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Default Bree's Summer With Mrs. Reese (BBW, XWG)

Chapter One

The summer after Bree's sophomore year in college she was looking forward to going home for a few months and relaxing. She was a short, curvy girl with long blonde hair, and while still lean the past semester had given her an extra 20lbs, which she had decided to spend the summer working off.

But a problem happened! Her mother had to go away to Borneo or something on business, and she was renting out their family mansion in the meantime.

"Why didn't you warn me about this ahead of time?" Bree asked.

Her mother dismissed her concerns. "You can spend the summer at your friend Jordan's house. I arranged the whole thing Her mother Mrs. Reese and I work together at the bank, you see."

Bree shrugged. She wasn't exactly friends with Jordan, a sporty and athletic girl with dark hair and light freckles, but they hung out a couple times before.

And so the summer began. The Reeses lived in a large house on the beach, and the first afternoon Bree and Jordan put on skimpy thong bikinis and went out to lie on the beach. They were joined briefly by Mrs. Reese, her voluptuous form straining her own bathing suit. She just wanted to drop off a cake they she had baked for them to enjoy, and she placed it next to Bree.

Remembering her goal of weight loss, Bree only ate a couple slices by the time Mrs. Reese came out again to replace it with cookies, and then again to replace those with a pie once Bree had eaten a couple.

Bree frowned in confusion. "Your mom sure bakes a lot," she said to Jordan. "What's going on?"

Jordan rolled her eyes. "Don't you know? My mom has hated your mom ever since she embezzeled all that money from the bank they work at together. The only reason she let you stay here is because she has this bizarre plan to make you fat over the summer as revenge against your mom."

At first Bree was shocked, but then it all made sense. The cake, the cookies, the pies... plus her mom DID embezzled a lot, so that fit. It was only a matter of time before someone noticed and decided to take their revenge.

"Thanks for the head's up!" she told Jordan. "Now that I know her plan I can be careful to avoid it."

Chapter Two

So for a few days things passed like that. The girls would spend the days showing off their gorgeous bodies on the beach, and Mrs. Reese would try to feed Bree to some but mostly little success.

One night, though, Bree found herself hungry at like 2:00 a.m. All this not eating was difficult! Then she had an idea. She was looking at this the wrong way. She could take advantage of the situation. As long as Mrs. Reese wanted Bree to eat, all Bree had to do was make sure she wasn't overdoing it too much.

She crept downstairs and woke Mrs. Reese. "Hi Mrs. Reese, I'm sorry to wake you," she said sheepishly. "I was hoping you could go to McDonald's for me."

"Sure thing, Bree!" she replied with an evil gleam in her eye. She though her plan was working.

She returned later with three whole greasy bags spreading everything out on the kitchen table. Bree sat down, still in her silky pajama shorts and top, and started eating. She ate the double quarter pounder and large fry, but then she began to feel full after washing it down with a shake. "Thanks!" she gulped again. "I think that's all I can take, though."

Mrs. Reese frowned. "I did just go out in the middle of the night for you," she reminded Bree. "I don't want the food to go to waste."

So Bree spent the next hour cramming burger after greasy burger into her protesting stomach. It had gotten used to being full over the last semester, but never before had she eating three bags of fast food in one sitting.

By the time she finished her pajamas were soaked with sweat and grease, and Bree was so distended she needed Mrs. Reese to help her get back to the bedroom she and Jordan shared.

The next day she decided that while eating like that was a lot of fun, she probably shouldn't do it again. But as she and Jordan were sitting on the beach later that morning, she had a craving for the kind of cake Mrs. Reese had baked the first day. She called into the house with the request, and soon enough (after enough time to bake a cake) her friend's mom came out with a giant one and put it between the girls.

Jordan watched skeptically as Bree shoveled one slice into her mouth, than another, than another. "I thought you were going to try and avoid my mom's plan?" she asked.

Bree nodded. "I still am," she replied, unconsciously rubbing her bloated belly with her free hand and cramming the last of the cake into her mouth. "This is just an indulgence."

Chapter Three

One morning once July rolled around, Jordan slept very late and woke up ready to tan. Bree was already up, but where? When she looked out the window to their regular tanning spot, Bree wasn't there.

Then she went downstairs and found Bree. Still in her pajamas, though in the last month Bree had grown so much bigger that they barely fit. The bottoms rode up her big round butt, and her belly bulged over the waistband a few inches and could not be contained by the top.

"Would you like more pancakes?" Mrs. Reese asked.

"I guess, but what I'd really like is waffles. Can you make me some?"

"Okay, I'll do that while you finish the pancakes. Anything else?"

"Mmmm, maybe ice cream on them?"

While Mrs. Reese moved away to go make all that, Jordan joined her friend at the table. "Bree, what are you doing? You're letting mom stuff you like a pig again! You're getting huge! You look like you've gained 30lbs"

Bree glanced down at her swollen belly and frowned. "Actually it's closer to 35lbs," she admitted. That morning she'd weighed in at 180, by far her fattest ever. "That's over a pound a day!"

"Sounds like your plan is backfiring."

"Yeah, I was using your mom's revenge plan as a way of getting to ingulge myself, but maybe I'm taking it too far."

Just then Mrs. Reese arrived back with the waffles and ice cream. It looked like she'd used a whole carton of waffles and about a gallon of ice cream. "Eat up!" she said, putting it in front of her.

Bree just groaned. Twenty minutes later she groaned even louder as her belly protested the huge quantities of fattening food she'd just shoved into it. "Oh my god, Mrs. Reese," she muttered. "You have stuffed me so full of food... I'm getting so round and fat."

But she was ready to eat again that night when the family and her went out for dinner. At this point her belly was used to being full to bursting, and it began to feel strange when it wasn't that full.

They went to a buffet called The Pink Piggy's, supposedly owned by a pink pig. The buffet was sort of wasted on Jordan, who got only one plate. Her mother, on the other hand, got quite stuffed on five full plates of burgers, fries, pizza, and egg rolls, and then turned her attention to Bree.

Bree had matched Mrs. Reese plate for plate and was now working on a sixths plate, this one with desserts. "I hope you're not done," said Mrs. Reese. "This buffet is very expensive, and we should get my money's worth."

"I don't mind at all," she replied. "I love the food here! It's all so good!"

So Bree went up again and again and again. Every time she thought she had reached her limit Mrs. Reese sent her back again. By the end of the night she was beet red and drenched in sweat, her engorged belly forcing her tshirt up. "No more..." she moaned, cradling her belly in her hands.

"Just one more slice of pie."

So she squeezed that in too. It took all of Mrs. Reese and Jordan's strength to help her to the exit as she began to sob at the pain.

"I ate way too much!" she sobbed loudly. "Oh, Mrs. Reese, you fed me too much this time! Way, way too much!"

Mrs. Reese apologized to the embarrassed other patrons of the restaurant.

But that night, Bree admitted to Jordan that the pain had been worth it. "Everything is just so good at the Pink Pig! I can deal with a little pain if it means I get to taste all that!"

But will the weight be worth it? Jordan wondered, though aloud she just admitted that yeah the food there was really good.

Chapter Four

About a month later, at the beginning of August, Bree finally stepped in front of a mirror to assess her new body. She couldn't deny it... she was fat. She couldn't belive how fat she'd gotten.

Since the first night at the Pink Piggy's the family had fallen in love with the place and gone back there every night since. Mrs. Reese continued to stuff first herself, although it went from taking five plates to six and then seven and then ten. Even Jordan had begun taking more than one and was starting to grow a round belly.

Bree,though, had turned into an absolute pig. From the moment she arrived the moment they left she ate like that first night every night, pushing herself a little further every time.

In addition, she'd lost her ability to refuse the baked goods Mrs. Reese provided during the day, and soon she found herself already stuffed with cakes, pies, and donuts while they were on their way to the Pig.

As a result, she'd gained even more than in June. Her breasts were now a 36DD, and her ass had grown so huge it swallowed her thong. Most of her new 65lbs were in her belly, though; a giant ball, it stuck out about a foot in front of her... more when stuffed.

"Looks like mom's winning," Jordan observed, later on when they were on the beach.

Bree sighed. "Yeah, I can't help myself. I love overeating too much now. She's turned me into a real glutton."

Jordan nodded.

"I'm kinda annoyed. Not at getting fat. I don't mind being 243lbs, and the food has been amazing. I want to keep eating, I'm just annoyed that your mom's evil plan went off without a hitch."

But Jordan had an idea. "Why not make her plan backfire? If she's going to make you fat, why not make her REALLY pay for it?"


"Like this!" There was a sausage cart, Olivia's Sausages, that went up and down the beach, driven by Olivia herself. She just so happened to be carting by right now. Jordan flagged her over. "My mom will pay you $50,000 to park your cart right next to my friend here and keep her fed all day.

Olivia wouldn't take her at her word, so the three of us went inside to discuss it with Mrs. Reese, who agreed with one condition. "You only get the money if this one keeps eating," she said, pointing to me. "Constantly."

Chapter Five

Olivia, a curvy olive-skinned girl with very little English, agreed to the terms.

Olivia was relentless. As soon as Bree had finished one sausage, another was in her hand. By 11:30 she was stuffed tight, but Olivia wouldn't let her stop because of Mrs. Reese's condition.

Jordan just watched, a little jealous of the obvious pleasure her friend was getting out of the meal. Bree loved everything that Olivia stuffed into her.

Around noon, Bree's body had grown so bloated and swollen that her bathing suit finally gave up and snapped. Embarressed, she ran inside, only to be joined by Olivia. "You need to keep eating so I can get paid!" she insisted.

"I can't go back out to the beach!" Bree insisted. "None of my bikinis fit, and I'm completely naked!"

But Jordan had another idea. She had lived under her mother's iron grip for too long and was eager to help her friend get her own revenge. Soon Olivia's sausage cart was set up right outside the house; Jordan operated in it, and every few minutes she ran a full plate up to her room and handed them to Olivia. Olivia, of course, would feed them to Bree, who lay naked in her bed, still wearing her tattered bikini.

"Well done!" Jordan congradulated her later, after Olivia left with her money. "I don't know how you did it!"

"It was easy," Bree moaned. "Her sausages were so good!"

"$50,000! You sure got your revenge!"

But the next night she had bigger plans. "You want me to close down the restaurant for a whole night?" asked the manager of the Pink Piggy.

"No," replied Mrs. Reese. "I want you to stock the full buffet, but only for a private party. My daughter's friend is going to eat the whole thing."

The manager looked at Bree skeptically, but then glanced down at her huge gut. "This will be very expensive," he said.

But a few hours later, there they were. It was all for Bree. Mrs. Reese came along, to make sure she ate it all, and Jordan was there for moral support and to see her manipulative mother lose again.

Three hours later one whole table was cleared, and Bree was already in pain. It contrasted with the pleasure she was feeling at all the pizzas she'd just enjoyed. Just two more trays to go, she told herself. The cute sundress she wore, loose at first, was now tight.

Another two hours was all it took her to finish the second table, she kinda got her second wind. Though now she was so large the sundress couldn't make it over her belly, and her belly hurt so much she was crying. "Can you help me?" she asked Jordan through her sobs. "I'm so stuffed I can't possibly stuff anything more in my belly. I need you to stuff me! I need you to feed me so that I can keep eating! I need to keep eating!"

As Jordan kept feeding her she just kept crying, "I need to eat more," but somehow still smiling with pleasure.

Chapter Six

That wasn't the last time she ate the whole buffet.

"Are you sure you want to do this again?" Jordan would always ask. "I mean, you're getting even fatter than I thought possible."

It was true; by the third week in August she was already over 300, but that didn't worry her. "No, I'll finish August out getting our revenge on your mother, and then when school starts up again I'll lose the weight."

And so the final weeks passed, with Bree stuffed to the max on either Olivia's delicious foods or an entire buffet. (Jordan and Olivia had become very close, and eventually lovers) Every time she ended up red-faced and gasping for air she realized that she would have to slow down soon or she'd end up impossibly fat. But she kept going because she knew that once the summer ended the lifestyle would change.

But one day she got a letter from the school, explaining that it was going from a traditional university to a correspondence college in order to save money. Bree would not be returning to the dorms, but rather taking classes by mail.

"I'll have to move back home," she realized. It just meant that her mom would have even more opportunity to see what a huge pig that Mrs. Reese had turned her into.

She spent the last week a little sad that her summer of unremitting gluttony was coming to an end. She wanted to get as much eating in as possible. Everyday Jordan's fiancé Olivia would bring the sausage cart by and stuff her until it was time to head out to the Pink Piggy.

By the day her mother was supposed to return from... where'd I say? Borneo? By the day her mother was supposed to return from Borneo, Bree was 335lbs of fat.

But what she got instead was another surprise. "Your mother's trip to Borneo was extended," Mrs. Reese explained. "As her boss, I needed to insist she remain until Christmas. You can keep staying here until then."

Christmas! Bree smiled, happy that she could remain with her best friend and favorite foods. But then she gulped. "I wonder how fat I'll get by Christmas?"
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Default Wow!

Fantastic! Well done!
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Default Half agree

Fantastic indeed.. but hopefully not done!
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Originally Posted by mumbo View Post
Fantastic indeed.. but hopefully not done!
Thanks, glad you liked it! I have finished the second part, just gotta get around to posting it
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Bree's Fall With Mrs. Reese

Bree's Fall With Mrs. Reese

A crisp autumn wind was in the breeze as Jordan finished packing up her dorm to return home for Thanksgiving break. Right now, she was having a problem getting herself dressed. The thong underwear she wore was so tight it almost hurt, and though her legs remained firm and muscular and her butt still perfectly round, she had lost the ability to zip up her jeans all because of the belly she had grown.

She'd arrived at college determined to lose the round belly she'd grown pigging out with her friend Bree at the Pink Piggy's, but instead somehow in the past three months it had doubled in size, at least. She new exactly why, too. Her friend's gluttonous habits had rubbed off on her, and with the dining hall being both buffet style and right next to her dorm, she often found herself re-creating her friend's spectacle of eating herself into a painful stupor.

In addition, her fiancée Olivia had used the money she'd made off Mrs. Reese to open a wildly successful restaurant near the school. Most nights Jordan spent there, gorging on sausages until she had at least three to five pounds of meat in her stomach.

"I hope Bree's had better luck than me keeping the weight off," she said aloud, giving up on the pants and simply allowing her bulging stomach to roll out and push the zipper wide open. But she wasn't too worried about her friend, even though Bree had spent the last three months alone in the house with Jordan's mother, Mrs. Reese. Bree was aware of Mrs. Reese's plan, and at the end of the summer she'd decided that her plan to make Mrs. Reese pay wasn't working out.

"She just has too much money for anything I eat to cost her a significant amount. I looked into her finances, and she has several billion stashed away from when she embezzelled from the bank at the same time my mom did."

"So are you gonna try and lose the weight?"

Bree nodded. "I can still try and thwart her by losing the weight before Christmas."

Thinking about that made Jordan kinda guilty, poking herself in her fat stomach. Here she'd spent the last three months stuffing herself silly while her friend was working hard to lose weight! Although the two girls had spoken only infrequently over the course of the semester, Bree had mentioned that her diet was going well.


Jordan arrived home seventeen and a half hours later, getting in at around like 11:37 in the morning. She opened the door to her house and called a greeting to her mother and friend, but she was a little hoarse so they didn't hear her. She climbed up the stairs to drop her bag off in her room when she heard a sound of groaning and loud eating from the living room, followed by her friend's voice.

"Ooooh, Mrs. Reese, these donuts are soooo good... can you bring me another dozen after the next tray of cinnamon rolls? I'd get up but all those pancakes you stuffed into me are really weighing my belly down."

Surprised, she peeked into the living room.

Bree had gotten huge.

She sat on the sofa leaning back with one foot on the floor and the other leg, almost as thick as a tree trunk, stretched out the length of the couch. All she wore was her underwear; her belly surged out between her length an impossible distance, almost to her knees. It was covered in crumbs and maple syrup; on the top it still held four donuts in a pile like a table, until Bree stuffed them in her mouth, one after another.

"Holy hell!" Jordan exclaimed. "Bree, what happened to you? You're huge! I thought your diet was going well!"

Bree jumped a little, then brushed the crumbs off her giant belly and looked away sheepishly. "I've been trying really hard," she explained, "and I've managed to gain less than a pound a day all semester."

"Gaining 'only' a pound a day isn't an accomplishment," Jordan pointed out. "Doesn't that put you over 400?"

Bree nodded. "425, actually."

In the kitchen, Jordan confronted her mother, Mrs. Reese. "You've gone too far, mom! Look what you've done to her! She can barely get up from the couch!"

Mrs. Reese smiled evilly. "I haven't done anything," she giggled. "Your friend is just a glutton. All I do is provide her with an unlimited supply of fattening food. She's the one who stuffs it all in. I don't force her. Besides," she added, poking Jordan's basketball-sized belly, "she's not the only one getting fat. I'm putting you on a diet. I don't want to be embarrassed by having a fat daughter."

Jordan balked. "But tomorrow's Thanksgiving!" she protested.

Mrs. Reese reconsidered. "Okay, after tomorrow."


Mrs. Reese reconsidered. "Okay, after tomorrow."


Thanksgiving changed everything, though.

Jordan showed up to the table in some loose-waisted sweatpant shorts and a belly shirt that showed off exactly how fat she'd grown; "This is the only outfit I have that fits anymore," she explained to her mother. "It serves another purpose, though. In order to get you to lay off stuffing Bree so much, today I am going to match her plate for plate. Everything you feed her, I will eat too. So go easy!"

Mrs. Reese scowled, but before she could reply Bree waddled into the room and sat down. Still glaring at her daughter, Mrs. Reese fixed Bree three giant plates all at once, which the tubby blonde made short work of. Jordan struggled to keep up. Her mom piled turkey, ham, potatoes on plate after plate; Jordan had to move fast since she was both building her plates and eating too. Her shirt left her belly on full display, and with every forkful Mrs. Reese shoved in Bree's greedy face she watched her daughter expand bigger and bigger with a gloomy frown.

Finally, nothing was left of the giant feast except two very stuffed girls. Jordan had indeed matched her friend plate for plate, and it was more than she'd ever squeezed in at the dorm. Bree looked fatter than ever, leaning back and moaning, rubbing her belly, which had grown to the point she couldn't reach her belly button.

"Pies?" Mrs. Reese asked.

Both girls groaned at the thought of eating anymore, but an hour later they had both finished an apple pie and a pumpkin pie themselves and had split a banana crème.

"Is this how you eat all the time," Jordan asked later, as the two girls were waking up still at the table hours later. "How do you do it?"

"It isn't easy," Bree admitted. "But your mom brings me such good foods, and I love eating soooo much that I just... push myself."


But like I already typed at the beginning of that previous section or whatever, these little blocks of text separated by asterixes, Thanksgiving changed everything.


The moment Jordan took off in her car to go back to school, Mrs. Reese marched Bree into the dining room and sat her down. Enraged at her daughter's defiance, Mrs. Reese was now newly re-determined to fatten the blonde pig as big as she could before her mom got back at Christmas. "Do you ever get high?" she asked, putting a bag of weed down between them.

Bree, who had smoked before once or twice in high school, agreed to get stoned.

And for the next month, she was rarely sober again. Mrs. Reese kept her so high she could barely remember her name, but she sure could eat! If Bree had thought she was eating a lot before, she was pushing her limits so much more now. Every morning Bree would wake up and immediately get high, then waddle downstairs to be stuffed full of breakfast foods until lunch, which would usually be fast food or pizza, until dinner at the Pink Piggy's.

Gone were the days of Bree only gaining a pound a day. By December first she was already nearly 450, and by Christmas Eve she was as close to 500 as she was to immobility.

Only now did Mrs. Reese begin to feel some doubts and regrets about her plan. Although she did indeed have many billions of dollars it wasn't her economic situation that gave her concern, it was just that Bree had been getting far, far fatter than she ever had imagined. She wanted to send her back to her mother embarrassingly plump, not immobile!

So she changed course. "Bree, I know you want to try and lose some weight before your mom gets back," she said, "So I've booked us a three week weight loss cruise. I know I could use it too."

It was true; the lifestyle of keeping Bree fed had added quite a few pounds to her own frame as well.

Bree, surprisingly, was resistant. "I dunno..." she muttered. "I would like to lose some weight, but all that denying myself will be tough... I've grown quite used to a perpetually swollen belly."

"You do want to retain your mobility, though, right?"

Bree nodded, and agreed to the weight loss cruise.


Jordan came home to drive them to the cruise, and while her own habits had added another ten lbs or so to her once sporty frame of course she was shocked at what her mother had done.

As she watched the boat depart, she had no idea about her mom's change of heart. I guess maybe no one told her it was a weight loss cruise? Anyway, she remembered something her mom had said: "I don't want to be embarrassed by having a fat daughter."

"She'll be gone for three weeks," she thought, exactly the time she had for winter break. It gave her an idea, and immediately she called up Olivia, her fiancée.

"Hey Olivia, meet me at the restaurant tonight," she said eagerly. "In fact, I'll be staying there full time starting today. I have a little project for you for the next three weeks..."



Olivia wiped a bead of sweat off Jordan's brow as her growing fiancée leaned back in her chair, breathing heavily and exhausted from the long day of stuffing herself in the restaurant. True to her word, Jordan had indeed spent the last three weeks living here, and it showed.

Twenty-one days of gorging herself on all the meat and grease her body could contain had transformed her from a chubby former athlete into a round, obese blimp. Her legs and arms had finally lost their definitely, and her butt while still round inflated. But just as before her real gains were all in her stomach.

"So do you think your plan will work?" Olivia asked.

Jordan tried to shrug but couldn't. "I dunno," she mumbled. "Do you think I've gotten fat enough that she'll notice?"

Olivia giggled. She had renamed the restaurant "Jordan's Belly" a week ago, after her fiancée had become something of a mascot as more and more patrons had noticed her there every night, trying to grow large enough to embarrass her mother. As she grew larger and larger, it become obvious to the regulars how fat she was getting, which patrons took as a sign that the restaurents food was just that good. The restaurant was a huge success.

As was her plan. As a result of her nonstop gluttony, the former jock was now pushing 350lbs. "How do you think she'll react?"

Jordan shrugged. "Who knows? She'll hate it. Maybe disown me. Cut me off."

"Well, you'll always have a place here in the restaurant."

"If I stay here, I'll get too big for the restaurant!" Both girls giggled, then Jordan tried to get up, found herself weighed down by all the sausage. "Hey, can you help me up? And can you do me another favor? I'm too stuffed to drive, and my mother and Bree are getting back tonight. Can you pick them up?"


But when Olivia got down to the dock, all she found was a note. "Jordan - pick us up around back. You'll understand why then.

So Olivia drove around to the back of the ship and found Mrs. Reese waiting. Her mother-in-law didn't look like a woman who'd just been on a weight loss cruise. In fact, she was looking downright fat.

"Yes, I've gained a bit," she explained to Olivia sheepishly. "It turns out I bought the wrong tickets... this wasn't a weight loss cruise, it was an annual gathering of insecure pastry chefs. There were over 200 girls there, all baking away. Cakes, pies, donuts..." she patted her bulging stomach. "I guess all the temptation got to me."

"And what about Bree?"

Mrs. Reese looked away, ashamed. "I tried to stop her, I honestly did. She was already so fat before the cruise, but I couldn't help it. She went kind of insane on the trip. She snuck some weed on board, so she was always hungry... the baker girls loved her. Every waking moment she'd be eating something of theirs.

"Eventually she didn't even leave her cabin," she went on. "The girls would bring her whatever she wanted. She had them waking her up every two hours during the night to squeeze in everything she could hold. I've never seen anyone so greedy or eat so much... after the first week she outgrew all her clothes, but the baker girls didn't care. They let her lay there naked, feeding her..."

"I've done that," Olivia remembered.

"She just kept telling them how good their baked good were, praising them and praising them and eating and eating..."

She trailed off as four of the bakers arrived, pushing a flatbed containing a mattress with Bree laying on it on her back, her head propped up by pillows. Her legs were spread as far apart as they could, and her belly filled the space between, stretching forward almost halfway from her knees to her feet and up in the air almost four feet. A fifth baker followed the car feeding her donuts as they went.

Olivia couldn't help but gasp.


Later, at the Reese house, Mrs. Reese apologized to Bree for everything she'd done.

"I never meant for this to get so out of hand," she blubbered, gesturing at Bree's immobile body. "I just wanted to make you fat! I had no idea what a pig you'd turn into!"

"Well, a pig I am, and a pig I'll remain," Bree answered. "And as for fat, Mrs. Reese, you have no idea just how big I'm going to get."

"What do you mean?" asked Mrs. Reese. "When your mother comes to get you..."

"I'm not going anywhere," she cut her off. "You're right, Mrs. Reese. You did turn me into a pig. A fat pig addicted to her own gluttony and overeating. Well, I'm not giving up my addictions. When I was looking into your finances I discovered that you've embezzled way more money from the bank than my mother ever did.

"Here's what will happen. I'll stay quite about all this, but I'm staying here from now on. And you are going to keep feeding me. Only what I was eating before is going to pale in comparison to how much I'm going to start eating."

Mrs. Reese was shocked. She knew she had no choice but to go along, but it seemed insane. "Just how fat are you going to get?"

Bree giggle. "Fat? I don't care how fat I get. I just want nothing more than to eat to absolute excess, and if I end up twice my weight, who cares? I'm already immobile."

She leaned in a little closer. "Let's see just how massively, gluttonously fat you can make me. Feed me!"
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great story. Thanks for posting!
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Originally Posted by thebaadtouchh View Post
great story. Thanks for posting!
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
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