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Default Gaining over 50 yrs old

Long time lurker, very rare poster here.

Is it harder to gain once you're older?

I thought as the metabolism, slowed the weight would be easier to put on, not harder.

Any other gainers over 50, even over 40, want to share?
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I am over 50 and I think it is easier to gain and much harder to lose as you age. I started gaining weight in my mid-30s and slowly and surely grew heavier and heavier. I gained 125 lbs. over a 20 year periood and have leveled off between 290 and 300 for the past 5 years. I find it extremely difficult to loose any significant amount of weight beyond 10 lbs. or so; even with increased activity, so I have embraced being fat and enjoy eating whatever I want, whenever I want.
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I love this post. I'm only 47... but close enough. I gained 50 pounds two years ago--when I went through a pretty intense season of kicking dieting (which I had been religous about since my mid-twenties) out of my life. I went from 215, to 265... I have since settled back to around 255---and holding very steady. I eat what I like, when I like... some days I eat a lot of calories... other days less, but my body seems very set on 255ish. I found that unless I consistently/permanently up my calorie intake--255 is my "ceiling"... but I'm hapy to be free from dieting. I love to eat... and I'm woun't be surprised if I slowly creep upward in weight as time passes. I do love to exercise, and I try to eat lots of foods that are good for me -- along with all my snacks. I'm a total believer that we can be fat and fit and healthy! I enjoy my softness... and I welcome any increase in that department---but I'm also very serious about having a healthy, active body and a strong heart!

So, anyway... enjoying the journey! I wish you the best.
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