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Default Comparing Experiences...

I'm still new to this. I've experienced a lot of changes and a lot of emotions over the past 11 months. I don't know if I'm uniqe or if other people's experiences line up with mine. I'm going to share some of my experiences with gaining (briefly) below--and I would love to hear from you in response.

I didn't set out to be a "gainer" ... I just became so fed up with dieting -- and the fact that it doesn't work -- that back in Dec. of 2011 I went online seeking answers, discovered FA and HAES... kicked dieting out of my life and as a result--I've gained 50 pounds in the past 11 months. The ironic result is that along they way, as my belly grew huge and started to hang down... as I grew a new chin... as my thighs became thick and my walk turned into a waddle--I.e. as I became fat--I discovered something I never expected to discover---I really like being fat!

When I first kicked dieting out of my life and started eating--I was in "rebellion mode." I ate kind of crazy... I stuffed... and of course I gained---but something else happened that I didn't foresee---my appetite grew too. My stomach expanded... so now I get hungry more often and I can eat a ton--it's like a self-perpetuating thing--the more I eat, the more I can eat and the more I WANT to eat.

So--I "became" a gainer quite by accident.

I'm currently 5.9" and 260 -- but I'm gaining pretty steadily. My questions right now are: Will I level out at some point? Also--I've "slowed down" some -- i.e. I get up off the couch slower now than I did at 210... I just move more slowly getting around... I find myself sitting more throughout the day--it's work to haul this big soft body around! I'm curious---for those of you who have walked this road--will i notice a big change between 250 and 300? I don't want to become immobile--I actually love to exercise. I've read lots of articles on being fat and fit---and that's my goal -- to have a big fat soft body--with a well-tuned cardiovascular system inside.

Okay--that's my journey in a nutshell... I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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