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Ch 21

The next morning a group of high ranking Corp CEOs were seated in their conference room waiting for Vic and Knail’s arrival.

“I swear that bastard better not try to guilt us into making a deal with that wounded vet routine.” Lucius Scorpio complained.

A one two in the group nodded in agreement most of the others though let out a collective sigh.

“Let it go already will you. It was a great deal wasn’t it? Why does it matter if that factored into how we made it?” Viktor, one of the younger members moaned.

“It matters because the bastard had us by the short hairs. How would we have looked turning him down looking like that.” Lucius huffed.

“I’ll bet he planned it that way. I’ve seen him before and he must have been using prosthetics.” Cassius, another of CEO’s, chimed in.

“That doesn’t mean anything. Ask any of your body guards. Even the best prosthetics short out or fry your nerve endings if you don’t keep them up on maintenance.” Viktor replied.

“I still say its an awful big coincidence that he just happened to have that problem the day of our meeting then.” Cassius retorted.

“Eh, who can say? All I know is I’m happy with the deal.” Viktor said which prompted several approving nods.

“It’s done. Who gives a crap at this point. Personally I’m more curious if he brings along that cute secretary again.” Malcolm another of the younger men announced, promoting some laughs and nods of agreement.

“Yeah for a military type she was extremely easy on the eyes - clever too. If not for her I probably wouldn’t have endorsed the deal.” Viktor replied.

“Tisk tisk you let a common soldier seduce you into making the deal.” Lucius laughed.

“No I was merely saying she was a convincing salesman, especially considering Vic looked and sounded like hell.” Viktor replied with annoyance.

“Screw you Lucius. You just think it would be undignified if you let us know someone so far below your pay grade got your blood flowing.” Malcolm retorted which sent all the men into laughter at Lucius’s expense.

“I admit no such thing.” Lucius replied indignantly.

“Whatever you say. Anyway hope he brings her along again. I swear if more soldiers looked that good I’d have taken a commission and be off ruling some backwater world a long time ago.” Malcolm laughed.

“Yes I’m sure the Corporate World's military forces would be much improved by your leadership.” Lucius said with a laugh which prompted a few others at Malcolm’s expense.

“Laugh all you want, but don’t forget how much my team and I have raised the company’s stock value so I’d say I’m a perfectly adequate leader.” Malcolm retorted.

“Well you’re in for a treat then Malcolm. I’m acquainted with their liaison Ms. Zao who set up this meeting and yes it’s the same secretary as before - Knail I believe her name was.” Lex, another of the group, replied.

“Excellent, this should be bearable after all.” Malcolm replied.

“Oh and I thought this would interest you. It seems being back in civilization has put some much needed weight on her. Zao joked we may not even recognize her now.” Lex laughed.

“Interesting . Hope she carries it well. She did that scrawny athletic look more justice then most.” Malcolm replied.

“Good for her. I say if she’s going to join the Corp world she best look the part. She was much too thin before.” Viktor joined in.

Then about that time the group received word that Vic and Knail would be entering the conference room momentarily. As they did so they were relieved to see that Vic was looking put together. Some felt this way out of sympathy, others were happy they wouldn’t have to either argue with a cripple or get smeared if it came out that they took advantage of a wounded vet in negotiations.

Several eyes immediately drifted in Knai’s direction though as they realized how much she had changed from the last meeting.

“Someone’s been eating well.” Malcolm snickered quietly.

“Hitting the gym too.” Viktor added.

Knail was dressed to kill in black heels, gray slacks and jacket that was buttoned and a black blouse. Seeing her now it was hard to believe this was the same lady they’d seen last time. Whereas she’d been trim and athletic looking before she had now bulked up with new fat and muscle. She wasn’t exactly a muscle and gut babe yet but the pendulum was certainly swinging in that direction and she was far more curvy than last time.

Malcolm and Viktor in particular looked her over approvingly. She cut a far more intimidating figure then last time with her new bulk but also boasted some sexy new curves. Her attire albeit attractive was obvious on the cusp of being retired as it was currently attractively tight but if she packed on even a smidge more of weight or bulk it would be inappropriately so if not unwearable

In the time since they had last seen her Knail’s formerly long lanky legs had bulked up greatly with what they assumed was muscle although the gap between her thighs had shrank considerably. Her previously narrow boyish hips had spread out nicely and her butt which had only just barely existed and attracted next to no attention had expanded into full plump ass. Her waistline which had been so narrow and dainty before had swelled out and her flat stomach that likely boasted washboard abs had been replaced by a cute beginner belly whose bulge was hardly obscured by her jacket. Next they took in her expanded bustline she’d been terribly flat before but no longer. By corp standards they were still on the small end but when compared to her previous pair her now likely D cup melons were a major improvement. Her attire was also cut to emphasize her new assists well showing her new cleavage nicely. From there they took in her new bulk her arms had thickened considerably and it looked as though her new muscles were ready to rip through the confining sleeves of her tight outfits. Her shoulders and frame in general had also broadened considerably giving her the look and stature of a Ladies Powerball Player although she wasn’t exactly up to that size yet.

Finally her face though had changed little ensuring this was in fact the same secretary as last time. She still boasted her bad girl army hair style of buzzed short aside from a little bit of length in the bangs which with its bright red coloring they found quite attractive. She still boasted the same model quality good lucks and Viktor chuckled to himself thinking about what a hardass she must have been to make it in the service while looking that good.

Viktor guessed she had noticed their gazes because she cast her lovely blue eyes their way and flashed them a perfect smile while handing them some handouts and projections while Vic began speaking. As she turned her back to them making her way back to Vic the two couldn’t help but take in her newly inflated ass and how it was packed into the tight skirt. By corp standards she wasn’t yet fat; in many circles she could be still be considered thin comparatively speaking at least but she carried this new bulk amazingly.

“Bet you she has Alphralinex to thank for the new look.” Malcolm whispered.

“I’ll take that bet. She’d look way more mannish if that were it. Bet she’s just adapting to civilized standards.” Viktor replied.

“You’re on.” Malcolm replied with a chuckle.

Knail, figuring their snickering had been prompted by her, made a mental note to turn on her charm a bit around the two.

Two hours later the pitch was over and the partnership was finalized.

“Damn we make a good team.” Vic said happily as they approached the car.

“What do you mean “we” I carried your ass same as last time.” Knail laughed.

“How so?” Vic asked sarcastically.

“I guess you weren’t paying attention but I had all the younger ones eating out of the palm of my hand especially those two that kept whispering to each other.” Knail answered.

“Well can you blame them? They were just in awe that the toothpick they met before had become so big bad and beautiful since they’d last seen her.” Vic chuckled.

“Gasp! That almost sounded like a compliment.” Knail laughed in response.

“Almost? How about I clarify it.” Vic said before drawing her in for a tight passionate kiss.

After their lips broke contact she removed his hands from the pudge of her midsection and said “Careful you don’t want to be caught kissing a dumb marine out in public like this do you?”

Knail laughed.

“So what? I love Marine’s. How about I tell you about the time some saved my battalion on the way back to our room?” Vic replied with a smile.

“Oh do tell.” Knail answered as they got back into the car.

Upon arriving at the hotel they quickly found their way back up to Vic’s room for some incredible sex to celebrate their accomplishment. From there they had a rather amazing weekend together.

Last time Vic had been so run down that after making the deal Knail had simply helped him to his room and left him alone until he felt like leaving the next morning. This time though he was feeling awesome and wanted to show Knail a wonderful time.

Thus the rest of the day and the next one were eventful ones. The two hardly strapped for cash took in everything worth seeing and doing in the larger city. Knail was treated to the finest dining she had ever enjoyed in her life, the two drank like fishes, and best of all screwed like rabbits.

One pastime Knail particularly enjoyed was the beach. Water was something of a scarcity on Kane Alpha and the dry planet had far more land mass than it did water. As such she’d been to the planets beaches two maybe three times in her entire life. She’d seen plenty of others on the many planets she’ visited as a soldier but leave days were few and far between plus even if a planet had pleasant scenery to enjoy soldiers didn’t want to take to many chances around a somewhat hostile populous. So being able to enjoy one at home without fearing that she couldn’t let her guard down for even an instant was an awesome experience.

One particularly rewarding part of enjoying the beach was getting a new bikini. While in her mind she’d always rocked and been proud of her previously lean and toned bod but being seen in a swimsuit was still a bit of an embarrassing prospect. To have her lean figure with its lack of curves put on display versus the big voluptuous gals that Corp worlds tended to produce in mass had never been very much fun on her part.

Now though things were different. Though not yet large enough for a one piece Knail felt very proud of how she now filled out a swim suit. Her long legs which boasted more muscle than softness at present were put on fine display. Her full hips and generous butt filled out her bottoms perfectly. Her cute little beginner belly peaked out over her waistband and she had the beginnings of a muffin top developing at her sides. Best of all though was her upper body. While still not matching the vast majority of Corp women in the breast department she got a real kick out of putting her now full D cups out on full display.

While the average hefty Corp lady had her beat in the breast department she had something that the vast majority of them were lacking at that was the killer muscles that her hard work and the Alphralinex were giving her up top. Her guns, while still paling in comparison to the likes of Kasey, were really starting to assert themselves and she was happy to show them off. In addition to her bulging biceps, her broadening shoulders and emerging back muscles had Knail feeling not just curvy but big and bad.

“Damn you make that look good.” Vic said from behind snaking his hands around her well fed belly.

“Good? That’s such an understatement.” Knail chuckled proudly.

“You’re right. A thousand pardons, beautiful.” Vic said before going in for a kiss.

“Oh alright just this once.” Knail allowed. “So way haven’t you put your trunks on?”

“What you really want me to make all the good people sick?” Vic chuckled half heartedly.

“You’re such a girl! You’ll look fine. Plus I’m not going to be your damn eye candy unless you’re going to be mine.” Knail joked.

“Oh alright you just love getting under my skin don’t you?” Vic laughed.

“Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.” Knail chuckled.

A short time later they made quite the couple on the beach. Knail also couldn’t help but revel in the attention she was getting. She was far from the biggest or the curviest but she was virtually the only lady on the beach aiming for the muscle and gut look. As such she was attracting quite a bit of attention overall and was especially enjoying guys eyes wondering from their porky girlfriends and wives toward her much to their companions dismay.

“I see someone’s enjoying herself. Never pegged you for an attention whore.” Vic whispered with a grin.

Knail couldn’t help but laugh. It was unlike her but the new found attention was nice. “Watch it as from the looks of things I could replace you in a heart beat. Plus who says they're looking at me? I bet half of them are just staring at your jigsaw of a torso.”

“Ouch the fox reels its fangs.” Vic laughed.

“And as for that other remark I’d love to see one of them try,” he replied with a cocky grin before going in for a long passionate kiss.

After enjoying the water for a bit they found a place to sunbathe for a while and something caught Knail’s eye. A troop of ladies little ways away playing a heated game of volleyball they caught Knail’s eye because they were all thin and in incredible shape. Knail’s opinions on size and attractiveness had changed since coming back to Kane Alpha and especially so since she started taking Alphralinex but there was enough of the old her left to find them extremely attractive.

She watched intently as their lean toned frames raced around the sand making play after play. With the way their sweat glistened off their tight figures devoid of any fat save for the one or two that had what were likely fake tits Knail couldn’t help but not only find them hot but be reminded that was her not so long ago.

Sure some of them were likely Aurellian’s but some of them were surely human and reminded her of herself. She prided herself on staying in shape and working for a balance of muscle and curves but she also knew that she’d left that level of fitness behind forever. With her new bulk there was no way she could race around like them ever again. Plus she was reminded of how much she had loved her looks then despite how they flew in the face of most Corp standards.

Since coming home however she’d sacrificed them to assimilate. For a brief moment she found herself wondering if she’d made the right call not that she could do much about it now. Very quickly however she thought better of it though.

She didn’t know what those ladies were but she knew that in part thanks to her change she was now working her way up the Corp ladder and living very comfortably.

Then as if sensing her thoughts Vic chimed in “Yeah they're cute. You however are beautiful.”

After hearing that Knail even more so hoped this weekend took its sweet time ending.

(Continued in post 53 of this thread)

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Another excellent update! Love the dialogue and the way you bring the whole Corporate Worlds universe to life. Really excellent work - also the changes in Knail are 100% delicious
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Chapter 22

Unfortunately the weekend did come to too quick of a conclusion. Knail very much enjoyed the welcome Vic and her enjoyed upon returning to the office though. The company had been trying unsuccessfully to form that partnership for a few years now so they received quite the hero’s welcome. In truth Knail knew that the partnership had simply just become profitable enough for the other company to finally take the proposal seriously, but if their coworkers wanted to credit her and Vic’s salesmenship instead well they were more than welcome to.

Later in the week Knail was called into Stacy Zao’s office.

“You wanted to see me Ms. Zao?” Knail asked respectfully.

“Please just Stacy, hun. If you make another sell like that I’ll be the one calling you by your last name.” Stacy replied with a laugh.

“Really? It was that big a deal?” Knail asked.

“Oh yeah. We’ve been trying to get them to make that agreement for like half the time I’ve been here. You two are like practically gold here now. A senior partner or two have even been looking into you.” Stacy said happily.

“Wow, that’s amazing. So I take it that means I’m finally in the safe zone around here?” Knail asked.

“Very much so. Any of us mid level types would be in a world of trouble if we canned you within a year of a deal like that.” Stacy answered.

“Oh my word, you don’t know how happy I am to finally hear that.” Knail replied jubilantly.

“Believe me I’m happy to finally say it to you. Of course their interest isn’t solely due to your new productively though.” Stacy said with a chuckle.

“It isn’t? What’s the other part then?” Knail asked a little confused.

“Why those new looks of yours of course. Like I told you here a lady gets by thanks to her brains or her looks and as I’m sure you’re well aware the stock return of your looks has grown quite a bit over the past six months.” Stacy replied with a wicked grin.

Ever so slightly Knail blushed but jokingly replied. “Oh come on this place is full of supersized babes like Allison for them to sweat over. They're not paying me any attention.”

“Believe whatever you want, I know what I’ve heard though. Plus look at it this way since those porky babes like them are practically the norm here a growing yet still fit beauty like you stands out.” Stacy chuckled.

“Whatever. I think you’re just trying to butter me for something. What’s the bad news?” Knail giggled.

That got Stacy laughing “No bad news this time although you could help me settle a bet.”

“What bet?” Knail asked confused.

“Remember Malcolm and Viktor the two gentlemen drooling over you at the meeting?” Stacy asked.

“The two handsome younger ones right?” Knail asked.

“Yeah most likely.” Stacy answered.

“What about them?” Knail asked.

“Well they couldn’t help but noticed the skinny little secretary they met at the last meeting was now anything. So they contacted me about a friendly wager. Seems one of them bet that you’re upgraded looks were thanks to Alpha and the other bet it must simply be from better living cause your way too hot to be on that stuff lol. So care to make me and one of them a fair amount of money by coming clean.” Stacy laughed.

That put a smile on her face.

“Guess one of them needs to study up on Alphralinex better, cause this is what half a year or so of it’ll do to a skinny little secretary.” Knail laughed.

“Knew it!” Stacy exclaimed. “No way could you go from as thin as you were to looking like you do now without some help. Let me guess you’re powerball buddy turn you on to it?” .

“Good guess. How did you know about her though. You keeping tabs on me?” Knail chuckled

“Eh, what my staff does is my business after all. So I take it your enjoying the treatments judging from your new looks?” Stacy asked with a grin.

“Oh yeah. Stuff makes you big bad and beautiful I say.” Knail said laughing with a wicked grin before adding “Plus I don’t know I just feel great on it, just totally floored and energized usually. Its awesome.”

“Yeah that’s what I’ve always been told. Didn’t work out that way for me though.” Stacy chuckled.

“Wait, you tried Alpha? Seriously?” Knail said surprised.

“Yeah for like a minute. I was allergic or something so I had to stop taking it after just the first two or three treatments and as you can see it didn’t put much weight on me.” Stacy answered.

“Oh that’s awful.” Knail replied.

“Eh no big deal. I guess that, unlike you, I’m just meant to stay a skinny little thing. So how you liking all the new attention thanks to your change in looks?” Stacy asked with a chuckle.

"I’m not going to lie it’s been pretty awesome.” Knail responded happily.

“I freaking bet, especially seeing as it got you Vic right?” Stacy giggled.

“Hey, you really are keeping tabs on me huh?” Knail answered a tad surprised.

“Well it’s not like it’s very difficult. I mean you and him were making out and by some peoples standards practically screwing in the parking lot the other day. Something like that is bound to get around quickly.” Stacy laughed.

“Yeah true.” Knail laughed.

“Yep you lucky bitch. So he live up to the gossip?” Stacy giggled.

“More than lives up to.” Knail replied.

“Ugh I was almost hoping you’d say no.” Stacy chuckled.

“Happy to disappoint you then.” Knail laughed.

“Whatever. Just don’t go getting a swollen head over landing both the deal and him. We both know our two companies were on the verge of signing the deal any way.” Stacy said.

“Yes ma’am I know.” Knail replied.

“On the other hand maybe the higher ups don’t know that and I’m not going to be the one to remind them.” Stacy giggled.

“You’re a saint, you know that.” Knail said happily.

“Nah you’re just hard working and easy on the eyes so think nothing of it hun.” Stacy answered nonchalantly.

As Stacy predicted Knail’s hard work had at last paid off. She was given a more than modest raise and while still being stuck working under Sinclair a few of the other mid level types were giving her some work trying to gauge where she would best fit into the company.

Her success helping Vic also guaranteed that this wasn’t the last business trip she would accompany him on. For the next month or so Knail couldn’t have asked for a much better life. The money was pouring in and spending less time under Sinclair had also made work much more enjoyable. Best of all though Vic had been simply amazing to her. She could have never thought she could find someone that just clicked with her so well. She’d been with plenty of guys that could show her a good time both in and outside of the bed room but he may well have been the first that she found herself genuinely caring about.

Unfortunately the old adage about all good things reared its ugly head. One night after buttering her up with an amazing dinner and lovely gift he reminded her of how he’d mentioned way back on their first business trip together that there were seriously talks about making a big budget holo film about the Battle of Sullust at which he’d played a major role. Well the talks had now turned into a real project and Vic had signed on for the promised consultant position.

Knail was of course happy for him at first. Then he told her how long he would have to be away and it was six months minimum maybe a full year. To make it even worse any time he wasn’t working with the film makers he would spend doing off world work for the company, meaning it was extremely unlikely that he would make it back to Kane Alpha even once in that time.

Knail put up a tough front about it. She didn’t want the bastard to know he’d wormed his way into her so deeply after all but privately she was a bit devastated. She’d hoped that now that she’d left the service she’d never have to spend long stretches of time like that away from someone she cared about again. Furthermore that was potentially a long time and she knew neither of them were particularly loving types so would so much time apart make one or both of them lose interest in the other? She had no clue but feared it was likely the case.

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This chapter includes characters created by Samster as well as being co-written by him

One month later

The Alphralinex was sure as hell working for her, Knail thought. It was Saturday afternoon, sat at the Pioneers Field and Knail was pushing her jeans to bursting point. Her thick thighs almost ripping at the seams, her oversized weight lifters ass almost exploding out of the rear and a thick, solid gut hovering over her waistband. It was a fairly new sensation for her. In her hands she balanced her latest plate full of nacho’s with pulled pork. With the recent Alphralinex shot coursing through her system Knail had been continuously eating but still she was hungry.

A semi-pro team and Pioneers Field accommodated twenty thousand sports fans and was half full as the Lady Pioneers took on the Karson Nighthawks. They were a mix of die-hard fans and overweight ex jocks and jockette’s enjoying a lazy afternoon watching
the game and chowing down on fast food. Knail was sat close to the field, a few rows up and in on the action. With the
stadium only half full there was no pressure on seating. The atmosphere was relaxed and chilled out apart from the odd crazy shouting out onto the field.

Sat a couple of seats a long was a hefty blonde mom with two kids. She was good looking and Knail guessed in her middle thirties with the build of a former powerball player turned soccer mom. With about a hundred pounds of extra blubber she looked like a linebacker who’d hung up her helmet a long time back. Knail watched as the fat MILF’s husband returned with another mountain of food. He too had thick shoulders and a huge ball gut that jutted out. The fat ex jock and jockette tucked into another mountain of nachos’s whilst casually watching the game. They looked like a happy family. Knail was far from the settling down type but seeing those two so fully fattened and obviously happy made her concede the notion did hold some appeal.

Knail smiled again; she was finally getting used to life back home. She’d gotten off incredibly easy during her service but still, happy families especially such well fed ones like these had been a rare sight on some of the worlds she toured.

Turning her eyes back to the field Knail was surprised just how much she was enjoying the game. Prior to Kasey and Taylor’s influence she’d never been much of a sports fan. She’d been much too slender for most sports in high school and watching instead of
experiencing always seemed so boring to her. She was an active person and hated the idea of sitting in front of a
holo tv watching other people be active. Ladies Powerball in particular she had previously had no interest in. Why in the
world would she enjoy watching a bunch of fat bitches who to their credit hit the gym every so often slam into each other?

After spending so much time with Kasey and Taylor though she’d come to not just understand the game better but truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication it took. Not to mention she’d discovered first hand said fat bitches hit the gym WAY HARDER then she’d have ever thought. Plus thanks to the Alphralinex the idea of kicking back and stuffing her gut was now far more enjoyable.

The Pioneers defense was now on the field and she looked out for her buddies Kasey and Taylor. Quickly she found them in the center of the D-Line. Both were big and bulked and squeezed into their playing uniforms. Knail watched the Nighthawks take the snap, the QB drop back and Kasey and Taylor slam hard into the even bigger Nighthawks O-Line. No doubt it was a rough and tumble

Still munching on her nachos she watched the Pioneers defense battle against a determined Nighthawks offense. She felt proud at how her buddies threw themselves at the opposition O-Line every single play. She thought about Kasey and Taylor ’s motto:
“Life Big, Eat Big, Hit Hard”. Knail had certainly grown to appreciate it since meeting them. She focused in on Kasey a little more. That playing uniform really was too tight; her jersey riding up every time she went into her three point stance and revealing even tighter black under armor. Knail remembered Kasey talking about having to bulk up after getting dropped as QB. The extra weight looked good on her based on a few holo vids she’d dug up from Kasey’s thin days though.

Knail could hardly freaking believe it but she was finding herself more than a little hot and bothered by these beefy beauties. Knail had only ever fooled around with another woman once before. That time she’d been so freaking out of it from the kind of illicit
substances you can mostly only find in the outer Corp worlds she’d served on that she could hardly remember what
they’d done let alone if she’d really enjoyed it. Yet here she was thinking these chicks with their killer curves and awesome muscles were looking sexy - Kasey in particular. Knail figured maybe with Vic being away for so long Kasey was looking more appealing especially since she was about 90% sure the big babe had a thing for her.

Knail’s ears then picked up as she listened in to the two Corp guys sat a row ahead of her.

“Oh man’s Sanchez is lookin’ BIG!!”

“Hell yeah, look at that belly and her ass is like out there…”

“And those guns, I mean man she’d kick your ass in an arm wrestle any day, any time.”

“Yeah, and to think she once played QB…”

“That hot chunk is waaaaaaaaay too FAT to ever play QB again.”

“Boy did she suck as QB” laughed one of the guys.

“Yeah, like the worst QB ever, like she was too dumb to understand a single freaking play call. Remember that Cougars game? The one where she threw like six interceptions cos she was throwin’ when the rest of the O was runnin’?”

“Hot but dumb.”

In their intoxicated state the two assholes were exaggerating but not freaking much from what she had read. Knail made a half smile at her friends expense but if these two jerks got any more rowdy she was going to get pissed.

And then.....

The first guy stood up, can of beer in his hand and shouted out onto the field:

“Hey Sanchez!!! You sucked as QB!!!!!!”

Knail watched Kasey on the field. The guy was loud enough she heard. Knail watched the big girl glance over. Crashing out as Pioneers QB had been tough on Kasey and Knail knew it was a sore point.

“And now your WAYYYY too FAT to ever play QB again…wooooohooooooooo…”

Taylor grabbed Kasey’s arm and tugged her back to the line of scrimmage. With her helmet on Knail couldn’t make out Kasey’s reaction but she had an idea what it would be. Kasey was a cool chick but Knail knew she wasn’t too bright. The heckler would almost certainly throw off her game if he kept going. Knail looked at her own Pepsi bottle. She shrugged, picked the bottle up,
aimed, and hurled it direct at the back of the hecklers head. It was a direct hit. The guy’s baseball cap flew off his head, he lurched forward and then spun round.

“What the f**k!???! I’m gonna…”

Those seated around Knail grew silent and Knail stood up.

Then he seized Knail up. With her impressive height buff muscular frame that was starting to accumulate some pork she was an intimidating sight and that cocky smile on her face made it clear she wanted him to try something more. It was the smile of an ex-Marine who knew a hundred different ways to kill some drunken fat boy in seconds.

“Sit down, shut up or else I will kick your ass so bad you’ll be drinking from a tube the rest of your life,” she commanded

Fat boy slowly took in the scene. He was over matched.

“What are you, Sanchez’s girl friend or somethin’?” he answered

“Do like I said fat boy, or I’ll do what I threatened. Got it?” Knal said sharply


Like the coward he was the guy backed down and sat down. To add insult to injury Knail hurled an almost empty Pepsi bottle at the back of his head again leaking its contents onto his neck and jersey. In a soft voice Knail declared “Do something”

The guy didn’t protest. He waited another five minutes and then disappeared.

Knail smiled ironicall. Being more of a pacifist by nature then the average Marine had taught her a thing or two about
intimidation More often than not if you acted tough enough you didn’t have to actually be tough.

“Wow badass!” She heard the husband of the hefty blonde she’d been admiring declare approvingly.

“Way to go hon!” The blonde said laughing at the asshole's expense, causing her fleshy face massive chest and belly to shake happily.

Knail got back to watching the game. Kasey was back in her groove and hitting hard. Watching Knail mused over the idiot hecklers comments. She wasn’t Kasey Sanchez’s girlfriend but she could think of a lot worse than an intimate evening with Kasey.

Later in the game, with the Pioneers offense on the field, Kasey and Taylor sat on the bench watching. Both were dripping in sweat and gulping down Gatorade to get re-hydrated. After a game of banging heads with the opposing O-Line they were both feeling a little dazed. Whereas at the start of the game Kasey had been concerned about just how tight her uniform was getting now she
couldn’t care. It was all about trying to cool down, re-hydrate and keep performing for the final quarter.

She could hear another guy in the stands behind shouting about her big ass. At that point Kasey wasn’t bothered. So
what if the idiot hecklers in the stands could check out her full transformation from toned and athletic quarterback to D-Line chunk?

Suddenly there was a loud “thwack” and the guy behind shut up. Kasey stopped gulping Gatorade for a moment and turned to Taylor .

“What shut that freaking moron up?” asked Kasey.

Taylor finished off another long gulp of Gatorade. She had her own semi-dazed look. The final quarter was always the hardest quarter.

“Kane Alpha to Taylor ” shouted Kasey, with a dig to her buddies side.


“I dunno” groaned Kasey.

“That QB is like soooo freaking dead next time we’re on” declared Taylor .


Coach Erica Luck stepped forward and crouched between the two D-Line girls. Team fitness coach and her job was to keep them in playing shape all through the game. The final quarter and Erica knew she needed to keep the D-Line chunks hydrated. They had a tough game and at their size fatigue would be creeping in.

“Sanchez, Hampton” said Erica with authority “what did I tell you to do?”

Kasey and Taylor focused on the coach. Erica Luck was a demanding coach and expected to be obeyed.

“Re-hydrate coach” said Kasey and Taylor together.

“Look left and look right at your D-Line sisters. They’re all drinking down Gatorade. But you two are sat gossiping. Focus and drink the damned Gatorade, got it?”she commanded.

“Yes Coach!” they replied in unison.

Back to gulping down Gatorade, Kasey watched Erica leave. Kasey could still feel the sexual frustrating of her weigh in six months back with Coach Erica Luck.

“I would so freaking jump her bones” said Jordan Shults, the biggest of the D-Line girls said sitting down next to Kasey’s.

Looking at the two side by side Kasey wasn’t all that far behind anymore in the size department though and people were starting to notice. One look at Jordan and it was crystal clear where her sexual preferences lay. A Mohawk hairdo and some serious beef and she had the bad ass lesbian look going full on.

“Oh Gawd yeah!” groaned Kasey.

“Lesbo’s!!!” chipped in Taylor .

“How‘bout we forget Luck and jump Hampton ’s bones after the game?” declared Jordan .

“I could totally eat out Hampton ” added Kasey.

“I’m like getting horny just thinkin’ about her corn fed ass” added Jordan.

“Screw you!!!!” laughed the definitely heterosexual Taylor .

The three jockette’s smiled and returned to their Gatorade. Locker room banter was part of the Powerball drill. Jordan was known as a definite lesbian, Kasey played both ways and Taylor loved her men. The jokes around that could make even the most hardened space sailor blush. If a player couldn’t take the banter they didn’t last long on any pro or semi-pro Powerball team.

Knail was sat not too far back and thanks to the big voices that went with their big bodies she heard most all of it. The banter didn’t surprise her; years in the Space Marines and she’d heard much more than that. Posted out on some desolate frontier planet and
all the troops did to pass the time was screw around with each other. But Knail found the information tantalizing.

The three jockette’s obviously knew each other well and it was accepted that Shults liked girls, Sanchez went both ways and Hampton liked boys. She looked at Jordan Shults and Kasey Sanchez.

Almost despite itself her brain screamed those are two seriously hot chunks of beef.

Late that evening Knail stepped into Touchdowns Bar & Grill. She knew it was where the Pioneers players hung out post game and after getting a win over the Nighthawks she figured they’d be in good spirits. The loud music hit her the moment she stepped in and Knail adjusted to the lowered neo light. Looking left and right she checked out the groups of Lady Pioneers.

They were easy to spot in the crowd because they all wore replica gameday jerseys. They were all there from the athletic catchers through to the hefty O and D Line girls. The beer had no doubt been flowing. Thanks to her now bulked up frame compliments of the Alphralinex she had no problem pushing past the crowds. She scanned the bar for either Kasey or Taylor.

Eventually she found them by a pool table with some more of the D-Line girls. As she approached an obviously very drunk Taylor stepped over.

“Hey Knail!!! We won baby!!!!”

“Yeah I watched ya babe.”

“Yeah, you were like awesome with those hecklers and I was like…soooo…y’know….”

“You’re wasted girl” laughed Knail.


Moments later Kasey joined them by delivering a drunken football tackle that sent Taylor and Knail lurching back. Kasey then hugged Knail and took a pinch of her gym buddies increasingly thick and muscled up arms.

“WOW Knail…gettin’ jacked baby!!”

Remembering Kasey’s sideline conversation with Jordan Shults, Knail subconsciously pulled her in a little closer and took her own squeeze. Kasey Sanchez was hot.

“Lookin’ hot girl” said Knail “and you were awesome today!!!”

“But I’m too fat for QB” laughed Kasey.

Knail couldn’t resist running a hand over Kasey’s belly bulge. After an evening of beer it was getting pronounced.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that big girl.” she said gently.

Kasey took a long slug of beer and smiled. She didn’t push Knail’s straying hands away. Instead she thought back to Coach Erica Luck and her way in months ago. That had driven her crazy. Reaching across she ran her own fingers between
the waist of Knail’s jeans and her new beginner belly threatening to spill out of her tight army shirt.

“OMG!!!!” shouted Taylor “you two are like totally flirting you’re going to freaking do it aren’t you?!!!”

“Taylor!” said Kasey with authority.

The younger, more drunken girl looked at Kasey. The look on her friends face said she wanted to be left alone. Slowly Taylor nodded and stepped away. Knail felt her heartbeat quicken. It was obvious what Kasey was thinking. She wanted Knail. That sent a rush of pure excitement through the former marine’s Alphralinex pumped body. It was an excitement mixed with tension. Did she really want to do this or was it just the beer she’d put away at the game coupled with missing Vic that made her want some intimacy?

But then she soaked in Kasey’s oversized body. She was squeezed into her own jeans and a white crop top with Pioneers Powerball completely failed to hide her solid gut. Damn she looked good with her massive powerful frame coated in layer upon layer of lush curves. Knail had to admit she absolutely loved Kasey’s body. In its why it had even changed her life. Since first observing it from a far it had inspired Knail to start bulking up and do her best to replicate it for herself. Ever since first meeting her and Taylor she’d gone to great links to transform her former petite frame into a supersize bod like Kasey’s as such it sure as hell was one she could see herself getting intimate with.

Kasey wrapped her big hands around Knail’s chunky butt and pulled her in closer. With the alcohol buzzing and the thrill of a
Powerball victory Kasey was confident. Knail was chunking up but was for the moment at least at that point between skinny chick and buffed up chunk. Kasey loved that. She thought back to Erica Luck. The sexual frustration had been building ever since Erica turned her down. Would Knail do the same? She’d had a fling or two since then but hadn’t been with anyone she really gave
a crap about since then so her pride had still yet to recover. Would Knail see Kasey as just a big dumb jockette who was only good for banging heads off the Powerball field?

For a moment Kasey tried to think of something smart and witty to say. The kind of thing she knew Knail would come up with instantly. But smart and witty didn’t come naturally to Kasey. Instead she said in a husky voice:“You’re so freaking hot!”

Knail smiled. She could see the big girl was nervous. There were all kinds of smart assed one liners she would have used on somebody like Vic but Knail knew that wouldn’t be fair to Kasey. Underneath all the jockette bravado Knail knew that Kasey Sanchez had gone through some confidence issues since losing her minor celebrity status as a QB.

Knail had read up on her and figured Kasey was once a chick that was use to being the center of attention. In school she’d been not just hot but an all star player. In college too she’d been a big fish in a small pond. After joining the Pioneers though she’d learned the hard way she wasn’t really anything special and losing her minor celebrity status and becoming just another big dumb D-line player whose name people would only remember due to her past failures had done a real number on her self esteem even if it had done wonders for her looks. Knail knew she was going through a rough patch and just wanted some loving.

Wrapping her own hands around what she could of Kasey’s hefty butt Knail squeezed and pulled her in closer. Man the girl had a big ass! Her glutes were two big round muscles with a coating of fat. A soft exterior with a rock solid centre just like hers would one day be. Fighting the urge for a smart ass comment Knail said: “Nice ass.”

“You think I’m hot?” asked Kasey.

“Totally, babe.” Knail replied.

“Awesome!” the former QB answered.

Still fighting the urge of sarcasm Knail repeated the non too bright jock girls own words and pulled her in tight:

”In fact you’re so freaking hot!” said Knail.

Kasey felt relief. Her considerable ego had taken a bruising after Coach Luck had turned her down. That had literally never happened to her before up until recently what and who she wanted in life she got. Kasey stepped in a little closer; her own belly now
rubbing against Knail’s beginner belly. Up close she could smell Knail’s scent, she could feel her breathing and she looked into Knail’s eyes. Their eyes met and the two dived in for a long, deep kiss.

The make-out continued before the voice of Jordan Shults cut in:“Hey you two!!!! Get a room!!!!”

There was a cheer from the other Pioneers girls. Kasey grabbed Knail’s hand and hauled her out of the bar….

Before Knail knew it she was in Kasey’s bed and after an intense make out session she broke contact and began to undress. Kasey watched longingly taking in the changes Knail had undergone since meeting her. Kasey’s interest in ladies was usually along the thin
toned and athletic variety perhaps because part of her missed the figure she’d once thought so highly of. As a result she’d thought Knail was super sexy the first time she’d met her and especially after seeing her all decked out in her corporate attire. Back then Knail had been so thin with hardly an ounce of fat on her but plenty of athletic tone.

Kasey had even been a bit disappointed when Knail revealed her desire to supersize like her and Taylor. In fact Kasey figured as Knail increased in size she’d start seeing her less as an object of desire and more like just another bulked up team mate. Obviously though Knail had been destined for the muscle and gut look though because with each new pound and increase in her maxes Kasey found
her hotter and hotter.

Looking at her now she saw Knail was right at that cusp of becoming a big babe. Her formerly long lanky legs had gained a great deal of muscle and bulk. Her formerly narrow girlish hips had spread out and as Knail slipped out of her jeans she spun around so Kasey could take in how big and round her ass had become. Rather than the six pack she once sported Knail’s stomach was now a pudgy
littlebeginner belly destined for much more growth to come. Knail then unhooked her bra letting her now heavy breasts fall free.
When they’d first met Knail had hardly had any breasts but now they were likely heavy D-cup knockers. Lastly Knail
spread her arms out for a quick flex to show off the powerful upper body she had built with Kasey’s help.

“I guess it’s time I thank you for helping me build all of this.” She purred making her way over to Kasey now clad in nothing but her dog tags which dangled in between her cleavage.

On Knail’s part she got a real kick out of helping her undress. Kasey was simply put an absolute beast with an unbelievably powerful frame coated in layers of sexy well proportioned fat. Best of all Knail had the vague sense she was looking into a mirror of her future. As their two tummies touched and Knail buried her face in Kasey’s epic bust line while gripping her chiseled powerful arms she thought

“Mmm one day soon that will be me!”

Knail then proceeded to give Kasey the best after game celebration she could recall since first discovering the joys of post-game intoxication. If Knail had told her she’d only done this once before she’d have called her an absolute liar.

(Continued in post 56 of this thread)

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Ch 23

Typically Kasey, Taylor and Knail didn’t do a ton of cardio at the gym. When they did they would use the machines and make it an endurance challenge turning the resistance up very high and forcing themselves to stagger through a few miles with brief bursts of attempting to sprint mixed in.

Kasey said it was perfect for Powerball training simulating being weighed down by all that heavy gear plus the exhaustion of trying to force yourself through play after play.

Very rarely though they would go outdoors and do some laps around the track . Kasey and Taylor would usually do light jogs with a rare sprints mixed in. Knail, being leaner and faster, would grow bored of that moderate pace and race around them. Today she had every intention of doing that again. To her shock though she found herself getting winded rather quickly. Then, by the middle of lap two, she just had to stop she bent over placing her hands on her knees and panted like she never had before from such brief a run.

As she struggled to get her breathing under control Kasey and Taylor came trotting up behind her and burst out laughing.

“What’s so ….pant ….pant …blasted.. pant… funny?” She struggled to say.

“You of course.” Kasey giggled.

“Why?” Knail huffed.

“Cause it looks like we finally fattened that agility out of you.” They giggled.

They then flanked her jogging in place slightly as Knail began to recover.

Finally they slapped her on the back and said “Come on BIG girl get that fat ass of yours moving!”

Knail then took one more deep breath and fell into place between the two. Pretty soon Knail’s breath returned and she began to enjoying their not quit slow but mid speed trot punctuated with an occasional short sprint.

At first Knail felt bad for letting herself lose her wind like that but then she realized that they had just called her “big girl” they’d never referred to her as that before and suddenly she felt a touch proud.

After a few laps of setting herself to their pace Kasey patted Knail’s beefy butt and said before giving it a good squeeze “Feels like someone’s butts gotten a little too beefy for all that sprinting.”

Knail would have been lying if she said the touch didn’t give her a little rush but they were in public so she swatted her hand away saying “Knock it off.”

“Sorry babe just saying I think your sprinting days are over now that you have that big ass to hale around.” Kasey joked.

“Not to mention those big boobs! What are you a D-cup now?” Taylor inquired with a giggle.

More like double Ds actually as she’d thrown out the last of her C-cups bras and her current D-cups were filling snug thus she turned a touch red from the inquiring.

“Knew it! I think the biggest problem though is this new belly I don’t think I’ve ever seen it poke out from under your shirt like that.” Kasey said drawing attention to Knail’s no longer beginner but now full fledged belly.

Now it wasn’t just protruding over her waistband but was frequently riding up in her work out attire and poking out much like Kasey or Taylors. Knail now grew even redder.

“Oh yeah someone has definitely reached big girl status.” They both giggled.

After they finished giggling Kasey added “Relax hun sprinting is for skinny bitches anyway right Taylor.”

“Yeah and boney butt Aurellians eww!” Taylor added.

In truth Kasey was actually rather fond of boney butted Aurellians but she joined in the mock disgust which made Knail smile.

“Yep hun no more running for you babe. You’re a big bitch now if it won’t wait on you to trot over to its not worth going for.” Kasey joked.

Knail laughed but saw obvious flaws in that logic. It also wasn’t lost on her how she’d previously given her friend Allison crap for getting too fat to run. Knail had little trouble rationalizing it to herself though. Like Kasey had
said she was a BIG babe now chicks like them just weren’t built for speed. She also reminded herself that unlike Allison she wasn’t out of shape. In fact she felt like she could keep up this D line player pace for the next hour with
no problem and she was sure Allison’s lazy ass couldn’t do that.

Still though she felt both a little guilt and a bit of a rush from the realization that another chapter from her skinny days had just been closed for good. Knail found herself fully agreeing with that BIG girl remark. While she felt perfectly at ease with her friends pace she definitely felt big!

While she was confident her core was still firmly muscled just like Kasey and Taylors she was starting to feel the pudge and curves coating it. Each step felt heavier and required more effort than she remembered and she could feel
that little bit of fat coating in her upper thighs rubbing against each other as she chugged along.

As her friends had noted her tummy was also poking out from beneath her shirt a little especially when she exhaled. She was also
feeling a good amount of jiggling and bouncing occurring as she pumped along. She knew that anyone watching her from behind was in for quite a treat as her ample booty swayed and bounced along.

What she noticed most of all though was just how much movement her breasts were engaged in despite her sports bra. That was an entirely new sensation for her. Back when she was thin and lean she’d loved running and had always felt a little bad for the more well endowed ladies in her platoon who would attract attention from the male recruits if their bras allowed too
much play. Now for the first time that she noticed hers were doing their own fair share of bouncing along just like her two supersized friends. Instead of embarrassment though she felt proud of the fact although she took a mental note to upgrade her sports bras next time she went shopping.

As she took in the changes to her wind, endurance, and frame she tried to remember just how long it had been since she had ran like this. It at last occurred to her that the last occasion was likely a good thirty pounds ago. The extra weight had made quite a difference! Her days of racing around Kasey and Taylor were now over. She hadn’t caught up to them in size yet but thanks to all the extra time she had spent with Kasey since a certain faithful evening she was inching her way closer and closer to closing the gap.

Half an hour later their workout was completed and Knail was now seated on the bench in the locker room choking down some much needed maxi gain clothed in nothing but her sports bra and panties. As a result her full bulk was on full display from her muscled up arms, shoulders and back to her firm thighs which had begun to get a bit soft on the inner sides.

Her curves to were on fine display from her much enhanced chest to her massive hips and backside. If she were able to see herself from behind she’d have been shocked by just how much of the bench she now took up. Perhaps most noticeable though was her gut spread out in front of her. It wasn’t as big as Kasey or Taylors yet but it was getting there it certainly wasn’t just a little beginner chub any more that was for sure.

As a result of spending so much time around Kasey Knail was eating more and more like her. Not to mention Kasey had recently begun introducing food into their almost weekly conjugal visits. Thanks to this Knail was now well on her way to full filling the gut requirement for her new muscle and gut babe status.

“Man Kasey’s really done a number on that waistline of yours.” Taylor said giving Knail’s tummy a gentle pat.

That got a chuckle from both Knail and Kasey but they followed it up with a glare. It was a not well kept secret what the two of them had been up to. But with Knail displaying no ambition to make things more than recreational
the two had made a point to not go out of their way to make a point of it.

“Ok ok sorry just saying. You really are getting to be a big gal like us now aren’t you.” Taylor followed it with.

“Better believe she is!” Kasey declared with a smug grin.

“Wonder how much she’s weighing these days?” Taylor laughed.

“Oh good question.” Kasey joined in both their gazes now firmly on Knail.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Knail replied with a grin.

“Come hall that big ass of yours over to the scale babe.” Taylor begged.

“Eh I’m not sure I feel like it.” Knail replied nonchalantly.

“Eww I think that’s a challenge don’t you Taylor?”

Kasey said with a mischievous grin.

“Yeah I think we may have to remind her she’s still not all that big and bad yet.” Taylor giggled.

The two then flanked her each locking one of their powerful arms under her arms and began trying to hoist her up as they had done before back when Knail had first begun her journey toward becoming the large lovely lady she was today. Seeing as Knail was significantly larger now Kasey and
Taylor knew it wouldn’t be quite as easy as last time but they very much underestimated how hard it would be. A few grunts later and they had
hardly budged Knail who joked “Guess I’m no rag doll anymore am I?” She chuckled.

Kasey and Taylor were heavy weights themselves though and after a touch more straining they began to move her. Eventually after more grunting and straining than they had anticipated they forced Knail over to the scale.
Seconds later their curiosity was satisfied.

“Wow 215!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Sounds about right your catching right up to us aren’t you babe.” Kasey said with a sly grin.

“Who said anything about catching up maybe I’ll be bigger and bader than the two of you before you know it.” Knail said returning her own grin.

Now that was a mental image Kasey could get lost in she thought to herself while a smile spread across her lips. She had serious doubts that Knail would ever be as big as her let alone bigger but it was one great fantasy.

“I wouldn’t bet money on that.” Taylor giggled.

“Yeah no way any corp office girl could be bigger and bader then a lady
pioneer D line player.” Kasey chuckled.

“Just you wait you may be in for a surprise.” Knail said getting off the scale.

She then turned toward the mirror and gave a good flex. Mmmm she really was becoming one hell of a beef cake she thought with pride.

Kasey meanwhile was thinking the same thing as she took in the changes Knail had undergone since the first night they’d hooked up. Knail had still only been on the chubby side then no more than 175 she surmised. Between Kasey’s influence and the Alphralinex though Knail was starting to
supersize. Kasey eyed her head to toe taking in her beefy thighs, broad hips, big butt, and of course that cute tummy she now had protruding from her middle. Kasey eyed it in particular Knail hadn’t really had that before and Kasey felt its development was owed in large part to her. She also admired Knail more enhanced chest and best of all the killer muscles her upper body was rocking. Knail’s guns were just exploding, not to mention her broadening shoulders, thickening neck, and sexy back muscles.

Lastly Knail’s face was beginning to look a touch fuller and
rounder. All in all Knail was looking HOT! Kasey thought not to mention with Knail starting to get so strong and sturdy she kind of wished she could see
what Knail’s beefy butt could do out on a Powerball grid iron.

“Hey Knail stop turning Kasey on like that! She’s practically drooling over here.” Taylor giggled.

“Was not!” Kasey snapped.

“No need to lie hun. All this certainly is worth drooling over.” Knail said smartly still admiring her reflection.

Kasey was now feeling a touch embarrassed but Taylor ended it by declaring “Knock it off you too and just get changed already I’m freaking STARVING!”

Knail’s tummy was also starting to rumble so she left the mirror and said “Yeah your right now to get to EAT BIG section of the
work out.” She giggled.

“LIFT BIG, EAT BIG!!!” They then championed in unison.

After that they hit the showers and got ready. Then after dressing they all lined up in front of the mirror to style their hair.

Knail then realized just how snug her outfit was. It felt like she was merely one wrong move away from her ass exploding out of these jeans. Her shirt was little better she had boobs threatening to spill out of the v neck spilt
and her tummy was bulging above her waistband and threatening to creep out from under her shirt. To top it off she also felt as though she could hulk out of her jacket if she wanted with how confining it felt thanks to
the bulging muscles in her arms and the broad D line player like shoulders she was developing.

The fact that she would have to upgrade her wardrobe yet again annoyed her slightly but not as much as the idea of her growing too big and bad for her clothes to handle gave her a real thrill.

Kasey also noticed just how poured into her outfit Knail was and thought that with a little luck she may be able to not just get into Knail’s pants but make her burst right out of this particular pair.

A short time later the three were heaving their impressive bulks through the door of Touchdowns. As always the sight of those three went a long way toward improving Slade’s night. He had a slew of attractive waitresses working for him from compact little Aurelian’s, to chubby college girls just beginning to blossom into the supersized beauties that made up over fifty percent of Kane Alpha’s female population, to plenty of said supersized beauties. Nothing got his motor going though like beefy overfed Powerball players.

As such he’d always gone out of his way to make the place a second home for the Lady Pioneers even if it cost him a few bucks to do so. As he observed Kasey and Taylor he couldn’t help but think back to the first time he’d seen the two. Kasey starting off as a trim and toned quarterback had probably come in a time or two without his noticing but he definitely could recall the first time she’d caught his attention. With the rather disastrous season she’d had as quarterback and hardly any bright spots to speak of talk of dropping her was quickly being floated around by the angry players and fans chowing down at his place. In fact he figured he probably had
overheard the news a little before the poor thing had herself. Not long after though he’d over heard said players bitching over Kasey negotiating her way into an empty spot on the D-line.

Said D-line players were far from happy over it. Wanting her
completely off the team and as for the few that did like Kasey they had serious doubts that she could bulk up enough to keep the spot. Jordan though had been perhaps the sole supporter of the idea and saw it as a challenge. Slade’s interest had certainly been hooked upon hearing that.

He figured if Jordan put her mind to it and Kasey was receptive she’d
blow up in no time. Slade had after all seen the effect Jordan had made on her current girlfriend. If players came in with a friend or family member Slade often gave them a pretty significant discount. Jordan for one had been taking advantage of it with her girl.

The first time the two had caught Slade’s attention he’d observed that Jordan’s girl had been an ISS chick who by Kane Alpha standards was
pretty thin. The girl had just enough bulk to make people take her seriously but when compared to Jordan she was serious lightweight. That changed quickly though.

On that first date Slade overheard a very hot conversation from them.

“Hey, no more! I’m freaking stuffed babe.” Jordan’s lady friend protested.

“I said eat up skinny! Clean that plate or you may not get any dessert once we get back to my place.” Jordan returned with a chuckle.

“You’re going to make me so freaking fat!” The lady moaned.

Jordan only smiled. “Absolutely right I am and if you don’t like it get out now cause I’m going to make you fat as you've ever dreamed, skinny.”

“Oh I believe it.” The lady replied with a smile upon finishing her last bite.

“Good job hun but your still not going to get to go on this ride at full speed until you’re at least 200 pounds though.” Jordan chuckled.

“Oh come on have a heart.” The lady protested.

“Sorry I can’t. Don’t want to break those skinny little bones of yours after all.” Jordan giggled.

Jordan bulked the chick up like crazy though. Every time the two came in their gap in size was less and less drastic. Until now the chick had to be Jordan’s equal pound for pound. Only she boasted an epic overripe
pear shape and her frame was coated in significantly more pork then
muscle as opposed to Jordan who was roughly 50/50.

After seeing the transformation that chick hand undergone thanks to Jordan he had little doubt she with the help of the other girls could do a real number on skinny little Kasey if she was serious about it. So the first time they’d brought Kasey with them for a post workout chow down he found his eyes drifting their way quite a few times.

Once he’d sized her up Slade to had doubts that a chick was lean and mean as her could go big. But to his and the other ladies surprise she turned out to have quite the appetite. Soon after she became one of his favorites going
out of his way to treat her well give her discounts and trying to keep her coming back. Much to his enjoyment Jordan and the rest of the D-line were quickly turning her into one of their own.

By the time the season rolled around she was a whole new woman her legs had bulked up, her hips spread out,her ass blew up, her six pack grew into a keg, her chest filled out and her muscles and upper body got jacked up like crazy. Still though she was on the lower end of the spectrum for a D-line player. That season she’d had to play hard to make up for her slight
disadvantage in girth.

By the next season though she’d bulked up to her current proportions and was more than a match for any lady Powerballer save a monster or two like

It was that next year that Taylor joined the D-line ranks. She’d caught Slade’s eye for two reasons the first being she was awful easy on the eyes the second reason though was she obviously hadn’t quite made the jump from college player to pro. In college ball she’d been known as a player that couldn’t just take a hit but was also quick on her feet occasionally able to exploit gaps in the other team’s plays. Thus she was big and tough sure but rather lean for a D-line girl weighing in at only a hair over 200 with the weight being more muscle then pork.

Slade knew instantly that she’d soon be in for a rude awakening. Pro and semi pro ball focused much less on speed, style and plays and more on brute force. The Lady Pioneers especially played by the model of keep it simple stupid and
typically had some of the biggest toughest players in the region. Thus the team had almost zero interest in her speed and many were soon pressuring her to further bulk up.

Taylor was hesitant though and the coach was willing to give her style a shot. The ladies made her first few weeks of practice absolute hell though not pulling any punches at practice and she soon realized her lack of girth was more of a handicap then her speed was an assist. As a result she quickly signed up for Alphralinex and was spending plenty of time at Touchdowns chocking down precious calories to bulk up to proper Lady Pioneer size.

Another thing that Slade knew she’d have to change immediately was the gal’s hair. Taylor had some gorgeous long blond hair that she kept pulled back in a sporty ponytail. Rules though were much more lax in the big leagues then the college circuit and she’d soon learn that it was a tempting target for
players who weren’t above playing a little dirty. It had gotten tugged a time or two at practice but she figured she could take it. A handful of games into the season later though some bitch ripped what at the time felt like half of
it out of her head and she knew it was time for an appointment with the razor. Thus the next time she came into Touchdown’s Slade was happy to see her sporting a spiky buzz cut much like Kasey’s.

Soon after the Alphralinex and all the bellying up with the other D line ladies worked its magic and Taylor grew into a model Lady Pioneer D line player.

Lastly he couldn’t help but give Knail a good look over. If he weren’t happily married (well as happy as any marriage was lol) he’d have done anything to get with that babe.

The first time Kasey and Taylor had brought her in he’d been shocked at just
what a looker she was. He really wasn’t one to give skinny chicks much thought to so that was really saying something. He hadn’t heard her do much if any bragging about her military service but he figured she must have been one serious badass to cut it in the Marines with her amazing looks.

Despite her lack of curves and the bulk he was so fond of he had to admit she had a killer body. She was tall and lean with some impressive definition in her legs, arms, and her amazing six pack she’d once proudly displayed in midriff baring tank tops. She’d also boasted such a lovely face with near cover girl features, deep blue eyes, plump kissable lips, and bronzed skin. Even her hair was worth admiring with its unique dark red coloring and tough girl style of buzzed in the back and sides but with a little bit of feminine length in the bangs.

Slade wasn’t clear on what prompted the change but Knail seemed to have been won over to Kasey and Taylor’s motto of “LIFT BIG EAT BIG!” because she was soon beefing and plumping up. Knail had certainly come a long way too.

Admiring her now she had certainly passed the 200 mark now boasting maybe a hundred extra pounds from the time she’d first come in. She still had a ways to go before catching up to Taylor and especially Kasey but she was now sporting their general look of a serious muscle and gut babe.

Her current outfit for instance was obviously long ago out grown and she looked to be in danger of her muscles busting out and her new curves spilling forth. If it wouldn’t deny him quite the eye candy he would have suggested Kasey or Taylor lend her an extra jersey before something happened.

Seeing them make their way to their usual both he then informed his waitress Grace that she was welcome to clock out a touch early and have a meal with them if she liked. While it wasn’t a rule Slade made a point to try and make sure the majority of his female staff was of the full figured variety. Sure he employed an Aurelian or two but as far as the other staff went he tried to fill it with bigger gals which wasn’t hard considering the abunda nce Kane Alpha
produced. Every now and then though a chick would apply that was too cute to turn away despite being a skinny little thing.

Grace was one such chick. On another world with different standards of beauty she could have likely cut it as a model or actress. On Kane Alpha though she wasn’t exactly looked down upon or anything but her looks certainly applied to a far smaller demographic. Shortly into her employment he’d caught her downing a maxi gain shake while on break prompting him to ask if she was trying to gain. Much to his interest she informed him she was trying to fill out a bit?

Sadly though it would be an up hill struggle for her as she had some Aurelian blood in her going back a few generations. Slade though only smiled and said he had some customers to introduce her to. If Kasey and Taylor could work just a quarter of the magic they had on Knail on puny little Grace her bank account would do some serious fattening up of its own.

From then on Grace had been sharing a meal or two a week with the trio and at last some pounds had stuck as a result. Grace had filled out 25 pounds or so and looking like even more of a knockout for it. While she hit the gym a little herself she wasn’t going for the muscle and curves look but merely a more voluptuous one. It was working to her skinny little legs had gained so fullness to them, her hips were spreading out, and her slight bubble butt rounding out more. While not much weight had found its way onto her middle her waist was at least looking less dainty. Her bust too was benefiting from her new eating habits much to her customer’s enjoyment.

“Thanks boss I’m freaking starving!” She replied before making her way over to the table with plenty of beer in hand.

Upon reaching the trio she couldn’t help but exclaim “Hey Knai, you're looking jacked babe. Looks like you’re about to bust right out of that outfit!”

“I know the alpha has really kicked into overdrive lately I’ve been out growing stuff left and right.” Knail replied.

“Yeah you’re seriously giving everybody a show in that. If we put you out on the floor right now you’d make so much in tips!” Grace exclaimed.

“Funny. If you tried to put me to work though I’d probably be to busy sneaking food from the kitchen to get any work done I’m always freaking starving!” Knail exclaimed.

“I hear you there hun I was really hoping you three were coming in tonight I’m famished and was really hoping for some company to chow down with.” Grace replied.

That made the trio sinker a little.

“What’s so funny?” Grace asked.

“You calling what you do chowing down.” Kasey laughed.

“Hey we’re not all giant freaking roided eating machines!” Grace argued.

“Yeah don’t be so hard on her, she’s come along way.” Knail acknowledged.

“Yeah she’s looking pretty hot these days right Kasey?” Taylor chuckled.

But before Kasey could reply Knail answered.

“Eh I think she’s still way to skinny for Kasey. But she is looking well.” She said with a wink which got all of them laughing.

An hour and a half later the foursome were absolutely stuffed not to mention a fairly intoxicated. As such Kasey and Knail began snuggling up to each other a bit and the other two knew it was now time to get the check.

On the way into Kasey’s apartment she couldn’t resist any longer and sneaked a hand onto the pudge peekabooing out from between Knail’s jeans and shirt.

“Mmmm I think I’m going to have to lend you a jersey babe you’re practically ripping the seams from that outfit.” Kasey laughed.

“You should. Its all your fault after all.” Knail joked.

“Damn right it is!” Kasey declared before going in for a kiss.

After undressing Knail caught a sight of the two in the mirror while Kasey was still the bigger of the two ladies by quite a bit Knail noted that the gap was continuing to close.

Knail smiled thinking “Mmmm not much longer and I’ll be that big and bad myself.”

Kasey was currently tipping the scales at an incredibly powerful 300 or so pounds of pork and glorious muscle. As such the difference between the two was still a big one and Knail had trouble picturing herself with such a powerhouse figure of her own. But then again a year ago she’d have laughed at the idea of being as big and bad as she was now. She was confident she’d catch up to her though in fact she’d just paid to extend her alpha treatments by another six months or so to insure it.

The mental picture of trying to imagine herself packing on the hundred or so pounds it would take to measure up to Kasey turned her on greatly which insured that Kasey was in for a hell of a night.

And sure enough the next morning Knail left the apartment not in her too small v neck but in one of Kasey’s older jerseys. It was currently baggy and several sizes too large which was good because it covered up the fact that Knail had failed to rebutton the top hole of her jeans. Between the alpha and Kasey’s influence though Knail figured she’d be growing into it before long.

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Ch 24

“Hey, 237” Knail noted reading off the numbers on the scale.

"You're really packing it on now aren’t you babe.” Knail thought to herself as she studied her body in the mirror.

The most recent additions to her weight had accumulated mainly in her bust which was getting quite full her guns which were getting incredibly big and cut the lion’s share of the new bulk though had settled in her gut. Taylor had been right her relationship with Kasey had done a real number on her waistline. Prior to hooking up with Kasey her middle had lagged fairly behind in her transformation but in recent months it had seriously made up for lost time.

If hooking up with her had changed one thing about Knail it was certainly her appetite. Knail had thought the hunger a recent Alpha injection gave her had been something but it just barely measured up to the way Kasey put food away. After spending so much time with her though Kasey it seemed had consciously or not conditioned her to more or less match her at the dinner table. As such Knail was now working on her own semi solid ball like gut. It was still a ways from measuring up to Kasey’s but she had definitely full filled the gut requirement in becoming a muscle and gut babe like her.

Taking in its new weight made her think back to that day awhile back on the track when she’d realized her days as a lean mean sprinter had come to an end and she was now a big bulky jogger like her new friends.

Little things like that had been occurring more and more frequently reminding her just how big she was becoming. Knail was starting to really feel like a big babe too. Previously she’d still occasionally been surprised for a split second whenever she caught a reflection of her new bulk. In her self image she supposed she still kind of thought of herself as the lean mean Marine she had been for so long. She didn’t have that problem anymore though and she figured if anything her self image of herself had probably expanded further than her physical stature had thus far.

It wasn’t just the way she thought of herself that was changing it was also how other people had begun reacting to her. She could scarcely step out the door without feeling lustful gazes drift her way. Not the she was complaining of course. As much as she was loathe to admit it she got quite the kick out of the attention.

Not to mention all the gossip she overheard about herself at work thanks to her transformation. There was plenty of speculation about what roids she was on and why she’d started using them in the first place. Some speculated that she’d done it in order to gain Vic’s affection. Others had seen her out with Kasey and had speculated that she’d been supersized by a Powerball playing girlfriend.

Neither explanation was entirely wrong she thought with a grin.

The other week she’d overheard a particularly amusing exchange by two tech guys that thought she was out of ear shot.

“What’s a beefcake like her doing working in an office? She looks more like she belongs on the Powerball field bashing heads in or in the ISS guards.” A fairly recent hire said to his buddy.

The more experienced coworker only smiled. “You mean Knail? I really don't know.”

“I mean seriously what’s a bulked up babe like that doing typing reports and entertaining potential clients. It seems so out of place.” The more recent hire said sounding a touch confused by her presence.

The more experienced workers smile grew broader and he asked “Want to know something even stranger?”

“What’s that?” The second guy asks.

“She’s bulked up like that since working here. When she first started she was actually a skinny little thing.” The first guy answered.

“What no freaking way that supersized babe was ever skinny.” The second guy said in surprise.

“Trust me as hard as it is to believe it’s true.” The first guy replied.

“Wait so like what do you mean by skinny?” The second guy asked quite surprised.

“Eh about the same size as the Aurellian babe from down the hall, just with a little muscle tone to her.” The first guy replied.

“You got to be screwing with me. She’s like twice that size easily now. What happened?” The guy asked hoping for some juicy details.

“You’d have to ask her yourself to find that out. All I know is when she started here she’d just gotten out of the Marines and had a petite figure that was pretty tight and toned. After she worked here a bit she softened up a tad and put on a few like most skinny chicks who end up here, then just something changed. All the sudden we noticed she was bulking up. Her arms started growing into pythons, her shoulders broadened her neck thickened up etc and her curves started filling in.” The guy answered.

“So like why do you think she changed?” The second guy asked.

“I don’t know the why but I figure the how had to be chemically assisted. I dated a chick once who started doing Alpha and that’s what it did to her. As for why she started taking it you take your pick of gossip. You’ve not met him yet but we have a former war and arena hero that works here who likes his girls big and bad. People have seen them together looking chummy so some people say she supersized to impress him. She also hangs out with a couple of D line players from the Lady Pioneers so others thank that after hooking up with one of them they started bulking her up. She also narrowly escaped getting fired after a big department screw up so some other people thank she started trading favors with one of the senior partners like Sinclair and her supersizing was part of the arrangement. I've no idea which story if any is right either way though I’m just enjoying how hot the change has made her.” After that the two nodded in agreement.

Knail was also getting a kick out of how her new bulk had changed her job duties. It wasn’t lost on Sinclair and some of the other higher ups just how intimidating her new size made her. Thus whenever a new hire needed reprimanding or a little kick in the ass to inspire productivity they often asked Knail to put some of her old squad leader skills to use.

It wasn’t just her coworkers that had noted the changes in her though, so had the ISS. At a routine checkpoint one officer whose name tag said Jenna Cepelak noted the difference between Knail’s current appearance and the information on her personal ID.

“Hold it BIG girl I think it’s time you get this ID updated.” The officer declared.

“I’m sorry but why?” Knail asked genuinely confused. As she asked she checked out the officer in question. Like the majority of female officers she had the look of former soldier or athlete that had eaten their way out of an ice cream silo. She looked as though she still had a solid core and likely some respectable guns but her ratio of fat to muscle was quite lopsided. Like most ISS ladies her height was impressive and she likely tipped the scales somewhere in the ball park of 300 pounds. The majority of her bulk being stored in a pair of tree trunk like thighs, extremely broad hips, colossal ass and protruding belly. She was very pretty for an ISS officer though with a lovely face and medium length stylish hair filled with blonde highlights.

“Cause you sure aren’t 115 pounds any more like your ID says. I think it’s time to get that updated huh?”The officer snickered.

Knail couldn’t help but smile at the realization.

“Oh I suppose your right.” She chuckled.

“So are we alright or am I getting a citation?” She asked.

“Nah we’re good this time. I had the same thing happen to me one time so I figure I should cut you some slack.”Jenna answered.

“Thanks I really appreciate it. And oh you did?” Knail asked.

“Oh yeah when I left the Marines I was a skinny little thing too. As you can see the ISS fixed that though.” Jenna chuckled.

“Yeah I hear they have that effect on people.” Knail added with a smile.

“Oh you have no idea. They partnered me up with this great big gal by the name of Kelsa plus I swear everybody in that department only cared about two things chowing down and working out so I didn’t stay a skinny chick for long in that environment. But anyway yeah I carried around my old out of date ID forever before somebody pointed it out to me, so you're cool, Just get it updated before I see you again.” Jenna answered.

“Will do officer and thanks again for the consideration.” Knail replied gratefully.

“Eh don’t mention it you’ve peaked my curiosity though. Your ID says you’re a low level office girl. How do you go from a lean 115 to a great big muscle and gut babe?” Jenna asked.

“Oh I made friends with a couple of D line players from the Lady Pioneers and they kind of won me over to the whole “LIFT BIG,EAT BIG” lifestyle and pretty soon good bye thin and toned hello bulk and curves.” Knail answered.

Jenna smiled “Yeah I know what those D line babes will do if they can get their hands on a skinny girl. My last partner started dating Jordan Shults and she made her sooo fat!” Jenna exclaimed.

“Yeah I’ve seen her she’s really a big un huh?” Knail laughed.

“Yeah seriously and that’s something coming from gals like us.” Jenna chuckled before giving Knail back her ID with a wicked grin. Well you can carry on ma’am but one last thing stick with that whole eat big lift big thing it’s doing wonders for you.”

“Oh you don’t have to worry there I plan on it.” Knail replied with her own grin.

Knail dutifully had her ID updated the next day. When the bureaucrat tasked with updating her info and taking her new picture noticed the sharp difference between the two his eyes almost bulged out of his head.

Knail smiled and asked “Something wrong sir?”

“No umm just noticed the umm difference between your old ID and the new you.” The clerk stammered.

Knail chuckled “Quite the before and after huh. Hope you prefer the after?”

“Oh yes, yes of course ma’am.” The clerk said embarrassed.

“Happy to hear it.” Knail said flashing him her pearly whites.

After keying in her new info the clerk seemed to compose himself and joked “Ma’am I don’t know what you’ve been eating since coming back from Kane Alpha but my wife could sure use it.”

“Oh it’s nothing. Just Alphralinex and plenty of hard work.” Knail replied.

“Well ma’am its working wonders for you.” The clerk replied.

“Don’t worry I know.” Knail said.

Then after being handed her new ID card Knail felt a little rush. Now as far as the government was concerned that skinny little thing she’d been upon returning to Kane Alpha no longer existed and one big bad beautiful lady had taken her place.

Knail then got another rush thinking about how at the rate she was going she’d be paying the place another visit before too long once she’d caught up to Kasey in girth.

Thinking of Jordan though reminded Knail of another occasion that made her feel especially big and bad.

Her and Kasey had been in Touchdowns enjoying a drink together when Jordan happened to pass by.

“Sanchez!!! What did I tell you about fraternizing with the enemy?” Jordan barked upon seeing Knail.

Kasey and Knail were totally confused and Kasey meekly replied. “I don’t know what you mean?”

Then it dawned on Knail she was wearing an Issa State Surge Powerball jersey just to annoy Kasey as they were one of the few teams that could compete with the Pioneers. It was also because due to her ever increasing bulk she’d discovered baggy jerseys were a comfy alternative to her other frequently to small wardrobe.

“It’s just a jersey. I’m not really a player.” Knail replied.

Jordan only laughed.

“Good one hun but there’s no getting her out of trouble this time though.” Jordan answered.

It then dawned on Kasey what the problem was.

“Like no seriously she’s not she’s an office bitch actually.” She replied.

“Oh yeah you really expect me to believe a big bad babe like that is an office cream puff yeah right.” Jordan huffed.

“No she’s serious, plus you met me at that party awhile back remember?” Knail answered.

Jordan then studied her a bit. “I’ll be - you're right. Yeah I do remember that hair of yours.” Then she smiled and gave Kasey a firm pat on the back.

“Great job Sanchez I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Kasey again surprised only replied “What do you mean?”

“Your lady friend here. I remember her being a little on the skinny side at that party. That’s obviously not the case anymore though. Here I thought you went for skinny little Aurellian girls like Coach Luck and you go and make that cute chick from the party over into a big muscle and gut babe great job!” Jordan declared.

“Umm thanks.” Kasey replied at a loss for words.

Knail however decided to go with it.

“Oh yeah you should have seen what a scrawny little thing I was before Kasey here introduced me to the lifting big, and eating big!” She said flexing her powerful bicep for emphasis.

“Awesome! You’ve really got yourself a keeper here, Sanchez although I think she still has a little room to grow.” Jordan replied.

“Oh I couldn’t agree more.” Kasey said eyeing Knail appraisingly.

After chatting awhile longer Jordan left and Knail was feeling bigger and badder than ever she just couldn’t believe she’d been mistaken for an actual Powerball player.

Then suddenly a smile slid across her face and she declared “So Kasey what’s this crap about you liking skinny bitches?”

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Ch 25

The last 9 months had been eventful ones for Victor. The offer to be a consultant on a halo film of the Battle of Sullust which he’d played a major role in had come through along with a small role in the film. The company Vic worked for had given him the time off without too much hassle seeing it as a good PR move for them. However there had been a stipulation though during any down time from filming he would be doing work for the company.

As such he had largely been ran ragged the past several months. Every time he got a week or even a few days break from filming the company had him crisscrossing nearby planets or starship cities doing their dirty work. They had him attending every conference imaginable and if there was a potential client within a few light years of the shooting locations he would be in touch with them. As such the two times he’d been back to Kane Alpha in this time had been very brief work business and he’d not seen Knail since leaving.

He was rather surprised by how much he’d found himself missing her. They’d only been together a few weeks, if you would even call it that, before having to take off. Still, for whatever reason he’d found himself thinking of her often. They’d been staying in touch via computer but due to both their hectic schedules and neither being all that tech savvy it hadn’t been very consistent. Some days they’d spoken literally every chance they’d gotten sometimes they’d go a week or two without a single message. Knail had also blocked him from all her social media accounts saying she wanted to surprise him with how the Alphralinex treatments had changed her since he left.

That too interested him greatly. By now she’d be done with the Alphralinex treatments and he was very curious how big and bad she’d grown. He remembered her saying she didn’t intend to let Kasey and Taylor be bigger and badder than her by the time she was done. He had his doubts though. That was a lot of weight and could a chick useD to being as thin as her really just up and decide to go that far in the other direction? He doubted it but he was very interested to see.

He was beginning to wonder if he would though. He’d gotten off the shuttle hours ago and hadn’t heard anything from Knail since then. They’d planned to meet at Touchdowns but he’d now been there for about an hour without seeing or hearing from her.

He was beginning to wonder if she was merely running late or if she was laughing over his expecting she still gave a crap about him. Nine months was a long time after all and as attractive a lady as her had surely gotten plenty of attention in that time. In fact he was rather surprised her friend Kasey hadn’t made a move on her as far as he knew. She played both ways but he had the impression she leaned a little more toward the female persuasion.

The two of them had hooked up briefly sometime ago. She was big and tough exactly his type and he found Kasey's story of having to bulk up after losing her QB spot pretty hot. But she was far too much the dumb jock for him. If Knail disagreed though he couldn’t blame her. Kasey was after all awfully easy on the eyes.

Seeing as he hadn’t heard from her he figured he may have to get his kicks where he could thus he was currently listening to a cute young ISS recruit babble on. Truth be told she was a bit too young and from what he had gathered thus far much to dumb for him. However he’d had little female companionship as of late so he figured it was worth it if Knail didn’t hurry the hell up or at least get in touch with him.

The chick was at least cute though especially now that the inevitable ISS bulk was accumulating on her. He’d seen her around Touchdowns before and may have spoken with her as well he couldn’t recall and didn’t really care. Back then she’d been a super trim athletic new recruit. Since he’d been away though the ISS bulge had crept in. The poor thing had packed on something like fifty pounds and would be flirting with the 200 pound mark before she knew it.

Vic felt the weight certainly suited her though. The sturdier build and fuller curves were definite improvements. Talk of her weight gain had been about the only part of her babbling he’d really followed without glancing at his phone and hoping Knail had gotten in touch with him.

The lady had ordered the same obscure drink as him and he’d made a remark about it which had gotten them talking. Well, her talking mostly at some point she’d brought up that they had a similar conversation to this once before but Vic was at a loss. She then explained that he probably didn’t recognize her as she was much thinner back then.

After that his interest was perked. It wasn’t a very unique story. The same happened to a good 3 out of 4 slimmer woman who joined the ISS. The often monotonous duties, abundance of free food or discounts from local merchants not to mention the encouragement of many squad leaders (supersized officers are simply more intimidating than slender ones it was often reasoned) soon has them bulking up willingly or not. In fact the look was all but the standard uniform for female members but like most this young lady had figured she was an exception and it wouldn’t happen to her.

She had come to embrace the new look but went on to explain that she had no intention of letting herself gain any more. The way she was unconsciously munching away on the free pretzels on the bar counter seemed to suggest otherwise though and Vic figured she’d find herself growing into the ISS mold before she realized it.

He’d just about given up hope of Knail arriving and began to pay the chick more mind figuring she was better than spending his first night back home alone when suddenly he heard a familiar voice bark.

“Move it skinny, seats taken!”

The chick seated next to him immediately spun around declaring “Who you calling skinny!”

Then she saw the two behemoths before her. Yeah even with her new bulk she was definately skinny compared to them.

Vic then turned around. He recognized Kasey right away but that wasn’t who had been speaking that was the chick next to her. It was funny the chick kind of looked like a supersized version of ……wait no it suddenly clicked that was Knail and he could hardly believe his eyes.

“Why you of course pipsqueak. And like I said you’re in my seat isn’t that
right Vic?” The chick that vaguely resembled Knail said with authority.

Before Vic could reply the lady sitting next to him, knowing she was out matched and seeing no point in causing a scene, mumbled “whatever take it I was just leaving anyway” and got up.

Vic’s eyes then went wide as he took in the two bulky beauties before him. The babe next to Kasey had Knail’s lovely short red hair spiked up into a playful little mohawk as he had seen her do before she also had her same stunning bright blue eyes dark skin tone and plump kissable lips. The only real difference was how full her face was with plumper slightly dimpled checks. Looking at the chick from the neck down however he could scarcely believe it was Knail.

From the neck down she was now an exact replica of Kasey. She’d grown to match her pound for pound, muscle for muscle, curve for curve. It was insane they could be practically twins. They were both clothed in skin tight jeans and Powerball jersey’s with cut off sleeves showcasing their impressive muscles.

Knail’s thighs had bulked up into the Powerball player sized tree trunk that met in the middle like the ones Kasey possessed. Her formerly slim girlish hips had spread out to possibly three times their former width matching Kasey perfectly. Knail’s butt had also blown up behind her and Vic was confident like Kasey’s her glutes were now two big muscles coated in a sexy helping of fat.

Like Kasey Knail now also had a big solid gut hovering over her waistband her breasts had also inflated since last seeing her but still only stuck out marginally further then that firm ball like gut. Knail’s shoulders had also broadened greatly now matching Kasey’s perfectly and her guns just wow those buff chiseled biceps she was now rocking were probably as big around as Knail’s petite waist had once been.

Vic didn’t know what she weighed of course but he knew it had to be more than 250. It was 275 in fact, just one or two more or less then Kasey depending on the last time they had checked.

Vic had no way of knowing it but the two had been locked in a good natured cold war as of late. Neither was wanting to be even a hair smaller or weaker than the other and every time one of them improved at something in the weight room the other had to follow suit or find a different area in which to surpass them. If this rivalry of theirs persisted even the likes of Kali Killer, likely the biggest and baddest player on Kane Alpha, might have some competition.

Vic just couldn’t believe his eyes. Even with Alphralinex how did the lean vet he’d met little more than a year ago become such a beautiful behemoth. He even thought she looked a touch taller. Sure she’d filled out some before he’d left even, but that was nothing compared to the vision before him. He didn’t know what had happened while he was gone but in that time she’d been made over into a big beautiful badass matching all but the very largest muscle and gut Powerball babes in girth.

“Oh my word! Knail?! I … I barely recognized you.” Vic stammered.

“Yeah I may have overfed her a bit while you were gone. hope you don’t mind.” Kasey chucked.

“Yeah you’d better not. Take it all in. This is what a year of LIFTING BIG and EATTING BIG alongside one of the lady Pioneers best players will do to a girl.” Knail said with a cocky grin as she sat down next to him the stool creaking under her girth and her massive ass spilling off the sides slightly.

Vic tried to regain his composure despite being blown away by how big and beautiful Knail had grown in his absence and joked “I thought you hated porky bellies.”

Knail chuckled a bit and said “Things changes. I know I sure have. I’m not surprised you didn’t recognize me that scrawny little secretary you knew is long gone. You’re looking at a department supervisor not to mention the biggest toughest D line babe on the company’s new Powerball team. ”

Then without warning she pulled him in with one massive powerful arm for a long passionate kiss.

After breaking contact she then added “You know you’re lucky I missed you cause face it Sarge you just hit the jackpot.”

Vic may not have recognized this cocky confident beefcake going by the same name as his coworker but he knew without a doubt that she was right.

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gainer2 has said some nice things

Any updates on this? It's defiantly one of my favorite stories.
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Originally Posted by gainer2 View Post
Any updates on this? It's defiantly one of my favorite stories.
No not likely I intended for this to be the end. Should have put something to that effect at the bottom of the last chapter but didn't because I was toying around with an epilogue but didn't go through with it. Very happy to hear you enjoyed it though
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