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Default My Fat Epiphany

Hi everyone,

I had a fat related epiphany recently and here's what happened. I was about 228 lbs in early July when some unfortunate events took place in my life. I got depressed and had lost most of my appetite for several weeks. I was going through the grieving process and the best way to cope was to keep physically busy around the house. I got all sorts of projects finished and after a month of this my clothes become loose on me. When my doctors office weighed me during a routine visit I was down to 216 lbs. I was totally shocked because I busted my butt in the gym 3 days a week and dieted off and on for a long time and never could I loose weight like that. My body doesn't like to be thin and it took something extreme to get it loose weight. But instead of being happy about the weight loss like I would have been in the past, I wasn't. At 228 I was starting to round out a little but now I was looking flatter and down right plain looking. My curves were gone and I wasn't liking it.

That was all it took for me to be free of social pressures about being thin. I don't think of myself the way I used to. I now consider myself a fat person and I love it. I can now eat what I want, when I want, and I've got zero worries about it. Now I can finally enjoy eating and have fun with it. To be thin now would be like either selling out or pretending to be something I'm not. The days of gaining a few pounds for fun and then trying to loose it over guilt and the fear of what others will think are over and I'm happy about it.

So to celebrate I've started gaining the weight back. It's been 2 weeks and I've already gained 4 pounds back. I'm now at 220 lbs and eating lots of ice cream and desert foods and my appetite has increased noticeably most likely from all the new sugars that my body is enjoying. I'm going to gain steadily for the rest of the year or until I'm as fat as I think I should be.

That's my story guys, and I'll post pics as I fill out.


P.S. I've been up late and it's 4:30 am here. 45 minutes ago I ate a big bowl of beef stew and I had a pint of Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. It's now time for bed for all that good fat and sugar to fatten my waistline while I'm sleeping. And tomorrow is going to be another fun day of eating. I think I've tapped into a little bit of heaven on earth.
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It's really a damn shame you don't live in the same state as me (not even within reasonable driving distance). I would LOVE to assist you on this journey.
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Congratulations Nathan. Discovering your inner fatty can be truly a liberating experience. I did 20 years ago, have gained a 130 lbs. and have never looked back. I just love eating whatever and whenever I want and I have found the resulting fattening to be wonderfully pleasurable. I too have accepted myself as a real "fat guy" and enjoy the process of growing even fatter.
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