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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics
Default Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG – a pie eating contest plus Alice and her mom push Jen to the limit

Alice -Chapter 27
(Ch 26 on Deviant Arts)
By Mollycoddles and co
(Click here for prior installment)

Laurie twitched awake as the morning sun poured through the window. Grunting, she pushed herself up into a sitting position, her naked knockers spilling to either side of her chubby tummy.

Absently, she scratched her soft, jiggly belly. It stuck out so far that it was no longer easy to tell that she wasn't wearing any panties; her gut covered her pussy when she sat down. For a split second she goggled at her naked body, confused as to where her pajamas were. But then she remembered the disaster of the previous night, when the three tubby teens discovered that they had each outgrown their night clothes.

"Didn't I tell Mom to get us some emergency PJs?" muttered Laurie crossly, before noticing a neatly folded pile of clothes by the stairs. "Oh, I guess she did."

Laurie struggled to her feet and wobbled over to her sleeping comrades. Both Jen and Alice lay sprawled out, grunting softly in their sleep, bellies still swollen from the evening feast. She gently kicked Jen in her flank.

"Hey dumbass, wake up!"

Jen rolled over and blinked her big, cow-like eyes. "Like, leave me alone. I want to sleep… Was having such nice dreams…"

Laurie frowned slightly. She couldn't remember her own dreams, but, for some reason, she felt a renewed sense of pride in her bulbous bosom. Sure, she mused as she glanced down at her ponderous pontoons, the heft and mass of her ginormous mams, their round pillowy softness, the way their doughy weight tugged so tightly on the shoulder straps of her biggest brassieres, the way their grand feminine swell pushed all her shirt buttons to their complaining limits, she felt an irrational, literal chest-swelling at all those things, but this morning she felt even vainer than usual. A slight devilish smile crossed her perfect face. But now was no time to lose her head in boob love…

"Stop being so lazy!" she snapped at Jen, gently kicking her slumbering pear-shaped pal in her flaring buttocks. "It's morning! And you need to put on some clothes."

Jen yawned and stretched, suddenly realizing that she wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing.

"Oh crap!" she yelped. The noise seemed to rouse Alice, who immediately went red. Unlike Jen and Laurie who both seemed relatively shameless about their nudity, Alice quickly tried to hide her breasts and crotch with her hands.

Laurie snorted and rolled her eyes. "Stop being such a baby, Alice, you don't have anything we haven't seen before. Besides, we were all hanging out naked last night, don't you remember?"

"Oh yeah," said Alice quietly but she kept her hands in place. Laurie snorted again and tossed each of her two girlfriends a set of pajamas.

Laurie quickly pulled on the silk pants and buttoned up her top. Surprisingly, they both fit fairly decently. Laurie cocked an eyebrow in surprise; she couldn't remember the last time that she had managed to comfortably fasten buttons across her voluminous chest.

Then something else caught her attention. A delicious smell in the air. She sniffed deeply. Pancakes? Her mother must be cooking a special breakfast. Laurie suddenly felt an unfamiliar feeling in her gut: hunger. Not the niggling greedy desire for snacking that she usually felt, but genuine, raw hunger pains.

The bulging raven-haired beauty nowadays spent almost all her time stuffed to the brim, so the only time that ever felt real hunger was in the early mornings when she first woke up after not eating for the last seven or eight hours. But she was feeling them now.

Jen wriggled her bum into the pajama pants. Laurie could tell by the way she briefly paused to inhale deeply, eyes closed in blissful rapture, that she also smelled it.
Alice was unconsciously licking her lips as she buttoned up her pajamas. Alice's outfit, too, was the right size. Too big, in fact, the chubby blonde was positively swimming in it.
"Breakfast?" squeaked Jen hopefully. The bubbly bimbo was positively drooling at the thought, barely conscious that a trickle of saliva had formed at the edge of her mouth, running down her soft double chin.
"That sounds good," agreed Alice. "But…wait…why are my pajamas so much bigger than yours?"
"Laurie's mom musta got you the next size up," blurted out Jen absently. She was too distracted by her grumbling belly to pay much attention to the worried note in Alice's voice, but Laurie caught it immediately.
"But why would she get me bigger pajamas unless…oh no..I must really look fat!" Alice dropped heavily onto the bed, her entire flabby body bouncing slightly inside the voluminous pajamas.

Indeed, Alice did look fatter. All three girls had been keeping pace in their expansion, but due to the fact that Alice was apple-shaped, rather than
pear-shaped or top-heavy, she still looked fattest.

"I don't know why I'm getting so fat!" she said miserably. "I never eat anything except at our slumber parties!"

That was, of course, a ridiculous lie. Alice had convinced herself that she wasn't overeating nearly to the extent that she was, but the reality was that Alice's gluttony had spiraled completely out of control. She gorged herself to her limits at every meal, and rarely stopped herself from snacking between meals. She was always nibbling on cookies or candy bars. Her addiction to food was so total that she often could only fall asleep at night if she had a cookie in her mouth. Often, as she drifted to sleep, her mouth would keep nibbling and chewing. Alice had finally lost her credibility if she tried to claim that she at least stopped eating while she was asleep.

"It's...it's all diet food," stammered Laurie, suddenly flustered and desperate to turn Alice's attention away from her sleepover gluttony. If Alice had been paying attention, she might have become suspicious at Laurie's sudden change in behavior but the blonde chubbette was too busy wailing about her own weight.

"I know!" said Laurie, brightening up. "Why don't you take some of these protein bars and nonfat snacks with you? That way, if you ever feel hungry throughout the day, you can just eat some of these? You'll probably stop gaining right away!"

"Really? You think so?" Alice stared at her buxom friend. This had never occurred to her before!

Laurie smiled unctuously. "Oh, sweetie, I am positive that this plan will totally work."

"Oh, Laurie, thank you! I… don't know how to thank you!" Alice grabbed Laurie in an enormous, enthusiastic hug, accidentally burying her face in the valley between her monumental melons. Alice quickly let go, embarrassed, but Laurie quickly moved on. In reality, she was a little surprised at this display of affection, but she didn't let it show. Standing to the side and out of view, Jen watched the scene with a pained expression on her face. She knew the secret about the diet food, that it was not diet at all.

“This is the start of a brand new me!" said Alice brightly. "From now on…I'm only going to eat diet food! I'm going to start exercising! For real! Just you watch, I'm going to start working out and going to the gym and everything! I know that I've fallen through on exercise before, but this time I'll do it for real!"

"You don't need to exercise," said Laurie uncertainly, "I'm sure the diet food will be enough—"

"No, I mean it! I promise to start exercising!"

"Alright," said Laurie, pushing her fat friend away. "That's enough of that. Let's go eat. I'm starving!"

The three growing girls slowly waddled upstairs, drawn by the scent of delicious pancakes, slowly shuffling along and occasionally bouncing against each other like a trio of inflated beachballs when their fat tummies and round backsides bumped.

"Good morning, girls!" said Laurie's mom cheerfully as the ravenous beauties plodded into the kitchen, already gasping from the laborious trip up the stairs. The older woman was busy at the stove flipping pancakes. She had already finished a sizeable stack and was already at work on a second batch. "I thought you would be hungry after your little party, so I hope you don't mind that I made you a little something. Just to make up for embarrassing you last night, Laurie."

Laurie was already flushed from the exertion of walking upstairs, but she flushed even brighter. She pressed her full lips together in annoyance.

"Mother, please! Not in front of my friends!"

Alice and Jen hadn't even noticed, however. Upon entering the kitchen, the two bulging bunnies had plopped their wide bums into chairs around the kitchen table and started grabbing pancakes from the platter. Their new loose pajamas created a sinister illusion, making each swollen sweetie believe that she could afford to indulge "just this once."

Of course, their enormous appetites and non-existent self-restraint meant that nearly every meal for weeks had turned into a "one time indulgence," with inevitable results materializing around their hips, busts and waistlines.

They hadn't eaten in hours, so they were absolutely famished. For the first few minutes, there was barely any talking around the table as each growing, gaining girl thought of nothing more than shoving enough pancakes into her greedy face to silence her growling belly. The only noises were the soft clinks of silverware against plates and the steady, slobbery sounds of rapid chewing – and the occasional barely-disguised burp, since they were eating so fast that they inevitably swallowed enough air to swell their bellies just a little bit more.

Jen shoveled pancakes into her mouth faster and faster, barely pausing to breathe, her chubby chipmunk cheeks bulging. She stopped only when her mouth was so absolutely full that she couldn't close it entirely. Laborously, she began chewing, her lips parted so that syrup dribbled down her double chin.

"Dese pa'cathes are dethlithith!" she finally bubbled through a mouthful of food. She grabbed the syrup bottle and squirted another load of pure liquid sugar all over her plate. If Laurie hadn't been watching with mild disgust, Jen might have simply guzzled the golden syrup right from the bottle. Her greed was just that intense!

Jen leaned back with an explosive belch. "Oops! Excuse me!"
Alice giggled at the noise, but Laurie scowled darkly.

"Thankth for th' breakfatht, Mithith Belmontheth!" said Jen happily.

"Jen, slow down, you're making a scene," said Laurie crossly, before pushing a forkful of pancake into her own mouth. Unlike Jen, Laurie at least had the good manner to chew with her mouth closed, even though she took such huge eager bites that her chubby cheeks bulged.

"No, I'm not!" Jen piped in, her brow furrowing. Laurie winced as Jen accidentally blew specks of chewed-up pancake across the table with her every word. The busty beauty found Jen's behavior pretty disgusting, which was ironic considering that her own gluttony was mostly unchecked these days.

"Jen, I know that you just love to stuff your face, but you don't need to show us what you're eating while you're chewing it," said Laurie pointedly. "Honestly, do you even pause to taste what you're eating? The way you eat, it's like you're in some sort of contest."

"Mmm," mumbled Alice, her eyes vacant and far away. "That sounds kind of dreamy. A pancake eating contest! If only there was such a thing…" She sighed, obliviously shoving another forkful of sweet fluffy cakes into her mouth.

"Well, there isn't," said Laurie, "The closest thing you'll find is a pie eating contest. And you'll only find those in dorky county fairs in fly-over states." She snorted derisively.

"Oh no, that's not true!" said Alice, "There's going to be one at the school fair next month. Kristine and Lizzie are baking the pies; they're collecting entrance fees to help pay for the new uniforms."

Laurie stared.

"Um, you did know that, though, right?" said Alice. "I mean, you are the team captain, so they must have okayed it…by you…right…"

"Yeah, of course they did," muttered Laurie. They had, of course, but Laurie had totally forgotten. She'd been virtually ignoring her duties as team captain for months now, much too obsessed with her new relationship with Frank, her plot to fatten Alice, and (though she didn't admit it to herself) her constant binging.

Laurie's ballooning waistline was interfering with her cheer capabilities and not just because her uniform was becoming too constricting. She didn't bother to participate in any cheer routines, instead just barking orders at the other girls from the sidelines. She tended to excuse Jen and Alice from practice too, so a lack of exercise was just one more contributor to the three teens' burgeoning obesity.

It was anyone's guess what would happen the next time the girls were actually called upon to cheer at a game – if they didn't end up flashing the crowd by splitting their cheer uniforms wide open, they certainly wouldn't have the stamina to actually perform any routines. It was an inevitability that had the entire squad holding their breaths.

In the meantime, with the captain and co-captain ignoring their duties in favor of stuffing their faces, Kristine and Lizzie had asked permission to run the annual booth at the school fair, hoping to make some money to pay for new uniforms. Apparently they thought running a pie eating contest would make a lot of money for the squad? And apparently Laurie had okayed it without thinking.

"A pie eating contest is such a gross idea," sniffed Laurie. "I don't know what made Lizzie and Kristine think that would be a good way to raise cash. I couldn't imagine joining one of those things. They're so vulgar!"

The very idea of a pie-eating contest conjured up thoughts of yokels in overalls and straw hats, gap-toothed girls in gingham dresses, hayrides and hog-calling contests. Truly, it was the sport of hillbillies! For a sophisticated socialite like Laurie, it sounded dreadful. As much as the idea of gorging on pie might give her a slight involuntary tingle between her thighs these days, Laurie was not prepared to admit any fascination in front of her friends.

"I dunno," said Jen, "It's not that bad. I mean, at least you get to eat some pie. So even if you lose, you still kinda win!"

"No one wins that kind of contest," said Laurie. "Especially not girls like us. It's always some huge fat guy."

"I could totally win that contest," said Jen, her mind suddenly swimming with possibilities. Jen loved the idea of winning something for once; everyone always thought of her as second place compared to her friend Laurie, so the idea that she might be the stand-out champion for once was pretty exciting.

Jen rarely competed in any contest without her best friend, but if Laurie wasn't prepared to chomp down a whole load of blueberry pies…then that left the field wide open! Jen was certain that she could emerge the winner. Besides, the idea of getting to pig out on pie wasn't such a bad incentive by itself.

Her tummy quivered with the slightest growl at the thought of the taste. Sure, she was full of pancakes right now, but blueberry pie was an exciting new flavor the thought of which almost made her hungry again!

"Yeah, just what you need—more calories!" snorted Laurie, oblivious to the irony as she shoved a second stack of butter-drenched flapjacks onto her own plate. "The least you could do is pretend to care about your appearance."

"C'mon, like, it's fair food! It totally doesn't count!" said Jen. Alice nodded eagerly, happy to participate in this ridiculous charade of self-delusion if it meant she could get some tasty pie.

"What, you think there're no calories in a pie if you eat in at a fair? Do you even listen to yourself? Jen, I swear, sometimes you are such a bimbo." Laurie stabbed at her breakfast angrily.

"I'm not a bimbo!" said Jen crossly. She frowned in annoyance. The other girls might have taken her more seriously except that, unbeknownst to the pear-shaped princess, Jen had a slight trickle of maple syrup running down her chin.

"Sorry, Jen, but not even you could win a pie-eating contest. Every fattie in school will be competing in it!"

"You don't know what you're talking about! I could TOTALLY win!"

"No, you can't!"

"I'll show you! I WILL enter and I WILL win!" Jen shouted defiantly, rising to her feet in agitation. Laurie stared at her in bewildered confusion and even Alice felt her mouth go limp in surprise. Jen hardly ever got upset. And over this? A silly pie-eating challenge?

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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics
Default Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

"Sit down, Jen, stop being ridiculous," said Laurie, "You know I'm just saying this because I care. You don't have to prove anything."

"You don't think I can do it," said Jen crossly, "You never think I can do anything! I'm never, like, good enough, am I? I'm always just your second-in-command. That's what everyone thinks of me! Well, no more! I'll show you that I CAN do something for myself! I am good enough to win!"

"…This is what you're choosing to excel at?"

"Darn 'tootin!" said Jen, suddenly chipper again. She plopped her wide bum back into her chair, which creaked under her ample weight. "I'll totally win that contest and then you'll totally have to respect my abilities, Laurie. You'll see I can do things for myself!"

She reached for another stack of pancakes and started chowing down with renewed vigor.

"Except control your eating," mumbled Laurie.

"Um, hello? I'm totally practicing for the contest now!"

Laurie and Alice both expected their bimbolicious friend to forget that breakfast conversation as fast as she forgot most things, but the idea had fired Jen's imagination. She was genuinely upset that Laurie seemed to doubt her – and now she was determined to prove her busty friend wrong!
So when Jen conscripted Alice into helping her train, Alice didn't think she would actually be doing much. She expected to maybe spend an extra night or two at Jen's house before Jen got bored with the idea. But Jen did not get bored.

Jen took her training seriously. In fact, it was safe to say that Jen had never trained for her cheerleading routines half as much as she trained for this contest. Of course, cheer practice had never included any opportunities for eating pastries, so it wasn't nearly as fun.

For weeks, Jen kept her mother and Alice busy, busy, busy, baking and cooking, doing everything they could to keep their bottom-heavy darling full of delicious cakes and pies. Jen only paused in her training when she was asleep. Otherwise, she ate constantly. Even when she had her delightfully wide bum sitting on the toilet, she was still nibbling on more cookies. She was determined that no one would beat her in this contest, so she needed to have her stomach stretched to absolute maximum capacity.

Jen's mother was delighted. The old world woman always fretted about Jen's size, worrying that her daughter was wasting away despite all physical evidence to the contrary. Jen usually complained about her mother's ludicrous cooking, but not now. If anything, she only complained that there wasn't enough of it.

Jen's school grades, already low, plummeted even further as she ignored class assignments and homework in favor of eating. She secretly stopped carrying her books to school, instead stopping at a local pastry shop before class to fill her book bag with donuts and croissants. Her locker at school was filled to the brim with cookies and chips, so that she could stop and replenish her stores between classes. Jen was not leaving anything about this to chance.
It wasn't just Jen's grades that suffered. Her sex life was also slowing down as she put all her efforts into eating. She refused to pause even when Craig was eager to fool around.

Tonight, Jen was sitting on the couch in a pair of tight jeans, her bulbous backside rolling over the waistband of the tight garment. Food covered the coffee table, some of which hung over the edges. Some packages were already fully abused, some not yet opened. As one hand went into a back of cookies, the other was already cramming food into Jen's mouth.
Craig sat next to her, annoyed. They hadn't had sex in weeks, and it was starting to really get on his nerves.

Jen's mom had gone to restock as Jen ate through house and home. He stared at the vociferous eater next to him. Her tight jeans couldn't reach up as high as they used to, and he could clearly see her pink panties, digging into her fleshy flank. The sight of her bloated rump oozing out of her pants was turning him on, so he tried to get her attention. He put his hand as far into her jeans as he could, massaging her enormous backside. Jen didn't react. She continued plowing through the food on the table.

Craig scowled. His jeans were getting uncomfortably tight. Not another night of blue balls to help Jen win a stupid contest!

"Come on Jen, let's head up to your room," he said, standing up.

He and tried to pull her arm, but Jen didn't budge or even acknowledge the request. Craig's fattening girlfriend stuffed another slice of pie into her face, her chubby cheeks filled with food, overstuffed and dribbling filling down her lips. Poor Craig's cock was throbbing now. He didn't want to stay, but he really wanted sex. Silently, he stalked out of the living room.

Jen didn't notice him leaving, she was too focused on trying to eat as quickly as possible, to try and fit as much food into herself as possible to stretch her stomach. She didn't care about taste so much, but she had to admit the blueberry pie she was eating needed something. But what?

"Whipped cream!" she excitedly yelled, crumbs flying out of her mouth. It was perfect!

"Somebody say whipped cream?"

Jen squealed as she saw Craig return. The boy was so desperate for some action that he had actually sprayed whipped cream all over his penis!

"Oooo, come over here!" called Jen. She rocked back and forth in a futile effort to rise from the couch but soon gave up and motioned for her boyfriend to come closer.

Craig's penis was fully erect, completely covered in the airy topping. She took a big bite of pie, and let her mouth wrap around her boyfriend's own tasty treat. She slid her mouth as far down as she could, sucking as much of the whipped cream off of Craig as she could. Her already rounded belly puffed out even more as she licked every ounce of the fluffy cream, teasing Craig's cock to within an inch of orgasm.

The boy shut his eyes and rolled his head back. But his plans were all for naught. Once the cream was gone, Jen lost interest instantly. She pulled away, took another bite of pie, and went back to eating.
His plan had been thwarted by Jen's complete naivety; she hadn't picked up on his not-at-all subtle hint.

"Jen!" he yelled. She looked at him finally. "I don't have to be here if you're not even going to care if I'm hanging out with you! We haven't had sex in weeks! How am I supposed to know if you love me baby, if you're not even talking to me?"

The pear shaped beauty just looked at him, as she continued shoveling food into her mouth. She blinked, confusion in her doe-like eyes.

"You wanna have sex?" she said. "Like, why didn't you say so? But, like, I'm still going to train."

Craig sighed. "Whatever, I'll take whatever I can get."

Craig helped heft Jen off the couch, where she had been ensconced for the better part of a day. A large dent in the pillow cushion remained where Jen's fat booty had rested. Craig had struggled a bit, as did Jen. She was getting heavy! She grabbed a large cake off the coffee table and trailed him up the stairs to her bedroom. He had to slow down for her. He didn't know if she wasn't as interested in sex as he was, or if she was just getting that slow. He was getting a bit concerned.

Jen went into her bed, clothes fully on, and put the large sheet cake in front of her. She started nibbling. Craig got up behind her, and tried to get her tight jeans off. She wasn't helping at all, as he tried to pull them over the fattest ass in the school. It had been three whole weeks, he wasn't going to let such a small stumbling block stop him now! Craig tried with all his might, but to no avail.

"What's taking you so long?" Jen asked.

"Your butt is making these jeans skin tight baby, it's kind of hard to get these jeans off. And I'll bet it's getting hard to get them on... Maybe your booty's getting just a little too...uh..juicy. I need some help!"

Jen spread her legs as wide as she could, not wanting to get up from her cake, as her legs separated so did her jeans. The fabric couldn't hold all that ass, and the fabric ripped at the seams of her ass crack. Her pink panties clearly visible from behind now. Craig moved them slightly to the side and slipped his raging hard on into Jen's backside.

It was a tight fit, especially with her panties and what was left of her jeans pushing against it. Jen was too busy shoving her face into the cake to even notice. Craig pounded away at Jen's enormous derriere, each thrust pushing her chubby face deeper into the decadent cake.

He hadn't felt this good in a while, but Jen wasn't into it at all. She just knelt there, feeding herself. Craig felt her large hips, thrusting into them as much as he could. Her face covered in icing, pushed into it further.

"Nfft swo ruffff Cwaig! I'm practhsing!" she spewed.

"Do you really need this much practice to eat, Jen? You look like you might already be pretty good at it. Maybe you should cut back before you eat yourself to a heart attack," Craig responded...but he did slow his pace. She didn't respond so he continued.

"Don't you think you should stop eating quite so much? I'm just worried that you're going to have trouble because of all this eating, Jen. Like trouble getting through doors."

"Trouble with doors?" she asked after a large swallow of cake. "What are you talking about, I've always turned sideways to go through them!"

Craig sighed. "Yeah, I'm talking about when you ARE sideways."

She wasn't listening anymore, to focused on her training. Craig kept screwing his girlfriend, letting her large ass overtake his body. He was sweating, doing all the work, and was getting close. It had been too long.

He was grunting now, which snapped Jen out of her food induced trance.

"In my mouth," mumbled Jen, rolling over. Craig dutifully ejaculated into Jen's open mouth. The weeks of abstinence had built up within Craig, and he unleashed a large gush of cum into his girlfriend's mouth. Jen could barely keep up with the quantity, gagging as it filled her up. She swallowed happily. She was not going to waste a single potential calorie.

* * *

The predictable side effect, of course, was that Jen gained weight. Fast. Jen ballooned up like the Good Year blimp, swelling faster than ever before. Her insatiable sweet tooth was very near satiated with the constant flow of tempting sugary treats that passed her lips.

Jen's body was like a living balloon, being pumped fuller and fuller with so many pounds of quivering, gelatinous fat. The other girls were stunned at Jen's rapid inflation; she was blowing up so fast that she looked like she might just overshoot her goal and explode.

Alice especially worried. Jen's demands for more cakes and pies were running her ragged. She spent every free moment in Jen's kitchen, stirring, whisking and baking. Jen's mom was glad for the help, but even so it was hard to keep up.

"I'm so glad to see my little Jen finally getting a good appetite!" gushed Jen's mom as she whisked another bowl of brownie batter. "She's always been so thin and that's just not healthy. A girl needs to have some meat on her bones!"

"Uhhhh…yeah, I guess so," said Alice, squeezing a tube of cookie dough onto a baking sheet. She was not quite so enthusiastic about Jen's sky-rocketing weight. Unlike Jen's mom and her strangely old-world notion of health, Alice was pretty sure that being obese was not a sign of health. Alice had to restrain herself from popping some of this raw cookie dough into her own mouth or she would soon start ballooning just as fast as her bottom-heavy friend. Her titanic tummy rumbled, cross with her for denying it food for once.

"Oh dearie, are you hungry?" asked Jen's mom, overhearing the noise. "I'm so sorry, I was so focused on Jen that I totally forgot to offer you anything before we started cooking! Would you like some snacks?"

"Um…" Alice knew that she should say no, but the sweet aromas of cooking were clouding her thoughts. Her willpower was as out-of-shape from lack of use as was her body, so Alice always had a hard time refusing any food.

Luckily, she now had a secret weapon that helped to stay strong: the knowledge that, even if she refused a treat from Jen's mom, she could still snack on the delicious diet candy bars that Laurie had given her. She patted her pocket where she had stashed a couple bars for just such an emergency.

"No thanks, Mrs. Sarovy," she said. Those might have been the most difficult words that she had to utter in her entire life, but the thought of the diet bars gave her strength.

"Okay, suit yourself, dearie." Jen's mom returned to baking. Alice turned away from the baking sheet to surreptitiously unwrap one of the diet energy bars that Laurie had given her and pop it in her mouth. That hit the spot! If she could manage to avoid eating junk food and just stick to these special diet supplements, she should be shedding pounds pretty quickly.

Alice grabbed the baking sheet and waddled over to the oven. Eating only diet food was a good start, she mused. But if she really wanted to shed some blubber, she needed to do more. Alice made a mental note to do the one thing that she knew she had to do but had been avoiding for months: She had to go work out at the gym.


For once, Alice stuck to her resolution. Sort of. She waddled into the gym, already huffing and puffing just from the laborious trek from her car to the front door. She was dressed for exercise, wearing a tight orange spandex tube top and black spandex exercise shorts. Alice was so plump and round that her orange top made her look like a Halloween pumpkin. Or, it would have, except that the spandex shirt kept riding up over her belly, allowing her flabby gut to hang out in two thick jelly rolls that quivered and shook with every lumbering step.

Heads turned as Alice lumbered past, each step sending a thunderous quake through the floor. The chubby cutie was so out of shape that she was already panting from walking across the gym floor. In fact, she was almost ready to turn around and head home again, but she really, really wanted to lose some weight before she was mistaken for an escaped hippopotamus.

She clutched a greasy paper bag in her stubby fingers; always hungry, she had to stop by a donut shop on her way to the gym. Alice hadn't eaten any yet... well, just one or two as she was driving over. The rest would be her post-work out breakfast.

It was okay to have donuts for breakfast, right? She'd eaten nothing but diet bars all week so she could splurge once, and she hadn't been able to resist buying a few donuts when she's driven past the bakery this morning. Already her flabby belly was grumbling ominously in anticipation of the feast to come.

But first, she needed to burn a few calories.

With a grunt of exertion, Alice mounted the pedal machine and started pedaling. It wasn't easy. Her mountainous protruding belly got in the way of her tree-trunk legs when she tried to pedal, so that her knees constantly bumped her bloated gut and sent shock-wave ripples through the spongy blubber of her belly and boobs.

Alice's fat body was a constantly rippling ocean of flesh, her bulging breasts nearly bouncing out of her neckline to slap her in her round, double chinned face. It took less than a minute before Alice was completely winded. Wheezing and sweating, she had to pause. Her blubber took several more seconds to stop moving after she did, but, once her entire body was at rest, she leaned over to grab the paper bag of donuts she had brought in with her, tore it open, and stuffed one in her mouth. She deserved a treat after such a strenuous workout after all!

She leaned back with a sigh, her chubby cheeks quivering as she chewed, her ballooning paunch hanging out. After a few minutes of sitting, she decided she'd had enough. She heaved herself to her feet and waddled to the next machine. At least she intended to. Despite her best intentions, Alice found her feet leading her back toward the front door. Her enormous belly was no longer just grumbling, it was outright roaring. It wanted the rest of those donuts and Alice was in no state to deny it.

"That's enough of a work out for now," she wheezed to herself, popping a second donut between her lips. "I don't want my first exercise session to be too strenuous; I might hurt something and then I won't be able to keep up a routine!"

With that rationalization, Alice left the gym. And, despite her promises, she did not return

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Default Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

By the time the fair rolled around, Alice and Jen were both fat. There was no denying that at all. Having almost completely failed in her attempts to exercise, Alice still looked like a human bowling ball. Still she had managed to disguise her inflated figure somewhat with a frilly white blouse and (relatively) well-fitting denim miniskirt cinched by a fashionable belt.

Jen was a different picture. She was dressed in a button down flannel shirt that hugged her ample curves too closely and ill-fitting blue jeans. She had a lot of trouble buttoning her jeans around her wide hips and thunder thighs.

They were so tight that when Kristine saw them she suspected that the main reason Jen also wore a sparkly bling bling belt around her waist wasn't to prevent them from falling down by rather to hide the fact that she had to leave them unbuttoned. The belt was just a tad too short to buckle around Jen's expanding waistline, so Jen had poked an extra hole in the very end.
And, of course, Jen was massive. She was huge. A month of near constant pie stuffing had piled so many pounds onto Jen's voluptuous frame that she looked like an upside-down ice cream cone.

Kristine watched in awe as the two plumpers shuffled toward her. She could not believe just how fat Jen had grown over the last month. She was as big as a house!

"Jen, uhhh, how are you?" said Kristine, as Jen shuffled up to the pie-eating booth. "You sure look…healthy today."

"Yeah, I totally am, I've been working out!" bubbled the bootilicious bimbo. Her massive ass rippled behind her as she waddled to Kristine's side. "When does the contest start? I am totally gonna enter! And I am totally gonna win!"

"You're going to enter the pie contest?" said Kristine incredulously. Somehow, she felt like having a member of the squad entering a contest run by the squad to make money was kind of bending the rules…in spirit if not in letter.

But the truth was, Kristine was a little desperate. They hadn't yet had enough contestants sign up to meet the minimum quota for fairground competitions, and she was afraid that she might need to cancel the contest and refund everyone's money. And then she would look quite the fool! Not to mention that the squad wouldn't have the cash it needed for some much needed bigger uniforms.

"We're supposed to start in half an hour," said Kristine. "But we might not be able to. We're still two people short, so we might need to cancel."
Jen was scribbling her name down on the sign-up sheet. "Well, like, now you're not!"

"Well, now we're just one person short."

"What?" Jen stared blankly. Math was hard! It wasn't by accident that she'd gotten all those F's recently!

Both girls looked to Alice.

"Alice, we need one more contestant or we're going to have to call off the contest," said Kristine, "Do you want to join in?"

Kristine's eyes briefly traveled the length of Alice's plump body. It was apparent that Alice's exercise and diet regime had paid off, if only because her constant expansion had slowed to a crawl recently.

"Ummmm, I really shouldn't," said Alice, absent mindedly rubbing her plump tummy. But the pies did smell enticing and Alice's rotund stomach was already gurgling in anticipation. She knew that joining the contest would probably undo all of her hard work dieting and exercising, but the aroma of those pies was just too heavenly. She couldn't resist!

The next thing Alice knew, she was sitting at the table, a white cloth bib tucked into the neckline of her blouse, an assortment of steaming hot pies on the table before her. What happened? She was sure that she must have declined to enter the contest, but here she was. Her mind was a blank, but surely she wouldn't have agreed to join in, not when she was being so good about her diet, not when the pounds had been melting off her? But here she was.

Jen sat on the bench next to her, her generous badonkadonk so wide that the bench started to groan, its legs bending, as the hefty honey started to settle her weight down. When sitting, her weight caused her bulging booty to spread even wider, her soft flesh stretching the material of her ill-fitting jeans.

The girls stationed behind her marveled as the spreading butt blubber pressed tightly through the lattice on the bench back. Jen herself almost cooed at the sensation; it reminded her of when Craig would fondle her enormous swollen derierre with his strong hands. Nevertheless, the fat-assed bimbo made sure to keep her mind on the task at hand.

Alice looked down the table. There were probably about a dozen contestants, mostly larger boys, some fat, some muscular. Alice and Jen were the only girls here. She didn't spend much time thinking about it, because the warm smell of freshly-baked pies was making her head swim.
Then the parade of food began.

The crowd cheered, every spectator rooting for some friend in the contest. Kristine and the other cheerleaders kept busy shoving new pies onto the table every time an old one disappeared down someone's gullet.

Everyone here was a veteran eater, but no one was faster than Jen. She was, after all, the only person who had actively trained for this moment. She shoved her face into the pie in front of her, chomping into it like a pig at the trough, blueberry filling staining her teeth and face, dribbling down the bib tucked into her cleavage. She sucked up the pie with the expert hoovering skills of a girl experienced at eating massive snacks and giving amazing blowjobs. And she wanted more more more! She needed more!

Another pie materialized in front of Jen. Her pie-addled mind was swimming. She'd eaten so many pies that she had a sudden vision of herself reacting like Violet Beuregarde in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." She fantasized that the crowd at the fair would notice a blue blush start to spread across her pie-stained face before her pie-bloated belly began to swell out, her entire body growing bigger and rounder, her blue rotund gut bursting her bling bling belt to shreds, splitting the crotch of her already unbuttoned jeans, blowing the buttons from her shirt, one by one, oozing over the table like blue dough rising in the oven, pushing it over as it grew, grew, grew, pies spilling everywhere, the crowd drawing back as she continued to blimp, rounding into a colossal helpless blueberry.

She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head to clear out the vision. That was ridiculous. That sort of thing didn't happen in real life no matter how many pies you ate. She wiped her arm across her mouth to clean off some of the pie filling (with little success) and dove into the next pie with renewed gusto. She knew she could still win!

Meanwhile, Alice stared, bleary-eyed, at the last pie in front of her. The blubbery blonde was totally stuffed to the gills, her slack mouth ringed with blueberry filling, her cheeks bulging as she dumbly chewed that last bite, her blouse riding up the front of her round globular belly.

Since Alice was only in the contest as a formality and didn't care about winning like Jen did, you would think that she didn't need to force herself to eat everything in front of her. But Alice was a consummate glutton and once she had begun eating all thoughts of any contest went out of her head. All she thought about was getting as much pie into her yawning belly as possible.

"Hey, Alice, you can slow down," whispered Kristine, "You've won...sort of. I mean, you tied. We ran out of pies and you two are the only ones left."

"Huh?" Alice shook her head to clear away the pie fog. In her feeding frenzy, she hadn't noticed that she and Jen were the only two contestants left. Everyone else had long since given up, leaving the two inflated cheerleaders alone in their piggish gluttony. What people remained in the crowd seemed mesmerized by the enormous amount of food that the two girls were consuming.
Kristine poked Alice lightly in her stuffed gut and found that it was so tightly packed that there was barely an inch of give. The pressure of Kristine's finger forced a belch to burst from Alice's slack lips.

"Congratulations, you two! I didn't think anyone could eat so much pie! Um. Are you going to be okay?" She eyed Alice's colossally distended gut nervously, unconsciously backing away slightly as if afraid that the overstuffed girl might detonate like a bomb.

Next to Alice, Jen's stomach was similarly puffed out, taut and glistening with perspiration after the supreme effort of eating so much pie. Both girls were wheezing and gasping shallowly, barely able to draw in any breaths after their greedy feasting.

"I'm…so…full," huffed Jen, her eyes glassy, her chubby cheeks covered in pie filling. Despite herself, she licked at her cheeks to get one last sweet taste.
"I think…I overdid it… ohhhhh." She clutched at her overfull, gurgling midsection, which was hot and tight to the touch.

"Me too," sighed Alice. Their gluttony had taken them way past ecstasy into pain.

Kristine's concern deepened. "Do you guys need a doctor or something?" She didn't think that girls could actually explode from overeating but these two cows looked like they were definitely about to challenge that assumption.
"Help…please," mumbled Alice, flailing her uselessly fat arms. With a few grunts and groans, Kristine and Denise managed to raise the bloated beauty to her feet. Alice wobbled unsteadily, as the two thinner girls repeated the process with Jen.

"Are you two going to be okay?" asked Kristine, nervously eying their bloated middles. The two giant guts gurgled and churned, filled to the brim with tasty pie.

"Yeah, we're jesht fine," slurred Jen. She was so stuffed and bloated that she was practically drunk on pie. She attempted to take a step, but her giant belly threw off her center of gravity and she nearly fell flat on her face. She grabbed onto Alice's shoulders to steady herself, shaking her flabby friend around a bit. The jolt made Alice burp loudly, but she was so stupidly stuffed that she didn't have the energy to be embarrassed.

"Right, Alice?" huffed Jen, "I thin'…I thin' we just need to…walk it off."

"Yeah," hiccupped Alice in agreement. "A little walk…will help us burn off a few calories." The swollen sweetie patted her packed gut for emphasis.

"Ummm…sure, if you say so," said Kristine dubiously. These two fatties would have to run an entire marathon to even put a dent in that pie gorge.

She watched the two plumpers waddle away. Alice and Jen had to support each other as they wobbled along, hands across each other's backs, big swollen bellies pushed out in front, swaying along like a pair of massively pregnant women.

All around them, the fair was practically bursting with exotic taste treats, caramel apple stands and kettle corn concessions, candy barrels and soda jerks. It was like they were a pair of drug addicts walking into an opium den.

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Default Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)


Laurie sat on her bed, pissed. Pissed that Jen and Alice had gone to the fair without her. Those bitches!

"Can you believe that they went without me?" she said crossly, running her hand across Pumpkin's back. The kitten purred happily, oblivious to Laurie's annoyance. Laurie snorted angrily. "Well, who needs them? I sure don't! I don't need anyone except you, Pumpkin!"

Laurie spent most of her time at home lounging in her underwear. She still dressed to the nines when she had to go out and be seen, but, at home, clothes were too tight and confining. Right now, she wore nothing but her knickers, bra and chocolate-stained wife beater. The wife beater was practically bursting at the seams, struggling to encircle her massive jugs and pot belly. It only came halfway down her midsection, seeing as how much extra material was necessary to cover her growing knockers. A big box of bonbons sat on her bedside table. She grabbed one and stuffed it into her mouth, chewing loudly and angrily.

"Just –crunch crunch – I don't want to go to some gross pie-eating contest! Crunch crunch, because those two have no self respect!"

Pumpkin stretched and yawned before jumping down from her lap.

"Ugh, fine be that way!" snorted the haughty hottie. "I don't need you either."

She popped a second bon bon between her glossy lips. Laurie was becoming hot and bothered, a familiar tingle building between her legs as she ate.

"Screw this," she huffed angrily, "I need some release."

With a grunt, she reached over and fished her favorite vibrator out of the drawer in her bedside drawer. Her pussy twitched in anticipation, throbbing inside her too-tight panties.

Laurie grabbed the hem of her undershirt, pulling it over her head and throwing it aside. A few threads popped in the process. She tried to reach behind her with one hand to unclasp her bra, while her other hand grabbed for another chocolate. She crammed it in her mouth, fumbling with the bra clasp, grunting and mumbling as she struggled.

She grabbed the vibrator again and flicked it on. A gentle buzzing noise filled the room and Laurie strained to reach it between her legs. No dice. Laurie had eaten too much. She was so stuffed and bloated that it was impossible to she couldn't reach over the dome of her stomach without putting uncomfortable pressure on her poor tummy.

She grunted in annoyance as she struggled to find a way around this giant obstacle. But it was just too hard to do while one hand was occupied with undoing the buckle of her big lacy brassiere.
"Screw this crap!" she snarled, shoving the vibrator into her panties with a final burst of power.

Without warning, the door to her room flew open and Frank walked in.

"Hey, Laurie, your mom let me in and…" His voice trailed off as he realized what Laurie was doing.

Laurie glowered at her intruding boyfriend, her cheeks bulging with chocolate. She was breathing heavily, her bulbous bazooms rising and falling.

"What are you doing, Laurie?" A slight smile played across his face. He made a mental note that he really needed to start knocking. After the incident when he'd accidentally barged in on Jen and had her flash her naked ass at him, walking in on girls in their intimate situations was becoming a habit!

Her face flushing a bright red, Laurie struggled to talk through a mouthful of food. "Nffing! Nothing!"

She shifted in bed, closing her legs. Laurie was so embarrassed that she could barely talk. Worse, the buzzing noise of the vibrator still filled the room, resisting all her steadfast efforts to ignore it. She knew that Frank must hear it too, and he could see the jiggling lump in her panties where the vibrator was hidden. If he'd had any doubts about what she was up to, that sound would have erased them.

"It doesn't look like nothing to me."

"Well then, what's it look like, fatass? Jeez!"

"It looks like you're having yourself a special dessert."

Laurie narrowed her eyes. The vibrator continued to buzz, tickling her fat pussy and adding to her agitation.

Frank eased himself onto the bed next to the curvy cutie. The bed sank beneath his added weight.

"Now looks like I know your dirty secret, Laurie," said

Frank. "Did you eat all this and turn yourself on?"

Laurie's face remained beet red, but she pressed her full lips into a tight line. She was still angry.

Frank leaned forward, whispering into Laurie's ear, his breath tickling her lobe, his finger moving up to trace the outside of her pussy ever so lightly.

"You horny, babe?"

"No," whispered Laurie quietly. But her lips were quivering and a tiny whimper escaped her throat.

"Someone eat too much, hmmm? Belly bigger than her boobs?"

"No..my belly's not bigger than my boobs…"

"Oh, I think it is, babe. I think poor baby's had too much to eat." He rubbed her full tummy, making Laurie coo despite herself. "Laurie likes to eat, doesn't she? Baby loves to eat."

"Oohh, yes. I love to eat." Laurie responded

"Why didn't you tell me, baby? Why didn't you tell Frank how much you liked to eat?

"Cuz…ohh..I was…ohhh…"

"Baby afraid of looking like a little piggy? Baby didn't want Frank to know she was a little piggie?"

"Mmm, yessss… I was…so embarrassed because…I'm become…such a fat piggie…mmmm…and I can't stop…"

"What's that, piggie? What can't you stop?"


"Can't stop what, piggie?"


"Look at your boobs, babe. Look at how big they are."

"Big…boobs…" sighed Laurie

"You're not a piggie at all, are you, babe?" whispered Frank, "These udders of yours are so big and fat… You're really a cow, aren't you?"

Laurie sighed. "Mooo."

Once again, Laurie was melting under Frank's teasing. She still didn't completely understand why he had this effect on her. She wouldn't stand for this treatment from anyone else – no one else could call attention to her rising weight and expect to survive! But somehow, she had come to like it when Frank teased her about it. As long as he continued to lavish the requisite attention on her expanding boobs. Laurie was always dominant in every other aspect of her life, so it still made her feel a little odd – though deliciously naughty – to have a boy take the upper hand with her.

Frank plucked a bon bon from the box. Laurie instinctively began licking her lips as he brought it over, only to briefly furrow her brow in annoyance when she realized that he wasn't bringing it to her lips. Instead he lightly touched the chocolately treat against her inner thigh, drawing it ever so lightly up alongside the lips of her moist pussy (drawing a sudden involuntary shudder from the busty beauty), before up over her rounded belly, between the twin peaks of her pendulous bosom, and up to her waiting mouth. Laurie's lips were already parted in anticipation, her delicate tongue running over her white teeth so eager to taste this next treat.

"You want to eat this, baby? Which lips want to be filled more?"

Frank's other hand fluttered against her inner thigh again, while he held the chocolate treat just out of reach from Laurie's salivating mouth.

"Ohhh...Fraaaank...don't...tease me..."

"Sorry, baby, you only get one or the other."

"Ohhhh...but...I need booothhhhh.."

She craned her neck, futilely trying to reach the chocolate, her tongue poking out. At the same time, she reached over to take Frank's other hand in hers.

Chuckling, Frank pushed the chocolate into her waiting mouth before grabbing another from the box.

"Want some more, babe?"

"Mmmmm, just one more…"

He poked another candy into her eager mouth, her tummy puffing out even more. Frank slipped his hand inside her panties, stroking her tenderly.

"That's enough. Frank, I need you to screw me! Gulp!"

He popped the chocolate into her mouth. " No, not feed -- Gulp -- me!"
Aren't you listening? I've already had enough chocolate --Gulp-- I need a big hard cock before I explode!"

"Hmm, I think baby needs some more chocolates, is what she needs."

“GULP! Ohhh, Frank, I'm serious...my pussy is on fire -- GULP -- and chocolate is...no helping that..."

With every swallow, Laurie's swollen belly was tingling more and more, a sensation that the bulging girl had recently begun to associate with sexual pleasure. The result was that being stuffed was only making her wetter and wetter.

"Ohhhh GAWD, Frank, enough! No more! I want more...but...I can't take it...I need you inside me or I'm going to DIE. Just be careful, I'm totally full."

They finally finished that box, and Laurie was really full and breathing heavy.

"Well, that box is done, guess there's only one thing left to do," said Frank.

He unzipped his pants, leaned toward Laurie… and pulled out another box of chocolates from her nightstand. "Finish the next box!"

"No, I'm done..." protested Laurie, but she opened her mouth to accept another truffle.

"Then why is piggy still eating?" asked Frank, smiling.

"Piggy isn't! I mean, I'm not! You're making me!"

"Okay, I'll stop then."

"Noo! Just..maybe one more..."

"One more for piggy."

"Yes, piggy wants more."


"Mmm, baby like the fattening chocolate?" said Frank.


"I think that one is making your legs fat"


"That one I saw go to that big belly,"

-gulp –

"Hmm, someone getting full? Where's this chocolate going, baby? Do you feel it here?" He cupped a hefty boob.

"Hmmm, it better be going there..It better me making my..boobs fatter," sighed Laurie, her eyes closed, chocolate dribbling down her chubby cheeks.

"Uh oh," said Frank, "I think this one's going to your fat little tummy! Gonna make it even fatter."

Laurie whined weakly as Frank pushed the last truffle into her bulging cheeks. Her belly was so full and bloated now that her undershirt had been forced up, now fitting as a tight roll across her colossal rounded hooters.

"Are...are they all gone, Frank? Ugghhh." she moaned. She strained to sit up but quickly gave up, falling back into the bed. Her mammoth mammaries sloshed back and forth as she collapsed into bed.

"Please screw me, Frank, I'm so horny. But I'm so stuffed and fat that I can't even move."

"Don't worry, Laurie, let me take care of this."

His hands traveled back down over the dome of her distended stomach to hoist down her panties, exposing her moist naked pussy and the still-buzzing vibrator. He pressed lightly on the vibrator, smirking as Laurie bucked slightly in response.


"You like that?"

"Yessss, but…I need you now…"

Frank pulled off his pants and underwear, clamoring next to his overstuffed girlfriend. She gasped and burped as he grabbed hold of her thick thighs and slowly slid himself inside of her.

Slowly, he began to pump into her, causing Laurie to groan from a mixture of pleasure and pain. Her enormous belly bounced and shook like a mountain in an earthquake as Frank began to move faster and faster.

Laurie began gnashing her teeth as if she was chewing on some invisible food; even in the throughs of passion, it looked like her mind was still on something else. Frank noticed that her tongue was constantly darting over her lips, lapping up the last vestiges of the departed bon bons. She said she was full, but Frank suspected that she was still craving more sweets.

"You still hungry though, aren't you, Laurie?"
Laurie didn't respond, just moaning in pleasure at the fucking. Frank put his finger in her mouth, and she started sucking it like a baby instinctively latching onto a nipple.

Frank noticed something else on the bedside table: a bottle of chocolate syrup. He wondered why Laurie had it there.

Considering her sweet tooth, Frank wouldn't be surprised if she sucked it like a baby bottle before falling asleep every night. She never seemed to pass up a chance to pump more calories into her soft, rotund tummy.

"You want something to suck, baby?"

Laurie gasped and nodded. Smirking again, Frank grabbed the chocolate sauce and held it over Laurie's face. She opened her mouth, anticipating another sweet treat, and Frank expertly shot a squirt directly into her mouth.

Frank felt himself getting even more excited as he thought about what those extra calories might do to Laurie's already zaftig frame. The effect was not lost on Laurie, who squealed as she felt her boyfriend's turgid dick stiffen and swell in response to her meal.

She liked the feeling. And she wanted more.

"Gimmie," she mumbled, grabbing the squeeze bottle away from him. To Frank's surprise, the busty beauty queen squeezed the bottle and squirted syrup all over her big bodacious boobies. The cold syrup made the bloated birdie squeal and squirm, her cork-sized nipples popping to attention. Without missing a beat, she grabbed one hemispherical hooter with her free hand and twisted the teat up to her mouth.

"Ohhhhh!" She felt Frank's cock growing even more inside her, filling her to bursting, sending electrical waves of pleasure coursing through her fat, inflated body. Frank might have been in charge up until now, but Laurie felt the need to assert just a little bit of dominance, something to show Frank that she was still a force to be reckoned with, that she was the one with the power to make his cock grow.

"Ohhh, Frank, mmm you like that don't you, you when your baby's just a big bloated sticky mess...Mmmm...oh dear, now look what I've done, I've got sticky chocolate all over my big fat boobies. Ohh I'm such a naughty naughty baby, I've made such a mess. I've just got to lick it allllll up. But oh no, all this syrup..it's just going to make me even fatter, won't it, Frank?

“Oh dear, whatever will I do? But I can't just leave it there, it's such a mess. Ohhh, I guess I just...don't...have...any choice...I guess I'll just have to lick it allll up and just hope it doesn't make me tooo much fatter, that it doesn't allll settle in my big fat titties and make them even bigger. Can you imagine that, Frank? If this syrup made my giant boobs even bigger? If your baby was the big boob queen of town? Ohhh I can feel that you like that a lot, don't you baby?"

She knew that he did like it because she felt his hot dick hard and tight inside her. And it gave her an extra thrill to know that she was responsible.

"You drink enough syrup and you'll be the big boob queen of the state, baby."

"Ooh!" The praise aroused the vain beauty even more, her vagina gushed at the thought. Her own boobs bounced up and down, slapping her in her face.

"F.f.f.fffrank, slow down! I can't get my nipples in my mouth! It's covered with chocolate and I want it! I mean, I want to clean it!"

"I know you do, baby. Maybe lick enough syrup to become the big boob queen of the country!"

"Ohhhh!' Laurie was flushing as red as a fire engine, her giant tits turning red as though they knew they were being discussed.

"The big boob queen of the world…"

"OoOooooh!" Laurie's eyes closed, her full lips formed a perfect O.

"The big boob queen of the UNIVERSE."

Their simultaneous orgasms echoed throughout the house.

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Default Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)


"Oh man, I ate sooo much," moaned Jen. Even by her generous standards of eating, she'd eaten more than her share. She cradled her stuffed belly in her hands, whimpering softly.

"Oof, I know," said Alice. Her bloated gut looked like a beachball. "I just want to go home and sleep now."

She stopped. The delicious fair smells were just too enticing. Funnel cakes, corndogs, candied apples…in spite of her fullness, Alice's mouth began to water and her tummy grumbled. She knew that the last thing she needed was more calories, but she was powerless in the grip of her all-consuming appetite.

"Um, maybe we could grab one last bite to eat before we leave?" asked Alice shyly. She rubbed her distended belly self-consiously. She burped again, freeing up a little more room in her bulging belly. There was definitely room now for a little snack. And just a few more calories really wouldn't make a big difference after all those pies, right?

She looked to Jen, half afraid that the other girl would laugh at Alice's suggestion or mock her constant hunger. But to her surprise, Jen also seemed to be transfixed by the selection of midway treats. A small puddle of drool was forming in the corner of Jen's mouth as she stared at the food booths.

"Um, yeah, like why not?" said Jen, wiping away her saliva with one thick arm.
"Just like a little snack, right?"

The two girls waddled to the closest booth to purchase a pair of caramel apples. The apples disappeared into their bellies in minutes. But that wasn't the end of their feast.

Faced with this cornucopia of delights, neither girl had the willpower to resist and soon they descended into renewed gluttony. Funnel cake, cotton candy, popcorn, they tried it all. It was a whirlwind of indulgence, the blimping babes sampling foods so fast that they barely knew what they were doing.
Alice was vaguely aware of a pain in her groaning stomach, but she pushed it aside as her nostrils caught a whiff of fresh-basked pretzels.

"Mmmm," mumbled Jen through a mouthful of grilled corn. She lifted the cob to her mouth and took another big juicy bite, the juice running down her face.
"This is soooooo good! Try it!"

She shoved the cob into Alice's face. Alice didn't even bother to take it from Jen, instead just chomping down on it as Jen held it.

"Okay…I think…I think I've had enough," gasped Alice as she pulled away from the empty cob. She was so full that she could barely breathe. Her belly had become an enormous globe, stretched so tight and full that it was flushing a bright, fire engine red.

Her frilly blouse was stretched tight, the ruffles and pleats pulled flat. It had begun to creep up her fat gut, the bottom quarter of her tum hanging out like an inflated inner tube. Alice's denim miniskirt was so tight now that it was strangling her; she literally felt like it was cutting off all her circulation below her waist.

"Yeah," huffed Jen, "Me…too…" The bottom-heavy bimbo looked like she'd eaten an entire cow her belly was so huge. Alice couldn't recall a time that she'd ever seen Jen without first noticing her colossal buttocks, but now her enormous gut was definitely demanding attention.

Jen was so round and tight that she looked like someone had blown her up with a bicycle pump. She slowly, gingerly pushed herself to her feet, her sparkly belt groaning as she moved. The belt was stretched even tighter than when she'd first put it on this morning, so much that it was possible to see the straining leather between the sparklies.

"Can't…walk," mumbled Jen, leaning backwards and using her hands to support her back just like a massively pregnant woman might. She almost lost her balance but luckily didn't fall; if she fell on her overloaded gut, there was a very good chance that she might split wide open!

"Okay…now…we really..better leave…before we pop," said Alice, rubbing her tight, grotesquely swollen gut.

Alice stopped. Some delightful smell had hit her nostrils, filling her with a new hunger. In spite of herself, she began to drool again. Her stomach rumbled ominously, as if to warn her: NO. PLEASE STOP. CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. But Alice paid it no mind. She turned to look at Jen. Jen's face wore the same blank, dumb expression of gluttonous lust; she'd obviously smelled the same thing. Kettlecorn!

Alice lightly pressed her finger into the taut fabric of her miniskirt. It felt like there was still a little give in there.

"Just…a little?" gasped Alice, so stuffed full that she could barely breathe enough to talk. She was sweating profusely, her plump face a bright beet red. This should have been yet another signal to the two tubby teens that they should really stop eating for a little while, but there was no stopping their intense hoggish greed. Food was their master and it was calling them. Their gluttony would be their undoing.


The kettlecorn was it. They were done. No more. Both girls had gorged themselves way beyond the limits of safety and sanity, so obscenely full that they looked like two helium balloons barely tethered to the ground. By now, both girls were having trouble breathing, so talking was entirely out of the question.

"I..can't…walk," moaned Alice, "stomach…hurts..too much."

"Over…there," gasped Jen. She pointed to a nearby tree. "Let's just…lie down for..a bit."

The two girls wobbled the last few feet over to the tree, supporting each other as best they could. Alice lowered her groaning friend to the ground, plopping Jen onto her broad bum, before she collapsed to the ground herself.

All they could do was lie quietly, their colossal guts gurgling and churning, and wait for their meals to digest enough that they could stand up again.

"I can't believe how much we've eaten!" groaned Alice. Her belly looked huge! She could barely see over it it was so big.

"I don't think I'll ever eat again," sighed Jen with a dainty burp.

"Haha, like, I'll bet Laurie would freak if she saw us now."

"Yeah, she wasn't happy about this pie contest. And I was trying so hard to lose weight. Now I've messed it all up. We'll never fit in our cheer uniforms again! Laurie's gonna flip!" She burped loudly, her tummy bubbling and gurgling.

"Yeah, well, Laurie's one to talk! She's been packing on the pounds too, ya know. Haven't you noticed that her belly's sticking out almost as far as her boobs? Not that she'll ever admit it. She loves those big ol' titties of hers too much. But, like, she's totally getting way fat."

Jen giggled. Alice looked shocked. How could Jen say something so mean about her friend?

"I thought you liked Laurie!"

Jen stared at her friend in shock. "Of course I like Laurie! Laurie's my best friend in the whole world!"

Jen sounded genuinely upset that Alice would even doubt that.

"Yeah, but you said…"

"Um, yeah, I know what I said! Like, we all totally know that Laurie's kind of a bitch. But she's our bitch! You haven't known her as long as I have, so you totally don't know this, but, deep down, Laurie is totally the sweetest girl, like, in the world!"

Alice looked dubious. Jen stared off into the distance for a moment. She shifted in place to get more comfortable, her overfilled belly wobbling like a mountain in an earthquake.

"See, the truth is… I was actually kind of a dork back in middle school."

"Oh, I'm sure that's not true!"

"No, I totally was! I was all pimply and I had these big giant braces and all this tangled hair. Kids were always a little mean to me, even after I started cheerleading. Like, they thought I was too gooney and awkward to do a handstand or a cartwheel. But I, like, really wanted to prove them all wrong! And I was, like, doing pretty good, but then puberty hit. And, you know, like, a lot of the girls start growing upstairs, but not me. I, like, started growing downstairs...and it doesn't stop! Soon I had this big old bottom, throwing me off balance. I started bumping into kids in the hall and knocking chairs over whenever I bent over."

Jen sighed deeply before continuing. "The kids started getting even meaner then, calling me all sorts of names like "Wideload" and "Buttzilla." The summer after I started growing, I went away for cheer camp. I thought, like, maybe if I practiced enough, I could learn to cheer right, even with my giant behind? But it didn't go all that well, the kids there were all picking on me too.

“And then one day, the worst thing happened. I was in the lockerroom and this total bitch Jane Jacobs grabbed my panties out of my bag and starts waving them around, laughing at them and being all "OOoooooh my god, it's like a circus tent! You could sail a boat with these!

"And I was, like, almost in tears now. I was barely holding together, the whole squad was snickering at me and I just standing there like a big fat dope with my big fat ass.

“And then suddenly there's a voice coming from just outside the room, all "Why don't you give those back, honey?"

“Jane turns around to see this new girl standing there. This new student, long black hair, flashing eyes, totally flat, this face with the steeliest gaze ever.

"Now now, sweetie, why don't you just give those back to Jen, hmmm?" in just the sweetest, most syrupy voice.

“And Jane is all, "Why don't you make me? Who are you? Some friend of Princess Too-Much-Tush here?"

“And just Laurie goes up to her, still smiling the sweetest smile you've ever seen, just grabs her hair and twists and hisses "Oh, sweetie, well, I am now."

And Jane just goes to jelly and drops my underwear! And that's how we became BFF!"

"Wow," said Alice, "I didn't realize that she'd stood up for you like that."

"Totally, Laurie made sure that nobody ever made fun of me again! And, of course, she helped me in other ways too. She's the one who helped me totally get rid of my spots and get my hair under control. I'd still be a total dork without her!"

Alice was quiet. "You know, I think I know what you mean. Laurie used to be kind of mean to me about my weight. But she's really been super nice lately. She even gave me all that diet food to help me lose weight! I think they might have been working too, because all that dieting and exercise…well, I think I stopped gaining!"

On cue, her full stomach gurgled to remind her of her broken diet.

"Well, I might gain…a little from this, but this doesn't count, right? I mean, it's like you said, fair food!"

"That's totally right! Everyone goes off their diet at the fair, so it's totally okay. Because we'll start being good once we're done here," agreed Jen.

"Yeah!" said Alice, "And with those diet bars, I'll be dropping pounds really soon!"

"Yeah, totally," said Jen, but her smile faltered a bit. She knew that the so-called diet bars were anything but. If Alice ate them for every meal, she would blow up even faster. Jen was beginning to honestly get worried about Alice's rapid gain. Although, if she were totally honest, she would have had to admit that her own rapid gain was more stupendous.

A month of training, of making sure that she was constantly stuffed full of fattening pastries, of never letting a single calorie go to waste, not even he boyfriend's cum, had plumped Jen into an absolute zeppelin.

But she was finding it difficult to concentrate when she was so full. In fact, both girls were so stuffed and bloated that they soon drifted off to sleep.

Alice was dreaming. She was sitting in an ornate room, at the head of a long table covered with exotic dishes. She barely registered most of the sumptuous treats arrayed down the length of the table, because her attention was entirely focused on the one dish right in front of her, a deep bowl of rich, cream-heavy pasta. Alice was attacking it with a gusto rarely seen in a teenage girl.

In the back of her mind, Alice was worried. She didn't think that she would be able to finish all the food on the table. There was just too much! But she would finish this one dish first, then she would worry about the rest. The plump princess ate and ate, pushing noodles into her bulging cheeks with almost desperate abandon. Even before she's finished one dish, her soft belly was feeling full, pressing against the waistband of her skirt and the buttons of her blouse.
Adding to poor Alice's distress was the fact that no sooner had she begun to gorge on one dish when a waiter in a powdered wig and fancy regency dress clothes would immediately pull it away to replace it with another.

An endless stream of waiters was flowing into the room, carrying an endless array of tasty meals on silver platters. And poor gluttonous Alice was powerless to resist! The only thing that kept her from eating to her absolute heart's content was that the waiters would take away dishes – regardless of whether she was done or not – before placing another one down.
As expected, a waiter grabbed the tray before Alice and started to pull it away, even though Alice wasn't yet finished. Alice continued to desperately stab her fork into the entrée and shove more morsels into her mouth until it was completely out of reach.

Only then did she turn her attention to the next dish in front of her. Heaving a heavy sigh, Alice grabbed another fork and set to work on this giant bowl of gelatin. As long as there was food in front of her, Alice needed to eat.
Alice leaned back, her plump arms flailing, helping under the swelling of her own belly. Her bloated stomach gurgled and groaned, pressing against her blouse with extreme force.

The buttons down her front were hanging on for dear life, the straining material puckered to form huge gaps. The blouse pulled out from the waistband of her tight denim skirt, revealing the pink skin of her full lower pot belly.

Mustering all her strength, the swollen sweetie lurched forward to grab a pastry that had just been placed on the table before her. Her bulging abdomen made it difficult to get at it – first, because it was so large now that it bumped into the edge of the table when she leaned forward and second, because it was so stuffed that even a minor bruise was intensely painful to the poor porky princess.
Once she'd grabbed the pastry, Alice fell backwards again, leaning back in the chair. Wordlessly, she raised the jelly-covered pastry to her lips and began gnawing.
More and more waiters were rushing into the room, carrying more and more trays. It was a dizzying whirlwind of food and Alice was eating so fast now that it barely registered. She shoved food into her mouth with abandon, oblivious to the fact that she was rapidly blowing up, her belly filling out and stretching her shirt, her boobs plumping up and rising from her collar like bread dough, her ass stretching out and straining the seams in her tearing denim miniskirt.

She was shocked back to reality momentarily when a button blew off her blouse with a ping! Alice tried to look down at the source of the noise, but her inflating double chin made it difficult. Soft white flesh poured out of the hole left by the defeated button, testing the buttons above and below. She could only stare at herself in horror as she inflated bigger and bigger, buttons flying from her top…

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Default Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)


When Alice came to her senses, she and Jen were lying under a tree, barely able to move. Both girls were gasping for air, still stuffed absolutely to bursting. Alice hiccupped, her drum-tight tummy jostling.

She noticed that Jen was nibbling dumbly on the nub of a corndog. She felt too stuffed and bloated to finish it, but she didn't have the willpower to stop eating. As long as there was food available, she was compelled to push it into her mouth.

Her heavy-lidded eyes were blank and glazed; her slack cheeks bulged with food, a thick dribble of drool hung from her lips as she absently sucked on the corn dog as if it were a pacifier.

Alice noticed that she was still clutching the last remnants of her feast in her pudgy hand, the few morsels that she'd been too stuffed to finish before her nap: half of a deep-fried twinkie in her left, and a partially-eaten caramel apple in her right.

Next to her, Alice could hear Jen struggling to breathe. Jen's belt groaned with every inhalation. Her vast doughy belly rose up, up, up with each labored gasp, pushing on the dying buckle with all its might.

Alice looked over at her fat friend, her eyes trailing down Jen's monumental middle to the rapidly tearing belt. She wanted to warn Jen that her belt was about to explode, but she couldn't bring herself to stop eating long enough to get the words out. When she opened her mouth, she found herself automatically pushing yet another bite of delicious deep-fried twinkie between her plump lips.

That last bit of corn dog proved too much for Jen's overloaded belt. SNAP! It broke in half, flinging the buckle to the side, her enormous spherical gut bulging out even further with the release. It wobbled and sloshed for nearly a full minute, only gradually coming to rest. Jen's fly was already unbuttoned with the zipper pushed way down.

"Ooof!" squealed Jen. "Oh, like, that is a relief."

"Jen! You busted your belt!"

"Oof, yeah, I know. And to tell you the truth, I'm just, like, glad to be free of it. It was totally making it hard to breathe. Look what it did!" Jen pointed to the red welts around her waist left by the constricting belt. "Um, but I think we better get out of here before I bust anything else. Gimmie a hand, huh, Alice?"

Alice struggled to rise without success; she only managed to stand up by scooting her butt against the tree behind her. Once she was up, she clasped her hands around Jen's and helped her friend wobble to her feet.

"Okay, let's get out of here for real," said Alice, looking around nervously. Her belly ached and she hoped that they didn't pass any more food concession stands on their way back to the parking lot. She knew for a fact that even in her current state, she would be helpless to resist their siren call. And knowing that Jen didn't care about her own weight anymore, she doubted that Jen would be any better about resisting.

Luckily, they were already pretty close to the exit and it looked like they'd already passed most of the food. The only thing between them and freedom was a few midway games, like the shooting gallery and the "Guess your Weight" booth.

"Hey, Alice, look at those!" Jen was pointing to the prizes hanging in the
"Guess your Weight" booth: goofy little foam dinosaurs on leashes. The barker was walking one back and forth in front of the booth in an effort to attract customers. Jen laughed hysterically as if it were the funniest thing she had seen in her whole life.

"Oh, Tyler would love one of those things!" said Alice. "He loves dinosaurs!"

"You should try and win one, then!

"Oh no, I couldn't! I'd be too embarrassed…I don't want anyone to know how much I weigh, especially after a whole day of –burp!—Excuse me!"

"C'mon, don't be, like, a ninny! You're never going to see this barker guy again, and, besides, yeah, we totally pigged out today, but there's no way that one day of overeating could have undone all your dieting, right?"

"Well, I have been very good about only eating Laurie's diet food," mused Alice, stroking her double chin.

Jen coughed nervously. She knew that Laurie's "diet" food would do nothing but add more poundage to Alice's rapidly inflating body. She was really feeling conflicted about the plan these days. After all, Alice was sort of her friend…

Okay, maybe she had started on this plan with Laurie because they needed Alice to look fat so they could look thin….but Jen didn't really care about looking thin anymore as long as she knew boys loved her wide, curvy buttocks. And more to the point, she felt bad about tricking a girl who had come to trust her so much. But what could she do? She didn't dare defy Laurie.

Maybe if Alice sees her weight, she'll figure out that the diet food is all bogus, thought Jen. On one hand, she was afraid of ruining the plan, but she also secretly hoped that maybe if Alice figured it out on her own they could abandon the plot without her getting into trouble.

They wouldn't stop the sleep-overs, of course. Jen enjoyed hanging out with her two chunky friends too much to do that! But they wouldn't have to keep lying to Alice anymore.

Besides, Jen was actually really curious to know how much Alice weighed now…

"And I know Tyler would love one of those dinosaurs…okay, I guess it couldn't hurt too much…"

Alice nervously waddled up to the booth, Jen eagerly pushed her forward from behind. The barker stared as the two gaining girl approached. Were these two cows serious? Usually, bigger women avoided the booth, afraid to know the truth. But these two whales were among the fatter teens he'd seen working the carnival circuit and they seemed oblivious to their size.

"Hello, sir, I, uh, I'd like to try and win one of those dinosaurs," said Alice nervously, her cheeks flushing pink. She subconsciously sucked in her belly a little, hoping to disguise her monumental size just a tad. It was useless effort.

"Sure thing, young lady," said the barker, struggling to maintain his composure. He saw Alice's fat stomach pressing against her formerly loose blouse, overhanging the waistline of her snug denim miniskirt, stretching her leather belt. This was ridiculous!

Usually, when working the "guess your weight" booth, he'd been told to try and underguess people's weights. Even if he was too far off, at least they wouldn't get insulted and huffy at him.

"I would saaaaay 270 pounds?"

Alice's face fell. No way! No way did she weigh that much. 270?? Really?

"Now just step forward onto the scale and we'll see if you've won anything."

Clenching her teeth, Alice stepped onto the scale platform. The dial spun wildly. She squeezed her eyes closed, afraid to see the truth. She only opened it when she heard Jen crowing."Alice! You won!"


"That's right," said the barker. "Congratulations, young lady!"

He pulled a foam dinosaur off the wall and handed it to Alice.

"Oh wow!" squeaked Alice happily. "Thanks!"

She turned to look at the scale and her smile fell: 242. 242! She was bigger than ever! No way! No way could she weigh even MORE than the last time she weighed herself! Good lord, she was a blimp! How could she have gained that much weight? She'd been so good on her diet. "Mister, I think…I think your scale is broken! No way could I weigh that much."

"Look, ma'am, you won your prize, please don't make a scene," said the barker wearily. He didn't want to have to deal with this crap.

"B..but I couldn't be…" said Alice, tears welling up in her eyes. She clutched the dinosaur close to her bosom like a scared child clutching a favorite, comforting stuffed toy. Alice was terrified that despite her trying to lose weight she still gaining. How big would she get? What if she never stopped? Would she get as fat as the world?

Jen put her arms around Alice's soft shoulders.

"C'mon, Alice, let's go," she said softly, turning her friend around and gently leading her away from the booth. Poor Alice! Jen felt really bad now for encouraging this.

"Oh gawd, am I really that fat?" asked Alice, almost blubbering.

"Like, don't cry!" said Jen, "You're not too fat. Hey, at least you didn't bust your belt like I did?"

"Hmm, I guess so," said Alice dubiously. Her own belt was almost invisible to any outside observer now, since her swollen gut and love handles bulged out into a gigantic muffintop, completely enveloping the straining leather band. But Alice could feel it pinching tightly into her massive midsection, tense and quivering under the intense pressure of her burgeoning flesh. It was definitely on its last legs.

Alice's attention returned to the caramel apple she was still clutching tightly in her pudgy hand. Despite her own misgivings, Alice couldn't stop herself. She raised the sweet treat to her lips and crunched another bite. She chewed vigorously, the motion of her jaw making her plump rounded cheeks and full double chin quiver. She swallowed and instantly regretted her decision. A sudden tensing around her middle told her that she'd finally eaten one bite too many.

Pop! Under the flabby overhang of her stuffed stomach, Alice felt her overtaxed belt finally blow apart, the broken halves flinging to the sides as her belly burst free. The sudden release nearly knocked the chunky chubbette over onto her plush tushie, but she barely managed to maintain her balance. She stared down at her even more massive gut, jiggling slightly from the explosion but stuffed so tightly that it barely moved for how big it was.
Alice's jaw dropped as she stared at her ruined belt. Her lip started to quiver, but Jen giggled and hugged her close.

"Aww, like, don't cry, Alice! It's okay!"

"I just broke my belt! Oh gawd, I'm too fat!"

"Like, no, you're not! One big meal doesn't, like, mean anything. Besides, like, your belt lasted longer than mine. That probably, like, means that you're actually smaller than I am!"

Could that be true? Jen's pre-contest training had blown her up like a zeppelin, so she did indeed look quite hefty...maybe heftier than her friend? But it was almost unthinkable that someone might actually be even bigger than Alice, the perpetual heavyweight of the trio. Jen was certainly looking quite round right now, but surely not THAT round.

"Heh, I guess," said Alice, wiping her eyes. The encouraging words from her friend made Alice laugh through her sobs.

"Yeah, like totally," said Jen, slapping her own tummy for emphasis. "Stick with me and, like, no one will even notice. That's why everyone needs a fat friend, right?"

Alice laughed. She was surprised to hear Jen talk like this. Was Jen admitting that she was fat? Did she not care? Jen certainly seemed blasé about her expanding waistline, in direct contrast to Laurie's belligerent denial and Alice's own worried concern. But Jen's attitude put her at ease.

"Haha, I guess so, Jen! Thanks, that…that actually makes me feel a little better."

Jen hugged her flabby friend again. "Well, like, what are friends for?"

Giggling, the two girls helped each other back to Jen's car. They had to struggle a little to get inside; both girls had to push their seats back to make room for their new bellies and the entire car settled lower to the ground as they settled their widening tushies into the car's bucket seats. But after a few tries, they were in and Jen turned the ignition. The car sputtered to life and they pulled out of the lot.

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Default Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

Jen waddled through the front door, gasping and panting. Just walking from the car to the front door left Jen wheezing and out of breath, sweating like a hog.

"Mooooom, I'm home!"

Jen's mom poked her head out of the kitchen.

"Oh Jen, I'm so glad you're home. Dinner's not ready yet, so I hope you can wait a little while."

Jen stifled another belch. "Yeah, I, like, think I can wait." She patted her swollen middle.

Jen's mom looked closely at her daughter.

"Jen, honey, you've got a little schmutz on your face."

Jen stared blankly, confused. A spot of caramel stained her plump cheek. Mrs. Sarovy licked her thumb and rubbed it off Jen's face.

"Did you have a good time at the fair? Did you get enough to eat?" Mrs. Sarovy asked, apparently oblivious to just how much her daughter had inflated since this morning. Jen's mom was a little scatter brained like that; it was probably where her daughter got it from.

"Yeah, like, I got – burp – enough," said Jen, swaying too and fro. The pear-shaped porker had trouble fitting into her clothes this morning before her excessive binge at the fair, but now she was busting out of them. Her tightly packed gut bulged over her unzippered jeans, the straps of her ruined belt dangling at her sides. Her shirt rode up, leaving most of her midsection bare.

"I just need to – hic – lie down for a bit. I think I may take, like, a bath, okay, Mommy?" She tapped her stomach. Soaking in a nice warm bath would help to settle her overstuffed gut.

"Sure, Jen, you go relax. I'll call you for dinner. Are you sure you wouldn't like a snack before dinner?"

"Like, no way, Mom, I couldn't, like, eat another bite!" But now that her mom mentioned it… Her eyes rested on an open box of oreos off the kitchen counter.

Burping and hiccupping, she grabbed. Just in case.

She shuffled into the lavatory, reflecting on a long day of eating. She dropped the sweets on a stool, started drawing a bath and then struggled to pull off her too tight clothing while drawing the water.

Jen bent over to work the jeans over her wide hips, a sharp PING indicating that she'd popped a few threads in the effort. As she stripped her pants off, she noticed a larger rip in the rear. She must have split her seat earlier when she'd stuffed herself with pie. She shrugged. Oh well!

With a grunt and sigh, Jen turned the faucet to draw a bath. She unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it to the floor. Jen struggled to get her blubbery hips into the tub, squeezing and squirming to make her way into the bath, water spilling over the sides as she lowered her bulk.

With a contented sigh, she lounged back, causing even more water to spill over the rim of the tub. Jen was so enormously stuffed beyond belief, but she still couldn't stop looking at the box of oreos sitting on the stool by the tub.

She awkwardly reached out and crammed her hand into the box, pulling out a handful of cookies. Without thinking, she brought the entire handful to her mouth and pushed them inside, filling up her already bloated tummy. She stuffed her bloated body, growing more and more full as she polished off the family sized box.

As she licked the last crumbs of oreos from her slack lips, she heard a knock at the door.

"Huh? Hello?"

"Hello, honey!" Jen's mother pushed open the door a crack. "I told you dinner's going to be a little late tonight, right? Are you absolutely sure you can wait?"

Jen eyed her overfull gut. "Uh, yeah, I think so."

Jen's mother walked in with a box of store bought large cupcakes, iced so high it hits the top of the plastic container. Jen's eyes bulged. "I thought of a little snack before dinner so you don't waste away!"

Jen's mom placed the plastic box in the tub, resting it on Jen's fat tummy.

"Um…thanks, Mom," said Jen, resigned. Her mom was relentless!

Her mom left quietly, and Jen lay back in the tub with a sigh. What was she to do? She flipped open the box, picked up the first cupcake and set to work. She was so full but she couldn't stop. Even after a whole day of eating at the fair and a whole box of oreos, she still had to eat.

Jen took a big bite of cupcake and dumbly chewed, her mouth so full that she couldn't close her lips as she ate. Chunks of cupcake fell from her mouth, landing with tiny plops into the water of the tub. Jen didn't notice. She continued to eat, the only noises in the room were the steady sound of chewing and the rhythmic tick of the clock on the wall.

The clock ticked and ticked and ticked. Jen ate and ate and ate. Tick tock.

Chew, swallow. Tick Tock. Chew, swallow.

Jen's eyes took on a glazed, faraway look. She wasn't even thinking about what she was doing. This was mindless eating in every sense of the word. It wasn't about sustenance. It wasn't about taste. It wasn't even about pleasure. It was mindless consumption for the sake of consumption. Lying in the bathtub like a fat lazy hippo, Jen could have been the poster child for wasteful American decadence.

Her fat stomach grew with each bite, slowly rising up from the water. Her pink dome of a tummy gradually breached the surface of the water, like a whale rising from the deep. She stuffed herself way too full, finishing the cupcakes, burping loudly after the last one.

Jen tossed the empty container aside and struggled to extricate herself from the tub. It wasn't easy; her wide hips scraped the sides and her butt created a suction effect with the tub floor that made it difficult for her to rise.

She grabbed the sides of the tub to steady herself and pushed with all her might, her slick, soaped-up body glistening with wetness, her tummy jiggling, boobs swaying. Even more water spilled over the sides of the tub as she fought to free herself. With a final burst of power, Jen's massive derrierre popped loose, sliding up and nearly causing Jen to topple out onto her face.
She bent over to plug the plug, before grabbing a towel to dry down her wet body. Jen caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Most of herself, at least. Her entire body was bigger, but below the waist she really showed the effects of her month of training.

She looked like two halves of two different girls, a plump girl with big heavy breasts and a chubby belly attached to an absolutely ginormous ass and thunderous thighs. Sheets of water spilled off of her rump, having been trapped atop her ass shelf when she stood up. The rolls and folds in her bum and hips quivered and shook as she slowly, carefully stepped out of the tub; they were a constantly shaking mass.

Jen's butt was so enormous that just walking was almost enough to create a booty clap effect as the ripples in her backside made the twin basketball-sized globes slap against each other with a loud, wet splotching noise. The mirror wasn't wide enough to reflect her entire backside, so she had to waddle back and forth to see it all.

"Wow", she thought, "I'm even more bootilicious than ever before." After a month of binging, she wondered how much she had gained. Was she bigger than Alice? She shrugged. Then again, who really cared?

She had to pay special attention to her crevices, quickly dabbing the towel beneath the shelf of her hefty boobs, between the rolls of her belly and flanks, and between her giant, dimpled buns.

Finally, Jen reached into the cabinet and pulled out a fresh jar of anti-cellulite cream. This was Jen's most expensive secret. She hoped that using the cream would keep her massive backside smooth, but it took so much to cover it all that she literally used up a jar every day.

She scooped out a heaping handful and slapped it on her right buttcheek. She vigorously massaged the cream into her porky posterior, an effort made difficult when every poke and prod sent her gelatinous flesh bouncing and wobbling. It took two handfuls just to finish one cheek. By the time she finished her other lobe, the jar was spent. She dropped it in the trash without a second thought.

"Jen!" came her mother's voice. "Jen, dinner's ready!"

"Aw, like, come on!" moaned Jen. Could she really eat even more? Her stomach was already so full that she felt like she could burst just from the slightest pinprick. And after everything else today, had she really needed to eat all those oreos and cupcakes?

The answer was, of course, no, but Jen was never one to pass up food. But now she was packed so tight that she thought she might need to. Except that she knew her mother. And she knew that her mother would never stand for her skipping dinner. Her mother's ideas concerning dinner were so completely bonkers that Jen probably wouldn't even be able to beg off by pointing out that her mother had just fed her the sugary equivalent of an entire extra meal mere minutes before dinner. And dinner didn't seem that late at all!

"Like, whatever," said Jen, resigned to her fate. If tonight was her night to explode…then there was no escaping it.

She picked up the towel and tied around her, hoping to use it as a robe. But the towel wasn't big enough to stretch across her ass. The knot quickly undid itself and the towel slid off, getting caught on her giant ass shelf and dangling from her bulbous behind.

She reached behind herself with a grunt, snatched the towel off her naked booty, threw it into the hamper and grabbed a larger one off the rack. This one should work! She pulled it around herself and just managed to stretch it enough to tie at first, but her bum was so large that the towel quickly pulled aside under the knot, so she's still fully exposed in front. Anyone watching her would have laughed; the corpulent kitty had managed to hide her breasts under the towel, but her enormous belly and plump vagina were on full display.

"Whatever," sighed Jen. No one would be upstairs now anyway, so she risked the walk back to her room. The chances of Frank barging in again were pretty slim, right? She bounced back to her room, her naked belly bouncing in front of her, the cold drafty air chilling her exposed vulva.

As quickly as she could, she changed into an old t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. They used to be loose but now most of the drawstring was pulled into the waist. Her flabby tummy spilled over the front of the pants, pushing it down slightly. In back, the top inch of her butt crack peaked over the waistband.

Still painfully full, she waddled downstairs, cradling her belly like a pregnant woman. The pain of her full tummy made her moan and wincing with every step. Stairs were tricky at her size, she had to lean backwards, one hand supporting her back. Her large hips brushed the walls of the stairwell and she huffed and puffed, her breathing deep like she was practicing Lamaze.

"There you are!" said her mother brightly as Jen shuffled into the room. "I was beginning to worry, you took so long!"

"Like, sorry mom," said Jen through gritted teeth. She slowly lowered herself onto a chair. Her huge tush hung over the edges of the chair, but Jen was worried more about the meal to come. Jen's mom was not one to be stingy with food and she always got so upset when her daughter didn't clean her plate.

Mrs. Sarovy was so happy in these recent weeks as Jen had trained. Her daughter was eating constantly and nothing made her happier.
The meal was, indeed, huge. Her mother had insisted that Jen finish a second helping of pot roast and three servings of mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Jen was absolutely FILLED TO THE BRIM. One single tiny little bite more and she was sure she would simply blow apart like a balloon filled too full. She leaned back, gasping like an expectant mother with quintuplets practicing lamaze. The pressure in her belly was a pain like nothing she had ever experienced before. It hurt so much that she felt tears stinging her eyes.

She poked a finger into herr stomach’s shiny, drum tight surface – the pain drew a sharp gasp from the girl, but filling her lungs with air only added to the pain as her abused skin was forced to stretch a fraction more. Her beachball sized paunch was blushing red from the pressure, making her look like a giant tomato.

She couldn't see straight, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think. If she thought she was full after the pie contest….or after gorging on fair food…or even after polishing off all those oreos and cupcakes… that was NOTHING compared to her fullness now.

Girls weren't supposed to feel this full!

"Finished, Jen?"

"Mmmff. Yes, mom."

"Good! I hope you saved room for dessert!"

Jen blanched. "Oh mom, no, I'm about to puke…"

Much to Jen's chagrin, her mother disappeared into the kitchen before she finished her protest. Jen knew she was either going to throw up or explode all over the room. There simply was NO WAY she could force down even a morsel more. She had thought she couldn't eat more earlier but now she was sure!

For once, even her insatiable appetite seemed sated. Her pleasure center, usually always dreaming about its next opportunity to indulge in sweets, was strangely silent. It was agreeing: NO MORE PLEASE!

But that was about to change.

When Jen smelled a familiar smell. A deliciously familiar smell.

Her mom reappeared…with a freshly baked blueberry pie.

Jen felt queasy at the sight of it, but for some odd reason today, she couldn't say no.

"A pie? I …I …I love pie!"

"Now you're sure, Jen? I know you said you were a little bit full…"

Jen forced herself to belch, freeing up just a little room inside herself. Just enough for one bite. She could take one bite, right? Because that pie looked and smelled heavenly! Curse your expert baking skills, she thought.

"No, I'll have…just a bite, I think."

Naturally, Jen's mom cut a huge slice for her.

Jen couldn't back down. Not now. Not while there was still food in front of her. She grabbed her fork and trudged forth, eating the pie bite by bite. Steady now. Bite. Chew. Swallow. A twinge of pain. A worrying bubbling from her belly. An ominous creak from her chair. Repeat. On and on. Bite by bite, belly closer and closer to ripping, chair closer and closer to breaking.

More and more of Jen's generous badonkadonk oozed over the sides of her chair with every painful bite. The stretchy gray fabric of her sweats stretching thinner and thinner as her body plumped. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Jen's face looked positively green. She stared at the last smidgen of pie on her plate. Had she really done it? She was so close. Small bites now. She had to cut it up even smaller to fit it down. Nothing too big. She couldn't risk it. She cut the last morsel into two tiny bites with her fork and raised the second to last bit to her lips.

Just as her stomach is about to rip, a cracking noise split the air. Jen's bloated backside had finally overpowered the chair and it buckled under the enormous strain, sending the poor girl tumbling to the floor.

"Oh no! Jen, are you okay?" Her mother leapt to her feet and dashed to Jen's side.

Jen lay on her back, her huge overstuffed belly soaring high above her and rising higher with each troubled breath.

The fall had knocked what little wind still in her compressed lungs out of her, so she could do little other than huff and puff. She was a bloated, sweaty heap, pie filling on her chubby chipmunk cheeks and down the from of her straining T-shirt.

"Did you hurt yourself? Oh my poor baby!" Her mother fretted.

Jen shook her head dumbly. "No, I'm…not hurt…"

It was true. Jen's pillowy buns had cushioned her fall, so she hardly felt a thing as she bounced to the floor. "I'm just gonna…lie here a bit..okay?"
Jen's mom looked back to her plate.

"Oh, you left one last bite, Jen. You can't waste that."

Before she could protest, Jen's mom scooped the last forkful off Jen's plate and spooned it into Jen's slack mouth. Jen's eyes and cheeks bulged, but she didn't have the willpower to spit it out. Especially not when her mother was hovering over her looking so pleased! She slowly chewed and swallowed.
And, miraculously, did not detonate.

But she did do little more than sleep for the next three days

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