the docks where the boat was waiting. Already she was excited that I’d taken arranged for her to sail; it was something she’d always wanted to do, even though it was only – she thought – going to be a few hours in the Humber Estuary. I knew she didn’t really like wine, so I’d made a special punch out of cider and rum; two of her favorite drinks. I wanted her to have a nice alcoholic glow by the time we got to the fort. The ride out took about two hours, so we spent that time drinking and laughing. She had no idea what was coming!

When we arrived I helped her onto the fort and then blindfolded her.

“The big surprise for you is inside,” I told her. I led her through the doors and through the winding corridors to a small room just outside the large central chamber. I had constructed a special chair in here. For a start it was very strong and wide; it was going to need to be later. A single chain ran through the arms and across the bottom on a pulley wheel. This meant that Katie would be able to reach the food we gave her and her mouth to feed herself, but she was going nowhere. Also because they were connected on a single chain, as one arm went up, the other had to come down and there was no way – given the width of the chair – she could touch one had with the other and undo the manacles holding her. Finally, I’d added a couple improvements to the pulley and chair, which will become clear soon.

I led Katie to the chair and sat her in it. I didn’t manacle her arms yet, but I did make sure her legs were chained. She thought it was part game and giggled like a schoolgirl, although she did get a little agitated when she felt me fumbling around her belly.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Just making sure you are comfortable,” I replied. This was a lie. I was actually sliding a tape measure around her waist. 39 inches? She must have been breathing in!

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Always,” she laughed.

“Good! Hold tight!” The chair was on wheels and I pushed it through into the large chamber and up a ramp. Katie was laughing with excitement! Suddenly, with a thud, the chair dropped into a base unit which held it firm. Instantly, a couple of numbers flashed on the back of the base unit: One said 208, the other 0. These were to show her current weight and the gain since we started fattening her.

Katie began sniffing as I slid the chair, complete with base unit, under the table. Jan had been really busy and a wide range of food was spread in front of Katie, who was fidgeting. I could tell she could smell the food and was keen to see it. Unable to build up the suspense any more, I whipped off her blindfold and she gasped. Surprise turned to glee as she looked at the horseshoe shaped table surrounding her. I put her hand on a joystick on the chair arm, which turned the base unit, allowing her access to the full table with minimum effort.

Swinging from the left hand side of the table, there were plates of noodles and rice, all prepared in butter. Next to those were pasta dishes with various sauces, garlic bread, pizzas. Then Chinese and Indian dishes, either fried or lathered with creamy sauces. On the right hand side of the table was a single large creamy gateaux, with piles of cupcakes, and finally a selection of cheeses and biscuits. Jan set a large glass of coke in the cup holder on the chair arm and handed Katie a spoon and fork.

“Enjoy,” she said and took a step back. She turned to me.

“I got the idea from your stories about the Chindian and all you can eat pizza hut,” she told me.

Again, the punch was doing what I hoped and Katie dived straight into one of the curries, alternating between spoons of rice and creamy chicken korma. After a few mouthfuls, she realized we were not eating and looked at us.

“Are you not having any?” She leaned across and grabbed a slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza, chewing on it as we shook our heads.

“It’s all for you,” said Jan, smiling. Katie’s eyes widened, but the combination of her natural greediness and the alcohol ensured she kept munching without thinking as I walked around the table to the flip chart.

“I wrote down some of your comments, as I knew you would ask questions,” I said. She looked up from a bowl of fried rice and chicken, but didn’t stop eating.

“I think this one is the most appropriate for the minute.” I flicked through a few of the pages until I found the right one, and then threw the sheets over the back showing the following:
If I could, I would just eat non-stop all day!
"Now you can,” laughed Jan. She move the plates around on the table, so the fuller ones were nearer Katie, who was scooping spoon after spoon of pasta with some creamy cheese sauce into her mouth. We watched for a while, thrilled and amazed at the amount she was eating as she swapped between the plates in front of her. Finally, she took a large slice of the gateaux. We could see that she was slowing down as she ate it, but she managed to finish it off, and, wiping her mouth, laid back in the chair, smiling.

“Full already?” I asked.

“Just having a rest,” she said. “I’ll see how I feel in a minute.”

I walked round the table, put a slice of cheddar on a biscuit and handed it her it. She popped it into her mouth and chewed slowly. Jan began clearing the table, but I stopped her.

“Just take the empty plates,” I said. “She’ll be eating again soon.”

Katie laughed.

“No, I think I am finally full,” she said, but her joy stopped when I poked her belly.

“That hurt!” she yelped.

“I thought you said you were full!”

“I am!”

“Pfft! You’re not even half-way there yet!” I said, “And besides, you need to finish off this before Jan brings out your next meal. Wouldn’t want to offend her by not eating it, would you?”

“Next meal?” Katie looked at me curiously. “I thought this was a one off!”

“Why?” I looked puzzled. “I told you that you were here to fulfill your dream.”

I pointed at the flipchart again and read: “eat non-stop all day.” Despite what I was saying, Katie clearly was stuffed. When I prodded her belly, I could feel that it was quite hard; but I knew I could get more into it. I also knew that she was far too full to put up much resistance, so this was when I manacled her arms and pulled the chains tight to lock them in place.

“I can’t move!” complained Katie.

“Well, you can a bit,” I said, “But we’ll soon stop that.”

I folded the top of the chair over her head, which held it in place. “Now you can’t move at all,” I laughed. I pulled the chair out from under the table and stepped on a pedal on the base. This gently tipped the whole thing backwards, similar to a dentist’s chair. I held up a large jug and began dropping cup cakes into it, ensuring Katie could see.

“You hardly ate any of the cakes,” I said. “That’s a shame; I know they are your favorites.”

I poured some of the cider and rum punch into the jug and attached it to a blender. As it whisked the cakes into a thick liquid, of similar consistency to a milkshake, I brought the flipchart around to an angle where Katie could easily view it..

Once the mixture in the blender was ready, I held the jug up for Katie to see.

“You may have noticed that I put more of that alcoholic drink in here,” I said. “That is because ethanol is a complex carbohydrate and the enzymes which are required to break it down....”

I paused. Katie was not really a science buff anyway, and in her current stressed state the explanation wasn’t going to go in.

“Let’s just say,” I said with a grin, “it will fatten you up faster.”

“Fatten me up?” Now she really did look worried.

“Yeah!” I turned the flip chart to a picture of her at her largest: 240 lb (sadly before I met her). “When we have finished with you, you are going to look scrawny in this photo. Now open wide!”

I approached Katie, with the jug, but as I expected, she clamped her mouth tightly closed. I was ready though and had another of my contraptions ready: A hinged mask. The top part just covered her nose to upper lip. It had an adjustable width around the nostrils, and I tightened it until it nipped them closed. Then I waited.

After a few seconds, Katie had to open her mouth to breathe and I quickly pushed the lower half down on the hinge. This pushed a couple of rods into her mouth, stopping her closing it again. I released her nostrils and folded the top half of the mask down allowing her to breather freely, but then I inserted a funnel into her open mouth, and slowly poured the mixture in. Katie had no option but to swallow it, or she would choke.

As I poured it in, I rubbed her belly, and explained that, as this was a liquid, it would fill in any gaps in her stomach and make sure she was truly full. Jan was preparing a second jug, so we kept up the flow almost constantly. Big tears fell from Katie’s eyes, and I could tell she was in pain, but I just kept pouring.

Half way through the third jug, her stomach was absolutely solid to touch, and her breathing was incredibly laboured. There was no denying that she was beyond stuffed! I removed the mask and told her to rest.

Although barely able to breathe, she somehow gasped that she was going to burst, and she almost screamed when Jan came over and gave her belly a prod, just to feel it.

“You see,” I said with no sympathy, “you are going to be fattened, and this is how it is going to work. We are going to set you a target weight gain, and you have to achieve it. If you fail, we will feed you with the jug, like I just did, and I know you don’t like that!

"So you have a choice: you can either stuff yourself with food you like, and make the most of it, or we will force feed you and it will be ruthless and unpleasant. Either way, you are going to over-eat, spend all your time feeling stuffed and bloated, and get very, very fat. Now have a rest, have a cry if you think it will help, and we’ll be back in a few hours to top up your belly.”

Without even waiting for an answer, we turned out the light and left Katie alone in the darkness with her thoughts.

(Continued in post 14 of this thread)

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Very cool a next chapter, its a bit darker like the first buts thats nice,

I am interesting what happening in the next chapter.....
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Default Please please please continue!!!

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Hi All.

SOrry thast there has been a delay; I was burgled and lost my computer! So now I am back online, Part 3 should be coming soon!
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Default Part 3

A few hours later, I was in the kitchen and so tired. I had been up for about twenty hours; it felt like forever. I had checked in on Katie on the way past and she was sleeping in the chair, snoring quietly. I guess that her body had to switch off to deal with the massive over-feeding.

Somehow, probably due to the mixture of tiredness and excitement, I dropped a bowl and it smashed loudly on the floor. Within seconds, Jan was there rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“What are you doing?” she snapped angrily.

“Preparing another meal,” I replied. “Don’t want our Katie going hungry, do we?”

“Yes, actually, we do,” sighed Jan. “Our plan is to make her fat! So we need her to over-eat, and the best way to do that is to swing between the two extremes of totally stuffed and painfully hungry.”

I frowned in confusion, but Jan was too tired to explain.

“Just go to bed!” she shouted.

The next morning, I woke feeling refreshed, and rushed through to see Katie. She was still asleep, but woke up when I prodded her belly. It was soft again, and possibly slightly bigger; that could have been wishful thinking on my part!

Katie glared angrily at me when she realised she was still chained to the chair.

“Have you finished this little game yet?” she demanded. I smiled and poked her belly again.

“What do you think? Anyway, I assume you are hungry? That normally puts you in a bad mood.”

“Well, I am not eating! I don’t want to be fat!”

Jan walked in laden with brown bags.

“We’ll see,” she smiled. She began emptying the contents of the bags on the table in front of Kate.

“You used to be able to eat four of these burger meals in one sitting,” said Jan. “That was when you were just greedy; now you are being fattened, well, we’ll just keep going!”

Kate pulled a face, tightening her jaw so we could not force feed her, but Jan just walked away, leaving her staring at the pile of burgers on the table.

“You see,” Jan told me, “because we have waited until she was hungry again, it is only a matter of time. Plus, as we are over feeding her, then letting her go hungry, we are stretching her stomach, and slowing her metabolism. This means that she will be eating more yet using less calories: a double whammy which will ensure she fattens really quickly.”

She grinned and pointed to Kate. The smell and sigh of the burgers, combined with her hunger had chipped away at her resistance. I was sure she was only going to eat a little bit, but after the first few bites, she was gobbling the burgers as though she had never eaten. Four, then five, then six. With a sigh, she sat back, her belly slightly distended. Jan looked at me smugly, and then turned to Kate.

“Still four left,” she said matter of factly.

“I.. I can’t eat them.”

“You will, or I will fetch the mask!” replied Jan. She poked Katie’s belly and added, “and then we have the puddings! There is still plenty of room in there.”

“But I am so full!” whined Katie. Jan just shrugged and turned to me.

“Mask!” she said.

I shook my head; I did not want to use the mask all the time. I felt it would take the fun out of the feedings somehow. It had to be there though; making Katie over-eat through her fear of the mask was a lot more exciting than just pouring the food down her throat. I saw Jan’s angry face and knew that her priority was making Katie gain; but while I wanted that too, I wanted her to enjoy the freedom to eat and eat and eat, as she had always fantasised about.

“Let me try something first,” I said. I walked across to Katie and picked up a burger. “Open wide,” I said, holding it to her mouth.

“Too full” she hissed through clenched teeth. I gently pulled the chair back and sat alongside her and began to rub her belly. It was bloated, but certainly not as full as it had been after the previous feeding. I gently squeezed the stomach as I rubbed it, trying to aid her digestion and allow her belly to take more food without being too painful. I had no idea if it would work.

“Remember how you told me you used to eat little and often through the night purposely to train your belly to stretch and so you could really stuff yourself when you wanted too? Well, this is what you wanted!”

Katie turned to look at me, tears in her eyes. “I want to eat, but not be fat,” she said. “I’ve spent years balancing that! I thought you were happy with me this way.”

I felt massively guilty. What had I done to my Katie? But I hadn’t stopped rubbing her belly. And Jan was not impressed with this touching scene. She approached with the mask.

“Look”, I said to Katie. “Let me feed you a lot and let me fatten you. It’s something we could do together. I love your round belly; I love you! And it is just more of you to cuddle.”

I sighed.

“If you say no, Jan will use the mask, and you will end up just as fat, but neither you nor I will enjoy it as much.”

Katie looked from me to the mask and at the burgers left on the table. Slowly she opened her mouth and took a small bite from the one in my hand. Then a larger one, and another. Gradually, I fed her the last of the burgers, all the time rubbing her belly. Meanwhile, Jan started piling the table with several fruit pies. Once the burgers were gone, we started on these without a pause.

It took a while, and I thought the arm rubbing her by now bloated and stretching stomach was going to fall off, but finally, she started slowly chewing the last slice. I had to almost push it in to her mouth as she seemed to lack the energy to lean forward and bite it; although her stretching stomach would have made that difficult too. Red cherry juice and pastry crumbs were all round her mouth, and as she chewed, I gent;y wiped it off.

As before, she was finding it difficult to breathe and I knew she was totally full. In fact, I was concerned that swallowing the last slice would be too much. She managed to swallow it though, and we washed it down with a milkshake.

“This is making me so fat!” she gasped.

“That’s the idea,” said Jan with a grin. She patted Katie’s stomach and smiled. “Finish off the milkshake and you can have a rest. See, you don’t need the mask!”

Katie sucked up the last of the shake and laid back closing her eyes.

“I am too full!” she said. “No more, please!”

“Of course not,” said Jan. “You’ve done really well!”

She turned to me and handed me a list. “Go back to the mainland” she said, “and stock up on this food for tonight’s meal. I am impressed with the way you got her to eat without the mask.”

Grinning at the praise, I rushed out to the boat, looking forward to the feedings that were to come.

Once I had gone however, Jan smiled.

“He’s a nice boy,” she said, “But he’s going to take too long to fatten you.”

She picked up the mask and slid it over Katie’s head. Katie had eaten too much and was having such a hard time breathing that she could not resist.

“Don’t worry,” said Jan, “I’ll let your stomach rest a bit, but then I have a special treat for you.”

She lifted a demijohn onto the table. “Rice fried in butter and then blended in cream – a full gallon of it! Going to use this to get a load of extra calories into you and really give that belly a stretching. And your idiot boyfriend will never know anything about it!”

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carlox has said some nice things

excellent, very nice the third part, the bad side of jan is wonderful.... I hope you will write a fourth chapter soon
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Grundsau 11
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You DID say you wanted "constructive criticism". Criticism I know the following is; constructive(?) well, I'll leave that to you to determine...just one mans/yanks opinion...
Like many others,I'm sure, I sure liked the first installment the best, no criticism to speak of. From that point on, however, the rot set in the darker the tale got...OK,I get tying her up or restraining her in some way, at least at first,but after that,it gets too d--- dark and mighty depressing.
By the 2nd installment, we care about Katie very much, after all, who wouldn't; ya gotta love her! BUT there should be no fear or pain for her---that Jan's no good wherever her skin touches her!
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Thanks for the comments. I am really pleased you like Katie; that's what I was aiming for. I know there are a lot of diverse interests on this site; this is why I am trying for a Good feeder/Bad Feeder approach. The narrator wants to fatten Katie, but wants to do it by fulfilling her wish to overeat. Jan just wants to make her really fat; really fast!

So I hope the darkness of Jan doesn't put you off. In part 3, the narrator was a bit less accepting of Jan's bullying; but he's still a bit of a pussy. We'll just have to wait and see if he can stand up to her....
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OLD-LOVE has said some nice things

More Please!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Excellent!

and very well written - can't wait for the next installment. thanks
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growingpiggy has said some nice things

I wonder if Katie might eventually get turned on by the mask. She could have an unexpected orgasm while being force fed at some point. Then later when she realizes the connection, she might conspire with Jan for more mask feedings while the narrator is away behind his back. Just a thought.

Very captivating work!
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