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DonnieD80 has said some nice things

Hi there!
That happened to me. I was just 19 when I moved with my slightly older girlfriend. I was thin, tall and athletic even if I had just stopped practicing field and track and started focusing more on my studies at college. She was tall too, beautiful and quite athletic, even if she was sporting maybe 10 extra pounds from her perfect weight. Living with my girlfriend was great and we were spending many hours at home together, studying, etc.. She did most of the cooking, with me just helping a bit and enjoying her meals. I could tell she was happy to see I was appreciating her cooking, as she used to smile whenever I cleaned my plate and her smile was bigger if I was asking for second helpings. She told me more than once she was happy to see I was relaxing a bit, and polishing off the food she was preparing for us was one big sign of how relaxed I was, together with spending our nights hugging on the sofa.
One of those nights toward the end of the semester she told me she was getting physically more and more attracted to me. When I asked why, she blushed and told me she was in love with my body, particularly with my belly, since it had softened and had started bulging just a bit, and there was no more trace of my previous six pack. She was so embarrassed she couldn't look at me, and I was shocked because I had not even realized I had been gaining weight, and was really weird to hear she was liking so much my stomach losing its tone and definition. I didn't know if I had to be angry, ashamed or what; of course I was also turned on by her confession. So I asked her if she had tried to make me gain weight. Of course she had never forced me to eat, but she confessed she was getting turned on by me polishing off her meals since we moved, and when she noticed I was starting to pack on the pounds she said nothing because she was afraid I could have started dieting, and instead kept serving me hearty helpings, getting turned on every time I finished them.
It has been weird, but it has been nice too. It got part of our play time and we had a lot of fun together. She didn't make me fat, but of course after a couple of years my former six pack was well buried under the soft layer of fat of my starting pot belly. She was so proud of the tangible results of her special attentions on me. Every time our friends joked about how I had filled out she had a great time patting my jiggling weak spot and telling "should I say how good I am at cooking?".
I know this could be considered manipulating, but we both had a lot of fun and we lived gorgeously together. I don't blame her at all for having been subtle at the beginning when I gained the first pounds. Not everything needs to be said within a couple and something is easier to be done than said. Besides, cooking good meals and enjoying a few added pounds on one's significant half is not bad at all. Manipulating a person and force him/her to get morbidly fat is just another thing, as well as manipulating him/her to fit into exaggerated social standards, demanding for sculpted body without an ounce of fat.
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