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Default Neighbors by Anonymous (~BBW, ~Sex)

(~BBW, ~Sex – Two neighbors have their first sexual encounter.)

By Anonymous

(Migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Archives)

Another lazy Sunday rolled around as Jim finally awoke from a deep sleep. Slipping in a pair of baggy sweatpants and throwing on an old T-shirt he made his way barefoot to the kitchen. He set up the table for breakfast then made to the door to get the paper.

As he stepped into the hallway he noticed his neighbor's newspaper was all ready taken and a light shining thru the door. “Becky must already be up and about,” thought Jim. Inside the complex Jim and Becky owned the corner condos. Jim, a tall thin man in his 30's, lived there for the past 3 years. Becky, a woman in her 40's, lived at her place for the past 20 years.

Setting the paper aside Jim started making his morning tea. “Uh-oh, low on sugar, no milk. Arrrggh…I should of stopped at the grocery store yesterday. A day without tea…hmm, I wonder if Becky has some to spare?”

There were occasions in the past where the two sat for breakfast. Jim thought to himself, “YEp…maybe I can bum some supplies off of 'ol Becky.”

He grabbed his paper and his mug and made his way across the hall. First, a quick hair swipe to look somewhat in order, he knocked. Seconds later his neighbor Becky opened the door. She gave a suspicious yet playful glare at the man who interrupted her breakfast.

“This better be good young man,” she giggled. Given the age difference and morning attire, Becky gave off a very matronly appearance. The woman stood around 5'5” and was somewhat heavy-set, but in a very appealing “pleasantly plump” way. Every time they spoke Jim tried his best to stare into her deep eyes rather than have them wander over her abundant tush and incredibly sized breasts.

Dressed in a regal looking night robe and hands on her full hips Becky continued her mock dress down of her neighbor. “So I take it you ran out of milk or sugar or some such thing…again?”

Jim, biting his tongue and putting on a young bad boy front, held out his mug and replied, “Yes 'mam. Both actually.”

As Becky stood there disapproving they both broke out laughing. “Get in here before my coffee grows cold. Plus you can help me with the crossword.”

They made their way to the kitchen table. Becky started up the stove and got the supplies for Jim's tea.

“I don't know why you don't drink coffee,” asked Becky as she finally sat down. “It's a much stronger drink.”

Jim winked back. “That's because you're a much stronger person than me.”

“You're silly,” laughed Becky. Jim liked making his neighbor laugh. He enjoyed hearing the deep belly laugh she gave. He also enjoyed seeing her body jiggle with mirth at his antics. Jim loved seeing her round belly jump up and down. Not to mention those incredible breasts sway to and fro.

Many a night Jim would fall asleep to the full image of his neighbor. As he lay masturbating he would visualize how Becky would look naked. How it would feel between her thick thighs and how her calves would fill his palms with soft flesh.

Little did Jim know his neighbor often thought of him in the same manner. She really appreciated the time Jim spent with her. Whether helping her move stuff or just spending time chatting. As much as she dreamed of him trying something Becky never thought he would have those types of feelings for her.

I'm older and I'm no runway model. Surely a tall thin guy like Jim wouldn't be attracted to me. But for every reason Becky thought Jim would be turned off, he was turned on. He was under her spell. A woman of her size really got his motor running. And Becky being such a great person only completed the picture.

The morning went by as they sat around the table. The tea and coffee flowed as they tackled the crossword. After the coffee cake Jim offered to wash the dishes.

“No, no. It's no bother. I'll do them,” Becky said as she walked to the sink. Jim counter offered, “How about you wash, I dry?”

Watching his neighbor from behind Jim took in the great view of Becky's szable butt as she wiggled away. The sun came thru the window he was able to make out all the pronounced curves that hid under her robe.

“Oh my,” he thought, “she's not wearing underwear.”

As Jim grabbed the towel he remembered he wasn't wearing any either. Hoping to avoid a noticeable appearance of his penis he kept the conversation light. But as they washed the dishes certain distractions ruined his attempts. The most notable was the fragrance of Becky.

She was wearing just a hint of perfume. While that was appealing in itself it couldn't mask the woman's own scent. Try as he might Jim couldn't deny its intoxicating blend of femininity and experience. Add to that the close proximity of the two his mind was all awhirl.

The final straw was Becky kept asking questions like, “Are you seeing someone special?” “Did you have a hot date last night?”

Due to Jim's dating inactivity and his latent desires for Becky he calmly demurred all queries.

Becky asked these questions to make conversation and see what type of woman Jim was into. She often wondered what it would be like to date a younger man and couldn't help herself to ask embarrassing questions. She loved to see Jim blush and stammer for answers. He looked so cute when faced with these intimate questions.

As the conversation took an adult turn Jim's urges started to show. Within the thin loose cotton fabric of his sweats his manhood started to swell. With so much room and no underwear to keep his cock in check his erection started to spring into action.

Realizing this he kept himself close to the counter.

“…Well, you'll find that special someone,” winked Becky. As they finished up all Jim could think about was sharing some special time with his neighbor. And all the while so did Becky.

They grabbed the last plate at the same time. Their hands met. Jim felt Becky's small soft fingers while Becky experienced his long firm touch. Their touch lingered into an awkward length. They both became aware of their arms touching. Jim's strong forearm was pressing into Becky's fleshy bicep.

They turned to face each other. Both were fumbling to talk their way out of this. Things became even more awkward when Jim turned and his erect penis whacked Becky on the side of the leg. Against his better judgment Jim looked down.

Becky knew exactly what hit her the moment it touched. Without thinking she looked down. Jim's pants were tented. There was no denying or hiding that fact. So pronounced was the effect they both saw the outline of Jim's cock head and a slight wet spot leaking from the fabric.

Looking into Jim's green eyes Becky started to rub his arms. Her soft touch glided up and down his lithe arms.

“Oh Becky,” whispered Jim. He leaned down and they started to kiss. Becky had beautiful bee-sting lips while Jim's lips were also quite full.

This turned into a heavenly experience as their mouths circled each other. Next Becky's tiny tongue darted in Jim's mouth. And Jim returned in kind. Slowly they draped their arms around each other. Jim's long reach circled around Becky's full back.

Jim felt surrounded in her flesh. It was as if he was drowning in her glory. Meanwhile, Becky savored the feeling of holding on to someone so young and strong. Jim's mind was a complete buzz as his senses were overwhelmed. Becky's large breasts pressed into his chest. As they embraced Becky widened her stance and drew Jim into her. In so doing her robe opened and Jim's erection pressed into the wide expanse of her mid section. Feeling his hardness Becky nibbled on his ear and whispered, “…take me.”

They clumsily walked to the now cleared kitchen table. Holding on to her ample hips Jim urged Becky to sit on the table. As she hopped on the table her robe flew open. Becky spread her legs and watched Jim pull down his pants.

Leaning on her elbows Becky sat back and admired Jim's smooth torso, and flat stomach. She wet her lips and saw his large cock bobbing free and aiming at her womanhood. Free of her robes Becky's scent attacked Jim's senses head on.

Never had Jim ever wanted a woman more than this moment. Becky, feeling the same the way, encouraged her young lover. “That's it sweetie, take me.”

Just before Jim sank himself into her womanly folds he gazed upon her naked body. Becky's robe hung around her body like a cloud. Her full belly jutted out at him inviting him closer. Her thick legs swung wide. She smiled at him while her giant breasts were still packed into her special order bra. This created an irresistible package. Jim sank himself into her and dove head first into the massive expanse of cleavage.

Becky shuddered as Jim's full cock plunged into her. It felt so good to have a man take her again. Pent up reserves let loose around his manhood making for an incredible ride. All the while she enjoyed all the attention to her sensitive bust.

As Jim moved his hips back and forth enjoying every inch of Becky's love cave he worked his hands behind her back. Becky moaned and groaned and urged her lover on. Jim finally found his prize. Working his fingers as fast as possible he started undoing Becky's bra.

Her boobs were so pronounced that her bra consisted of five snaps. One by one they popped open until only one remained. As each one released more and more tantalizing flesh became exposed.

Jim hissed, in frustration, as the last snap wouldn't bulge. Becky sensing this arched her strong back until an audible twang was heard. With that the bra shot off. The lovers grinned wickedly at each other.

Jim bent down and using his teeth bit into the cloth and flung it to the side. In doing so he happened to see the label. His eyes went wide when read the “44DDD” lettering. His whole body celebrated this. His cock grew to even wider dimensions.

“Oh, yes!” yelled Becky. Looking down Jim surveyed the beauty before him.

Never before had he seen such a fetching woman. Becky had everything that pushed his buttons. Holding on to her back Jim could not think of words to describe her chest. Becky's breasts were of monstrous proportions. Now free they took up his field of vision. As Jim moved to kiss he stretched himself across her soft luxurious torso. Once again they kissed. Becky rolled back and brought her arms to hold onto his sides.

Jim broke off the kiss and proceeded to kiss her neck and work his way down. Finally he reached the area he often fantasized about. He nibbled his way down her breasts. He sucked on her erect nipples. His hands seemed small as he grabbed her cleavage. All this was too much.

Becky was squealed in delight. Cum boiled in Jim's huge balls. As he grinded himself into her they rubbed against her generous ass cheeks.

“Oh wow…I'm going to cum!” Jim yelled. With this revelation Becky's moist chamber dampened anew.

Jim wasn't sure if Becky wanted it inside her. Little did he know Becky had no intention of letting Jim climax anywhere but. As he moved to pull out Becky grabbed his flanks and proclaimed, “Where do you think you're going, young man?”

Jim didn't respond but tried again to break free.

Although Jim was strong, he was no match for Becky's size. Her formable legs wrapped around him keeping him in place. Realizing his attempts were futile Jim surrendered to her superior strength. Knowing he was about to explode he reached down and grabbed two handfuls of boob and rocked an orgasm though his body.

Jim quaked and quivered. He kept moaning “Oh…oh” over and over. Becky decided help her lover along. She lowered a leg down and started rubbing the sole of her foot on Jim's ass.

He responded by widening his stance. As soon as his ass cheeks parted Becky rubbed her heel right on his butt hole. This was too much for Jim.

“Oh man…” he squeaked. And with that he went rigid.

Jim convulsed several times. Lobes of hot sperm shot of his shaft flooding Becky. “Yes!” she screamed and the juices mixed with her causing a tremendous orgasm. Her powerful legs kept Jim in place. She worked her vaginal muscles and squeezed him dry.

Finally she let go. Both were weak kneed. Jim tried to stand but stood half-bowed. Becky hopped off the table and hugged her neighbor. “Oh Jim, that was beautiful.” And with that she kissed his smooth chest.

As he stood there dazed, Becky started to kiss her way down his body. Arms around his back, she worked her way down his torso then to his belly. She started to squat in front of Jim. Running her nose through his curly pubic hair she grabbed his ass.

One hand held each cheek. She stuck out her tongue. She playfully licked his semi-erect cock. It trembled in response. Jim started to run his fingers through Becky's short hair. “Oh honey…whatta doing to me?”

In response she opened her mouth wide and accepted his meat.

Her tongue danced past his cock head and skimmed down his shaft. Her senses tasted their mixed juices. As she mouthed him whole Becky ran one hand down Jim's leg. She held onto his calf. With the other she reached between her own spread legs. Diddling herself she did her best to time their climax.

As soon as Jim started to moan Becky worked on herself harder. His legs tightened. Jim yelped in bliss. And just as his sperm oozed out of himself Becky let loose her building orgasm.

Seconds passed; finally, Becky stood. They looked into each other's eyes. Once again they embraced. Their contrasting bodies melded into one. One reached down and one reached up. Their full lips met again. And as their tongues danced, Becky let Jim taste the fruits of their love.

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Default great stuff

This will go down as one of my favorite stories.
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That is a very good story, I better go check on my neighbor.
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Nice one. Read it.
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Thumbs up

This is one steaming hot story, I wish I had a neighbor like Becky!!!
Very good, please continue the story if you can!
Thank you
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Can someone please tell me where this neighborhood is? I'm dying to meet (meat?) Becky!
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