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Default Bellies of Powerball - BBW, WG, Imagery

`BBW, Imagery, `MWG

Corporate Worlds: Bellies of Powerball
by Samster


10am and Kasey Sanchez was seated at the breakfast counter eating. It was the morning after playing the first game of the regular powerball season for the Issa Falls Pioneers and she was aching all over. She had bruises and muscle burn. Her first game playing on the Defensive Line and Kasey was knocked up. The Pioneers had beaten the Coopersville Cougars and the former quarterback had performed well against a hefty Cougers Offensive Line. But she was sore all over.

A half hour passed; she was still munching through her super sized breakfast stacked with breakfast burrito, bacon, pancakes and biscuits smothered in country gravy. She was half watching Donald Dripman’s “Shock Jock” morning sports show. A local TV and radio show it appeared around the Issa Falls metro area and followed the progress of all the towns’ sports teams. In a town obsessed with sport Shock Jock was the most listened to and viewed show every day. Dripman was finishing off coverage of the Pioneers game and was saying:

“…and here’s one for you lovers of beefed up Corp goodness here’s Bellies of Powerball. We’ve talked about how new Pioneers quarterback Tanya Desjani had a good first game but what about Kasey Sanchez? Fired last season as QB we thought we’d seen the last of her but Sanchez was back in a Pioneers uniform playing on the D-Line…”

Dripman’s face disappeared from the screen and a photo of a hefty looking Kasey stood on the sidelines next to an equally beefed up Pioneers girl wearing the #69 jersey popped up. The camera angle not only showed off the two girls bulk and muscles but also the way their bellies pushed tight against their jersey’s and bulged over their pants.

“…congratulations Kasey” continued Dripman “on your first appearance on Bellies of Powerball. Looks like you had a BIG off season. But seriously, lets give Sanchez some credit. She got fired but she won her place back as a Lady Pioneer and had a solid game in the trenches. She may have sucked as QB but its Shock Jock’s opinion that Kasey Sanchez has a BIG future on the D-Line. Keep chowing down Kasey!”

The photo disappeared and Dripman moved onto another topic. Sheepishly Kasey looked down at her killer breakfast. She surly was chowing down. She was up a good sixty pounds on her quarterback playing weight. Some of it had gone to seriously bulked up muscles but plenty had also gone to a thick gut. She ran a hand along her torso where a thick, hefty gut hung firm where she’d once had her six pack and washboard abs. She had every bit the look of an over fed D-line girl.

But at least Dripman had said she’d played well. He’d never done that when she was quarterback.

Then her Apple 134 comm pad chirped. A Twitter message had landed from TaylorH69 , the even more beefed up girl in the #69 jersey.
‘WOWW!! @ShockJock has me an @KaseySanchez on #BelliesofPowerball #chowingdown #corpbeef’
Kasey munched on another forkful of pancake and replied:
‘@TaylorH69 chowin down right now hon #stuffed’
Seconds later the reply landed from TaylorH#69:
‘@KaseySanchez me toooo!!! My guts bigger than your gut HAAAHHAA!!!’
Seconds later a reply landed from ShockJock:
‘@KaseySanchez @TaylorH#69 Keep chowin girls!!!’
Smiling Kasey returned to her breakfast. After getting fired as quarterback it was nice to at least be getting some attention. Appearing on Donald Dripman’s “Bellies of Powerball” was a long way from winning Most Valued Player but the attention was always cool with Kasey.


ILLUSTRATION - http://fav.me/d6isyo1

Six months previously….

Post season and the playoffs were taking place in the Issa State Division 1A powerball. Top teams across the state were battling it out to appear in the Issa Bowl played in front of 60,000 at Blow Out Energy Drink Stadium in downtown Issa City.

The Issa Falls Pioneers were not one of those teams. A lacklustre season had seen the Pioneers place sixth in a division of ten teams. They were far from the worst performers in the Issa Division but nowhere near playoff contention. In the coach’s room, just away from the locker room at Pioneers Stadium the Head Coach, Carol Gaines, sat opposite the team quarterback Kasey Sanchez. Moments earlier she’d told the girl she was fired.

Kasey was slowly taking it onboard. Twenty three years old, just three years out of college powerball and she was washed up. Her dreams of making it as a pro powerball player over. Since her early days in high school Kasey had only ever dreamed of one thing. Playing powerball. Now it was over.

After a stellar college career Kasey had been drafted to a Major League Powerball (MLP) team that had dropped her after one year. The Issa Falls Pioneers had then picked her up to play in the Issa Division. The two seasons she’d played for the Pioneers had shown moments of brilliance but her form had been erratic.

The Pioneers expected to challenge for a playoff place and Kasey hadn’t delivered. She had the size and muscle bulk to take the hits but her passes just hadn’t connected and she’d looked confused in the pocket. Kasey had worked on everything her coaches had given her but she hadn’t turned the tide. With franchise owner Tex Coyle expecting results she had to go.

Kasey gulped and said.

“I still have a year to go on my contact.”

Coach Gaines shifted uneasily in her seat. She hated doing this to Kasey Sanchez. The girl had busted her ass for two years and deserved a second chance on pure character. But pro powerball was about winning and Sanchez hadn’t performed.

“Your contract has a termination clause.”

Kasey buried her head in her hands and tried to think. Her head just spun. What was she going to do?

“Are you okay for money?” asked Gaines.

“Yeah, right now. But what am I gonna do? I mean all I’ve ever done is powerball.”

“There are plenty of jobs out there” countered Gains “working on the Tiberium wells. Most of the girls work for Tiberco in the off season anyway. Apparently they make as much doing that than they do playing powerball. You’ve got a college education too, remember.”

“In powerball.”

“You don’t need a masters degree to work on the Tiberium wells” sad Gaines.

There was a long silence. Kasey collected herself. Looking up she said:

“I want to play powerball for the Pioneers. I’ll do what it takes.”

“I’ve already signed up a new QB” replied Gaines.

“I can play other positions. I played linebacker at high school before they put me in at QB.”

“My only free roster place is on D-line and you’d snap in two if I played you there.”

” countered Kasey “you can say my passing play sucked and I made some sick play calls but I could always take hits. I’ve been hit by enough freakin’ elephants from the D-line to know just what it’s like. I can play D-line.”

Coach Gaines rested back in her chair and looked at Kasey Sanchez. The girl was tall and thickly built. Not fully beefed up like a D-line girl but undoubtedly she was buffed. She’d always been a physical quarterback. D-Line didn’t require detailed understanding of team strategy; rather it was about pure strength, aggression and reaction. Kasey had those in abundance.

He thought about the realities. She’d need to bulk up but maybe it was worth a shot. Besides, Gaines had already used up her transfer budget on the new quarterback. Kasey was popular with the other girls on the team. It was her inability to understand complicated offensive plays that was getting her fired; not her character, work ethic or personality.

“You would seriously play in the trenches with the heavies?” asked Gaines.

“Yes. I want to play powerball for the Pioneers” replied Kasey with determination.

“You realize you’ll be on a rookie D-line salary which is a lot lower than you were on?”

“That’s okay. I’ll get a job working for Tiberco in the off season. Apparently I can make loads of money doing that.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to the defensive coaches” sighed Gaines.

“Thank you Coach Gaines. I need to prove to the other players, you coaches and the fans here that I’m not a loser. I can play pro powerball for the Pioneers and do good.”

“I get the message. I also admire your determination. How can you have all that passion and screw up like you did last season?” said an exasperated Gaines.

“I dunno. I guess Coach Highland confused me with all her crazy ass plays and it kinda freaked me in the pocket. College ball it was like I could screw the play book and just run through their line but pro ball is kinda different.”

“True” said Gaines “so your more brawn over brains?”

“I guess” said Kasey a little sheepishly.

“Well that’s gonna work on the D-line.”

“So you’ll keep me?”

“If you bulk up and cut it pre-season, yeah you’re still in.”

“Thanks Coach.”

“Now get outta here before I change my mind.”

The following morning Kasey stepped out of the shower, still a little sleepy even after the rejuvenating effect of the water. She’d spent the evening watching video of her glory days at high school and college powerball whilst steadily munching away on a prolonged dinner. With her new status as one of the “heavies” she figured she wasn’t going to have to restrict her carb intake like she had as quarterback.

Water dripped from her buffed up build as she reached to wipe the steam from the mirror. The fogged glass slowly cleared as she rubbed the towel over her athletic figure. Kasey dried off, not yet conscious of her own reflection. A muscled up, lean body with a strong frame mimed her movements. She toweled off her short, gold colored hair and worked the towel around her beefy shoulders. Kasey had the kind of body that was an example of absolute athletic perfection.

Droplets of water trickled down her small but firm breasts and down her washboard flat middle. Kasey wrapped the towel around her middle to catch them. Waking a little more, she paused in front of the mirror to consciously study her reflection. A startlingly attractive girl with squared away features and piercing blue eyes she looked every bit the hot jockette. She flexed her biceps and inspected the line of her shoulders, chest and arms. She indulged herself with a brief moment of self satisfaction and headed out of the bathroom.

Stepping into the bedroom she found a pair of loose fitting pants and a hoodie top. For a moment she looked at her naked body in the bedroom mirror. Her look combined some muscle bulk but was lean.

She knew if she was going to last on the D-line she would need to gain big time. She had the height but at 190lbs she was at least fifty pounds off her target D-Line playing weight. Slipping into her pants Kasey wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Part horror at loosing her ripped look but there was also, deep down, some excitement at gaining. She was going to be one of the chunks of beef battling it out on the line and Kasey found that kinda hot.

Downstairs in the kitchen she prepared her usual protein packed breakfast and poured herself a coffee. She turned on the home entertainment system and the Shock Jock show popped up on the holo screen. The face of host Donald Dripman appeared with a picture of new Pioneers quarterback Tanya Desjani in the background. Kasey ground her teeth. Desjani was a safe pick. In her early thirties she had over ten years Issa Division experience and was playing her final few pro seasons. After taking a risk on a young quarterback in Kasey the Pioneers management had made a safe call.

Dripman was saying:

“…Pioneers head coach Carol Gaines confirmed a deal has been done to bring experienced quarterback Tanya Desjani to the Lady Pioneers. Desjani has a ten years Issa Division 1A career that includes two championships for the Capitols and a win at the Issa Bowl…”

Kasey killed the sound and got back to her breakfast. It was a sore point. She looked at her Apple comm pad. Anticipating the calls she’d turned it on silent. That morning she’d missed twenty. Kasey groaned and looked at the list of names. Top of the list was Defensive Line coach Jacie Manning. Slowly finishing her breakfast Kasey called Coach Manning back. Manning picked up on the second ring.

“Hey Kasey” said Jacie’s voice “spoke to Coach Gains and she tells me your now on my D-Line?”

“Yes coach” replied Kasey.

“We’re gonna have to seriously bulk you…”

Much to Kasey’s relief Coach Manning launched into a conversation about weights training plans and diet plans for the off season. Kasey had worried the coach would question her commitment and ability to play D-Line. But she got non of that. Kasey found out that the D-Line met at the gym three times a week in the off season for weights training and she could take up to two weeks vacation.

“…I’m gonna pass on the vacation” said Kasey “my salary’s seriously in the toilet.”

“You’re on $30,000 Corp Dollars?” asked Jacie.


“Most of the other girls work another job around powerball. Have you got anything lined up?”

“No, I made like $80,000 as QB so I never needed anything, y’know?”

“Yeah. My brother recruits for Tiberco, he loves taking on powerball jocks and jockette’s. He can fit shifts in around your training as well and lots of the girls work for him. Do you want me to set up a meet?”

“Yeah, sure. I need something or I’m gonna be broke pretty freakin’ quick.”

“Okay, I’ll set it up.”

The call ended shortly afterward with Kasey feeling a little better for herself. She was still a powerball player for the Pioneers. It pissed her off she was no longer quarterback but she could feel the buzz returning. She had played linebacker back at high school and knew how the defense worked. Pure aggression and reaction worked for Kasey. She got into powerball to kick butt; not deliver complex passing plays.

Thinking about the “diet” plan Jacie had talked about Kasey added carbs to her breakfast meal with a donut and looked back at her comm pad. An email had just landed from Coach Manning. It had the details of Tiberco.

After finishing her breakfast and reading more emails from Coach Manning about her training plan Kasey headed out and loaded into her SUV. It was a pimped out SUV she’d financed in the back of her $80,000 salary. With the cut she needed to find something to boost her up.

The Tiberco job popped into her head. Rolling around town she thought about it. Back in her college days Kasey had made some money on the side working on the tiberium wells. In her dream as a MLP quarterback it had never occurred to her she might return. But the money was good and if she was going to keep the Cadillac she needed it. More than a little image conscious Kasey couldn’t consider trading down from her Caddy. So Kasey keyed in the Tiberco Recruitment offices address into the Caddy’s onboard GPS and headed across town.

The office was across Issa Falls in the industrial zone so Kasey headed up onto the Skyway. Mid morning and traffic was light. There was a “bing” as an email landed on her comm pad. It was from the Pioneers fitness and strength training coach, Erica Luck. Kasey had worked closely with Erica for two seasons getting into the perfect condition for a quarterback. Now the project was going to be to get her into D-Line shape. Erica’s message simply read:

‘Hey K, see ya at D-Line weights training tomorrow. Before then you need to eat, eat and EAT everything! I mean EVERYTHING. We’re gonna have to get you BIG. Need to eat big to lift BIG. Love ya EL x”

Wearing blue jeans and a crop top Kasey ran a hand over her rock solid middle. With a Mega Burger restaurant popping up at the side of the skyway Kasey debated pulling off and into the drive thru. Training as quarterback she was focused on proteins and good fats like fish and nuts. But she trusted Erica. Besides, she liked Mega Burger.

Slowing down she took the exit, steered into the Mega Burger lot and stopped at the order droid.

“Ummm…I’ll have a double cheeseburger meal with Coka and…ummm…a milkshake.”

She drove round to the window and fished in the centre console for her Mastercard. Eventually she found it and handed it over in return for a bag full of food.

“Ummm, are you Kasey Sanchez?” asked the fiteen year old kid behind the window.

“Sure I am” said Kasey.

“We heard you got fired today but your gonna play D-Line so we figure your waaaaaay too small. Here’s a second bag on the house.”

“Ummm…thanks” said Kasey, a little unsure.

“Eat big.”

She pulled away and opened up the first bag, tearing into the burger and fries as she drove. Soon she had polished off the first bag and was moving onto the second. She was gulping it down in huge bites, trying to stop the melted cheese dripping on her lap.

Checking the GPS directions she continued onto the skyway and tossed the empty bag across the SUV and tore into the second bag. With her eyes on the road she felt around in the bag. Perplexed she looked down to see that the kid must have given her somebody else’s order. There was two more double cheeseburgers and fries. She let out a laugh and thought:

“Looks like I’m really following Erica’s eat big advice.”

After powering through three burgers Kasey reached for the milk shake. It had melted a little so she gulped it down like water. Driving along she felt utterly stuffed. She could feel her belly pushing out a little against her jeans. Like maybe she would be more comfortable with the top button undone?

She looked down into the bag. There was still some fries left. She felt truly stuffed but she shrugged, dug into the bag and wolfed them down. Pulling off the skyway onto the standard highway she headed for the Tiberco Recruitment building. Kasey placed a hand on her now stuffed belly. Ever so slightly, she grinned.
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.


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ILLUSTRATION - http://fav.me/d6isytz

A month or so of gym training, Kasey rapidly learned, for the D-line was worlds apart from quarterback. It was dominated by low reps of three to five on max weights with short sharp bursts of cardio worked in.

The regimen was designed to exactly replicate the game day demands of a player who, at most, took two steps forward before slamming into the offensive line. It was all about explosive power and strength. As quarterback Kasey had enjoyed one-on-one training with fitness Coach Erica Luck but as a D-line girl she was one of eight working through the routines.

Kasey was a little bummed out about that. She’d always enjoyed her personal training sessions with the cute, petite little red head. Erica had an attitude Kasey liked; tough and confident without being a bitch. But then Kasey figured that was just another part of playing D-Line rather than being the big shot QB. She was one of the girls again.

Kasey had been partnered up with a girl called Taylor Hampton who she knew only because she wore the #69 jersey. As quarterback Kasey hadn’t really mixed with the D-Line and the only known “star” on the D-Line was ten year Pioneers veteran Jordan Shults.

Taylor took a serious ribbing from the other girls over her jersey choice but Taylor had explained she’d worn it since high school and was sticking with 69. Kasey figured Taylor was about the same height at 6ft but weighed in at 250lbs ish. She had arms like tree trunks, thick thighs, an ass that suggested the spent hours on the Smith Machine and a thick coating of blubber made it clear she’d been hanging out at the all you can eat.

They had just finished a rapid six hundred yards rowing sprint and were moving onto their final exercise. Squats at body weight plus 25lbs. Kasey was chugging back a Maxi Gain energy drink whilst Taylor set up the Smith Machine.

“So you must be liftin’ like…ummm…”

The two jockette’s paused. Math was not their strong suit. Noticing the slow down Erica Luck walked over. Confusion was always caused by adding 25lbs to their body weight.

“Okay, Taylor your lifting 279lbs and Kasey your on 235lbs.”

Kasey almost chocked on her drink.

“WOW!! Hey, I’m like 190 so I must be squatting more like…ummmm…”

“210” chipped in Taylor.

“Jeeze can you two even count?” laughed Erica.

“Besides” continued Erica “I think your over 190 now Kasey Sanchez.”

“Fatso!!!” shouted Taylor.

Erica patted Kasey’s thicker middle and chunky butt and added:

“Kasey, you lift 235. I need you squatting at least 270 by pre season.”

“Yes coach” said Kasey. She couldn’t understand it but Erica’s attention and Taylor’s “fatso” comment fuelled a strange sexual rush. Was gaining weight turning her on? Or was it just her usual Coach Erica Luck crush?

“I’ll go first” said Taylor “you gonna tip me?”


Finishing off her Maxi Gain drink Kasey walked round the Smith Machine and watched Taylor take her place under the weight bar. She was a seriously hefty chunk of jockette meat. Taking her stance under the bar Taylor nodded at Kasey. Helping the girl pull the bar from the rack Kasey watched as she punched out five squats with perfect form at 275lbs. That was some serious core strength. After shoving the bar back on the rack Taylor stepped back and groaned:

“Oh oooooooooooooof…”

Kasey watched Taylor grab her own Maxi Gain shake and gulp it down. The girl was wearing baggy Pioneer’s branded workout shorts and a t-shirt but after an hour workout was coated in sweat. The material was now sticking to her muscle and pork figure. Kasey wondered if she would sport the same look by pre-season?

“Awesome work Taylor!” said Kasey.

“Thanks babe, now your turn.”

They swapped positions. Kasey lowered the weight down to 235lbs and Taylor took her place to help lift the weight off the rack. Focusing Kasey hauled the weight up, dug deep and punched out five reps with perfect form. Gasping for breath she dropped the weights back onto the rack.

“Slammin’!!!!” shouted Taylor.

“You do two more sets, each!!!” shouted Erica from across the gym “and you keep perfect form!!!”

Kasey and Taylor exchanged a determined look and a fist pump as they swapped places. Their final exercise of the session and it would be their hardest. Years of training and they knew how to dig deep and finish the drill. Determined they punched out two more sets each before moving onto stretches. All accompanied by more Maxi Gain drink.

The training session over the girls of the D-Line headed for the changing rooms, showered, changed and headed out into the parking lot. All wore the Pioneers branded sports pants and jersey’s provided by franchise merchandise sponsor Nike. Kasey surveyed her new partners. They were all seriously hefty. The lightweights were in at about 240 and Jordan Shults was the definite heavyweight at 280. They were all chugging down another Maxi Gain post workout shake. These girls worked hard at staying so big.

“Okay gals” shouted Jordan Shults “gather round.”

The group huddled around Jordan.

“Its off season” continued Jordan “and I know we all have jobs and stuff now but we keep training here three times a week. No excuses, got it?”

There were nods of agreement.

“As y’all have no doubt noticed Kasey Sanchez is training with us. Thats cos she doesn’t want to play sissy britches QB anymore and she’s one of us. She got her ass fired as QB but this crazy chick wanted to still be a Pioneer so here she is. I think that’s awesome!!”

That earned her a cheer. Jordan continued.

“This girl can workout hard and we’ve all seen how she can hit when she was QB so she’s gonna rock. Kasey get your ass in here!”

Kasey pushed to the middle of the huddle. The girls closed in and joined hands.

”On three” said Jordan.

“PIONEERS!!!!” shouted the D-Line together.

“Okay y’all” said Jordan “we’re headed to Touchdowns for our usual Friday chow dow. See y’all there.”

Then they broke up and headed to their vehicles. Kasey loved the spirit of team sports. Loading into her Caddy she thought about heading over to Touchdowns. She had an early shift at Tiberco but Kasey knew team bonding was essential. She was new to the D-Line so she needed to hang out with the girls. What’s more the food at Touchdowns was amazing and she was seriously hungry after that workout. So she followed on to Touchdowns Sports Bar & Grill.

At Touchdowns the girls sat on their own table and the owner didn’t bother to take their order. Food was obviously a post Friday workout routine. Kasey sat between Jordan and Taylor. She felt small compared and checked out the way they filed out their Pioneers outfits. Jordan had a belly that rolled forward into her lap and her sides bulged across into Kasey’s space.

“Do we get to order?” asked Kasey.

“No, we get a special” said Jordan.

“I’m hungry” said Kasey.

“Do we look like a bunch of wussy eaters?” asked Jordan.

“I guess not!”

Several beers later a huge platter and meat was dropped onto the table. It was full of pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket, smoked chicken and sausage with mountains of fries surrounding it. As a single unit the girls dug in. Kasey worked to keep pace with the crowd. When one platter got demolished the waiting staff instantly replaced it with another. After the third platter was finished, Kasey leaned back in her chair with a heavy exhale. Taylor elbowed her.

“Come on babe, we’ve still got more to go!”

“Shoot, Taylor, I feel like I could burst already. I gotta let up.”

“I took ya to be a better contender” said Jordan “I reckon you could take in some more. You wanna be a D-Line girl you gotta eat like a D-Line girl.”

Another girl chipped in:

“Better do it Kasey. Jordan doesn’t let ya into the Touchdowns chow down lightly. You don’t wanna let her down!”

“We all chow down together” added another girl.

Kasey found the conversation curious a little scintillating. She caved in:

“Okay girls, lets belly up.”

Waiting for the final platter Kasey leaned back to rest for a minute. She felt Jordan’s finger poke her stuffed middle.

“You’ve got somethin’ growin’ there.”

“Nothin’ compared to your monster” countered Kasey with a dig to Jordan’s sides.

“No, not yet.”

The final platter landed even more stacked with meat than the previous. Jordan made sure Kasey’s plate was fully loaded before allowing any of the others to dig in.

“You gotta be kidding” protested Kasey.

“Eat it, fat girl.”

Kasey grunted and leaned forward to dig in. Halfway through the mound of food, she reached down to shift her waistband, giving her swelling gut more room. She was panting as the other girls challenged her to keep up. Kasey pushed hard like she was delivering a final set of squats, feeling her belly grow tighter and tighter. With a huge groan she finally cleared her plate and pushed it away. She closed her eyes and caught her breath.

She opened them and took in the scene around her. The plates were cleared but the servers had placed a giant ice cream machine in the centre of the table.

“Huh?” groaned Kasey as she watched a girl stick her head under the funnel and gulp down soft ice cream. She held pace for a full three minutes.

“There ain’t no way…”

“You don’t have an option” said Jordan “we all chug the ice cream bong babe!”

“Oh jeeze…”

Eventually the machine made it round the table. Taylor chugged down a gargantuan amount of ice cream to the cheering of the other girls. Next it was Kasey. She took position under the funnel and clicked the green button. Sweet ice cream began to flow. Kasey chugged it down to keep up. She could hear the other girls cheering. The completive jockette in her knew she had to at least match what the other girls could chug. She focused and chugged one mouthful at a time.

Eventually it got too much and she pushed away, ice cream running down her lips and her belly blown as tight as a drum, ready to explode into space if she took as much as one more chug. Kasey sat there, her eyes closed, hands cupping the sides of her belly, unable to move and listening to the cheering around her.

“I can’t…eat…any…more” groaned Kasey.

“You can eat like a D-Line girl” declared Jordan before taking her own place under the ice cream funnel.

After the ice cream bong the formerly rowdy group of powerball jockette’s sat for fifteen minutes in relative quiet. They were all stuffed stupid and working on digesting their giant meals. As they began to leave most of the girls patted Kasey’s stuffed belly. Eventually Kasey and Taylor headed out together. Kasey was in a food daze as they headed out into the parking lot. Blood was rushing to her over fed belly.

“You lift big and you eat big” said Taylor.

“Yeah” groaned Kasey.


“You girls do that every Friday?”


They said their goodbye’s. Taylor headed over to her Mustang and Kasey loaded up into her Cadillac. Kasey struggled to focus on the road on her drive home. Her belly had never felt so full. It pressed out hard like a giant muscle in all directions. She drove along, head back on the custom leather headrest, one hand on the wheel and the other massaging her stuffed gut.

When she made it home, the well fed jockette let out a sigh of relief, but sat behind the wheel for a full five minutes more, eye’s shut and trying to rest. Eventually she hauled herself up and out of the SUV. When her bulk hit the ground she had two conflicting responses:

“Oh babe I’m gonna get totally fat” and the second was a deep sexual rush between her legs. Kasey fixated on lifting big and eating big like Jordan, Taylor and the other girls. She pictured herself in a Pioneers uniform all big, buffed up and with a hefty belly popping out. What was she finding that thought so totally and completely hot?
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.


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The weeks and months rolled by and Kasey couldn’t believe how much she was eating. She was programmed to stuff her face whenever she saw food. Working out and hanging out with the other D-Line girls she was lifting big and eating big.

Without hitting the gym five times a week her weight would have completely ballooned but as it was she was successfully adding muscle whilst adding body fat. Kasey had first off freaked out when her gut began to really pop out but Erica Luck had told her there was no way you could add muscle bulk quickly without adding some body fat.

The long hours working for Tiberco had also given Kasey chance to think. Her job involved working from tiberium mining well to tiberium mining well, climbing it and inserting a replacement data chip. There were long hours on the road between wells and Kasey started to think about life after powerball. She figured she had plenty of seasons to go but she would go crazy if she had to do a Tiberco well monkey job after she hung up her helmet.

That got her thinking about coaching. Then she found out some of the girls were studying for a coaching qualification at Issa Falls College and part time coaching at the Issa Falls High School Lady Bulldogs powerball team. Kasey had signed up.

That’s how she found herself standing alongside Jordan and Taylor and one of the high school coaches on the training field at Bulldogs Field on a Monday night. They were helping out coach the junior high team. Each session counted ten credits to her Level 1 coaching qualification and, besides, Kasey really was enjoying it.

The girls around her had been chosen to play line because they were big. All looked small compared to the Pioneers girls bulked up figures. Kasey wore her Pioneer’s jersey and a pair of shorts that were designed to be baggy but after the past months fitted snugly around her beefed up figure.

The coach was saying:

“…okay girls, so we’re gonna do some Push Pull Rip and Double Team Drills with Jordan, Kasey and Taylor here.”

That got a not of approval from the Bulldogs girls. The coach turned to the three Pioneers players:

“You three to pad up and take the O-line stance. They rush you and have to rip past. Okay?”


The three trotted over to the locker room to get their shoulder pads. Inside the locker room they peeled off their jerseys and grabbed their pads. Jordan and Taylor both sported hefty guts whilst Kasey had her own beginner belly that had outgrown her abs.

“WoW!” shouted Taylor “where’s that six pack gone?”

“Same place ours did” laughed Jordan.

Jordan and Taylor pumped their bellies into Kasey’s. Then they all took a slug of Maxi Gain drink. Rapidly they got into their shoulder pads, wriggled into their jerseys and headed back out. With her pads on Kasey could feel the jersey was pulled tight around her middle and there was a wobble across her mid section as she ran back to the training field. With a little sweat on her the jersey was so tight it showed off the outline of her increasingly deep belly button. It was a similar look that Jordan and Taylor sported.

The drills basically involved taking a O-Line stance and letting the Lady Bulldog girls slam into them and rip past. Years of college and pro powerball and the three never even budged whatever the hit. Even the bigger high school girls weren’t making an impact. Eventually the Lady Bulldogs coach shouted:

“Wise up girls!!!! You are not going to power through these chunks. You gotta rip and burn, you don’t try to out muscle em cos it ain’t gonna work!!”

For reasons she couldn’t yet understand Kasey felt a deep sexual rush to be referred to as one of the “chunks”. It just felt right. She loved the way her belly was pushing tight against her jersey.

“Now I want to see y’all rip and burn. Kasey, show us what I mean.”

It was a basic powerball drill. Lining up opposite Taylor, Kasey went down into her three point stance. Taylor took the O-Line four point stance. Neither was wearing helmets so it wasn’t going to be a full hit. It was more about illustrating the concept of “rip n burn”.

“Go!” shouted the coach.

Kasey shot forward, grabbed Taylor’s chest just underneath her pads, twisted and shot past to the left. Taylor let her complete the move.

“Now that’s a rip n burn” said the coach.

“We call it a titty twist” added Jordan.

That brought laughter from the assembled Lady Bulldogs. The coach didn’t argue with the turn of phrase. If it stuck in her girls heads for the game that would work just fine. The phrase “Lady” in most female powerball teams names really was redundant. Ladies didn’t last long in the rough and tumble world of powerball.

“Okay quite goofing around and line up again girls…” shouted the coach.

The high school training finished at ten. After cheers from the Lady Bulldogs the three Pioneers headed home. Jordan had an early start so headed straight back whilst Kasey and Taylor called in at Bar ‘b ‘Cuties Smokehouse for the all you can eat buffet. With the restaurant quiet both made it to their third plate full in no time. Kasey found that she could easily keep pace with Taylor now. Half way through the third plate they began to slow and talk more.

“…doing the high school coaching is totally awesome” said Taylor “when I finish playin’ I want to coach.”

“Met too” nodded Kasey “I work for Tiberco on the wells and that is sooooo freakin’ boring its unreal.”

“Yeah” agreed Taylor “I’m a well monkey too. Its kinda cool around Powerball but it would suck ass big time if it was, like, every freakin’ day all year.”

“Which sector do ya work?”

The two chatted on about their Tiberco sectors and life in general. Together powerball jockette’s were always loud and constantly ribbing each other. One on one they dropped some of the bullshit. Both were twenty three year olds just finding their feet in the world and working out what to do with their lives. Playing minor league Issa Division powerball both knew they weren’t going to retire from playing the game millionaires.

Eventually they finished their third plate and were working through a giant piece of cheesecake each.

“Oh baby” groaned Kasey “I’m getting full.”

“We gotta have one more piece.”


“Totally! You sit here and I’ll go get us another piece.”

Taylor demolished what was left of her cheesecake and hauled herself up for the dessert bar. Working as quickly as she could through the remains of her own slice she couldn’t help checking Taylor out. The girl was seriously thick with an ass that was pushing her own supposedly baggy pants tight and thighs that rubbed together when she walked. She wore a tight Pioneer’s logoed Nike tank top that stopped short of her pants waistband and revealed a thick slab of belly that hung big and proud.

Returning with the cheesecake Taylor placed two giant slabs on the table and said:

“Dig in fatso.”

Kasey didn’t protest the “fatso” comment. It felt hot that Taylor had noticed how much weight she’d packed on. Instead she gulped down the blueberry cheesecake at a pace almost equal to Taylor’s. Eventually the two settled the bill and headed out. They swapped comm pad numbers and headed to their vehicles. Kasey let her belly settle as she watched Taylor drive out. Kasey reached for her comm pad and keyed in a text to Taylor:

“Awesum chowin with ya fat girl x”

“Fatso x” was the instant response back.

Driving home Kasey managed to focus on the road and made it back home. Rolling into bed she placed two hands on her paunch, rolled over and drifted off into a food induced coma sleep.

A month or so later the entire Pioneers team assembled for pre-season training. Kasey was given a new playing uniform to accommodate her much expanded girth but the coaches let her keep her number 19. That was important to Kasey. She’d played as #19 since her junior high days.

The coaches were pleased with Kasey’s off season training and she was assigned to play left Defensive End. Heading out onto the training field in her full uniform, padded up she felt huge and powerful. Her weight had climbed to 230lbs. Small for a girl playing on the line but her strength made her a force to be reckoned with.

Heading back onto the field with Taylor next to her for an afternoon of drills Kasey checked out a figure in Pioneers uniform running toward her. The figure wore the number 9 and was tall, slender and with perfect muscle definition. Definitely not one of Kasey’s fellow “heavies”. She had the build of maybe Wide Reciever or Safety or Quarterback. Kasey felt her blood boil. It was Tanya Desjani; the new Quarterback.

“OMG!!!” shouted Tanya as she approached “is that you Sanchez?”

“Yeah” nodded Kasey.

Tanya Desjani was older than Kasey, in her early thirties and with years of playing experience. She’d build a successful career in Issa Division 1A. Most of her career had been spent at the Issa City Capitols who’d traded her to the Pioneers in order to bring in a hot shot college draft. Tanya still figured she had good playing years ahead and had jumped at the Pioneers opportunity. This season she planned on teaching the Mustangs a lesson that experience could beat youth. She knew it had been tough on Kasey Sanchez but Tanya wanted to keep playing and the Pioneers were her best shot at the Issa Bowl.

“What have you being doing this off season” said Tanya “beside eating like a prize hog? I haven’t seen you since the second game last season and babe you have been packin’ it on.”

Tanya couldn’t resist smacking the side of Kasey’s belly with the back of her hand as they talked. Kasey fought the arousal and tried to stay cool.

“Yeah babe, I’ve been liftin’ big and playing D-Line it’s a totally different schedule I’m on.”

“Yeah, a freakin’ eating more kinda schedule by the looks of you.”

“Um, yeah. Maybe some more.”

“You’re getting FAT babe!” said Tanya whilst grabbing the sides of Kasey’s gut “it feels even bigger, if that’s possible.”

Kasey wanted to lean into Tanya’s grip but knew she had to pull back.

“I guess I gained some” protested Kasey “gimme a break, babe.”

“Well, Kasey, all I’m sayin’ is your looking seriously porked. You’ll soon be looking like this #69 chunk here. But that’s cool with me. When I signed here and found they’d kept you on the team I was kinda worried you’d be working to get back in at QB. But you’ve grown into one fat jockette babe! You’re safely playin’ D-Line this season with that fatso gut.”

Getting fat. Fat jockette. Fatso. Fat. Seriously porked. Chunk. The words were making Kasey even more and more turned on. She didn’t know why it drove her crazy to hear. All she knew was that she had been more turned on as she’d gained weight than ever before in her life. She finally pushed Tanya and her belly pats away.

“Good luck at the Pioneers babe” said Kasey “we should grab some beers sometime.”

“Heh” laughed Tanya “beer is the LAST thing that gut needs, but okay Fatgirl give me a call. Damn!”

Tanya whistled at the size of Kasey’s belly. Again a gut smack and she was gone. Kasey and Taylor continued to head to the training field.

“You lucky bitch!” said Taylor.


“I was nearly cumming in my pants just watchin’ that.”

Kasey laughed.

“You like girls?”

“Nooo, but that was kinda hot!”

“Totally crazy ass hot!”

“Fat girl!”


Kasey pumped a fist into the side of her buddies own hefty, corn fed abdomen and they joined the D-Line drills. In the heat of the day it was a hard workout as they ran through each and every move the D-Line would play. Eventually they linked up with the Pioneers O Line and practiced their own version of Rip n Burn.

Kasey found she loved playing D-Line. It was tough and physical and aggressive. She didn’t have to worry about fancy passing plays or set moves. She just had to hit the girl opposite, get past and sack the QB before they threw the ball. It was the kind of powerball that suited Kasey Sanchez.
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ILLUSTRATION - http://fav.me/d6isyro

The Pioneers played three pre-season games before the regular Issa Division 1A powerball season. It was a chance to put all the drills and training moves into practice before things really counted and a chance for players to work off the cobwebs or get used to new positions. It would be Kasey’s first game playing D-Line and Coach Manning had told her she would be playing the full game.

The first pre-season game was out in the small town of Big Lake against the Hornets. It may have been a simple pre season game for the Pioneers but for the town of Big Lake and the Hornets the game was a major event. The powerball field was full to capacity with three thousand fans watching. It was likely to be a close event with the Pioneers rotating their squad to try out new moves and players whilst the Hornets put forward their A team.

With the Pioneers offense on the field Kasey stood on the sidelines and was getting herself in the mental zone. The Hornets were far from a big time team but if was her first D-Line game and she needed to show the coaches she could battle it out in the trenches. With the Hornets determined to prove a point in front of their home town crowd it would be a rough and tumble game.

She now looked every bit the part of the D-Line girl. Weighing in at 240lbs she combined muscles and a gut. Her pants were skin tight around her thighs and ass and her jersey clung to her beefy middle. Like all the D-Line girls she had a pronounced belly hang. She could squat 275lbs and was performing well in training. Kasey was fitting in.

After the Pioneers offense completed its first drive of the game with a field goal Kasey was on the field. Taking her three point stance she watched the Hornets get into their stance. Their O-Line was huge. The girls didn’t have the muscle bulk of the Pioneers D-Line but they were all weighing in at close on 300lbs.

“Hey fattie” shouted Jordan “this is gonna hurt.”

“You can kiss my fat ass” shouted one of the Hornets.


Kasey remained focused. She looked straight at her opposite number of the Hornets O-Line. She would have tenths of a second to react. The girl was huge but she looked slow.

“Down, set..hut!!!..” shouted the Hornets QB.

Then the play exploded into action. Like a bullet from a gun Kasey slammed hard into her opposite number. Next to her Taylor impacted into her own mark. Just as it should the Pioneers D-Line had moved forward as one. The porkers of the Hornets O-line were going backwards. Gaps appeared in the Hornets O-line. Pioneers linebackers shot through them toward the quarterback. Sensing impending doom the Hornets QB threw the ball to the ground moments before a Pioneers linebacker impacted hard with her.

Kasey ended the play still shoving and pushing against the Hornets O-Line. With the whistle blown they headed back for the line. She fist punched with Jordan and Taylor. That play had been exactly what they practiced.

The Hornets offense only managed to make up 20 yards before they were forced to punt. With the offense now on Kasey was back on the sidelines. Gasping hard for breath she took her helmet off. She felt pumped. She’d kicked butt big time. One of the side line crew handed her a bottle of Gatorade and Kasey gulped it down. Coach Manning gathered the D-Line together.

“Okay girls listen up! That was good. Deathwing worked and your closing down their #90 and #97 and Shults you made gaps for the linebackers and…”

Still gulping down Gatorade Kasey loved being part of the huddle. She was totally accepted as one of the D-Line. Coach Manning ran through every play, blow by blow and Kasey basked in the praise. There was nothing like praise from a coach. Eventually Manning gathered them around.

“That was the first D play, this game is gonna get nasty. Keep diggin’ girls and lets sack us some quarterbacks. On three…one…two…three…”


As they broke up Coach Manning added:

“Between plays keep taking on fluids and drink the Gatorade and Maxi…”

Kasey and Taylor fist pumped again and turned to watch the Pioneers offense. Still gulping down Gatorade, Kasey watched quarterback Tanya Desjani in the pocket. It still stung Kasey a little to watch her replacement in action. Grudgingly she had to have respect. Desjani held her nerve in the pocket and threw consistently strong passes. Something Kasey had never mastered. Even when the Hornets D-Line broke through Desjani was cool. Never once did the Hornets look like sacking her.

Coach Erica Luck focused hard on the players on the sidelines. Powerball was an intensely physical, power sport and keeping players 100% through a long game was hard work. It was all about fluid intake, working out any pulled muscles, taping up players and keeping them running. Against the Hornets the Pioneers were holding up well but, against some of the proper competition, Erica worked so hard on the sidelines she never got to see the game. Not that she cared. She loved coaching, she loved powerball and she loved the girls who played the game.

Any thoughts Erica had had of actually playing were ended early on in life. Stood at only 5ft4 and a petite Aurellian she wasn’t built right for the game. But she’d always been involved. A cheerleader at high school and college and then she’d qualified as a fitness coach. Erica owned her own gym back in Issa Falls and, like most of the players, worked the Pioneers in around that.

She scanned the action on field. The Hornets were on the offence and the Pioneers defence were holding them off. Erica focused on #19 Kasey Sanchez. She was on the edge of the D-Line and holding her own. From lean and slender quarterback to buffed up chunk of a D-Line girl in one off season. Erica admired her work.

“Checkin’ out Sanchez?” said Head Coach Carol Gaines, who was stood next to her.

“Yes” nodded Erica. She was checking out Kasey Sanchez in all kinds of ways. Certainly not just her powerball performance.

“She’s lookin’ good on D-Line.”

“Yeah, she’s a natural.”

Erica went back to checking out Kasey Sanchez. The girl looked delicious with her extra pounds. Her yellow pants were painted on around her thick thighs and chunky ass cheeks. A firm belly hung over her pants and she had a thickness all around. Erica couldn’t stop herself imagining diving into that chunk of Corp girl goodness.

The game progressed into a battle of Pioneers vs Hornets drives. Grinding it out on the D-Line Kasey discovered why she needed her strength and stamina. In the heat, under the lights out in Big Lake and she was gasping for air and sweating like a hog as the game worked through its fourth quarter.

What the Hornets O-Line lacked in athletic skill they made up for in aggression. Kasey had fists pumping into her stomach and kidney’s and all kinds of face cage transgressions. But she kept fighting and gave better than she got. Eventually she started to dominate the porker opposite her. Superior athletic skills, reactions and stamina kicked in. As the game progressed Kasey managed to deliver hit after hit and even got through to sack the Hornets quarterback.

After the game Kasey staggered to the locker room. Coach Erica Luck shoved another Maxi Gain shake into her hand:

“Keep drinking this.”

“Yes coach.”

“You’ll have lost fluid and weight out there, keep chugging down the Maxi Gain.”

“Yes Coach.”

Erica pulled Kasey in a little closed and said:

“Awesome job Kasey, you rocked!!!”

The mood was jubilant after a good win. Not electric like after a real division win but still everybody knew they’d kicked Hornets butt. A win was a win and you played to win. You could only beat the other team on the field.

“Nice game, fatgirl” said Tanya Desjani as she walked past delivering a playful thump to Kasey’s gut.

“Yeah…ummm…you did good as QB.”

“That’s because I’m awesome” said Tanya.

“Yeah, an’ you’re a cocky bitch too” muttered Kasey as Tanya continued on.

After a long shower Kasey changed and headed back out for the team coach. Located four hundred miles from Issa Falls it was a long ride back from Big Lake. It was a fast run with miles of empty skyway before you reached the Issa Falls city limits and Kasey was looking forward to lounging on the Pioneers luxury coach for hours. Her body was still aching but she’d picked up no real injuries.

The coach had seats set out airline style in rows of three’s. Kasey took a seat next to the window and put it back in full recline. As the coach pulled out and worked its way through the quiet streets of Big Lake toward the skyway Kasey was already closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

They arrived in Issa Falls four hours later. The coach stopped in the Pioneer’s parking lot and the team filed out. There was non of the usual jockette banter. Everyone was tired, beaten up and wanted to get home. Kasey managed to wake herself up, grabbed her kit bag and headed out. She was walking toward her SUV when Coach Gaines pulled her aside.

“Good game today Sanchez. How’d you find D-Line?”

“Awesome coach! Really crazy ass fun, y’know?”

“Yeah, D-Line is pure powerball. You did a good job.”

“Thanks coach!”

Stepping back Coach Gaines watched as Kasey walked over to her Cadillac. The girl had done good. Quarterback to D-Line was a change but she’d looked like a veteran D-Line player out there against the Hornets. Gaines couldn’t help noticing just how much weight she’d gained too. She not only played like a veteran D-Line but she was starting to look like one.

The following morning Kasey woke up a little stiff after the game but in a pretty decent post game state. She’d stuck to Erica Lucks hard weights training regime and had eaten like a horse. The results had been pretty impressive.

Hauling herself out of bed Kasey adjusted to the light and padded over toward the bathroom. She caught her reflection in the bedroom mirror. She wore an old college powerball jersey to bed that bad once been baggy. Now it clung to her beefed up figure. Not only was it snug around her thick muscles but also around her hefty gut and meatier thighs and ass. Like most of Kasey’s wardrobe she needed an upgrade.

After getting showered Kasey waited for the fog in the mirror to clear and checked herself out. Rubbing herself with the towel she watched her buffed up muscles flex and work across her thick, bulky frame. Powerful arms worked the towel up her body and around her neck, tugging back and forth across her short, golden hair. A thickened neck spread from under towel and worked down onto broad, round shoulders created after hours of shoulder press in the gym.

All around Kasey was thicker and heftier than she had been just six months previous. She worked the towel down across her stomach. Kasey held the towel over her belly for a moment. The six pack was long gone. Instead she had a firm slab of blubber around her middle. Taking her eyes away from her middle she looked at her face. She was still a stunningly attractive girl with squared away features and piercing blue eyes but there were growing signs of fullness. She flexed her biceps and flashed herself a self satisfied smile.

Her eyes skipped down to her trunk like legs. Spreading her legs she air squatted ten times. Getting her ass right down so it touched her shins. After all her hours squatting at the gym her powerful, beefed up ass and thighs meant her 240lbs felt light. Kasey focused on the muscle contraction of her legs and smiled once again.

Standing straight Kasey dropped the towel and checked out her torso once more. Her gut wasn’t super huge but it was there. In comparison to the thickness of her whole body it wasn’t a huge gut. But it had become pronounced enough that it hovered slightly over the bathroom washbasin.

Kasey smiled again and headed out into the bedroom, slipped back into a once baggy powerball jersey and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Post game and she was starving.

Sat at the breakfast counter she looked at her Apple comm pad. There was a few messages from friends and family congratulating her on her game day performance. Another was from Coach Luck. Kasey opened it. The message had been sent to the whole D and O Line and read:
“Post gameday double your breakfast feed. Eat big. NO GIRL PLAYIN O OR D LINE LOSES WEIGHT THIS SEASON – EAT!!!!”
No way was Kasey arguing with that order. The growing girl gladly doubled her usual breakfast and dug in.
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ILLUSTRATION - http://fav.me/d6isywy

With pre season games over the Pioneers completed a final weekend long training session. Hours were spent pounding the turf on the teams training ground as the team practiced drills, went through every possible scenario and prepared for the seasons first game. Defensive Line coach, Jacie Manning, had her players formed in a circle holding their three point stance. One player was stood in the middle. She talked at them and periodically shouted a number. That player then shot forward, hit the girl in the middle and then took her place.

Hours on the field and her “heavies” were coated in sweat but each was holding their stance perfectly and hitting hard. Pre season training had made sure they had the bulk and stamina to play hard from the first to the final whistle.

“…y’all listen up. Y’all should be proud. You’ve trained hard and I’m gonna say this D-Line has what it takes to get this team to the Issa Bowl…75!!!”

#75 shot forward and slammed hard into the girl in the centre. The other girl shot backward and 75 took her place. Coach Manning continued as if the violent interruption had never happened.

“…this season is all yours for the taking, just depends how much you want it…69!!”

#69 Taylor Hampton shot forward the split instant her number was called. She slammed hard into #75 and almost pan caked the girl. #69 took her place in the middle. Coach Manning continued:

“…its time for you girls to give the best you got, you’ve deserved this…54!!!”

#54 slammed forward and impacted. Coach Manning continued:

“…let me tell ya somethin’, there’s a joy to this game…”

In her three point stance Kasey focused. The numbers called were random. She was expected to react in an instant and slam into whoever was in the centre and drive them back just like she would some fat ass O-Line girl. She listened intently to every word of Coach Mannings powerball clichéd talk in expection of her number. D-Line was all about reaction and explosive power. You never knew what the opposing team’s offense planned but you had to deal with it.


Everything happened in tenths of a second. Kasey tensed her core muscles and shot forward just as she’d been trained. Hitting #54 hard on her chest plate and sending her backward. It was a good hit. A power impact. Then Kasey took her place in the centre of the D-Line circle. She was now the target. Coach Manning continued:

“…this is it, right here, right now. Y’all got a job to do…67!!!”

Kasey reacted to the call and positioned herself. #67 was the D-Line’s heavyweight Jordan Shults. It was going to be a hit. Jordan was a Pioneers veteran, could play both ways and was tough. The impact was a split second later. Kasey applied every muscle in her body to hold up and stay upright. No way was Jordan Shults going to pan cake her. Kasey stumbled back but kept upright. Coach Manning continued:

”…how much of yourselves are you willing to sacrifice out on the field…62!!”

The drill continued as Coach Manning continued her talk and the D-Line slammed into each other on demand. Manning worked them hard. She pushed beyond the players limits. She waited for stances to wobble, hits to become sloppy and the first few girls to throw up before calling an end to the drill. As one the D-Line collapsed from their stances down on the turf.

In one fluid movement Kasey popped her helmet off and gasped for air. Her heart beat felt like it was beating a million times a second. Sweat was pouring down her. She fought the urge to puke. The girl sprawled next to her had lost that battle and was spewing her guts up. Sideline crew were passing the players Maxi Gain shakes. Kasey grabbed one and began gulping it down.

“This is our time” concluded Coach Manning “and I want you to know I’m proud to take to the field with y’all. That was the last drill today, head back to the locker room and Coach Luck wants to talk with y’all.”

Eventually they hauled themselves up and headed back to the locker room. Kasey walked in alongside Jordan.

“You hold up pretty good for a lightweight” said Jordan with a thump to Kasey’s middle.

“I’m feelin’ pretty fatso” counted Kasey.

“You just hardly qualify as a heavy” laughed Jordan with a smack to her own middle. A big thick gut hung hard and firm, pushing tight against her jersey.

“True, but hey I had a six pack six months back.”

“Your never gonna see that again babe!”

“That’s true.”

Kasey couldn’t resist reaching across and thumping Jordan’s gut. The thing was big, rounded and rock solid. Kasey took another smack. Jordan smiled. D-Line girls were proud of their guts and some attention was always cool.

After a shower and an ice bath Coach Erica Luck gathered the D-Line girls together. She gave her usual pre season lecture about keeping weight up. Pointing out it was easy to gain off season but with the Pioneers gruelling regular season schedule she needed them to eat big all through the season. Nobody on the D-Line was going to lose weight. That was for damn sure. Lecture over the girls began filing out. Erica focused in on Kasey. She was looking so juicy and delicious it was impossible to resist a weigh in.

“Hey Kasey, you got a minute?”

“Sure thing.”

“You’ve packed some on in the off season, we need to do a weigh in and I’ll measure your BMI.”

Kasey nodded. She could think of a lot worse things than spending some one on one time with Coach Erica Luck. Since being dropped as Quarterback she’d missed the one on one training with the petite little fitness coach. Following on into the back office Erica led the way.

“Okay big girl, take off your pants and t-shirt and I’ll set up the machine.”
Doing as she was told Kasey stood in the centre of the room in just her briefs and sports bra. It felt hot to be virtually naked with Coach Luck. Looking at the office mirror Kasey flexed her muscles just a little.

“Kasey, did you listen to what I said back there?” said Erica as she fiddled with the scales.

“Yes coach.”

“I said chow down whenever you can. There are Maxi Gain shakes on my desk. Drink them.”

Kasey took a bottle, shook it up, popped the top and began to gulp it down. Erica finished setting up the machine and then turned to Kasey. Looked the hefty jockette up and down. Her eyes lingering around her middle.

“My, my you have blow up.”

Taking a break from gulping down Maxi Gain and fighting the urge to cum in her briefs Kasey said:

”Do you want me on the scales?”

“I want you to finish that Maxi Gain shake and only then do you go on the scales.”

Kasey nodded and kept gulping the drink down. She had a massive crush on Coach Luck. Always had from when she’d first joined the Pioneers. She was tiny but the little fitness coach was assertive in a way that showed she was confident but not a bitch.

The Maxi Gain finished Kasey put it back on the table and stepped onto the scales. The weight reading read 242lbs. No surprise there; Kasey weighed herself most mornings.

“242lbs” declared Erica “and you weighed in at 190lbs last season.”


“You’ll be outweighing Jordan Shults in no time.”

Coach Luck produced the measuring equipment and began to measure. Taking pinches around Kasey’s body and keying in the readings into her data pad. Kasey had had her body fat levels measured many times but it was the first time she’d done it as a porked up D-Line girl. It hardly seemed necessary; she’d obviously packed on muscle and a gut. But Coach Luck seemed happy enough and Kasey could feel herself starting to lose control as Erica pinched and prodded around her exposed body. Never one to hang back Kasey said:

“So damned hot coach!”

“Wow!!” gasped Erica “I’m measuring your body fat Kasey, not getting you horned up.”

“You’re so freakin’ hot Coach and I know your into me…”

“Wow Kasey…”

“You’ve always been into me and I’m totally hot and we could…y’know…”

Erica blinked. It was so temping to jump the hot jockette right there. So dumb, vain, arrogant and beefed up it was almost too tempting. But Erica was a professional. She had signed up to her professional code of conduct and wanted to help all her players improve. Kasey Sanchez was a young kid in her early twenties who was hanging on to her powerball career. She had real potential to make it on the D-Line. But getting into an affair with a coach would be messy as hell.

“Get dressed and get outta here” said Erica.


“Kasey, you’re a player and I’m a coach. We don’t fuck each other in my office. In fact we don’t fuck each other at all. Got it?”

Embarrassed Kasey felt her face flush.


“Get dressed Kasey.”

“Sorry Coach, I….ummmm…”

“It’s okay.”

Her face flushed Kasey squeezed back into her pants and t-shirt. As the sexual rush slowed down she worked out what a dumb thing she’d done. Coach Erica Luck wasn’t some random guy or girl in a club or bar. She was a coach who’d helped her get into quarterback shape and then into D-Line shape. She was hot and she was obviously into her but it was forbidden fruit. They both had careers to think about.

“Kasey, there’s a line we can’t cross. Understand?” said Erica.

“Yeah, I guess. But ya do think I’m hot?”

Erica debated how to answer that. She could lie and say “no” and bruise the girls ego. But she not only thought Kasey Sanchez was smoking hot but she liked her too. No rocket scientist but she was a good athlete who worked hard and could focus. With a crooked smile Erica decided to be totally honest.

“You’re a vain, wannabe badass which is…yeah…really hot.”

Kasey smiled.


“Prove it to me on the field big girl, now get your ass outta here before we do something we’ll regret.”

“Okay…thanks Coach.”

“Get outta here. But take one of these” said Coach Luck as she handed across another Maxi Gain drink.

Not sure what to think Kasey headed out into the lot and over to her SUV. She thought about Coach Luck and then opened up the Maxi Gain. Loading into the SUV she thought about the season ahead and on how she would play. D-Line felt right for Kasey and she could feel it was going to be a big season. Kasey smiled at that thought and ran her hand over her gut. It would be big in more than one way.
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.


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