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Chapter 33 – We Now Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program…

Stinger, Giselle and Donna all found seating within the small room and watched eagerly as the company announcement was about to take place on the television. An announcer from the TV was describing for viewers a condensed storyline of the company, it’s back history and its current financial goals.

“…It’s been a difficult few years for the candy industry by and large, due to the bill signings that were passed only a few short years ago. It’s expected that—Oh, I’m getting reports that the announcement will be taking place shortly. We now go live to Rebecca Chun…”

“Ooh, I just got a shiver,” said Donna who felt goose bumps raise on her forearms.

“So do I,” said Giselle, who turned to her friend and smiled.

Stinger merely nodded to no one in particular, his face bore a look of knowing smugness.


Tom waived to the crowd and Charlie walked in his wake as an aid passed Tom a ledger that contained his prepared speech.

Adjusting the microphone, Tom smiled confidently and raised a hand for the crowd to settle as the camera angles changed so as to showcase every white shining tooth he had.

“Good morning,” he began still smiling brightly barely moving his lips as a light applause broke out once again.

“Today is a day to remember. We all remember the Cocoa Initiative Act that placed unkind and unjust taxes on confectionary items—including chocolate products—so as to deter the American people from enjoying what they love.”

More applause broke out, but Tom held up a hand. He was on a roll now.

“This Act effectively took away every American’s God-given right to freedom of choice and slapped a hefty tax on it! Well, to that we say – NO MORE! Our company has been tirelessly campaigning and lobbying for freedom – YOUR freedom – to choose. And we believe there is a solution right around the corner.”

Through the television Giselle, Donna and Stinger could see that Tom was impressively holding court and the crowd was literally eating out of the palm of his hand. Giselle felt a twinge of excitement as she watched the man whom she had shared so many romantic encounters with and squeezed her fleshier legs together and shook her head slightly so as to remain focused on what she was watching on screen.

“This was supposed to be the section of the speech where Paul was to take over and briefly discuss the numbers and their relationship to the company as well as to the economic confectionary market. I wonder if he’s still ill,” said Donna who turned to Stinger.

He smiled with a sideways glance at her and put a finger to his lips, silently shushing them; his eyes returned to the television screen.

“—Our financial expert was supposed to go over the following data points which are outlined in your press briefing packets, but unfortunately he had a family emergency and is unavailable at this time. To our televised audience, be reassured that the news is good news.”

Tom continued; flipping through a few pages as he once again smiled to the audience. “—Our company has been in business for many years. We survived the Cocoa Initiative Act and continue to remain among the leaders in our industry. We have been working with the compliance laws set before us to deliver you our excellent products and ingredients.

However, we have been sitting on a new formulation that is unprecedented and will forever change the way you enjoy our product and those which contain our patented ingredients – effectively, we have a surprise in store for you!”

This time, Tom allowed the cheers and applause to go on for several seconds, beaming and nodding affectionately to the crowds below.

“Yes, yes, alright. Settle down now. I am not at liberty to discuss anything now, but our top men have been pushing very satisfying data across my desk for many months now and I am assured that product testing has concluded and we are nearly ready for mainstream production and distribution!”

Donna rolled her eyes and sniggered as Giselle turned to her.

“God, what is he going on about?”

“I’m not sure myself, but I know that he’s just building up the hype so as to make a killing on market shares.” Said Giselle, turning back to the television.

Tom threw up his hands to the crowd as he spoke his final words. “My friends, we are pleased to announce that our company is going public with our stock options as a show of faith that we have your best interests at heart. We want YOU to be at the epicenter of our success and share in our greatness. Beginning at 12:01pm, you can begin to invest in our and your successful futures. Thank you! God Bless You and God Bless America!”

The applause rang out as the camera angles switched once again so as to show the cheering fan base near the podium. Reports began shouting questions as Tom continued waving and smiling. The reporter they heard from earlier began to dissect the somewhat cryptic speech and a ticker bar at the bottom of the screen showed the stock value of the company and a projected timeline of what it should eventually rise to.

Stinger picked up the remote and clicked a button and the screen went blank. He stood up and smiled to each of the girls. “Well, it still is premature, but I cannot wait for the next 36 hours to be over. You both will undoubtedly have millions of reasons to celebrate…”

Giselle stood up as did Donna. It was time to go. They had now gone as far as they could go, the wheels that had been set in motion were finally gaining traction and showing no signs of slowing down. Now it was just a matter of time until this job was finally complete. Then and only then could they finally rest and retire in comfort.

Stinger had his hand on the door and was turning the knob when Donna spoke.

“Hey Stinger, you never finished telling us what happened to Paul. He was absent from the announcement today. Give.”

He let his hand fall from the door and turned towards them, tenting his fingers and recounted that it was in fact HE who was the waiter who Paul had attacked. How it was he who had infected Paul with the serum; and that by this point Paul would likely be dead by his own hand as Stinger had locked Paul in the kitchen area of the restaurant where they kept all their prepared foods and prepackaged goods.

“Good God!” said Donna covering her hand with her mouth. She knew Stinger had a sense of humor, but this might have gone a little too far.

“ And when you said that we would have ‘millions’ of reasons to celebrate, what did you mean by that?” Added Giselle, who folded her arms across her overflowing chest.

A smile began creeping across his face, “Oh, nothing – merely the fact that it was Donna who found that Paul had been a little too electronically devious for his own good when she was busy intercepting the money from Tom and Charlie’s little extortion bank accounts. A little ‘help’ was needed by yours truly and you both should be entitled to a little pay bump.”

Donna raised an eyebrow in Stingers direction, and Stinger’s smile widened still further.

“Well, each of those blowhards was entitled to $400 million each, so there was $800 million total. Paul was to get 10% of the total, so $80 million but received 50% of his commission early – $40 million, from which he was supposed to split three-ways with each of you…”

“Go on…” said Giselle, her eyes widening slightly.

“I thought that was a tad short-sighted of them. I was able to capture most of the money before it was sent to their private offshore accounts. You will each be receiving $300 million, or $0.3 billion – whichever jargon you like.”

Giselle felt her face contorting into the largest smile she had ever made, it hurt that much. She looked over at Donna who was beaming equally as large. They rushed to each other and kissed passionately, allowing their softer bodies to embrace and remain entwined for what felt like hours.

“I took a modest sum for myself, which I am sure you both won’t miss too much,” said Stinger.

Donna nodded, breaking away from Giselle to face him, “What’s a few million between friends, eh?”

Stinger turned to go. He opened the door, but half-way he stopped and turned his head back to the two of them, “I am sure our paths will cross again – but I am curious as to why the two of you did not lose more weight. Day-after bloating from gorging on food is common, but you two still seem larger than I would have expected…”

Both Donna and Giselle shrugged not quite understanding where he was going with this line of logic and waited for him to continue.

He continued standing there, his brow now furrowed, but then in an instant his face was blank and his smile was back.

“What’s so funny?” said Donna.

“Nothing, just thinking about after the fallout what these gentlemen will think when they go to check their bank account statements.”

“How much did you leave them?” asked Giselle.

“One cent each.”

And with that Stinger let himself out and closed the door softly.

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Default Hooray!

Resurrexit sicut dixit!
I am very happy to see this story being finished. It really has been one of my favourites. Thanks so much.
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No worries, and I've got the Epilogue coming up shortly - look for it next week or so - I want to stretch this baby out a bit longer. It'll be worth the 'weight'
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Absolutely. And if it takes you a while, what odds? A good job is always better than a quick job. Thanks for all your work, Runningsoft.
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Chapter 34 – Epilogue

“Hey, how much longer are you going to be on that thing, I want you to try this new drink I’ve made for us,” came a voice from inside the villa.
Donna was on her laptop, on a lounge chair which was positioned on a balcony that overlooked the Italian coast. The sun was barely up, but it was already getting too hot. It was time to get something to drink.

“What did you make?” she called back, as she clicked through websites on her encrypted computer, scanning the newspapers and devouring the content. Occasionally she would save a file, or crop an image, as it pertained to her old life.

A bead of sweat dropped from her forehead and landed on her cleavage and pooled as it continued to follow gravity’s path towards the upper portion of her stomach. The laptop, which she had been using was safe from water damage. It was resting atop a lovely domed belly that shone with bronzed health – of a woman who knew how to tan herself properly.

Turning her head, Donna looked away from her laptop as she heard the familiar *flip flop* of her partner’s footwear on the hard surface of the floor. Giselle, a tray in her hands was carrying upon it, a pitcher of colored liquid with ice cubes and an assortment of delicious fruit infused within – and three glasses.

“Now you don’t want to go spending too much time on your computer, or else you’ll ruin that lovely tan you’re starting to get,” said Giselle as she handed her partner an empty glass and began to fill it with the ruby-red liquid.

Donna smiled and took the offered glass and took a gentle pull. It was delicious.

“Wow, what’s in this?” she said, craning her neck fully so as to stare directly at her companion. Giselle, she was pleased to see was wearing a modest bikini that showed off her lovely physique. It was tight in all the right places and would be an eye-catcher to any man – or woman – who saw her saunter past.

Giselle smiled, knowingly and shook a finger, “Chef’s secret. Just drink up.” She cooed as she bent forward and brushed her luscious lips against the now alcohol-infused ones that were Donna’s.

The kiss lingered for a moment longer than either of them seemed to mind, but nobody was in a rush. The duo was on vacation, so why shouldn’t they take their time.

“So what was in the news today?” said Giselle, who poured a glass for herself and put the tray down on a nearby table and pulled a lounge chair next to Donna and sat down.

“Oh, nothing much,” said Donna as she drained her glass in two deep pulls and reached forward to refill her glass from the table.

Giselle reached forward and put a hand on her companion’s laptop, careful not to let the laptop slide off her now glistening belly.

“Careful now, that drink is stronger than you think. I might have been a little heavy-handed with my measurements. After all, European measurements are different from American ones…”

Donna laughed, as she straightened up and brought her glass across to Giselle’s. They chinked glasses. Celebrating what? Their freedom? An escape from a doomed life that may have gotten one of them seriously injured – or worse…

Feeling her abdominal muscles contract, Donna looked down to find the cause for her sudden distress. An icy droplet from the outer surface of her glass had beaded down and fallen off the edge, landing on her brilliantly warm and supple skin. Her softening skin.

She closed her eyes after taking a slow, loving sip of her beverage, and looked backwards on the past 2 weeks that had felt like an eternity….


It had been a fast transition since the concluding broadcast that Tom had announced to the world his plans for chocolate resurgence in the United States, financial recovery and abundance for their company.

Poor Tom, if only knew.

But by now, he probably did…

Donna and Giselle had gathered their things from the room in the building where they had dined and supped like greedy queens. The waiting staff and early-morning cleaning crew did not really pay any attention to the two swollen women who confidently walked out of the room and out of the building. After all, why would they – for that room was notorious for a high level of sexual activity and promiscuity – and these were but two new faces to add to the list of many that the cleaning crew had already forgotten.

“Donna, what do you think Stinger meant by us looking differently than he had anticipated?” said Giselle, as she made an attempt at adjusting her too-tight shirt which had ridden up a few inches, exposing her deepened navel.

“I’m not so sure myself,” she said quietly, almost to herself; but her mind was elsewhere – they needed to get their affairs in order and leave the country – go somewhere – anywhere, just in case they could be traced back to their crime. But that couldn’t happen, they had been careful…so careful. And yet…

Donna and Giselle sat silent in the cab that was called for them by the morning Matre’D of the establishment. He greedily drank in their bodies with his eyes, despite their hurriedness.

“How can I let two such lovely ladies, such as yourselves go without having a lovely breakfast – on the establishment, of course,” he said in a greasy voice as he prepared to call them the cab.

“We’re flattered, but no thanks.” Said Giselle, in what she hoped was a bitchy voice.

It seemed to work. “Oh of course, if you have other engagements, I completely understand…” he said.


As Donna paid the cab driver, not handsomely mind you – that’ the sort of thing that rouses suspicion – the two women showered, changed and prepared to pack up their lives, taking only what was necessary. They shredded and discarded the rest.

After 30 minutes, Donna called from one of the back rooms, “I’ve got all I need. Stinger is coming over 2 hours after we leave to do a final sweep of the room. After that, we will be good to go.”

Giselle nodded, sitting on her suitcase and snapping the locks closed with a final click.

“What do you think will happen in the next few hours?” called Giselle as she entered the same room as Donna and helped her with some of the more sensitive electronic equipment.

“I don’t know at this point – but it’s not my concern. We just need to get out and not leave any traces.”


The trip to the airport was uneventful, unless you consider the fact that Donna had to spend the better part of 45 minutes explaining away to the custom’s officer that she was a free-lance photographer and digital media consultant – which would explain away many of her more-suspicious-than-average equipment – albeit the fact that they did not detect any of the hidden compartments of her luggage.

But the flight gate beckoned their call, and they were allowed to proceed. Then, with a final shudder, the iron bird left contact with the ground and the two of them knew their luck had changed for the better.

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Chapter 34b – Epilogue Continued (the Extra Helping)

Meanwhile, Back in Italy…

“So, what’s been going on state-side?” said Giselle bringing Donna back to reality.

Donna opened her eyes and smiled, “Oh, nothing we haven’t anticipated. In fact, I think that the newspapers are really making a spectacle out of Tom’s company. Even I wouldn’t be that cruel.”

She let out a little laugh, a little crueler than she might have intended and made to pass her laptop to her companion.

One eyebrow raised, Giselle took the offered laptop from Donna and began to read the headlines, in chronological order.

Premiere US Chocolate Company caught in SCANDAL

Embezzling Charges Amidst Allegations of False Claims

CEO Tom Whitman Indicted on Charges of Mass Fraud and Insider Trading

Giselle read for nearly 20 minutes, putting a hand to her mouth on occasion – the papers were indeed quite ruthless. As she read, she saw how each domino that fell eventually led back to Tom and his company, Charlie included. The early press readings had shown a skyrocketing increase in their company’s stock. Investors had been quoted all over the media as showcasing this as ‘the stock to have’ and that it might even ‘explode bigger than Apple ever could’.

Well, they got one thing right, the stock did explode – just not in the direction they had predicted.

“They got what they deserved,” interjected Donna as she broke the silence. Giselle read the last few headlines and handed the laptop to her companion who in turn closed it and put it underneath her lounge chair – but not before she caught the sound of a chirp, meaning she had an instant message. And there was only one person who she knew it could be.

“An incoming message?” asked Giselle with mild curiosity as she drained her drink and got up to refill her glass from the table.

“From Stinger.” Said Donna, as she clicked on the message and opened the window. She saw that it was a life-feed; and a ‘real-time’ image of Stinger
came onscreen, albeit slightly lagging by the internet connection that often occurs between two continents.

“Hey Stinger,” said Donna, righting herself so that the screen was pointed primarily at her upper quadrant.

“Hello all,” he said in his usual voice that both Donna and Giselle had come to know so well.

“To what do we owe the pleasure,” said Giselle, as she bent low over Donna so she could see herself in screen shot, drink in hand – a bright and inviting smile playing upon her face.

“Before I debrief you two, I must say the ‘view’ looks stunning from here – I am, naturally jealous.”

Donna and Giselle locked eyes and smiled, chuckling softly.

“We wish we could have you here with us, Stinger, but you know – that skin of yours – you’d be hard-pressed to get anything other than a severe sunburn.” Quipped Donna, a slight sarcasm in her voice that only Stinger would know to be innocent fun.

“Ah, just so. However, with the surface area you are currently showing, you may yourself incur a sunburn of your own.”

Donna raised a cheeky eyebrow that Stinger returned and she angled the screen of the laptop down to showcase the rest of her body and stood back a few steps. Giselle did the same. Stinger did not gawk as he took in her enlarged form – even bigger than he had seen only a mere two weeks ago. Instead he wore a look that seemed to confirm something.

Both women were in two-piece bikinis of the European style, elegantly cut and no doubt quite expensive. Giselle’s bikini was a lovely deep purple which matched wonderfully with her hair, while Donna’s was forest green. It reminded Stinger that, with her red hair, made her look oddly Celtic.

But his shrewd eyes did not miss the fact that both women were more voluptuous than he had seen them, only 2 weeks prior. Bellies rounded, hips softening, and naturally the deepened cleavage on both women was most prominent. Their clothing looked like mere expensive scraps of fabric, barely able to contain their impressive bulk. Donna’s love-handles had a slight droop adding to her feminine wiles, and Giselle, who took that opportunity to turn and grab another refill of her drink showcased a fine rear end whose protuberances playfully drooped and curved sensually to meet her thickening upper thighs. He guessed that each woman gained at least 20 more pounds each, an amount that even he found astonishing…a number that no woman could gain in only 2 weeks.

He grinned back at them, and they smiled and held some pseudo-modeling poses making them all chuckle. “Yes, I think we’ve added a few pounds back on,” said Giselle demurely, and as to emphasize the point, she hiccupped making her belly jump and shudder.

“That’s what I have come to inform you, actually.” Said Stinger; his voice returning to a more serious tone. “Do you remember all the testing and monitoring we did with you guys throughout the caper?”

Both Donna and Giselle nodded, coming a little closer to the screen and held hands, awaiting whatever news was about the befall them.

“Well, it turns out that after the meta-analysis of all the data; that you ate prior to the window of time needed for the antidote to be fully effective. Might you remember if you did so?”

Both of them racked their brains, trying to think…trying to remember. Then –

“Oh F**k!” said Donna slapping a hand to her forehead, “f**k, f**k, f**k!”
She unclasped her hands from Giselle, disappeared back into the house and came out a minute later, sweating slightly from the rising heat of the day.

“Stacey, the co-worker in the bathroom—“ she expostulated, holding a hand outstretched, to show her elegant watch to both Stinger and Giselle, “We were in the ladies room getting ready for our next phase of recovery when she asked to see my watch. And that bitch, that bitch dropped it!”

They, all of them, were silent for a few minutes before Stinger spoke again, “Then the data fits, I’m afraid.”

Donna looked up at him, her hand closing on the watch and making one large fist, “So what does this mean for us, Stinger?”

He cleared his throat, “It means that you will likely not be able to lose any of the weight you had gained up until that point, and as far as the data shows – you’ll always have to watch yourselves whenever you eat.”

Giselle spoke next, “I-I still don’t’ know what you mean by that – watch what we eat? Why?”

“Because, your bodies still have a trace of the formula in them. Meaning, that unlike an average person with a slow metabolism who might gain weight after consuming food – the pair of you – have an accelerated version of that,” he said point through the screen at both of them.

Donna and Giselle glanced down at their bloated forms. Suddenly the realization over the last few weeks did seem to make more sense. Yes, they were lounging more, and eating and drinking whenever they pleased. It seemed natural that they had added a few ‘vacation pounds’, but it did seem to stick to their frames a little easier than it had ever had before…

Stinger opened his hands as though in supplication, “I know this must come as a bit of a shock, but it is hardly a death sentence. And, might I add, you don’t seem to have the traditional complications of weight gain, such as the cellulite and sagging regions. A consolation prize, if one were awarded.” He added.

But he was right, thought Donna as she ran a hand over her softer belly. She opened the other hand and looked at her watch, pondering. “Was it really that big a deal? Didn’t Giselle love her no matter how she looked? And she had always loved to eat food…”

Almost as if her mind had been read, Giselle came up from behind Donna and she felt the warmth of her companion’s belly touch the small of her back, and another hand come to join her, touching her warm belly.

Donna smiled and squeezed her friend, no words were needed.

Stinger, reading the signs knew it was time to leave the two lovebirds to themselves. “Well, that’s all the news I’ve got for now.”

“For now?” said Giselle, her hand still gently rubbing her companion.

“Well, I don’t think you know me well at all then,” he said sardonically, a wry smile playing across his face. “A challenge such as this has only peaked my interest. And I fully intend to make a revised antidote, so in the future, you two may return to your hardened, athletic selves…if you want.”

They exchanged a few more pleasantries before signing off. Donna closed the lid of the computer and put it under the lounge chair and sat down, swung her legs onto it for comfort and reached for her drink.

“So do you think he will crack it and come up with an antidote?” said Giselle, joining her friend once again, a refilled drink in her hand also.

“Oh, if I know him, we won’t have anything to worry about.” She Donna as she took a deep pull from her drink. Just then, her stomach gurgled.

“Oh my! I think someone’s just woken up and is hungry.” Said Giselle, edging her lounge chair still closer and putting a hand on her companion’s stomach.

“Mmm, that feels rather nice,” said Donna dreamily and closed her eyes.

Giselle let her hands wander over the expanse of her friend’s beautiful stomach. Her own senses questing, she could feel with great pleasure that her Donna had put on weight. Her fingers sunk in more deeply now and there was more of a sturdiness to her belly fat. It seemed heavier, and yet youthful without trace of wrinkle or cellulite. She let her fingers quest to the side where a pretty love handle jutted over the fabric, accentuated by the fact that Donna was laying down on the chair.

Hooking a finger (with great difficulty) under the strained fabric, she tugged the material down to reveal a reddening mark where they bikini bottoms had cut into her lovely flesh.

“I think you’ve outgrown those bottoms, love.” Said Giselle in a softer voice, her own body tingling slightly as she let out the words.

Donna opened her eyes approvingly at her friend’s playful gesture for morning sex on the balcony. She smiled and said nothing, and let Giselle continue with her questing hands.

Sitting up, Giselle noted her own belly ballooned over her tops and wondered what she must look like if Donna had gained all her weight…She stood and put her hands on her belly, allowing them to slide to her own love handles, then her heavier bottom, then to her inner thighs – abandoning her pursuit of Donna.

Donna was watching with jealous eyes, and she bit her lower lip. It was incredibly sensual watching Giselle standing in front her of, exploring her thicker body…her belly…her love handles.

Putting her drink down, Donna took a hand and slowly traced the outline of her belly with a finger all the way down to her sex, nearly hidden now. Giselle continued exploring her body, though now she began to slowly add rhythm to her movements. She began to sway at the hips, letting her inner thighs rub against one another, as her hands cradled her belly, an occasional hand reaching up to run itself through her long hair, and slide across one of her perfect breasts, then back to her belly once more.

A soft moan escaped Giselle’s lips as she continued her own exploration. She could feel herself getting moist under her bikini bottoms and felt sex quicken with the beat of her own pulse.

Donna looked on with mounting jealousy, biting her lip again in silent frustration. She plunged a hand into her bottoms, her hand navigating down the tasteful landing strip of pubic hair to her awaiting cave of desire and began to busy herself.

Giselle too, felt her own resolve disappear and she too allowed a hand to bury itself between the tight confines of her bikini and too-tight flesh that imprisoned it.

“Why don’t you come over here and we can help each other out of these little ol’ things,” teased Donna as she beckoned Giselle towards her with one moistened finger.

Giselle sauntered over and happily wrapped her lips over the finger and enjoyed the dew while Donna took her free hand and cupped her companion’s lower belly and began rubbing and kneading it.

“Oh, I hope I am not interrupting anything important,” said a cheerfully accented voice from inside the villa a little ways away from the balcony they were on.

“Nothing that couldn’t use a helping hand, Dee!” said Giselle, slightly mollified, the color rising in her cheeks.

“My, my, you two do start early in the morning, yes?” said Donatella, whom the girls had shared a brief though memorable experience with in the clothing store from what seemed like eons ago.

She approached them from the open doorway carrying a tray in one hand, and a second pitcher of ruby-red liquid in the other, an inquisitive smile on her face. She had on a white linen bathrobe tide loosely and was barefoot. Atop her head was a large wide-brimmed hat, her hair being kept up with a large pin. Upon her beautiful and angular face she had expensive sunglasses. She wore no lipstick, but her natural beauty gave off the appearance that she did.

“Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world,” chimed in Donna, her hand still on Giselle’s lower belly.

“But I see that you have laid out a third glass for me, are we starting up again? I still think I have a hangover.”

She put down the items in her hands and took off her sunglasses, her eyes looked tired, but retained their health and vibrancy.

“We’re retired now, so it’s 5 o’clock every day!” said Giselle turning to the side so that Donna didn’t have to crane her neck to see Donatella.

“I think your retirement is beginning to show,” she said with a smile, her now-folded sunglasses pointing like an accusing finger at each of their bellies, making both women laugh.

“Well, your cooking is certainly not helping the cause,” said Giselle, who walked over to Donatella, kissed her on both cheeks and took the remaining glass she had brought out earlier and poured in a healthy measure which she took and drank cheerfully.

Donatella smiled, put down her drink and, smacking her lips in apparent satisfaction, put her hands on either side of Giselle’s belly, letting them trace the sides of her body and rest on her hips. “Oh dear, what is a poor seamstress like me going to do now that you have outgrown another pair of bottoms. And we just went shopping last week.”

Giselle brought up her hands and smiled into Donatella’s eyes as she undid the loose knot of her robe. With gentle fingers she reached up to her shoulders and eased it off her upper body.

Donatella removed her hands from Giselle’s body and let the robe fall away with a graceful shrug onto the floor. She was completely naked, save for a thin golden chain that sat a little snugly at her waist. No longer was she the skinny woman who greeted them from the closing store. She was still incredibly pretty, yes – but now it appeared that she too, had been indulging. Her proud breasts hung gracefully upon her chest, and as the wind picked up, her nipples puckered and hardened like two eraser tips. Her once firm and toned stomach was softer, rounder, with a beautifully little lower belly that did not giggle when she walked…yet. Her hips flared out slightly and she had the beginning formations of what would be promising love handles one day. Her rear was as pretty as ever, even if it had grown in all the right places, causing a lovely fold above her upper thigh.

“Ci, It’s true – even someone as careful as me has been bitten by the bug of desire of good food and lovely, ah, bedfellows.” She said, folding her hands across her lower abdomen and squeezing her belly, making them all laugh again.

Donna, still laying on the lounge chair smiled and marveled at how Donatella, or ‘Dee’ as they had taken to calling her, had wound up in their company…


Giselle and Donna, on their first day in Italy were out in the market, having been told that there was an incredible local area that boasted the freshest and most delectable produce in the area.

“Hey, what would you like to have for dinner tonight, my sweet?” said Giselle, her bag filling up with various ingredients that caught her eye.

“I’ll be having the Donna-special, with an extra slice for dessert,” she replied, stepping up behind her companion and squeezing her rear so that she nearly jumped and dropped her bag. The movement had caused an apple at the top of her bag to topple out and roll away a few feet from them.

Giselle made to bend down and reach for it, as it stopped at feet of someone. A pretty, long hand beautifully manicured, had reached down first and as both women looked up, she could not mistake that lovely voice.

“Well well, my princesses, so lovely to see you again!”

Both women cried out in recognition and Donna came over to see what the commotion was about. The women laughed and gabbed about how they had come to the area for some rest and relaxation, having rented a private and rather expensive villa and were in the market. Meanwhile, it turned out that Donatella had family in the area and was on an extended vacation, and had one of her managers covering the shop.

“But it is so lovely to see you both! What are the odds.” She said warmly and promptly greeted them both by kissing them one each cheek, leaving the area burn with warmth.

“I know, it must be fate.” Said Giselle, still in disbelief at how truly small the world can be.

“Well, you both look as though you are preparing a feast. Do you have guests?” inquired Donatella, as she eyed the bounty of food.

“N-no, not really,” said Donna, we just cannot wait to try all the food here. It’s so unbelievably bursting with rich flavor and the ingredients so fresh.”

“Yes,” said Donatella, “and that is why you see everyone here so active and moving around, so they can remain skinny.” She let out a light laugh as she surveyed the two women. It could not have been clearer that they had gained more weight since she saw them last.

“Ah, yes, well we are still getting our legs under us. We’ve been staying in more lately. Jet-lag and all that,” said Giselle, surreptitiously tugging at her shirt, which suddenly felt a little too tight and constricting.

“Well, you both look more beautiful than when we saw each other last,” said Donatella again, her appraising eye taking in every curve, every confined space and missing nothing.

They bid farewell and exchanged contact information. The following day, Giselle and Donna had rung up Donatella inviting her over for dinner. She didn’t leave until the following morning…


“Yes,” said Donna from the lounge chair, taking in Donatella’s impressive and slightly growing physique, “We’ve become such wonderful friends, I am so glad you have decided to spend your evenings with us also.”

Donatella walked over to Donna, pulled off her wide-brimmed hat bent low and kissed her lightly on the mouth in appreciation, “so lovely of you to say,” she said. Donna did not waste any time in putting a few fingers around the gold chain, bringing Dee closer to her.

“My, my. Your chain is getting a little tight on you,” she said playfully, letting the chain go, and letting her hand trace against the delicate contours of her belly and hip.

Dee straightened up, her hands proudly on her hips, “Ci, yes. But if I must get fat, I am glad it is with you two.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” said Giselle, who had sauntered up behind Dee, letting her belly meet with the small of their new companion’s back. She hugged Dee round the middle, her bigger middle, allowing her hands to travel north and south…

She closed her eyes and allowed herself to be taken by Giselle, who with delicate fingers traced down her satin trail that lead to her sex. She gasped as she felt two long fingers enter her, and could feel herself moistening with desire.

Donna now stood, and approached Dee, her own body waiting to be explored. She bent so that her lips brushed the erect nipple of Dee’s right breast, making both of them shudder and allowed her body to move closer, so that now their bellies touched: one large and swollen, another just beginning.
Donatella allowed one of her hands to reach out and touch the underside of Donna’s belly, and allow her hands to finish what Donna had started. Their lips met as Donatella entered her first one gentle finger, than a second, more eager one. Their gentle kissing yielded way to more passionate love making; their tongues began to dance and explore in each other’s mouth.

“Mmmm, but we mustn’t forget poor Giselle,” breathed Donatella, her breath now coming faster.

“Don’t worry about me, my lovely,” she whispered in reply as she bent forward and began nibbling on Donatella’s earlobe.

Donatella started to feel herself going weak in the knees. Almost in answer, she felt all three of them gently lowering their sun-kissed bodies onto the cooler floor of the patio and felt the return of warm fingers and skin contact with hers as each of them began exploring the other, a very thorough exploration…


“That was lovely, my dears,” said Donatella, an hour later, still laying on the floor. They had grabbed some pillows off the lounge chairs and contented themselves with being in each other’s embrace. Donatella was propped up in the center, with Giselle on her right and Donna on her left, their bodies still entwined. Each of them naked now glistened in the late morning sun from the exertion of physical passion they had just concluded.

“Mmm, I couldn’t agree more,” said Donna, shifting her bulk slightly so that her belly rested on the thigh of Donatella. She contented herself with reaching out to trace small circles with one finger around the small domed belly of Donatella, almost willing it to grow with each revolution of her finger.

Almost as if in silent answering prayer, Donatella’s belly let out the faintest *gurgle* which made Donna look up at her and smile. Donatella smiled back and tilted her head towards Giselle who looked in the direction of Donatella’s gaze.

When she had first come out, she had brought two items. One was the second pitcher of ruby-red liquid. The second was a small tray of what looked like cookies.

Giselle reached up and over to the waiting plate and let them rest on Donatella’s belly. She let out a little laugh causing the plate to shake slightly.

“Oh, what new treats have you made for us now?” said Giselle, reaching forward to grab one. They were chocolate cookies, and were so soft and the chocolate so moist that the cookie began to bend under its own weight.

“Just a little family recipe secret that I wanted to share,” she said, picking up a cookie and offering it to Donna, who took a sensual bite; then another until the cookie had disappeared. It tasted divine, as had all of Donatella’s cooking. If they did not take heed of Stinger’s request, they might continue on gaining weight; getting bigger, softer…

Donna reached forward to pick up a cookie to return the favor. As she brought it to Donatella’s mouth, the cookie gently broke in two and landed on Donatella’s upper belly. She put it down and picked up the fallen piece and brought it to Donatella’s mouth. She ate it in a single bite.

Giselle looked down to where Donna had picked up the broken half and saw that there was a smudge of chocolate. With her index finger, she slowly wiped up the chocolate and marveled at how soft Donatella’s was becoming. They would hope she would stay with them for a long time. After all, if she didn’t miss her work, Donna and Giselle could take care of her, if she wanted. They had gotten on so well, and already, it felt like they had known her for many years. Years? Yes, she would stay with them, laugh with them, and cook with them…

Giselle came out of her little reverie and brought her finger up to Donnatella’s open mouth. “Oh, I see I’ve made a mess of myself. I can see that you have chocolate on your finger,” she said, blushing slightly and inching her head forward to take the waiting finger into her mouth.

Giselle leaned in too and said coolly, “just call me Chocolatefinger.”

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