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Default best weight gain shake

hi everyone
I have been trying to gain weight I have been doing very well for the last few months and reached every goal I had made but this month I just cant put on any more and weight gain shakes came straight to my mind in the past I haven't used them because I just thought using weight gain shakes was taking it just too far but now I think I need to use them to get my goals but I just don't know which one to use do any of you have advise on what one to use based on taste , price and how much weight you gain by using it
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Well I don't know if it is the best weight gain shake but it works for me. I make my own. It tastes better and I can eat the other ingredients for snacks.
My Shake: 2+ tablespoons of peanut butter, 2+ tablespoons of strawberry preserves, 2 cups of premium high fat ice cream, chocolate syrup, and half and half or cream to make it more liquid. Blend it till smooth. It is 1000 + calories. Because it is liquid it goes down easily and you can consume a couple of these a day. I gained 8 lbs in one month supplementing my meals and snacks with this shake. Worked for me.
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