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ronaldr has said some nice things
Default Piggy Whistle - by ronaldr (~BHM, Force Feeding, Domination, Erotica,)

~BHM, Force Feeding, Domination, Erotica - A story of extreme dominance, and force feeding.

[B][CENTER]Piggy Whistle

The couple finally decided to move in together. Angela and Mark had been dating for a year now, so in love with each other and ready for the next big chapter in their relationship. Mark is 5’8, 170lbs handsome and has an athletic and toned body. He works out regularly to keep his abs toned and body firm. While he manages to stay in shape he is a full time community college student, and works part time at McDonalds. His life is pretty decent, and has been better since he met Angela at a social get together. Angela was much like Mark, but a little brighter. She is 5’6, and 120lbs firm and tone yet she doesn’t work out. She does web development full time and makes great money doing this.

For some time now Mark has been holding a secret from Angela, and he wants to confess to her at the right time. Ever since Mark could remember he has been an FA, he loves big women, and he likes them super-sized, he fantasizes about feeding them and making them fatter. Although he likes big women, he loves the idea of fattening a skinny girl up into his fat personal piggy. This is why Mark enjoyed his job at McDonalds; he loved to see women stuff themselves full of fattening burgers. Mark also noticed girls that frequent McDonalds gaining chub, Mark got satisfaction out of knowing he helped add poundage to these girls bodies. And since they were moving into a nice apartment together, Mark felt that once they were settled in he would confess and hope for the best.

Once Mark and Angela were finally moved in and settled down in their new Apartment he felt it was time. It was night, right before bed, and right after a filling dinner. Mark prepares himself and takes a deep breath, but just then before he could speak, Angela speaks “Mark, I think I’m getting fat, and I don’t like it one bit, and I’m sure you don’t as well. I really want to start going to the gym with you!” Angela pleads.

Mark has a look of acceptance on his face, yet he feels disappointed. This is the time he chose to tell her he wants her to fatten up, but instead she wants to lose weight. Mark thinks to himself, nothing is going to stop him from telling her how he feels, and his true desires for her. Mark grabs her shoulder and says “Babe your fine just the way you are, and in fact I think a few extra pounds won’t hurt…” Mark trails off, “I mean, the truth is, I like thicker, well bigger women, and I love the idea of you gaining weight, in fact I’d love it for you to get fat for me.”

Angela looks surprised, and in fact she is actually disgusted. Angela has no intentions on getting fat. “Mark I love you, but I don’t know…”

Mark puts his finger over her lips and interrupts. “Angela I have to confess, I am living with a fetish, I’m a feeder, and I’m turned on by the idea of a girl gaining weight, and getting fatter.”

Angela’s eyes light up. “Wow Mark, I never knew, this is kind of weird, and it’s a lot to take in, but if that’s what you like, then that’s what you like and I will continue to love you and accept you.” Angela left it at that, her soft toned voice lingered in the air, Mark took in what she said and liked it. Just then, Angela thought about the idea of her getting fatter, it kind of turned her on, she didn’t quit understand it. She thought about it longer in that instance, and then it hit her. The idea she had thought turned her on even more, he pussy soaked at this thought. Angela smiled, at the table turned thought of her fattening Mark, she was turned on the aspect of becoming the dominant she nearly screamed. She flipped everything Mark said in her mind, she wanted him to be fat for her, and she wanted to control him.

She concluded that Mark unlocked a secret fetish for her, the chance that she would share the same fetish as Mark. An even clever plan to play along with Mark hit her. Angela caught herself starring in the blue, when Mark said “Well baby, I will let you think about this overnight. Let’s get some sleep.” Angela agreed.

The next morning while Mark was at school Angela did some browsing on the web, finding several websites on Feederism, she learned more about it, and became to like it even more. She read stories about female feeders secretly fattening their boyfriends and making them helplessly fat, these stories made Angela cum like never before. After browsing the web, Angela had a salad and started day one of her workout plan and hit the gym. She worked out hard for two hours, she felt great after working out. When she got home she started a big dinner, her plan was to trick Mark into thinking she was going to gain for him. She made a big basket of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, and she even baked a special sweet potato pie. When Mark got home dinner was ready, she made Marks plate piling it with loads of food she made with extra gravy, she added weight gain powder to his milk which she picked up from the gym. She estimated Marks plate to have tripled the calories of what he normally eats. She made her plate as normal. After dinner Mark was stuffed, and Angela acted stuffed to please him by moaning and rubbing her stomach when she was actually content. She got a peak at his stomach his abs was distended, she could see her plan was working and this was only dinner. Angela knew that Mark wouldn’t have much time to work out this semester since he was taking more classes and working longer hours to make his half of the rent. Reminding her of how fat he will soon start to get, the thought got her horny.

There was still the pie which she brought out and set on the table. She walked over seductively and sat in his lap scooping out a piece of the pie with her finger and licking it clean. Angela moaned “I’m soooo full, but I can fit more in for your daddy” while rubbing her flat stomach. She felt Marks dick harden under her. She then proceeded to cut her a small piece which Mark didn’t notice, and she cut Mark a big piece. She loaded the pie with sugar, and extra everything knowing this she ate lightly sneaking some of her pie into her purse nearby every chance she got. Although Mark was stuffed he seemed to enjoy his pie, shoveling it in like a good piggy Angela thought. Once Mark finished his piece Angela offered him more, but he declined. She can only think to herself “Oh you’re going to eat this entire pie piggy boy, real soon.” With that she wrapped the pie and put it in the fridge. That night sex was even better, with all of her sneaky thoughts and plans she came three times hard on top of Mark. She imagined him big fat and helpless where she could just feed him more and more, and he would get fatter and fatter, she wanted Mark to be a sex toy. Over the next month she continued working out, and making a large dinner every night pretending to gain for him. All this time she hadn’t gained an ounce of fat, but actually gained muscle from working out, she liked feeling strong, and she loved her newly toned body. While Mark had gained a considerable amount of chub around the waist, his abs were now faded, and he continued gaining without noticing.

Angela’s plan was working, and she wanted it to continue working. She loved seeing Mark blow up, and she wanted him to keep getting fatter. She enjoyed seeing his appetite grow each day, him stuffing more into his greedy mouth. At work Mark started to eat more on his breaks, gaining an appetite for greasy burgers and salty fries, his job definitely helped. Another month went by a Mark was up to 230lbs, he was getting chubby. He no longer had a toned body, but soft flab; his chest grew into soft boobs Angela found herself cuddling up to. His belly had grown a considerable amount of inches, and spilled over his waistband. He felt himself getting out of breath when going up stairs or even talking. He was becoming so out of shape, and every bit of it turned Angela on more and more. Soon she would want him to squeal like a pig under her. For she was growing considerably stronger, her arms and thighs had grown thicker with muscle, she was solid and in the best shape of her life. She liked knowing that she could outrun Mark now. She loved that Mark was once so in shape, but he is now growing thanks to her. She came at this thought.

But Mark started to notice, he noticed she wasn’t gaining, he concluded that maybe she was just a slow gainer. Angela assured him that she would try harder. Mark then also became aware of her new muscles, and how toned she had become. She was much more energetic in bed, usually taking the dominant role and fucking him on top. He realized the roles had changed. He took it out on himself, for trying so hard to fatten Angela up, he let himself go. He noticed all the changes but remained silent.

The next day Mark made time for the gym, and none of his gym clothes fit anymore. He showed up to the gym in tight sweats and shirt. His thighs rubbed together, he started lifting weights, his arms had become flabby losing muscle tone, and he struggled to lift 30 pound weights, and after 2 sets took a break. He hopped on the scale, and it read 250lbs. He was in shock, he had gained even more. He didn’t think he could let himself get so fat, and yet so fast. He wanted to confront Angela about it. He got back to his workout and hopped on the treadmill, at the same time Angela entered the gym. She was sporting red shorty shorts showing off her toned legs and thighs, and a tight muscle shirt which showed off her toned muscles in her arms and stomach. She quickly caught a glance of Mark and backed out towards the door. She was about to leave when she decided to watch. She peaked and saw her piggy on the treadmill running, he was jiggling and breathing hard out of breath, she loved to see him struggle, but seeing his ass bounce made her laugh to herself.

She could only think about how he would look with 100 more pounds, or even 200, no 300 she thought. She wanted him FAT. She continued to peek watching him breathe hard, his new soft body jiggled and he sweat hard. Angela knew Mark was approaching the point of no return. She watched Mark leave the treadmill and head over to do sit-ups, seeing his new fat shift as he laid down on his back was starting to get her soaked. She so wanted to feed him right now, but she continued to watch her piggy struggle. Mark had become weak and fat, a pure butterball for her to continue fattening. She loved it, Mark didn’t. She left the gym without her workout and going unnoticed by Mark. She figured she would work out twice as hard the next day. She now considered herself officially Marks feeder.

Later that night Mark didn’t eat dinner, Angela was disappointed, but she let him go this night. In bed Mark turned to her and told her how he felt about getting fat, he was beginning to not mind it as much, but asked what she thought. Angela felt it was time to establish her dominance and make it known that she is his feeder. Angela says “I’ve been secretly fattening you, and I fucking love it! Yes, I love it piggy boy! How does it feel to have the tables turned!?” Angela didn’t wait for an answer. She slapped his titts and grabbed his belly. “Look at how fat you’ve gotten, you’ve let yourself go! A fucking pig! And it was all me Mark, all me! Making you into a butterball was hard work though; you’re even growing wide hips piggy, look at how soft you are!” By now Angela was releasing everything on Mark, and she was getting soaking wet, she sat up and the sheets were soaked. She was getting pure satisfaction, and Mark was starting to break down. She continued “Look at your fat lard ass, you’re never going back Mark, I don’t see how you let yourself get so, so fucking FAT! All I did was cook and you gladly accepted, letting yourself go. And yes Mark it turns me on, I want to fuck you, and feed you, make you my blubber ball sex toy!!!” By now Mark was crying and Angela had gripped his fat love handle. “Accept it Mark, that’s all you can do, just let me continue to feed you, and I will continue to fuck your fat ass. Look at how much stronger I have gotten too Mark” Angela flexed. “I think I can handle your piggy ass now, so you know what flabby boy? You’re going to keep eating and getting fatter until I think your fat enough!” Mark felt terrible, it was his fault, he let himself go, he thought, how could he be so stupid, with shame he shook his head. Mark put both hands on his belly and shook it, crying even more. Angela slapped his belly and said “Oh stop you’re crying piggy!” She wiped his tears and gave him a hug, after he stopped sobbing she told Mark that everything she just said turned her on; she told him she loved him. She continued telling Mark everything that turned her on, and what she was going to do to him.

One thing that caught Mark was when she told him that she will always take care of him. It felt weird to Mark, but he understood, Angela now ran things, she also proved her physical strength over him by pinning him down playfully. Angela turned on, and Mark somewhat turned on, she told Mark that tonight she wanted him on top. She wanted him to feel like a man and regain his manliness.

Mark struggled to get on top; almost crushing her, his belly bulged against her abs, round and soft. While under his mass Angela rubbed his soft hips, love handles and blubbery thighs. She wanted to squeeze his tits, but couldn’t reach over his massive belly. Mark began to fuck her, balancing himself was a challenge with his new fat belly in the way; he could barely find his own dick. Eventually after Angela had enough of the foolishness, she flipped Mark on his back. His dick hardened, he felt submissive and helpless with Angela on top, oddly he liked feeling this way. She got off him and left the room saying she would be back. Mark lay there still somewhat taking everything in. Not ready to get fat, but already fat. Angela returned with a 2 full boxes of 12 Twinkies each. She got back on top of Mark, and forced his mouth open shoving the first Twinkie in his mouth, commanding him to eat. He did as his master commanded; she slapped his belly and began to ride his dick. She continued riding Mark harder and harder, faster and faster all while shoving Twinkie’s two at time into his mouth. By the time Mark had finished the two whole boxes of Twinkie’s Angela had come all over Mark 6 times, one for each mouthful she stuffed into her play piggy. She rolled off of him, and they both went to sleep.

Mark awoke the next morning alone in bed to find cream from the Twinkies still smeared on his face and Angela gone, he was becoming so fat now, and his belly was rounder sticking out almost a foot and a half in the air. He looked like a fat pregnant man. He rubbed it slowly, while rubbing he found a cart full of sweets by his bedside. The cart was filled with junk food, cakes, and cookies, whole pies, Debbie cakes, all topped with whip cream. He figured Angela had left it for him, which she did. He felt extremely hungry and didn’t fight the temptation and dug into the junk food realizing the consequences his body will have to face. He also didn’t want to make Angela mad; Mark is starting to come terms with Angela being his new master and feeder. He ate greedily trying to finish off as much as possible, starting with a whole cheesecake he dug in with his hands shoveling it into his face like a sloppy piggy. Suddenly Angela burst through the door pulling a fridge into the room, her toned arms and biceps flexing as she pulled the fridge to the corner of the room with her Amazon strength. She plugs it in, and before Mark can say a word she is on top of him shoving handfuls of cheesecake into his bloated cheeks. She slaps his belly and tells him not to say a word. She leaves the room, and returns with a bag. Angela sets the bag on floor. Angela looks right into Marks eyes and she sees the fear in them, she then says “Good piggy boy, I have a surprise for you!” She reaches into the bag and pulls out rope, Mark starts to panic, and wiggle and jiggle his little piggy body to get out of bed, but before he can Angela has his wrist tied down to the bed.

She finishes tying her piggy down to the bed both wrist and ankles. Mark is now truly helpless. Angela continues her rant, “Now that I have you submissive, weak, and helpless it’s time to really start the hog fattening. I’m not going to let you leave the bed until I think you are 300 pounds, and since I really can’t really tell how much your fat ass weighs from looking, who knows when that will be. So here’s the plan I am going to pump you full of weight gain shake continuously with stuffing’s in between, and of course I will fuck you, and this time I mean I am going to FUCK you!” Mark liked the sound of the fucking, until she reached in her bag and pulled out a strap on dildo, she called it the “piggy whistle.” Angela grins hard as she sees Mark’s face become pale and sad. “That’s right piggy boy, I am going to fuck you till you break!” The dildo was long, 10 inches; it has a button connected to it, so when Angela pushed the button the dildo would shoot out a load of weight gain shake. She couldn’t wait to try it out, forgetting about all the effort she took into capturing her play piggy, she untied Mark, rolled him out of bed onto the floor, pushed him to his knees and demanded him to suck her strap on. Mark was hesitant, he didn’t want to. Mark felt he was becoming less of a man each day. Angela grabbed his head and forced his lips onto her dildo making him suck it, she pushed him down harder on it making him choke and gag, when he did this Angela pulled out, and made him suck it more. She enjoyed seeing him weak, defeated, and helpless sucking her piggy whistle. She was becoming excited, so she pressed the button once then the dildo pumped weight gain shake into his mouth and Mark had to suck it down before it overflowed his cheeks. It was a challenge for Mark to suck it down as it was, he could see the piggy whistle was connected to a gallon of weight gain shake. Angela pressed the button again and the weight gain shake overflowed his mouth spilling down his cheeks and on to his tits.

Angela wanted Mark to suck the entire gallon worth so she pressed the button over and over, pumping Mark with weight gain shake as he sucked it all from her piggy whistle. Finally the gallon was done and in Mark’s belly. She pushed him onto his back, when Mark hit the floor his whole body shook and jiggled. Angela laughed; she was truly entertained by how fat Mark had become, and how it was so easy to make him into a submissive play piggy. She slapped his belly while standing over him. She giggled some more, and came and sat on his face making him lick and suck her pussy till it was dry. She got up in a hurry and rolled the cart over to Mark’s side. She says “This is cart one piggy, you will have 3 carts a day, and it’s already 1pm piggy, time for your stuffing!” Before Mark could protest she began shoving cookies and brownies into his mouth, next whole cheeseburgers were jammed into him, handfuls of cakes and pies, and occasionally more weight gain shake from the piggy whistle. By the time Angela was down to the last cake Mark was breathing heavily near bursting. Angela just placed the entire triple chocolate cake on the floor next to Mark and demand that he eat it like the pig he is or else! Mark didn’t ask any questions he heaved his bloated fat body over near the cake and dug in face first. Mark forced the cake down, and Angela was pleased.

Angela patted him on his blubbery ass, “my, my, my, what a good piggy I didn’t think you could handle it, but your surprised me and did it. At this rate you will be immobile in no time! Well time for your break, you have two options: take your fat piggy ass to sleep or watch me strip and feed you more. Oink once to sleep, oink twice to be fed.” Mark oinked once, Angela says “good decision play piggy!” That was the first time Mark had actually heard that term, play piggy, it made him feel like an object. She stripped naked and shook her big round booty right in front of his face as Mark began to doze off.

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Dark! Yet I gotta admit, you have something there...
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Jerry Thomas
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Good story idea and very erotic -- I liked it. But what happens next? Surely she can think of some other things to do to dominate and humiliate him (I sure can!). Forgive a bit of shameless self-promotion, but you might like the story that I recently posted (Jennie's Diet). It also features a woman who enjoys feeding and fattening her "piggy," but it's more of a love story. Keep it up - I'd like to see more of this!
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Rebel does more than just post hot picsRebel does more than just post hot picsRebel does more than just post hot picsRebel does more than just post hot pics

Outstanding start! Great pacing, and I like the direction you've taken. Please, please write more.
Thank you for sharing this much with us.
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Default I LOVE this story!!

Totally got me off.
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You have some very nice ideas here, and I'll admit, I am quite turned on by them *blushes* But I think your style needs work; the switches from present tense to past and back again are rather jarring, and many of the sentences just seem to run on - there are many places I think you should be using semi-colons, or even full stops, instead of commas. Eg: "Ever since Mark could remember he has been an FA, he loves big women, and he likes them super-sized, he fantasizes about feeding them and making them fatter" might be better as "Ever since Mark could [can] remember he has been an FA. He loves big women, and he likes them super-sized; he fantasizes about feeding them and making them fatter."
Hope this helps. Also...there are really men who are aroused by the thought of being totally submissive feedees? That. Is. Awesome.
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The Educator
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This is awesome, but please continue the story! It was getting better and better.
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Needs more chapters!
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Default interesting ...

evil feeding methods hehe oh i would love such kind of play for dominance in a relationship although i think no girl could make me gain this much :_)

this was realy an interesting sexy story ^^
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i really donīt know if i would go all the way but that was hot ^^

again haha
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