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Default Feeders and Eating Disorders

I was wondering if there is a correlation between feeders (both male and female) and eating disorders? Have any other feeders suffered from eating disorders in the past?

To expand on this, I knew I preferred larger women when I was about 13 and my family first got internet. From about '99 I had found Yahoo groups and BBW related websites.

Despite this my first big crush was on a curvy (not particularly large) new girl in my class when I was 14.

Somehow I summoned the courage to get talking to her and started hanging out. It turned out she had massive weight issues and was bulimic.

I had had weight issues throughout my early teens because I was quite a chubby 12+ and for whatever reason (I think to impress the girl) I embarked on a severe diet which quickly escalated into anorexia/bulimia. At times I purged and then threw it all up or used laxatives, at others I'd go for a week eating an apple a day.

From quite chubby, I fell down to about 7 and a half stone (105lbs) at 15 and 5'6". I never really saw how skinny I was until I saw pictures a few years later.

Despite this episode that ended not long after the girl moved away and I started to realize what I was doing to myself, food had become synonymous with self control. Sometimes I'd still go days without eating, just to see if I could and while I started to eat normally I continued on a routine of extreme exercise.

It was not long after (when I was 17) that I started to recognize myself as a feeder and started visiting sites such as this. I still remain infatuated with girls who lose control around food and I think it's the oppositeness to my own personal control that I find such a turn on (not even necessarily the weight gain).

Does anyone else share a similar experience to this?
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