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Very well written as the previous parts. I must say and establish this fact again. You're a very gifted writer. Keep up the good work (and chapters coming haha)
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Gabriel Spencer
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Your story is, as always, amazingly erotic. Whoever that SSBBW is in your life....she's one VERY lucky woman!
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nice .. keep going i like ur stories .. thanks ..
The World of David
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Chapter Six - Breaking Point

A year had come and gone, in what seemed to Gwen and Draven only a few weeks. Their love for one another had blossomed. Every day they felt like they were meant for one another by a higher destiny. She had never felt so complete and loved as she had with Draven; he had never felt so connected with another soul as he did when he was experiencing that special closeness of mind, body and spirit as much as he enjoyed with Gwen.

It was truly amazing how much the two lovers had grown, especially Gwen. They sat at the table enjoying each other's company, dining on a feast of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Papa Ramano’s pizzas. This was one of the rare moments she ate while not sitting on her beloved. They gazed into each other's eyes, returning winks and smiles in acknowledgment of the unspoken love they shared with the meal. Draven nibbled on a drumstick while Gwen gorged on 10 chicken breasts and mashed potatoes and gravy while intermittently pausing for several slices of pizza.

As he looked upon her features he noticed how her face had grown softer and rounder. The cleft in her chin had deepened and her cheeks had swollen. Her lower jowls and jaw line retraced a pronounced double chin. The bell shape of her facial features mirrored the 172-pound gain she had enjoyed so much with Draven over the last year.

Gwen had not weighed herself nor did the usual Friday measuring for more than a month, as she was enjoying his eagerness at her truly gigantic size. The last time she was weighed she topped out at 642 pounds. She loved the belly rubs and the attention he lavished upon her and would often eat to extreme excess while he was at work so when he arrived home she would get a belly rub from him, which would usually lead to another meal and wild sex. Belly rubs, no matter how innocent the invitation, always ended up in a sexual encounter of some sort. The very sensation of his loving touch upon the nexus of which gave birth to her ravenous hunger and bottomless appetites ignited her animalistic arousal.

“I am sooooo stuffed,” she moaned. “I need a belly rub.” She continued to plead as she pushed herself away from the table after finishing a meal that could have easily fed 10 people.

Something unexpected happened then that, unknown at the time, was about to initiate a chain of events that would elevate their bond for one another to the next level. As the massive Gwen pushed herself away from the table the back legs of the chair dug into the linoleum flooring, and the momentum of well over 600 pounds couldn’t be so easily stopped. The back legs of the chair snapped with a loud POP! and the gigantic woman came crashing to the floor, shattering the chair into kindling. The apartment shook violently with a deep rumbling boom under the impact of the colossal woman’s weight. Draven felt the shock wave, even after becoming quite accustomed to her ground-shaking displays of her size. She became so aroused by the fall and the destruction of the chair which lay in shattered ruins, she felt an electric tingle run down her spine and settle between her legs.

“Help me up, little man,” she ordered, holding up her hand.

He reached for her hand and Gwen, using her size as leverage, pulled him toward her and engulfed him in a passionate kiss. She met him hungrily and began to devour him in her embrace, moaning slightly as she sucked on his tongue and bit his lip. Her large arms seemed to swallow him in as she continued to enjoy her man amongst the rubble of the chair. He reached down for her belly and began to lightly caress the swollen mound. Her belly felt hard from all the food she had just eaten as he caressed and rubbed it. She released him from the embrace, as the floor and the busted chair beneath her had become uncomfortable.

She got to her feet and surveyed the chair with a sense of satisfaction, if not pride, over what her big body had accomplished. She walked with a pronounced heavier step to accentuate the moment and dropped herself onto the loveseat, which her large bottom completely filled. Again the floor shook under the impact, but not nearly as much as it had done so when she had smashed the chair.

“Come rub my belly,” she demanded sweetly as she released the double folded mountain from the tight, restraining blue stretch pants she wore.
Draven approached her as she sat regally upon the loveseat, which was elevated by wooden blocks to allow her to get out of it with ease. She looked like an empress with her humongous belly resting on her lap, forcing her mammoth legs slightly apart, and ending at her knees. He knelt down before her and began to massage the colossal mountain of flesh punctuated with jagged bright red stretch marks demarcating new growth.

Her belly still felt hard to his touch as he massaged it by gently rubbing it in small circles with his fingertips while she moaned with delightful bliss. He increased the intensity of the massage and began kneading her sumptuous mounds like a cat as her belly softened. She was leaning in to him as he massaged her belly; he could hear the small couch groan under protest of her enormous weight. She slid off of the couch and right on top of him, pinning him down to the floor, her hulking form engulfing him and seeming to tower over him as she strained to peer over her mountainous belly in order to meet his eyes.

“I have a surprise for you, my love,” she swooned.

“What is the surprise?” he queried, brimming with curiosity.

“Me! I think I've gained weight,” she teased as she shifted her weight so as to bring more of herself to bear down on him. “It’s been a while since we have weighed and measured me.”

She continued the ruse while patting her engorged belly proudly. “I am sure by the way you look at me you want to know how much bigger I am than you. I know you like it,” she taunted him as she lifted her self off of him.

They went into the playroom and she had him get the scale and the measuring tape out of the lower drawer. They tore each other's clothes off in the excitement of the moment at hand as he placed the scale at her feet and she stepped on. The electronic readout flickered and settled on 657 pounds. She stepped off of the scale, and beaming with satisfaction, she invited him for his turn at weighing in. He stepped on the scale and they both looked at the readout. Draven now weighed only 130 pounds.

A huge grin snaked across Gwen’s face at the realization that she was now more than FIVE times bigger than Draven. In the year they had spent together he had lost 20 pounds. She was entertaining the idea she had absorbed him somehow or perhaps simply crushed it out of him; either way the whole idea of it all felt erotic and awakened hunger for her man.

He uncoiled the measuring tape and asked her for her arm. Her arm was heavy and soft to his touch; he was impressed that it too had noticeable stretch marks delineating new growth. He slid the tape around her thick anaconda-like arm; 40 inches. Next he measured her chest. Even though she had gained a considerable amount of weight since their first encounter her chest remained proportional to the rest of her big body, and she had become quite buxom. As he drew the tape tight around her barrel chest it ended at 87 inches. Next he measured her waist; 84 inches.

Finally her humongous hips. The tape only went to 90 inches and it fell considerably short of capturing the massive expanse of her girth. She enjoyed him trying to reach around her titanic size and offered no help in holding the tape. He had to mark her with a pen where the ends of the tape fell, then measured the remaining space in between. The end result was 101 inches spanning around the widest portion of her colossal hips. He gave his attention to her thighs. Her huge legs had a roll where they made the transition from the hips and another inner roll above her knees. As he snaked the tape around the cottage cheese-textured thigh and brought the end to meet at the 52-inch mark he gasped in awe upon her gigantic splendor standing in all her glory before him.

“You are so huge!” he swallowed hard on the words as he took in her incredible size.

“Yeah, there is nobody bigger than me, hon,” she boasted. “You are so dinky compared to me,” she said, as she sized him up in the mirror. “Just look at you,” she crowed, lauding her gargantuan size over him, “my hips dwarf you, my thighs are WAY bigger than you, even my arms are much bigger than your entire body, little man.”

“I am more than FIVE times bigger than you,” she boasted proudly, “and an appetite as big as mine needs five times more satisfaction and I am HUNGRY, little man!” she roared. “Eat my pussy, then I wanna make love to you till you pass out from my crushing weight on top of you,” she snarled hungrily.

Gwen was in fact so heavy that she had to watch that she didn’t crush Draven to death. She used to be able to tell by the color of his forehead how well he was doing. The redder his little head got, the more he was being crushed; when he started turning from dark red into purple she knew she had to let off until his color returned. When he got quiet, that too was a tell-tale sign that she had him to the breaking point. It was this moment she found so sexually arousing. She held his life beneath her massive body; she felt empowered, completely in control of her man. In that moment she could give him life or take it away simply by crushing it out of his tiny body beneath her. Since she had gained the last 50 pounds, her belly covered his forehead completely and it was even harder for her to discern.

She motioned him over to the bench and he lay down on his back while she straddled the bench. Her mammoth body eclipsed his senses. Her belly apron hung down and was thrust forward slightly. A second belly roll, which was in itself a second belly, cascaded upon the first belly. He reached for her gigantic tree trunk-like thighs and lovingly caressed the dimpled texture with both hands, stopping at her colossal belly. He pushed upward on her belly as he began to massage it. It was warm and soft and had a heaviness all its own. She enjoyed the touch of her man’s hands on her. He continued to drink in her immense size. Roll upon roll were stacked on each other and her gigantic pendulous breasts hung freely, rolling off her mountainous belly.

He became increasingly aroused at her display of her gargantuan body. The depth of the connection they shared was clearly evident as she became aroused by his arousal of her. It was this depth of connection and the sharing of love that ignited the firestorm she so much enjoyed with Draven. Gwen was beautiful and in Draven’s eyes she was flawless, round and womanly in every respect. Draven loved her as he had loved no other. He smiled in contented bliss while he lay on his back staring over her belly as his eyes probed the endless depth of her intense blue eyes.

She lowered herself down upon him gently, settling her massive rump on his chest as she positioned her vagina into his face. The bench creaked and groaned under her as she settled her weight down upon him. He could feel the solid four by eight timber that made up the length of the bench bow under her. She looked into the mirror at their reflection. Her excitement raced at the sight of how her immense size had almost swallowed up her tiny man. His legs protruded out like two twigs, his arms, which were caressing her supple rolls where her leg met her belly apron, looked like sticks. His tongue probed delightfully in her moistened slit, causing her to shudder as the fire of her desire began to get hotter and hotter. The only thing she loved more than eating was being eaten and he loved to give her pleasure, as her appetite was bottomless and her hunger was insatiable.

She rocked back and forth, holding onto the handle above for balance as she thrust her gigantic bodyweight into his face. She could see him in the mirror, his small forehead glowing red as she increased the pace of her rhythmic grinding. It didn’t matter now about his tongue; his entire face just felt so good. The stubble of two days of facial hair on his little chin tickled her in all the right places. His nose felt delightful, and as she would bear her weight down onto his face and slide up and down his face, the fires within her sprang to life and caused her entire being to glow intensely. When she would pull back he would gulp in a breath of air. It felt as if she was about to tear his head off.

“OH MY!” she roared in ecstasy as she slammed herself into him again and again.

Draven could not hear anything she said; as she screamed and wailed in pleasure, her enormous body had insulated him from hearing any sound. He could feel her crushing him. He felt like a rag doll in the jaws of a vicious pit bull dog as his small body shook violently with each jerk of her gigantic hips. She tore into him, assaulting him with her 657-pound body as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her massive body, causing her to shudder and convulse wildly. He was seeing stars and white comets of light flash, his body numb from the enormous weight of her humungous body. He was blacking out.

In that moment, fear coursed through him as he wondered if this time he would be crushed to death beneath her. The thrill of it made his heart pound with excitement and every fiber of his being raced wildly as he struggled to hang on as she greedily tore into him. She could feel him and he could feel her as their feelings bonded together in that hot, decadent firestorm of all consuming hunger and passionate lust, causing her to lose control of herself as she brought all her weight down upon his face in a final orgasm that flooded through her as his consciousness slipped into the black abyss.

Draven awoke to being slapped in the face by Gwen who was standing over him.

“Are you alright, baby?!” she said in a worried tone. “I thought I had crushed you to death when you didn’t move or say anything after I got off of you.” She continued, “You were all purple and everything….” She paused as he started to regain consciousness.

She was relieved that he was alright, as she did not want to squash the goose that laid the golden orgasm. His chest ached and his legs tingled as the sensation of feeling began to return to his body with the rush of a roaring flood. He felt his nose; it hurt and was tender to the touch and had begun to bleed a little.

“I think my nose is broken,” he said in a pronounced nasal tone as he wiped the blood away.

“I'm sorry, love,” she said bashfully. “I guess I got carried away. You know how I get so turned on by you, especially when your scrawny little body is under me. I just can’t help myself. Let’s go into the shower, sweetie, and get you cleaned up.”

They headed to the shower. She liked to shower with him not only because it was a fun turn on and kind of romantic, but there was a practical side to it as well. Gwen had gotten so big that she had a lot of difficulty washing herself; it was impossible for her to reach around her ginormous girth. He would soap himself up, then slide his slender body about her generous curves and rolls using the washrag to get to places that were hard to reach. She loved having her long black hair washed by him, and having her scalp massaged with his strong, slender fingers. Showers with her beloved Draven were always erotic and it felt wonderful to get so dirty while getting clean at the same time.

Although his nose was still swollen, he had forgotten about it for the most part as they were getting dressed. Draven had promised Gwen he was going to take her out to Hometown Buffet for dinner. As they walked down the wood-planked walkway it trembled under her heavy footfalls. As she put her foot on the step that led down to the sidewalk it snapped like a dry twig under her colossal weight. Her massive body teetered precariously, lurching backwards at the sudden loss of balance, Draven raced to catch her. She was too much woman for his little body to hold back. Her titanic rump dropped on him like a boulder, landing on him so hard that the step above cracked under the impact of her 657-pound body slamming into him, cushioning the blow a little bit. Her massive left hip squashed his slender thigh, causing him to wince in pain. As she got up she noticed the smashed step and the damaged landing as she looked down at her lover. Her blue eyes twinkled with satisfaction at the broken step and cracked two by eight that made up the first plank of the landing.

“I must be getting big,” she gloated, patting her enormous belly lovingly. “Coming, Draven darling?” she teased. “You wouldn’t want me to waste away starving to death, little man.”

Draven rose to his feet, although his leg was throbbing slightly in pain. They made their way to his midnight blue 2007 Ford F-150 truck which was parked in the carport and he opened the door for her and helped her in. The truck sank on the passenger’s side under the stress of her gigantic weight. He started the engine and they drove off to the Hometown Buffet, listening to old Beatles tunes and merrily singing the familiar lyrics together in a mismatched harmony that had a melody all its own.

He maneuvered the truck into a parking place near the restaurant and helped her out. There was a park across the street from the restaurant with a fountain in the center and benches where lovers could sit and enjoy the afternoon. It was a good day and he was happy to be with Gwen. They loved to go into the park and sit together enjoying each other’s company after dinner.

He opened the door for her as they entered the eatery. It was crowded tonight, standing room only. Draven went to the front desk to find out how long it would be until they would get a table. A slim blonde-haired waitress who looked to be about 17 years old greeted him wearing a black nametag with white lettering that said “Stacy”.

“I would like a table for two.” He inquired, “How long will the wait be?”

“About 30 to 40 minutes,” Stacy replied giving Gwen a look of revulsion as she wrote their names down on the register.

“Let's go across the street and sit at the park for a few, love,” he said, noticing her anger at the way the waitress looked at her.

He opened the door for her and they headed to the park, her massive arm draped down across his back, hitching her fingers into his pocket while he had his arm rested along the shelf that made up the top of her colossal ass.

“The nerve of that skinny little bitch,” she growled angrily. “She is damn lucky I don’t just break her skinny little twit body in half for looking at me like that,” Gwen fumed.

As they walked she had a waddle to her step and bumped him with her massive hips playfully. He stumbled about like a drunken sailor while she held him tight as they continued along their way across the street to the park. They found their favorite bench by the fountain. The benches were empty; in fact, the only signs of life in the park were a couple of kids throwing a Frisbee in a rowdy game of fetch with a playful black Labrador retriever, some distance away.

Turning, she effortlessly bumped him with her humongous hips, dropping him neatly into the bench. She followed suit by settling herself into his lap. The bench creaked and groaned under her weight. He noticed the boards flex considerably as her massive body settled down into the bench. Draven kissed the backs of her elbows and she giggled. She shifted her weight to escape his next kiss. There was a slight cracking sound as the wood protested under her movements. The excitement she felt upon hearing that tiny cracking sound from beneath her caused her heart to race. She stood up quickly, the bench releasing all that stored energy of her 657-pound body and causing Draven to bounce up a little.

“Get ready, little man, this is going to be fun,” she cooed maniacally, her tone smooth and laced with evil intent.

She dropped her huge body down on him as the bench made a sound of splintering wood. The wood held its own against the onslaught of her gargantuan body. Her excitement was electric and her heart rate quickened. She stood up again, however this time the bench had no recoil. Draven’s heart was beating fast at the impending assault of more than a quarter of a ton of her gigantic body upon him. He extended his legs as he was afraid she would break them when the wood gave way. He was afraid of her at this moment, afraid she would smash him like a bug. The memory was still fresh and vivid of her titanic hip crushing his thigh.

Gwen savored the moment she could sense his fear and felt a full body rush of power that her new size was bringing to her senses. She let it all flow over her as she dropped herself like an avalanche onto Draven, enveloping him in her mountainous body, shattering the bench beneath them and crashing to the concrete. He made a funny little “ooof” sound when she landed on him, knocking him out cold. She got up off of him quickly and seeing his limp, crumpled body lying among the remains of the park bench she bent down and shook him. His head bobbed limply as she shook him in an attempt to awaken him.

“Draven! Draven! Wake up, dear!” she shrieked in panic, as she knew how hard she had landed on him.

Draven gasped as he took in a breath of air, then smiled broadly at her.

“I'm alright, my love,” he reassured her. “Your big butt knocked the wind out of me. Talk about breaking wind,” he joked.

“Don’t you EVER do that again!!” she roared playfully at the bad joke.

“Let's go and see if our table is ready,” he said as he led her out of the park.

They held hands as they walked back to the restaurant. Draven limped because both his legs were sore from the multiple onslaughts of Gwen’s colossal body. When they arrived at the restaurant, Draven was told they would be next and the wait was only a few minutes. There was no seating available so he stood with his back against the wall while she leaned back into him, pressing him firmly into the wall as he wrapped his arms around her, resting them on top of her belly apron.

Soon their name was called and Gwen and Draven followed the waitress to their table. She took up her plate and led him through the line pointing out her favorite foods and loading her plate up with the build your own taco salad, filling the little, shaped tortilla cup with her favorite foods from the salad bar. She also got herself a big scoop of the carrot raisin salad with the little pineapple chunks. Draven filled his plate with fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy, adding a couple of extra pieces of chicken at Gwen’s urging.

As they returned to their table, Draven set his plate down and pulled out a chair for Gwen, guiding it underneath her bountiful bottom as she sat down.

“I'll go fill our drinks,” he offered, as he gathered up their two glasses and limped off to the soda fountain.

He returned with his root beer and her Wild Cherry Pepsi. As he set the sodas on the table he noticed that she had almost finished her salad. He sat down and began to eat his chicken; as he ate he gazed deeply into her blue eyes. Gwen was beautiful in every respect, especially her eyes. He loved to look at her; she was soft and round and womanly. He could watch her for hours on end and never tire of her loveliness.

She took the plate from him and slid the empty one in front of him as he slowly munched on his chicken thigh.

“Do me a favor, love, and go get me some of that roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy,” she said as she tore into a piece of chicken. “Oh and get me some of those fluffy biscuits and a chunk of that cherry cheesecake.”

The place was crowded and the trek through the line took some time to accomplish; when he returned she was just finishing off the last of his plate. He set the new plate of food in front of her and sat down to sip on his root beer and take in her beauty in all its splendor. She looked particularly beautiful when she was eating. There was just something erotic about the way she ate.

“Oh, that lasagna looked so good,” she moaned in delight, as if to taste it right out of thin air. “Go and get me some of that and some of those battered fish pieces, and some more of that carrot raisin salad with some more pineapple, and some more of those biscuits.”

Draven picked up the empty plate and set off on his newly assigned mission. Again the line was slow and it took a while to return. He had added an extra piece of chicken for himself, since she had eaten most of his. When he returned, he set the new plate before her and removed the piece of chicken which he began to eat. He reached for his root beer and discovered it was empty. Gwen smiled impishly at his astonishment, belching quietly. He gathered up both cups and went to the soda fountain to refill them. When he returned she had finished the plate of roast beef and cheesecake and was starting in on the battered fish. He ate his chicken as she ate the fish. Her pace was steady and deliberate as she ate.

“Babe, would you go and get me some dessert, please?” she asked sweetly. “I've got a sweet tooth.”

He returned with a plate loaded down with chocolate mousse cake, coconut cream pie wedges, and cherry cheesecake wedges, which he set down on the table in front of her. Gwen loved going out to Hometown Buffet if for no other reason than to show off her eating prowess before her adoring man. She loved to eat.

Another three hours elapsed and twelve runs later, she declared herself as stuffed full. Draven helped his engorged woman out of her chair and drove her home. Remembering the broken step, he led her up the other walkway to their apartment.

He opened the door and let her in as he turned on the light. She walked over to her loveseat and collapsed into it. There was a resounding CRACK as she landed, as the frame of the loveseat split under the force of her gigantic body. The small couch fell apart as it came off the wooden blocks at one end. The arms folded in somewhat, trapping her in the collapsed sofa.

“Help!” she cried out.

Draven pulled the folded arms away from her and attempted to help her get up. She just needed him to steady her as she got to her feet. She looked at the shattered chair still lying in pieces by the table and then at the loveseat which was in shambles. She beamed proudly at how her huge body could smash things. She thought about the step and the park bench, and now the loveseat, all of which had fallen under the might of nothing more than her sheer weight. She waddled over to the bed and sat on the corner and patted her enormous belly with pride. Kicking off her shoes and shucking her stretch pants, she motioned for Draven to come to her.

“Come over here and give me a belly rub, and eat my pussy, little man,” she growled. “NOW!!” she roared.
Luck is taking a chance when you have a choice.
Destiny is making a choice when given a chance

Will you choose your own path or will you have it chosen for you?

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this part of the story took some doing to write I hope you all like it.

Special thanks to CAMellie for her support and love while I wrote this part

Thanks again for the over 4,300 views I appreciate each and every one of you who have taken the time to read.


Luck is taking a chance when you have a choice.
Destiny is making a choice when given a chance

Will you choose your own path or will you have it chosen for you?
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Mental17 can now change their title

Awesome writing as always. Great series.
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Sorry Draven, i am responsible for those 4300 views. I've read the story about 3500 times... Amazing story!

(hehe just kidding. I don't believe I've read it more than 1500 times...well not YET anyway.)
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boothy has said some nice things
Default story

omg this story is the best every please carry on with this
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this is awsome, that´s all I can say lol
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Default Wow

What an inspirational story!

There is nothing that tingles the senses like a big strong confident woman

This is the kind of "Girl next door" story I like!
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I just read this yesterday. I forgot to reply. This is certainly one of the best stories ever posted on this site for me. More please. Great work.
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I really hope the story finds it's conclusion soon. It's an awesome story.
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femaleseat does more than just post hot picsfemaleseat does more than just post hot picsfemaleseat does more than just post hot pics

great story!!!
u think?
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Really enjoyed this and looking forward to reading follow-up, heading there right now.
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Loved it. Oh to have the opportunity to meet such a woman. Up to 500 pounds would be more than heavy enough.
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