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Default Finding another Feedee for a threesome.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for several months now and we were talking about sex, and she admitted to having a threesome a few years back. She said that it was something I could try and so I could find someone to join in on us.

Problem is is that I'm a feeder, and I know that what I'd like to do to/with her during the threesome isn't something that usually happens during normal sex. I love to feed my girlfriend during sex and even while going down on her. And the thought of adding another woman to do that has us both aroused. She's even told me about her own feelings of watching me with someone else. I know it would excite both of us to have another female feedee (any size, really) thrown into the mix for this expierence, I just have a hard time finding one.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions? We live in Iowa. Any other detail, message me on here, please?
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