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Default Bathroom Fantasy (~BBW, ~Sex, Mild Flatulence)

Just a short scene I wrote that starts with a woman inspecting her face in the bathroom mirror. Criticism is welcome.

Sarah tilted her head up as far as she could while still keeping the bathroom mirror in view, but it didn't help. No matter how she tilted or leaned or stretched, her double chin was still there. She couldn't deny it any longer. This comfort eating wasn't just a brief phase. This wasn't just 10 or 15 lbs that she could burn off. Grabbing her second chin and pulling at it, as if it verify that it wasn't just an illusion, she called to Jack, "Hey, do we have any veggies or low-cal snacks in the fridge"?

In moments, Jack appeared in the bathroom doorway. With no small amount of effort, he shifted the look of worry on his face to a smile. "Why do you ask, Sarah? Are you not getting enough to eat at dinner?"

Sarah turned from facing the mirror, hand still on her newly grown chin, to look at Jack. "I'm getting too much! I need to get my fat ass in gear now, or I'll never lose enough weight for Elliott to take me back. Starting today I have to take diet and exercise more seriously."

Jack swallowed hard and gave Sarah a quick once over. In the time that they'd lived together, he had encourage and cajoled her into overeating and lazing about at every opportunity, and it showed on her doughy body. He saw that she had finally become fully aware of the double chin that had been a permanent fixture on her chubby face for at least a month. It appeared that she was still in denial about the two fat rolls on her tummy that were doing their best to force her ill-fitting shirt up, as well as the gobs of cellulite all over the thighs that now touched down to her knees. Nevertheless, he had to do something about her attitude. He loved her, and to do this would crush him, but he couldn't bear to see all of his lovely work undone. "Listen, Sarah, we should talk about that," he said while walking toward her.

He continued, "There's no easy way to tell you this, but I love you enough that I'd rather hurt you than see someone else do it. You've let yourself go completely. You're obese. It's too late to get your body, or Elliott, back. You'll just embarrass yourself if you try."

As soon as the words left Jack's lips, tears began welling up in Sarah's eyes. "N-no, I know it's more than a few pounds, but I can just work hard and-"

Jack jumped forward and grabbed the massive spare tire around Sarah's midsection. He jiggled it hard. "Sarah, you're huge! Look at this! You've got a huge gut, you've been going braless because you can't even squeeze your tits into your sports bra," he brought one hand from her belly down to the inside of a thigh and squeezed, fighting an erection as he felt how far his hand sunk into her fat, "and I've been insisting that you order in because all of your pants have so much of your fat ass oozing out that it's risque!"

Sarah was now openly weeping. She fell forward against Jack, sobbing into his chest. "You're right! I'm so sorry! You open your home to me, and I spend the entire time making you wait on me hand and foot and eating your food!" She stepped forward, unconsciously pressing her swollen tits and bloated belly against him. The movement slid Jack's hand farther up her thigh. He could feel warmth radiating from her nethers.

Jack licked his lips and centered himself. The love of his life was vulnerable and weeping in his arms. Part of him wanted desperately to console her, to confess that she was the victim and that all of the lazing about and eating was at his insistence. That the unnatural hunger that had taken over her was the appetite stimulants he was putting in her food. Part of him wanted to desperately, but a much larger part knew that if he did that all of his work would be undone, and he would never be able to have her. She was sad. She was sobbing. But she wasn't broken. He had more to do yet, no matter how badly it hurt him.

"Hun, I don't think you understand just what you've done to yourself," he said. He removed his other hand from her belly and hugged her tighter. She had large rolls of backfat forming under each shoulderblade, he noted. "You're bigger than any girl I've ever seen. I don't think you could slim down without surgery. And with the mental state you've put yourself in, they'd never clear you for that. You're a fat girl. A very fat girl. How much do you even weigh?"

She looked up at him, tears in her eyes. "I...don't know. I've been so afraid of the scale. Are you sure I can't change? I'll work so hard! I think if I have you behind me I can-"

He forced the look in his eyes to harden. He stared down at her and spoke sternly, "Sarah. Stop. You're in denial, and we need to put this to bed." He grabbed a handful of backfat and pressed his hand into her thigh, doing his best to ignore how hot her pussy felt. He spun her around forcefully and shouldered her toward the scale.

Sarah started crying with renewed force. "Jack, please, no! I understand, don't make me do this!"

She did her best to push back against him, to avoid stepping on the scale. He pushed harder, planting his hand firmly into her back and trying not to relish the way it sunk in to the wrist. When he spoke, his voice carried an air of command that took them both aback. "Sarah, you will stand on that scale and see firsthand just how much of a hog you've turned yourself into. I won't let you go out into public to be mocked without knowing what you are now."

Defeated, she planted both feet on the scale with an audible flop. They waited for the machine to signal the end of its calculations with a beep in silence, both sick to their stomachs. After the longest five seconds in their lives, the beep came. Sarah looked down to read the numbers and began weeping anew. Jack swallowed hard, wanting to weep himself. "How bad is it, hun?"

"I don't know! I can't-I can't see past my belly!"

As Jack heard this, he didn't know whether to weep along with her or cum in his pants. Barely managing to abstain from both, he leaned around Sarah until the numbers were visible. "Oh my god, Sarah. What were you when you moved in? 120?"

She was almost in hysterics. "Just tell me! You made me do this, so don't taunt me! How fat a pig am I?!"

"334." He grimaced as the lie left his lips. He had shaved 20 lbs off of her real weight. He didn't know if she could take the realization that she was now over 350 pounds. Their had to be a point that was too far for her mind to take.

She fell back into his arms as if the words had struck her physically. Her ass was mashed against his crotch, and he had cupped two big handfuls of bellyfat to steady himself when she impacted him. It took everything all of his willpower to fight his impending erection. "I'm...huge. Huge! I'm a fat fucking cow!"

Everything in her, her mind, her very soul was given to feeling sorry for herself as she said this.Finally broken, her voice fell to a whisper. " No man is ever going to want me."

As if to punctuate this sentiment, her body took that moment to betray her completely. As soon as she finished speaking, a monstrous fart ripped from her ass. It reverberated loud and long right against Jack's crotch. Sarah turned beet red, and Jack lost the battle of wills against his own body. With her gassy expulsion, his dick leapt to attention, jabbing deep into her pillowy asscheek. She felt it. She had to, and he knew it. If there was no hiding it, he was going to go for broke. he moved both hands up to cradle each of her flabby tits, squeezing them and relishing in their softness. "Sarah, that isn't true. You'll always be the most beautiful girl ever, even if you're nothing but skin and bones or blubbery rolls."

Sarah hated herself. She hated her body. She hated Jack. She had convinced herself that he had done this to her, all to satisfy some sick fetish. She had been a pet project this entire time. She was furious, but she also knew he was right. There was no losing this much weight, and the one thing that outmatched her fury was her need to be wanted. To be needed. This was his fault, but maybe this was his misguided attempt at protecting her. Maybe he really did love her.
Certainly it didn't matter. She pulled one of her hands and guided it down to the front of her panties. She thrust his fingers past the waistband, realizing how tight a fit it was with her fat gut in the way. "Take me, baby. Show me how much you love me. Please."

Jack didn't need a second invitation. He began tracing soft circles around her clit with one hand, and with the other he grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it off. His dick throbbed as it came completely off and he heard her huge tits slap onto her naked belly. She moaned at this, stifling a burp halfway through. More testament to the metabolism Jack had ruined.

She could feel him breathing heavily at her neck as he began rubbing progressively harder at her clit. She moaned again, this time too caught up to worry about quieting the burp that came. He wasn't particularly talented, but it had been so long since anyone had touched her, and she needed so badly to be loved. She leaned forward, thrusting her ass further into his crotch, and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties. She jerk them down with no little effort. They were far too small for a girl that was so fat, she realized. "Please, Jack. I need you. Now."

He grabbed her by the midsection, grinding himself on her naked ass, and shifted her toward the bathub. He guided her down so that her hands were planted inside the tub and her belly rolls were squashed against the rim. He fumbled with his belt, quickly dropping his pants and boxers to his ankles and kicking the tangled mess of clothes away, all the while staring at her massive ass hiked in the air. Her fat cheeks were spread far enough for him to see the juices dripping from her pussy, glinting under the light of the single unshaded bathroom bulb.

Jack paused briefly to take a deep breath and savor the moment. All of his work, all of the gambles, had paid off. Sarah was his now, and he was about to get his ultimate reward. He kneeled, exhaled slowly, and guided his cock to her pussy lips with one hand.

Sarah whimpered quietly as he eased his cock into her, inch by inch. This crawling position was uncomfortable, and the porcelain was cold against her naked skin, but it felt so good to be filled. As he forced his full length inside her, she rocked her knees back and brought her pelvis toward his, gasping as it forced him in even further. He made a satisfied noise of his own and began drawing out slowly only to thrust back in, creating an easy, subdued rhythm.

Sarah closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation as Jack slid in and out of her, gradually increasing the speed of his thrusts. It occurred to her that she probably looked like an animal in this position, tossed into a trough and fucked bare like the piggy she had become. With this thought she felt another swelling in her bowels and concentrated for a moment on holding back the gas before she thought to ask herself, "Why?" Jack certainly didn't care. Who was she trying to impress? She never needed to hold back a fart again. After all, a pig certainly wouldn't. After this epiphany, she let the fart out in full force. As it burst from her ass, wet and sloppy, she pushed herself back onto Jack's cock with all her might. "Come on, is that all you've got? Fuck your fat hog, Jack! Make her squeal!"

Jack began pistoning in and out of her with all the speed he could manage. He reached around her huge buttcheek and grabbed a tummy roll for balance. With the other hand, he began smacking her ass and watching gleefully as the jiggly shockwaves reverberated throughout her whole obese form. She had given in now, abandoning all control and bucking wildly, caring only about her mounting orgasm. A fart escaped her ass every few thrusts, but the only one to notice was Jack.

He grabbed her flopping lovehandles with each hand and began fucking her as hard as he could manage. After about a minute of this rough treatment, she began shaking and moaning even more violently. The moans grew higher and higher pitched, becoming squeals of unbridled sexual joy. As the orgasm wracked her, she was every bit the obese sow of Jack's dreams. The view finally became too much for him. He thought to pull out just as he came, splattering her ample ass with his love juices in thick stringy ropes. She felt the hot sperm splashing onto her ass and ground it up against his crotch, reveling in her filthiness.

As she calmed down and stopped grinding, Jack eased back and sat on the bathroom floor. Grunting with effort, she pushed herself up out of the bathtub plopped down beside him. They both looked at each other, too spent to feel awkward. After a moment, she turned to him with a very different but equally strong need in her eyes. "Jack, I am SO hungry."
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That was insanely hot! Would love to read a part 2!
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This is so incredibly erotic!! I can't wait to read more.
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Default More!, Please

I want to hear about Sarah's fat titties, and how they play with them. Potty play would be okay.
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