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Post Help me gain weight I'm new to it

I'm new to the whole weight gain thing and I weigh 216 can someone please help me with this and please only serious answers
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There is no magic to gaining weight. Just eat calorie rich foods and eat more than just 3 regular meals a day. Keep plenty of snacks available, always order dessert and if you like soda or soft drinks, have at least 2 or 3 cans of pop a day. Drinking soft drinks is a very easy way to add approximately 1,000 calories a day without even trying. And eat lunch as often as possible at fast food restaurants which are also another source of high calorie meal options. You should try and stay active for good health even though it burns some calories but if you are not into exercise, then the lbs. will increase even faster. And enjoy the ride. I love to eat and have gained 125 lbs. slowly over time which I have really enjoyed.
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