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Chapter 10 – Learning the Ropes

Kate awoke to what sounded like a gong going off inside her head. Her alarm, set for 6:30am, was the culprit.

“Oh god. My head is killing me.” she said aloud, rolling over in her bed and hitting a button to silence her phone.

She stretched in her bed and smacked her lips.

God, I’m dehydrated’, she thought recalling the events that were causing her morning turmoil.


After Parvati and Anna had departed, she felt herself getting more and more along with Bree. For some reason, the girl seemed to be making more sense and to have gotten funnier as the evening had progressed.

She recalled foggily laughing hysterically at some television show she had never seen before and vaguely remembered accepting a challenge that Bree had thrown down. To take a sip of beer whenever the main character did….did what?

Slowly, Kate opened her eyes. It was murderous to her corneas and she willed aloud that sunlight be banned forever. Squinting, she put a hand over her eyes and as she acclimated, she became aware that her room was a complete mess.

Clothing was tossed on the floor, drawers were open and there were several beer cans strewn about her room, including two on her bed that, thankfully, were empty.

Slowly Kate sat up and put her head in her hands. Immediately she felt the spins and took slow, shallow breaths. She inhaled deeply and reflexively wretched, but nothing came up.

She heard a snigger come from the hallway. It was Bree. She didn’t look much better. Her hair was matted in places, she had bags under her eyes and her belly looked bloated under a t-shirt that looked like it might, and probably did, belong to a man.

“Party-hearty. That’s my gal,” she said, winking at Kate as she sat down on the edge of her bed. In her hands she held two glasses of water with two tablets that sank to the bottom and were beginning to fizz cheerfully.

Kate winced for it sounded like Bree had shouted her words, despite the fact that Kate knew she had not.

Bree, picking up on the fact that her drinking companion was more of a novice than she thought was inwardly pleased.

“I thought you’d probably need this more than I do.” She said with a bit of a smirk, handing Kate the glass.

“Thanks. I needed this bad.” Said Kate between mouthfuls, dribbling a bit down her chin.

Bree laughed drained her own cup in two deep pulls.

“Big day today. Are you ready for assignments?” she said, eyeing Kate with interest.

“The what?” said Kate stupidly, her mind still slowly processing the information.

Bree sighed like she was speaking to a toddler. “The or-ien-tat-ion”.

Kate smacked herself on the forehead. Of course. Today was the day that they would be meeting up with Brian. This was the day that they would be learning what they would be doing while they were in Manhattan for the next few weeks and hopefully next few months. From clothing adds, to jewelry, to fashion shows – to – who knows what. Kate had no idea what they might find use of her for.

“Hey, how’s your gut?” said Brianna suddenly. Almost as if the words had triggered some sort of visceral reaction, Kate contracted her abdominal muscles and, to her surprise, found them to feel quite sore!

She stood up off her bed, waited for a second to let her head stop spinning and pulled up her evening shirt. She was shocked to see a bright-red and pink swollen belly!

“Oh. My. God.” She said aloud.

“Hahahaha! Don’t remember that, do ya?” said Bree excitedly, standing up to reveal her matching stomach.

Brianna proceeded to retell the events, filling in the gaps to Kate’s evening. The more she spoke, the more animated and excited she became. Conversely, the dumber of an idea it seemed to Kate.

“—And then, we were both so full of beer that you complained you felt your stomach was sore. I told you it was the carbonation from the beer and you didn’t believe me, so I lifted up my shirt to show you and you didn’t believe your belly looked like mine – and when you lifted your shirt you were so surprised! And then I said we should play red-belly and you agreed, so we slapped each other’s stomachs until you quit. So I won.” said Bree.

Well, Kate didn’t think either of them had won at anything, other than being extremely full, swollen and hung over. Not the best way to start out in a new place.

Kate placed a hand against her swollen belly and rubbed it. It still felt warm to the touch and she winced on an area adjacent to her navel, likely where Bree had hit her the hardest.

If she was going to learn the ropes and make it big in modeling, then Kate would really have to have checks and balances – and she was beginning to have her doubts about Brianna. For one, she knew that she couldn’t keep up the lifestyle that Brianna seemed to be able to.

If this woman had super-powers, it would likely be to party, drink and eat like a trucker, yet not gain a pound. Well, that may be perfectly well-suited for Brianna, but Kate knew that her metabolism was nowhere near as supercharged. She would need to watch it from now on, whatever Bree might put her up to.

Just then Anna gave a gentle rap against the outer door of Kate’s room. Immediately she pulled her shirt down, her face going red with embarrassment for Anna saw both of their exposed bellies, a look of curiosity on her face.

“Hey Kate, when you’re ready Parvati and I are going to do a bit of Yoga in the park around 7pm, that’s in 15 minutes. Would you like to come with us? Get some fresh air?”

Bree scoffed, “Hah. Yoga is for people who love to waste time.”

But Kate jumped on the opportunity, “Uh, yes! I mean, yeah. I’d like to check out the neighborhood since I didn’t get the chance to yesterday.”

Anna smiled appraisingly at her, nodded and left.

Bree waited until Anna had left with and looked at Kate with raised eyebrows that said, “Really?”

With a burst of confidence Kate stood up and put a hand on her belly and shook it, “Well, If I’m going to be a party animal like you, a girl’s gotta keep fit first.”

Bree looked at her for a second and Kate thought she was going to laugh or yell at her, for her facial expression was unreadable. Then, she nodded slowly and then a bit more vigorously. “Yeah, you know what. You might be onto something. I think I’ll invite myself. Besides, there might be some cute guys there.”

Missing the point, she winked at Kate, hopped up and yelled down the hall to Anna, “Hey, Hello Kitty – I’m coming along too! Don’t you f**king leave without me, or I’ll stomp all over your people like Godzilla!”

Kate rolled her eyes at Brianna’s retreating back and could have heard a sound that sounded like an exasperated sigh that came from Parvati’s room.

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Sulla has said some nice things

Nice, hope Bri turns out to be really out of shape.
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Chapter 11 – Try Some Yoga

The sun was beginning to warm the concrete as Kate, Bree, Anna and Parvati began setting up for their outdoor yoga class. The small park was relatively quiet for 7:15am, considering the heavy volume and traffic of lower Manhattan.

They were all assembled on a patch of grass in two rows of five. The instructor was at the center of the first row.

Kate wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead with the sleeve of her hoodie and readjusted her headband and tucked a lock of stray hair back into place. She was sandwiched in between Anna and Parvati in the back row with two other girls whom none of them knew but waived friendly to them.

Blessedly, Bree had decided to set up her yoga mat a little closer to the lead instructor, a thin artistic-looking guy with tempting stubble and devil may care hair. His name was Patrice.

There were a few other early morning attendees, bringing the class total to ten. There were two attractive looking men and the rest were woman.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen,” began Patrice with a smile as he began taking them through a series of deep breathing warm-up breaths. He had a French accent, which Kate found endearing and she loved how on certain words made her smile at his unusual but charming inflections: ‘ladies’ (Lad-EE’s).

He began walking around, speaking to each person, often putting a hand on the flat of their stomachs, smiling encouragingly and instructing them on their form. Anna nudged Kate who looked over at Bree. She was being coached now as Patrice put his hand on her abdomen and coached her through the correct way to breathe.

“No, no. It is like this, not your way. It is wrong. Like me, yes?” he demonstrated.

Bree took the time to put her hand on his chest, “Ooh, yes. Your way is much better. My, aren’t we buff.”

However, her playful eyes did not find favor with him. He smiled warmly in return and moved on. Kate could have sworn she heard Bree utter under her breath, ‘Gay’, as she continued to focus on her own breathing.

When it was her turn, she flinched slightly as he placed a hand on her abdomen and felt her face flush. She was instantly aware that she felt suddenly a little too underdressed, despite the fact that she was still wearing her hoodie.

“A little deeper, yes. Really exhale. Let your belly follow my hand.” He said conversationally as he gently shook his hand against her middle as she exhaled deeply. She felt foolish, sticking her tummy out so far, but when she felt that her breathing became easier she smiled and thanked him.

They went through a few more breathing exercises and began to settle into the yoga class. As the minutes ticked by, Kate found herself getting a little warm under her hoodie. She and a few others pulled off their various outer layers. Kate wore a modest athletic top which she tugged back down to hide her waist. She looked up and saw that Bree was wearing a sports bra that pushed up to showcase her ample bosom, her entire abdominal region proudly on display.

She took slow, deliberate movements while she was positioned in front of the instructor, often pausing so that the plunge of her neckline was in view with his gaze. He would look at her and smile and she would giggle sweetly and toss her hair.

Parvati snorted at the obvious gesture but quickly turned it into a cough as Bree turned around with suspicion and accusation in her eyes.


“Okay, we are half-way done. If anyone would like to sip some water, now is the time. Then we push through to the end, yes?”

The class nodded and dispersed to towel off, make light conversation or grab some water.

Parvati and Anna turned to Kate, “How do you like the class?”

“Oh, it’s fun – but I’ve never felt so out of shape and inflexible. I feel like I’m made out of wood today.” She said, wiping some sweat off her neck with a towel next to her water bottle.

“Yeah, but don’t worry. It only gets easier,” said Anna.

“And thanks again for inviting me this morning, I really needed some exercise,” she said.

“Don’t mention it,” said Parvati warmly. Just then, she jutted her chin forward and the two other girls looked up.

The girls observed Bree essentially throwing herself at Patrice. She would laugh at her own jokes and put a hand to her throat, showcasing her chest and touching him on the arm when he said something that she found funny. But he didn’t seem to be too interested. In fact, was it Kate’s imagination, or had he glanced in her direction once or twice during the class?

Patrice clapped his hands, signaling for them to resume. Kate found her legs shaking as they went through the various Warrior Poses. She felt the sweat pooling under her feet and once slipped and fell over. Red-faced, she picked herself up and got back into the pose. She looked up at Bree who turned back to snigger, but also caught Patrice’s eyes. His face seemed to say, ‘don’t worry about it. You’re doing fine.’ She smiled sheepishly and his eyes crinked with warmth as he called out the next move.

On Downward Dog Kate was beginning to feel exhausted. Her hamstrings and calves were burning and she felt that her core was losing its remaining stability. She looked over at Parvati who looked calm and steady as a rock. Similarly, Anna was impassive, immobile.

Kate looked downwards towards her stomach. She was breathing heavily and her form-fitted shirt had shifted a little, so that a little patch of her midriff was on display. She watched as the innocent softness squeezed itself between the fabric an inch or so, rolling over the waistband of her yoga pants.

Inwardly she cursed herself.

She could not let this opportunity of becoming a model slip away. She was eternally grateful for being discovered and she felt ashamed that she had indulged with Bree. This was one habit that she would not be continuing. It made sense to align herself with Anna and Parvati. They seemed so—so normal. If only Bree could tone down her dramatic ways, perhaps they could all be friends…

Kate steeled herself and tightened her core, as if that had made the decision to focus all the more powerful. She shifted her arms and found a spot on the mat between her hands and stared right through it as a few droplets of sweat dripped off the end of her nose.

“And that’s 1 minute.” Called Patrice as he shifted gracefully into the next pose.

Kate sighed with relief, as did some of the girls around her.

“Pfft. A minute. So easy.” Said Bree sweetly as she continued to hold the pose while everyone else slowly getting out of it. To Kate, it looked anything but easy. For Bree’s arms were shaking and she was breathing heavily just as Kate had a few seconds prior. Kate looked closer and followed Bree’s shaking ankles up towards her knees and hips, and finally to her quivering belly. It shook with fatigue and pooched outwardly just as Kate’s had. Wait, were those love handles too?

‘Perhaps’, she thought, ‘Perhaps – Bree wasn’t immune from all that eating she claimed she did without consequence after all…’
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greinskyn has said some nice things

Liking where this is heading...

Kate's vow to behave versus the temptations she'll be facing is a delicious mix. I really like her internal dialogue, and acknowledgement of the consequences should she continue...
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Chapter 12 – Conflict of Disinterest

“Okay ladies, in a moment I will introduce you to the team who will be mainly working alongside with you from here on out, Natalya and Spencer.” said Brian.

Kate leaned forward eagerly on the sofa as Brian paced outside the large, luxurious reception area in the fashion district of Manhattan. Earlier, the girls took turns showering, having a round of smoothies and piled into the cab that would take them to where they would be integrating more within the fashion community.

The building was nondescript from the outside, but inside was a different story. It was modern with a touch of retro flare; the furniture was mismatched slightly, but it seemed to fit the tone of the fashion industry that existed within New York.

As they met Brian at the main lobby, he had given them a quick tour and explained that many companies utilized the building and that on every floor of the building, housed different sets for different shoots.

“All of the automotive and animal shoots happen on the main floor and first and second basements – easier than putting a horse in an elevator.” He joked as they passed a shoot where a man and woman were entwined among several peacocks.

But then he had taken them to the area where they would meet Natalya and Spencer, the collective head team that would be working with them on various shoots.

Back in the reception area, Anna raised a hand like she was in class, giggled nervously and lowered it as Brian humbly smiled at her.

“Yes?” he had said.

“Um – so what exactly will we be all doing?”

Kate nodded in agreement, for she, too was relatively new to modeling. She looked over at Bree, who had her feet up on a couch all to herself and sighed, rolling her eyes to the ceiling.

Just then, a tall angular couple rounded a corner and pushed through a large set of glass doors. The woman with chestnut brown hair, a ram-rod straight posture and a haughty, proud face. The man with close-cropped red hair, a muscular build like a swimmer and a surveying face.

Instead of answering, Brian nodded to the newly-arrived duo and took a step to the side.

“Ah, hello ladies. My name is Natalya and this is Spencer. We will be the ones in charge of you from here on out. Brian has kindly offered his assistance, should you have any problems or concerns.”

Kate could tell right away this was a no-nonsense woman. How could she be when she probably ran the entire building and gave an opening speech like that dozens, likely hundreds of times before in front of men and women whom she could barely recall the names of.

Natalya went on, “You have been chosen for your unique qualities. We are here to insure that you deliver as promised. We are terribly busy and have no tolerance for disobedience, disorderly behavior or substance abuse. You will subject to random drug testing, weigh-ins and fitness classes. The public will see you as we see you: fit, lean and vibrant. Any questions?”
Kate had loads, but she didn’t want to be the first to raise her hand.

“I got one,” said Bree from her place on the couch. She had taken to sitting up straight when the man and woman had walked into the room, but was now loudly smacking on a piece of gum. Parvati was sitting bolt-upright, almost at attention and was clearly displeased by Bree’s conduct.


“What does this gig pay? I mean, this is New York.”

For a second, the woman looked like she might yell out at Bree. But instead, she smiled a thin, cold smile and surveyed this young woman more closely. Perhaps sizing her up if she was going to be a trouble maker and if she should just fire her at once. Whatever conclusion she had come to, it appeared that Bree was going to be sticking around.

“Young lady, you will learn not to ask such idiotic questions, is that understood?”

A tense, silence hung in the room and gave Kate chills.

“Uh, okay.” Said Bree.

The woman cast an appraising eye over the rest of the group and Kate, her nerve failing her let her questions go unasked.

“No questions? Pity. Well, Spencer will fill in the blanks and get you all sorted shortly.”

She spun on her heel and walked back the way she had come, her hand diving for her pocket as she placed an urgent-looking call.


Forty minutes later, Kate and the other girls had filled out, signed the paperwork for and began getting fitted with some pieces.

Spencer, it turned out was a little nicer than Natalya had been. He had informed all four women that they would be given 1-month trials, contingent upon the rules that had been laid out by Natalya. They would be required to attend prescribed exercise classes, have random drug or breathalyzer testing while on shoots and be subjected to measurements and weigh-ins.

“God, can you believe that bitch. Who does she think she is?” said Bree to no-one in particular as they were brought to a room for measurements and weigh-ins. They were out of earshot of anyone who mattered, but still, it was poor form for Bree to think so highly of herself.

Spencer had returned with an assistant who had a measuring tape.

“Girls, I need to you drop down to your underwear so that we can properly weight and measure you for future fittings. Anna, let’s start with you.”

Anna did as asked and stood at attention. She allowed her body to be pushed, prodded and squeezed as the assistant called out various measurements while Spencer recorded them on a clip-board. Finally Anna stood on a digital scale.

“ 5 foot, 4 inches tall….95.0 pounds….B-cupped breasts….slender build with athletic tones…”

Next Parvati underwent her measurements.

“5 foot, 11 inches tall…115.2 pounds…B-cupped breasts….toned athletic build, lean muscle mass…”

Bree was summoned next.

The assistant took a little longer with Bree. Kate and the other girls, who had not really paid much attention until then hadn’t really looked that closely at Bree either. The examiner had Brianna turn several times and raise her arms.

She had delicate creases where the backs of her upper thighs met her rear, making the underwear she was wearing look child-like in comparison to her mass. Further, the elasticated band of her underwear looked like it was just hugging her sides a little too tightly, for the slightest contour of her sides and stomach banded outward. When she was asked to turn to the side, it was observed that she had a budding little pooch of a belly forming. It was cute and endearing and wobbled ever so slightly when she shifted her feet. Finally, when her chest was measured, her bra looked like it too cut a little too snugly against her body, for the slightest of bra-bulge was on display.

“Height, 5’7’’ … weight 112.4 … bust: B-cup… contoured build, slight muscle tone …”

Bree snorted, “Contoured huh?”

Then, when nobody replied, she said, "It's okay. I know I'm hot."

She reached for her clothes which were draped over the chair. Kate looked over at Parvati who smiled slightly as she saw a pooch of fat roll over Brianna’s underwear when she bent over to put her jeans back on.

“Uh, just a second Bree.” Said Spencer, “You’re weight’s a little high. Your sheet here reads you should be 110.2, you’re over two pounds heavier.”

Bree’s face turned slightly pink then red and her lower lip curled. You could tell she was chewing on her words, her hands beginning to ball into fists.

“What…are you saying, Spencer?” she said with forced calm, un-clinching her fists an trying to adopt a relaxed pose.

“That you’re heavier than you should be. You need to cut weight. We can’t have fat models, now can we?” he said, clip board in hand matter-of-factly.

It was all Bree could do from punching him. She forced a sickly-sweet smile through gritted teeth and muttered something about a heavy breakfast that fooled no one.

Finally it was Kate’s turn.

She suddenly felt very self-conscious in front of her peers. It was like she was stripping down to nearly her rawest form, only to be surveyed like a prized animal. She laughed inwardly at the silliness of this most customary of routines.

The examiner was very gentle. First she began taking measurements at her ankles, then calves, then at the thickest part of her thighs. Kate felt momentary shock as the examiner felt her rear, sinking a hand into each cheek. Then she had Kate spin around and felt around her middle.

Kate began to hum and felt her face slowly turn pink with mild embarrassment as the woman fondled her stomach, pinched her sides and checked the heaviness of her bust.

Then she was asked to stand on the scale. The numbers whizzed past and she felt the coolness of the scale under her bare feet. The number stopped and Kate was shocked. Three pounds heavier?

Kate barely heard the assistant calling out the robotic, “Height, 5’9’’, weight 108.1, bust: C…”

All she could do was stare at the number and vaguely nodded as she heard Spencer ask her about her weight fluctuation. She nodded dumbly, still in disbelief, and answered the questions he asked, instantly forgetting what she was saying – as she continued to stare at the numbers.


Minutes later, the girls were dressed and given manila packets by Spencer some 20 minutes after they were all changed and seated in the lobby. He said that they would begin in 2 days time, but that Brianna and Kate would have a little extra homework.

“Looks like we will be workout buddies,” she said to Kate who was barely listening.

Three pounds? Three stinking pounds? Where the heck had they come from?’ she thought, her mind spinning…

“Don’t worry about it Kate, we will help you. It’s hard transitioning to new things.” Said Anna quietly as she placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Parvati echoed the sentiment.

Kate nodded the acknowledgement, ‘Three pounds?

Bree began talking about how she had hoped the two of them would get to be working alongside a hot trainer, and the things she hoped she would do with him instead of working out.

“…Maybe some horizontal jogging!” cracked Bree, as she gyrated her hips suggestively, as the girls left the building and were now on the street, hailing a cab to take them back to the apartment.

“Eh? Whadda ya say?” said Bree, nudging Kate in the ribs. Kate felt like Bree’s entire elbow sunk into her side. She was beginning to feel horrible.

“Huh, yeah, sure.” She said noncommittally, making Bree laugh.

They finally hailed a cab and piled in, Bree still talking about getting some sex from a trainer.

All the while, Kate was lost in her own head and made small chat with Anna and Parvati, who, sensing that Kate’s mind was full, left her to her own thoughts.

Three pounds?’ said the voice in her head once again.

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Sulla has said some nice things

Sweet. Love her horrified reaction.
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It appears as though Kate has come to an astonishingly real conundrum. Can Kate cope with the new regimen or will her resolve crumble.

And will Bree react the same way, or will her body continue to support her unhealthy habits?

Anna Lee hasn't heard from her lady friend in ages and Parvati still cannot stop thinking about her unexpected intrusion on her best friend and her fiancee...
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Chapter 13 – Uneasy Dreams…

Each of the girls got out of the cab and clambered into the elevator. It was the shaky one with the flickering light and gave Anna the jitters.

“Ugh – I wish the maintenance crew would actually spend some time reading some of the memos in the suggestion box – it’s nearly overflowing,” said Anna with a wince as the light flickered with a spark of electricity this time.

Kate mumbled something but was still preoccupied with her thoughts.

Thankfully Bree had put in her headphones and was vigorously rocking her body to the beats. She would occasionally bump into Parvati who would let out a small sigh and roll her eyes.

With a loud ding, the elevator doors finally opened and the women ushered themselves into the house.

“So, who’s up for staying up for a bit?” said Bree, pushing past the others and flopping down on the couch. She eyed each one of them and scratched her belly absent-mindedly and reminded Parvati disgustingly of a sloth.

Anna falsely yawned, raising her arms over her head. “Oh, not me. I’ve got a few phone calls to make.”

Parvati nodded with a similar answer and Kate merely mumbled something.

“Hey there sour-puss – why the long face? Is it because of the fat thing?” said Bree with a wry smile, chewing the last few words which made Kate feel even worse.

“N-no, I’ve just – got a lot on my mind.” She said quietly, still looking at the floor.

“Not to mention your gut!” Bree barked out a harsh laugh and turned to the television and picked up the remote and began channel-surfing.

Anna gave her the, ‘don’t take her too seriously’ look and patted Kate on the shoulder.

Parvati stood there with her arms crossed. “Tactless woman,” she breathed and she too went to her room.


Thirty minutes later, Kate was still staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. She willed her body to just give in and to fall asleep.

Tomorrow. Everything will be better tomorrow.” She kept thinking to herself, huddled under her sheets.


“Okay dad, love you too.” Said Anna cheerfully as she hung up the phone. She was wrapping a phone call to her family while reading some emails that her uncle had sent her way regarding work.

Being a superfluous at multi-tasking, she had just completed an entire weekend’s worth of hard work in only 90 minutes.

She closed the lid of her laptop and went down the hall. Brianna was huddled on the couch with a boy – the same boy who had entered her room from before. He had his arm around Brianna and Anna could tell that he had just had his hand firmly cupping her left breast.

He heard her entering the room and looked up, saw it was Anna and quickly turned back to watching television.

Anna smiled, went to the fridge to grab an apple and returned to her room and picked up a good novel, a thriller, and began turning the pages…


5 foot, 11 inches tall…115.2 pounds…B-cupped breasts….toned athletic build, lean muscle mass…

Parvati had closed and locked the door of her room and examined herself minutely in her full-length mirror.

She was in a plain black bra and matching panties and was turning and sashaying her hips in the mirror. Yes, she was indeed toned. Her thighs were muscular yet feminine as were her calves. Even her feet were strong yet graceful.

Where her panties hugged her hips, she saw two prominent elevations that showcased her pelvis, each of which had an exquisite contour that would lead toward her sex. Her stomach was flat and muscled, with proud abdominal muscles that were feminine. She had a line that ran between her abdominal muscles from her navel all the way up towards her ribcage, further still leaning out her physique.

She turned side-profile and examined her bust. Yes, she was only a B-cup, but with her build, they looked bigger, fuller. She twisted her hips so that one of her cheeks creased at the top of the back of her thigh. The contour of her powerful glutes was quite the site and Parvati spent a full 5 more minutes examining her rear. She placed a hand over each side and felt the hard muscles without a hint of cellulite.

After a few more minutes in front of the mirror, she plucked off her bra, put on a slightly over-large sleeping shirt and sat down in front of her computer and hit the Skype button.

She had 2 waiting messages. The first was from her mother, asking how things were going and to please call in a few days. The second was from her childhood friend Kim, the slightly-chubby girl with the red hair and blonde highlights who had just gotten engaged to her high-school sweetie, Tyson.

“Hey ladayy” she typed, hoping that it wouldn’t be too late to talk with her friend.

“HIYA!” came the enthusiastic reply.

Parvati clicked ‘video’ and there, up on her screen was Kim with a big wide grin and playful eyes.

Propping her head on her hands with her elbows on the table Parvati couldn’t help but smile. It had felt like ages since she had talked to any of her real friends, especially her best friend.

“So, what’s the Big Apple like?” said Kim, equally happy to be speaking with her friend.

Parvati began talking animatedly, more like her old self. She had felt like she had been quite reserved with the other girls compared to when she was talking to Kim. It felt very fresh and liberating.

As the two girls continued, Parvati couldn’t help but notice that Kim’s face looked a little fuller. Or maybe it was a trick of the light.

“—hey Kim, is your lighting alright over there? You look a little funny?” she said questioningly.

“Uh, let me check a second.” She said.

Through her screen Parvati’s eyes widened as she saw Kim stand up and walk – or waddle – towards the dimmer switch on the wall and bring up the lighting.

To say that Kim had put on a few pounds was an understatement. When she stood up, she had hitched up her denims which had ridden down and exposed a lovely patch of white flesh that hung cutely over the top of her waist. Her face was indeed fuller and actually – she looked good. Real good.

“K, how’s that?” said Kim sitting down and tucking back a lock of hair.

“Wha – you’re good. I mean you look good. I mean—that’s better.” She blurted out, making Kim howl with laughter.

Parvati stirred in her chair. Did she do so out of discomfort, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious herself, or did she suddenly appreciate the fact that she saw some more of Kim? She wasn’t attracted to women, but there was something a little—naughty about seeing a little more that she probably ought to. Suddenly her mind began replaying the images of Tyson mounting Kim through Skype, unawares that Kim was watching…


She suddenly shook her head, and smiled politely back through her computer screen, privately shelving those memories back in the drawer of her mind. “Uh, sorry – I just wandered for a bit.”

Kim smiled, “I thought so – your eyes did that thing they used to do in school when you were thinking too hard.”

Parvati laughed, “yeah, it happens sometimes. Sorry, so what were you saying?”

“I was saying that Tyson really loved that tattoo I got, you know, the secret one.” Kim leaned in, raising her eyebrows conspiratorially and looking from side to side like she was sharing a private secret.

Parvati put her knuckle to her mouth and giggled. “Oooh, I bet!”

“He liked it so much that I was thinking of getting another one, but I don’t know what I would get or where – I do have some thoughts though.” Said Kim brightly.

Parvati inhaled deeply, her senses clearing slightly. Kim was looking at her expectantly and she tried not to let her eagerness show too much.

“Woah. Another one. Wow, that’s pretty neat.”

Kim laughed, “Hey, that’s what the tattoo artist told me, ‘once you get one…’”

“So what were you thinking then?” said Parvati, still controlling herself…her mind began slowly wandering towards that drawer of Kim and Tyson again…

“Well, for one. I’ve put on some weight. I dunno if you noticed.”

“You have?” said Parvati so sweetly that Kim smiled.

“Yeah, here, look.”

She stood up again and poked and prodded at her physique. Parvati could not fully appreciate her friend’s softer physique. The pooching tummy, the softer sides, thicker hips and thicker arms.

“Twelve pounds.”

“Really, that’s kinda a lot. Are you alright?” she said with some concern.
Kim sat down and shrugged her shoulders. “That’s what you get when your grandmother stays with you for a few weeks. She’s a baker and is always disappointed if I don’t eat her stuff.”

“Oh, I see. Well I think you look fine by the way.” Said Parvati, a dreamy smile spreading across her face.

Kim smiled at the open compliment. “Well, since there is more of me to love, it’s impacted where I think I might get the next one.”

“What do you mean? Where were you thinking of getting another one?” said Parvati.

“Well, I had a couple of areas and some designs. One was a rose that I was going to get over my lower back. Another was a going to be on my opposite shoulder of a flower with my parent’s birthdays in the leaves. And I was thinking of getting something tribal across one hip.”

“Eww, a tramp stamp?” said Parvati, making them both laugh. “But I do like the other two options though.”

The two continued to talk about the pros and cons of each of the other tattoos. Kim had stood up on several occasions and insisted on showing Parvati the precise locations and rough-sizes of each one she might potentially get on her body. Each time, it left Parvati titillated with excitement and shock. Seeing the extra body weight on her friend, the folds and rolls of her grandmother’s handiwork present in every area…

“Well, keep me posted, but my thought is for the one on your shoulder. It’s sweet and sentimental – more meaningful than the tribal one; but it’s nice also.”

Kim smiled back, “Thanks! And one day, maybe you’ll get one too!”

Parvati smiled, “No way – I’m afraid of needles. Remember when we had to get booster shots in the eighth grade and I passed out? My mom thought the scar on my forehead would never go away!”

Both girls howled with laughter and confessed they should Skype more often when they knew more of how Parvati’s schedule would line up.

She closed the window and felt her stomach growl. Then she looked over at the clock. 11PM.

“Woah. Time really does fly.” She whispered to herself, placing a hand on her belly and massaging it until it went quiet.

She sat there for some time contemplating on whether or not to get something to eat. Ultimately, she decided to get some cucumber water from the fridge.


As she opened her door, it took Parvati a second to allow her eyes to adjust to the dimmer light. After staring at her computer for ages, she blinked and saw little white lights popping.

Shaking her head, she felt her way down the hall towards the living area and over towards the fridge, her mind focused on the water. But as she walked down the hallway, she heard a semi-rhythmic,

*thwop, thwop, thwop*

Not recognizing the sound, she temporarily put it out of her mind and went to the fridge to grab the vegetable, cut off a slice and pour a cup of water, all in the dim afterglow of the television. But as she dropped the piece of cucumber into her water and returned the rest to the fridge, Parvati’s ears again heard that strange *thwop*. This time though, it seemed to be a little louder and that it came from the direction of the television room.

Parvati took a sip of water – it was delicious, and ventured out of the small kitchen area and across the carpet, now determined to find out the source of this auditory disruption.

‘Can’t be the television’ she thought, now squinting her eyes and craning her neck forward.

She looked ahead to the television, then sharply hears a suctioning noise that came from her left – from the couch.

Turning her head, time seemed to slow down and a look of shock mingled with disgust crept across her face.

There was Bree and a male companion, completely naked and screwing on the couch. Parvati tried to blink, tried to turn away, but time seemed to hold her prisoner for an eternity until she had seen literally everything.

The unknown male was buff and heavily muscled with large tattoos on his shoulder and upper back. He was glistening with sweat, of the effort of mounting Brianna. She was facing away from him and had something protruding from her mouth which Parvati couldn’t quite make out.

It was only as Brianna turned side-profile to reach around to the man, down towards his eager member that Parvati learned she had her own panties clinched between her teeth to muffle the sounds of her mimed ecstasy.

Again, in slow motion, she saw the flow of Brianna’s dark hair whip about her face, the taught sinews of her neck, straining. She shifted her arms and Parvati glimpsed one youthful breast, nipple peaked with desire.

Her eyes followed the entanglement of the duo as they shifted their positions. Parvati glanced between the man’s legs and noted his hard steel was well endowed, and that his testicles were equally impressive. Between the man’s legs, she caught a glimpse of the underside of Brianna and noted her sex. The man had just exited her cave of desire, which was completely bald and a long, clear strand of semi-fluid was strung between their reproductive organs.

Abruptly, the man spread her rear and Parvati’s eyes widened with shocked intrigue as she saw Brianna’s rosebud. The man grunted and she arched her body to accommodate him as he entered her from behind.

*thwop thwop thwop*

Parvati couldn’t move. She just continued to stare until a feeling of cool wetness touched her right foot. The glass of cucumber water she had been holding had slipped out of her hand and landed silently on the carpeted floor, the liquid only now reaching to where she stood.

She inhaled deeply, noting a tang of animalness in the air on her tongue and slowly backed away until she bumped into one of the walls with a silent thud that sounded more like a gunshot to her and let out an audible gasp.

Still staring at the occupied couple, she saw Brianna subtly turn her head side-profile once more. The two women locked eyes. Parvati’s wide and afraid, Brianna’s alert and questing.

The man did not seem to notice and pushed her head forwards so as to get back into a solid rhythm of pumping, but once again in slow motion, she saw Brianna give a sardonic smile and a wink. An invitation?

Terrified, Parvati’s body seemed to come back to life as she stumbled slightly and scrabbled back to her room and shut the door. Locking it, she slid all the way down and put a hand to her mouth and stared at nothing as she felt the hammering in her heart.

Oh god, she saw me! I’ve been caught!’ she screamed inside her head, a fresh wave of panic overcoming her. She turned over and put an ear to the door, but all she could hear was a pulsing – the pulsing of her own heart, ringing in her ears.

She sat crouched there for what seemed like an eternity, no longer sure whether or not she could still make out the sounds of animal love from out on the couch in the main room.

Parvati kept replaying the scene over and over in her mind of everything that she had seen. It was so raw, so explicit, and yet—and yet

A sudden wave of calm drifted over her like mist over a mountain and her breathing slowly began to normalize. Her fear and anxiety began to recede back into the corners of her mind only to be replaced with thoughts…those thoughts.

Suddenly Parvati became aware that her lower lip was throbbing. Had she fallen? No, she touched her lip and it felt slightly raised and swollen. Had she bitten her lower lip in desire – desire of what she had seen?

Confusing thoughts began to swirl around in her head. This girl – this girl – the one whom she despised above all others…so open, so vulnerable…

Parvati’s thoughts became clearer as her mind began to extend the scenes in her head. What would the couple be doing right now – right at this very moment?

She felt a throb in her lower lip and noted with conviction that she was biting herself again in anticipation and she suddenly became aware of a warm moistness coming from between her legs that certainly had not been there before.

As if in an answer, her body told her what she had to do next.

Slowly, dreamily she felt herself leaning against the inner door of her room and slid down a few inches – for comfort…Kicking one leg out and tucking the other one close to her, she wriggled her underwear to one side and began to get to work…

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321eerytg has said some nice things

a bit slow for my taste, but still excellent writing!
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Sweet. Such tension!
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Chapter 14 – Shortcuts...

Kate was sound asleep, dreaming peacefully when she felt a hand clamp over her mouth.

She struggled mightily, but the hand didn’t yield.

Looking up at her silent assassin, her heart gave a jump of relief and she quit struggling. It was Brianna, and she rolled her eyes all the while Kate was struggling.

Kate observed that she looked tired, little dark circles were under her eyes and her hair was tousled.

“Hey! You startled me!” she hissed, shifting herself on the bed so that Brianna could sit down near its edge.

“I was thinking about that crap the other day when that tool called us fat.” She blurted.

Kate, slightly stung, waited for her companion to continue.

“So, I had an idea that might be helpful for you. I mean, I know it works for me.”

She laughed, haughtily, making Kate wary of the girl’s next words.

“W-what did you have in mind?”

“Kate, are you a virgin?”

The question had caught Kate off guard and she was taken aback.

“No-no! I’ve had sex before.”

Brianna sighed loudly, “Okay good. I figured. But I thought you might be a prude like little miss pigtails.” She jerked a thumb silently over towards where Parvati’s room was.

Involuntarily, Kate sucked in her stomach, feeling the sheets hollow slightly and gave a little squirm, which Brianna took as an emphatic no.

“Okay – well, I noticed that you got pretty quiet the other day and it was obvious to me that you might have a problem with food or something. Me, I personally don’t have that problem because I know how my body runs. You probably don’t.”

Kate screwed up her face slightly. It was hard not to take Brianna’s ‘help’ for rudeness and arrogance. It stung a little, and perhaps Brianna had picked up on that, for she suddenly put out a reassuring hand on the corner of Kate’s thigh and patted her gently, once.

“I think a way for you to burn off those extra calories is to get laid – like, a lot.” She said with a smile.

“Oooooh, no. I don’t think I could do that. I mean, you—“ said Kate, trailing off, not wanting to offend Bombshell Brianna.

“Oh, I’m not saying you need to fall in love and marry the poor bastard. Just a little—extracurricular—activity.” She said the last few words with a gyration of her hips, which Kate couldn’t help but smile and giggle at.

“Well, let’s shelf that idea for now. I mean, I’m not really looking for quick love right now.” Said Kate, finding her voice.

She motioned for Brianna to get up, and Kate swung her legs over the edge of her bed and hurried over to her laptop and motioned for Brianna to come closer.

Opening an internet browser window, she rapidly searched her history from the day before and pulled up a few pages about boxers cutting weight before a fight. The articles outlined that boxers would exercise while wearing special suits made with polymers akin to plastic. They would ‘sweat’ the weight out, as well as sit in saunas wearing these suits.”

“Holy fuck. That’s brilliant.” Said Brianna, clapping Kate on the shoulder with enough sudden force to lurch her forward. Kate smiled, thinking, as Brianna had, that this would be an easy way to shed those pounds.

“Thanks. But now all we need to do is find a place with a cardio space to train and that also has a sauna.” Said Kate, massaging her shoulder.

“You leave that to me. Give me 2 minutes.” Said Bree with a smile.

She left the room and returned a few minutes later with a male companion – the one from her previous evening. This had happened with enough regularity at this point, that it no longer startled Kate as it had done the previous few times.

“This is Craig, he works at a spa only a block from here. And, ah – he owes me a favor.” She said slyly, running a finger down his chest, the fabric of his crinkled, slept-in shirt very apparent.

Chris.’ He whispered, more to himself. Brianna waived an apologetic hand, which Kate didn’t buy for a second.

“So how about it? Wanna help out a couple of gals for a bit. I know the ‘payment’ is more than satisfactory for you…” she said seductively, making the poor boy smile sheepishly as he looked from Brianna to Kate.

“Well…” he said, rubbing his chin.


Parvati awoke, quite refreshed. She stretched like a cat, under her sheets and let out a little meowing sound escape her perfect lips. The bed sheet slid down and exposed her left breast, which perked up immediately and made her whole body tingle.

She smiled and rolled over in her sheets and grabbed her spare pillow and snuggled with it, closing her eyes and replaying the events of the previous night.

At first, she thought it may have been a dream, but then, she remembered…Oh, how she had remembered. Lazily, she glanced up at her alarm clock. It read 7:15am.

Too…early.’ She yawned, and went gleefully back to her memory of the previous evening.


Anna was up at 6:00am, busy with work for her uncle’s firm. She scratched off another few items off her lift and went to take a sip from her mug of tea.

“pfft!”, she expostulated, for her tea was stone-cold.

She stretched, arched her back and got up, taking the offensive mug with her. As she passed Parvati’s door, she heard the faint chirrup of an alarm clock, as she made her way to the kitchen to put the kettle on. The wall-clock read 7:15am.

She dumped out the tea in the sink and grabbed a fresh bag. On her way to the cupboard, she noted a piece of paper on the table and picked it up.

Written in a hurried scrawl, it read:

Gone Out. Later Bitches.
Bree & Kate

Anna sighed and put the note back down. She hoped upon hope that the two girl were already exercising, and that perhaps Kate had found a way to tame the beast that was Brianna. Lord knew that Anna’s patients were wearing thin these days.


“Hot enough for ya?” sighed Bree, dabbing her face with a cloth.

She leaned back, and spread her legs. ‘God this suit is f***ing miserable.’ She thought as she felt it slosh around her, lubricated by the sweat her body was pouring out, making a barrier between her skin and the suit.

Kate groaned, waiving a hand of acknowledgement to her downtrodden companion.

She looked up at the ceiling, watching the steam from their two bodies rise in the moist air of their private sauna booth, she recalled how they had come to be here today: The two women had gotten their wish from ‘Chris’. He had created fake accounts for them, presumably for further sexual escapades from Bree (as she was 10 minutes behind Kate when she entered the sauna, her hair slightly askew and her panties missing).

“God, it’s so hot,” said Kate after a few more minutes, consulting a countdown clock, which Bree had placed on the outer window of their sauna door. It showed 10 more minutes.

“The payoff will be great.” Said Bree with a weak grin. Besides, I’ve got something to help the last few minutes pass by quicker.

She picked up a squirt bottle and took a long pull from it and handed it weakly over to Kate, who took it and took a full spray.

“Ugh – this isn’t water!” she coughed, feeling the burning sting of the liquid down her throat.

“Vodka.” Said Bree with a wry smile, taking the bottle back from Kate and taking another long pull. She placed the bottle between them and let out a content sigh and closed her eyes.

For the next minute, Kate felt the effects of the vodka warm her body and she began to sweat more profusely. Noting the apparent dehydrating effects, she reached for the water bottle and felt that familiar burn down her throat. She was beginning to get buzzed.

“Would I steer you wrong?” said Bree with a lop-sided smile, her hand fumbling with the bottle, as Kate handed it to her.

Kate grinned, stupidly and closed her eyes.


The timer had gone off, and the girls had heavily gotten to their feet and stumbled slightly as they exited the sauna. They giggled down the short passage to their private change room, adjacent to their private sauna.

“This was an awesome morning,” said Bree with a bray of laughter.

Kate snorted, as she lifted the hoodie of her sweatsuit back and fumbled for a few seconds with the zip.

Bree pulled a face of difficulty, mimicking Kate, which made them both double over with laughter.

Kate finally managed to pull the zip down and began to change, her body slightly turned to Bree. Brianna, however had gone full nude under her suit. Her body glistened magnificently, and Kate’s face must have betrayed emotion of approval, for Bree cocked one eyebrow of recognition.

“Okay, peel off those soaked clothes and let’s see how much we each lost.”

Kate complied, feeling a bit self-conscious now that she was fully naked, but Brianna didn’t seem to mind as much as Kate did.

Timidly, she approached the scale and stood on it, one foot first, than the other.

She ratcheted the notches of the scale, similarly to the one you would see in a physician’s office.

“112…too much…107…too light…”

The scale rested gingerly on 108, her old weight.

Kate beamed and high-fived Brianna. The high-five was off the mark, and the two girls nearly both fell, making them laugh.

Brianna yielded similar results, and dropped down to 109, a pound lighter than her previous weight of 110.

The both mimed ‘raise the roof’ as they applauded each other’s progressive weight loss.

They girls took turns in the single shower. Brianna went first.

Kate went over to the mirror, and began to examine herself before the mirror got too foggy to see anything. Her body glistened with sweat, but she looked thinner. He stomach looked flatter, and her skin looked tighter, hugging her toned body once again. She flexed and held poses, and she felt that her muscles looked more pronounced.

‘God, I hope this isn’t the alcohol talking, but I think I look pretty darn good.’ Kate said aloud to herself.

She let her hands cascade down her flank, and felt the smoother edges of her body. What a dish.


With the girls freshly showered, and slightly buzzed, they left the health spa and began walking down the street towards the apartment. It was barely after 10am and the two had the entire day to themselves.

Their gait was slightly clumsy, and they made a habit of bumping into each other slightly, bringing a grin to their faces.

‘God, it’s such a lovely day today.’ Thought Kate, as she pushed her
sunglasses back up her nose.

“I don’t’ want to go back to the apartment and hang out with those boring broads just yet, what about you?”

Kate shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

Brianna stopped and rummaged in her gym bag and pulled out the water bottle, sloshing the liquid around. It was still nearly half-full; the girls had drank less than they thought, apparently.

Brianna raised a eyebrow, making Kate grin.

“Hey, we should probably have some food in out bellies first, before we enjoy some more of that.”

Flat bellies.” Corrected Bree, whose stomach gurgled in approval at this choice.

They put arms around each other and walked towards the nearest Dunkin Donuts express and ordered two egg and bacon sandwiches, with double-espressos to be put in large cups instead of medium.

As they left the eatery, Brianna stopped and dumped the remaining contents of her water bottle into each of their tall cups and resealed the lids. They walked and munched all the way to the HighLine rail system of New York – an old railway, restored as a pedestrian walkway that rose a few stories about the city.

They clinked cups, now a quarter-empty, and stumbled up the stairs.

“What a beautiful day, friend.” Said Kate.

“Back atcha, skinny.” Said Bree.

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My day is much happier now... Thanks!

I like the comparison between two that are behaving and two that are pushing the boundaries. I think that Bree and Kate are going to find those boundaries eventually pushing back.

The little here, and little there temptations are believable and quite a rush. Interesting to see how things progress.

Many Gracias!
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This is a really awesome story
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Chapter 15 – Anna’s Tale

It had been a few days since the girls were primed and measured for the modeling agency. Thankfully, none of them had run into that witch of a woman, nor her little lapdog.

Life seemed to be settling into a more suitable routine for each of the girls, now that they each had their own schedules and assignments. Occasionally, there would be overlap, but for the most part, they were left to their own devices during their downtime.

Parvati kept herself pretty much to herself. She made long distance phone calls back home and was often times known to hide away in her room and surf the web, or hop on Skype…

Brianna and Kate had seemed to bond still closer, due to their recent bout with weight gain. Happily both women were committed to having fun – NYC style – and not to take things ‘too seriously’, unless it began affecting their job performances.


Anna Lee had taken a ten-minute break from redesigning a spreadsheet she was about to email to her uncle’s company. A lower-level researcher had botched the numbers (again) and luckily Anna had had the foresight to double-check the work that was being sent her way. She didn’t need to be reamed out over the phone by her uncle for a mistake she didn’t even create.

Yet despite all her business, Anna managed to live a pretty well-balanced lifestyle as she continued to connect with the pulse that was Manhattan. She found herself and Parvati going to little cafes, or taking trips to The Village for some shopping. Occasionally, she would take in an afternoon show if the ticket prices were just right.

Just the other day, she and Parvati had been discussing Brianna and Kate’s friendship. Anna had thought that the two girls didn’t seem compatible, and yet somehow, Bree had seemed to ‘win Kate over’. It was a peculiar notion, for Anna had always – and still did – hold Kate in high regard. She felt that perhaps this fast friendship might end as quickly as it had begun…she just hoped upon hope that wasn’t around when it did – she truly did hate conflicts of any sort.

Anna stretched as her mind wandered past the inner-workings of their household. Everyone, for the most part, was getting along; and those that didn’t – well, they rarely found themselves in each other’s company unless it was out of absolute necessity.

As she stretched, she lazily glanced down at her stomach as her shirt had ridden up several inches. Her firm, abdominal muscles looked a tad softer than they did a week ago. It was possible she had put on a pound or two – but she also knew that she had been burning the midnight oil often over the last few evenings to play catch-up with her uncle’s engineering company.

Almost as if to confirm this, she glanced down at her waste paper basket and noted with a pang several chocolate bar wrappers and sugary energy drinks littering the top. Laughing inwardly, she glanced down at the drawer next to her computer. It was half-exposed and a Kit-Kat was staring merrily up at her. She looked down at her belly then glowered at the offending confectionary item, making herself laugh and shut the door.

“Not today, you don’t.” she said aloud, as she tugged her shirt back down and resumed her work.


Two hours, one spreadsheet and one difficult kickboxing boot camp workout later, Anna was showered and laying comfortably on her bed, a book at her side and a fresh mug of steeped tea waiting to be enjoyed.

She opened the new book, a thriller by a well-known author that showcased areas of New York, and began to read the forward. Anna loved books and as she opened it, the spine of the book made a slight cracking sound, the hallmark of a brand-new book. She tingled inwardly at the childish noise and continued to read, her eyes consuming the words like a hungry beggar.
Just then, a fait burring became detectable to Anna’s ears. Glancing up, annoyed as the book was getting quite good so quickly, she knew it was her phone and it was ringing. In Anna’s experience, texts could be ignored, but phone calls couldn’t. Maybe it was the modeling agency? Maybe it was her uncle? Or her parents?

She dog-eared the page she was on, and hopped off the bed and swiftly covered the distance of the room in two skips. The number bore a Colorado area code from a number she did not recognize.

“Hello?” she said, slightly friendly, but as friendly as you can be to a potential stranger.

“Anna? ANNA?!?”

Anna felt her whole body soften at the lilt of that oh, so recognizable voice. It was Cynthia, her fellow-engineer and volleyball graduate…and former lover.
It had been ages since the two talked. Anna got so busy with her new career as an engineer-assist at her uncle’s firm in NYC and as her co-career in modeling. The last they had talked was that Cynthia was still awaiting job offers, but money became tight with her working mediocre jobs so she had to move home. A few emails feathered their way into Anna’s inbox, but that was about it.

“Cynth – oh, my gosh – how are you!” said Anna, her voice increasing in enthusiasm with each word.

True, they had tried being in a long-distance relationship, but logically, they both knew it wouldn’t be fair to either of them and they politely remained good friends. But Cynthia calling Anna out of the blue like this, it was unexpected. A pleasant, but unexpected surprise.

Cynthia could barely contain her own inner excitement, “Oh, Anna. It’s so lovely to hear your voice. I’ve missed you dearly.”

Anna felt a pang of guilt. She should have tried a bit harder to keep in contact. But that initial painful sting of love’s scorn needs a little time to heal old wounds.

“I…I’ve missed you too. How are you? Well?” said Anna.

She wanted to say more, but she had learned that declaring anything over the phone was a mistake. What if Cynthia was dating someone new and she was on speakerphone with the new person in the room. How awkward would it be for Cynthia to explain to her new lover about her recent relationship?

“Are you sitting down? I’ve got some great news.” Cynthia blurted.

Anna sat down and pressed the phone closer to her ear, her anxiety rising; eagerly awaiting the forthcoming information.

“I’ve found a job – and it’s in NYC – near YOU!”

Anna beamed and it came through in her voice, “Oh, Cynthia. That’s so awesome. I’m so happy for you! We should celebrate when you get here. Much has changed in my life too, we should catch up.”

The girls gabbed excitedly back and forth, hardly able to contain their enjoyment for one another that it took the pounding against Anna’s bedroom door from a disgruntled Bree before laughing it off and lowering her voice to a more playful tone to her former lover.

“What the heck was that?” asked Cynthia over the phone.

“Ugh. That’s one of my roommates. Bree.” She spit out the last word with more contempt than she meant.

“She sounds like a real prize.” Retorted Cynthia, making both of them laugh.

“So tell me more about this exciting news.” Said Anna, now laying back on her bed and taking a sip from her cup of still-warm tea. She took a sip and felt that her cheeks were flush.

Was it from the good conversation or the tea?’ she thought with a smile.

Anna learned that it has been a hard slog for Cynthia to find a job. Initially, she had been shortlisted for the interview near Manhattan. It turned out that the position was filled, but they had asked her if they could keep her information on retainer.

Well, the days and weeks ticked by, and eventually her pocket money began running out. Back to the days of macaroni and cheese, noodles and tinned tuna. She had to cancel her mobile phone plan at the very end to scrape by and moved back home for a few weeks while waiting for job offers to come back.

“Oh, wow. I certainly don’t miss those dinner days.” Said Anna with a laugh.

“Yeah, I bet. You’ve gotta be eating well over there in New York.”

“Hah, you’d think so. But with all the training and work I do, I’ve retained my simple tastes. Besides, the restrictions they put us on are not for the faint-of-heart.” Said Anna warmly.

“Oh, do you have to throw up after every meal or something? I read about that once?” said Cynthia in a hurried whisper, her voice full of concern.

“Oh, no – nothing like that. I just mean that I eat cleanly when I can, and make sure I am exercising to stay fit and trim for my photo shoots.”

“Still have those 6-pack abs, lady?” said Cynthia, her voice now suddenly interested with a hint of conspiracy.

Anna glanced at her stomach, covered by her t-shirt and glanced over at her waste paper basket and rolled her eyes, “Meh, more or less.”

Cynthia laughed and made some crack about when the two of them met up, that Anna would look like a twig and she, Cynthia, would look like a house by comparison. She had admitted that her lack of motivation and depression from their mutual break-up as well as lack of job had not been easy on her once toned frame.

“Well, there will just be more of you to hug, now won’t there.” Said Anna kindly and Cynthia thanked her.

“So, will you be moving up alone, or do you have a new steady?”

“No. I’ll be flying solo. I dated a pastry chef for a little while. No real chemistry, but her cooking was amazing.” Said Cynthia.

“I bet!” joked Anna, whose mind wandered to the last time she had seen her former lover naked. Her toned, lithe form. Ash-blonde hair, twinkling, kind eyes, perky breasts and an ass that wouldn’t quit…She knew that most former-athletes put on weight eventually. For her, she, Anna had been able to stave that off due to her new role as a model. She knew the importance of exercise and nutrition…but still, she had never been a ‘fat-hater’ or anyone who despised a larger frame on a person, man or woman.

And yet…and yet…

“Anna? You still there?”

“Huh? Yeah. Say that last bit again?”

“Hah. I was just saying, my plane gets in around 1pm tomorrow. I’ve got a hotel for the evening before I’m given the keys to a temporary apartment. Did you want to swing by my place, or how would you like to meet up?”

“Oh, sorry. Um, what about I meet you at your place. We can take the train to Long Island and get a bit of dinner, I know a great place.”

“Perfect, so now you have my new cell.”

Anna glanced at her phone and thumbed the screen to update her friend’s contact information.

“Yep, you’re all set.”

“See you tomorrow then,” said Cynthia.

“Absolutely, it’s a date!” said Anna.

Anna rang off, then suddenly smacked herself in the forehead. ‘A date? A date?!? How could she have said those words?

She replayed it again and again and hoped that Cynthia would have the sense not to read too deeply into her words. And yet, perhaps this was just what Anna needed, an escape. A break from her roommates, from her two jobs – all of it.

And if this was to be a date’, she thought, ‘would it be a date or a date-date…

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Chapter 16 – Anna’s Tale (continued)

Anna was slightly nervous as her cab dropped her off in front of the hotel. Ever since her phone conversation with Cynthia the day before, she kept replaying the discussion in her mind.

How was she going to react when she saw her? Surely happiness, as she had likely as not – moved here because of Anna…and yet she wasn’t so sure this was a bad thing. Perhaps they would remain firm friends, or perhaps rekindle their relationship…

Anna shook her head as she hastily paid the cabbie and turned up her long coat against the cooler, windier weather that had blown in. ‘A sign of things to come?’ She thought with a smile, as she climbed the stairs and pushed against the revolving door of the hotel.

It was a grand and spacious room with high crown-molded ceilings and wooden-walled panels. The arm-chairs in the waiting area were high-backed and made of leather. They looked comfy.

Anna wandered over to one and sat down, verifying this fact. Her body sunk into the seat and the chair seemed to close around her like a hug. She nuzzled into the chair and crossed one leg over the other and pulled out her phone, laying it on the armrest face-up so as to see any incoming messages.

Cheerfully she tapped her fingers on the other arm rest, taking in the splendor of a hotel as she took in the profiles of the various guests entering or exiting the hotel. She smiled inwardly as she did this. So many people rushing in or out; or calmly walking around. Big people, small people; guests with kids.

Then Anna spotted a younger heavy-set woman. She looked slightly out of place and was dragging a suitcase with apparent difficulty. Her hair, blonde, was slightly askew with flyaway strands that the girl kept brushing out from in front of her face.

Anna watched her as she approached the front desk and began conversing to a bored-looking concierge. She couldn’t be certain from where she was sitting, but it looked like the woman was a bit frazzled. She waived what looked like an airline ticket in one hand and was gesturing to her luggage with the other.

The concierge shook his head, empathetically and mumbled something. The girl acknowledged him and began fishing inside her purse for something. When she couldn’t’ find it, she began searching the pockets of her coat - still no luck. Finally the woman took off her coat and reached into her back pocket to find whatever it was she was searching for. As she did so, her face became visible to Anna – it was Cynthia.

Anna let out a gasp from the immediate shock of seeing her friend. She had let herself go!

Almost instinctively, as if Cynthia had heard Anna from across the room, she looked up – recognition playing across her softer face. She broke out in a smile and waived cheerily with a thick arm.

Anna smiled automatically and got up from her chair and approached her former lover. As she walked over, she was nervous about hugging Cynthia. Should it be a short, curt hug or a long one? Should they kiss, or just a peck on the cheek – or neither?

“Anna!” beamed Cynthia as the two embraced. Anna sank into the deep flesh of her companion and wrapped her arms around her and gave a friendly squeeze. The pressure was returned and the two held each other out at arm’s length.

Cynthia took in the firm, sculpted features of her former lover and squeezed her muscular shoulders as if in confirmation.

Anna smiled back and surveyed Cynthia. She had certainly softened up since their volleyball days of old. She had a gentle double chin and thickened neck. Her arms were fuller and softer and lacked their defined muscular tone that Anna once knew. Her denim jeans could not disguise the fact that she had filled out in her lower half as well. She had a shelf of a rear and her thighs touched and must rub together quite often. Anna smiled again at her companion, her former lover, her friend.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you!” Anna said. She couldn’t help herself for she truly meant the words. All previous thoughts and trepidations seemed to drift away like a lazy cloud.

“And you – you look stunning, as always” kidded Cynthia as the two embraced again.

Anna thanked her for the compliment and Cynthia settled with the concierge and the two walked over towards the elevator, Anna helping with some of her companion’s luggage.

“How was the flight?” asked Anna as they rode the elevator in silence up several floors.

“Ugh. Miserable. I sat next a crying baby and they lost my luggage initially.” Said Cynthia quickly.

They commiserated about flights, travel, and Cynthia’s new job as she slid the key card to her room and they both went inside.

Anna put down some of Cynthia’s luggage and leaned against the wall as her friend wheeled her luggage up close to the bed and with finality, laid it to rest with a bounce on her bed.

Cynthia reached upward towards the ceiling, stretching for what felt like the first time in ages that day. As she did so, she felt a tickle of cool air pass about her midriff. She blushed slightly and pulled down at her top to conceal the swell of exposed skin.

Anna’s eyes went wide and she felt a tingle travel through her body as she saw the exposed bit of belly flesh. She felt a thrill of excitement, almost as if she was witnessing something she wasn’t supposed to…

Cynthia let out a hiss of air and blew a strand of hair out of her face, making Anna laugh, but she did observe Anna’s gaze at her midriff as she fixed her shirt. She placed a hand against her abdomen and shook it slightly.

“Not pregnant.” She said with a wry smile.

Anna giggled, noting that the ice had been broken on the topic she was very much interested in discussing.

“I did kinda notice, yeah.” She said warmly, not wanting to offend her.

Cynthia smiled, taking no offense whatsoever. “Well, it’s no secret that I’ve added a few in the recent past. I’ve been so busy with the job hunting and the stress of being back home. Then there was that relationship that fizzled out.”

Anna nodded as she began to put the pieces together. Just like her own body, she knew that regular, regimented exercise and a sensible diet had helped to maintain her own physique. She also remembered back to her college days of late nights of studying for exams and the extra few pounds she would gain from grazing on food.

But it was clear to her that, for Cynthia, her sluggish dietary habits combined with a hectic work schedule had slowly filled out her once lanky frame. But just how much had she gained, Anna wondered.

“Seventeen.” Said Cynthia as she placed a hand against her abdomen once again, answering Anna’s unasked question.

They both blushed, then giggled.

“Well, I think you still look lovely as ever.” Anna beamed, once again meaning every word.

“Aww, thanks.” She said, stepping closer to her friend.

Anna felt that tingle once again, for she felt the mood in the room change. It was as if these two women were seeing each other for the first time, albeit differently. A serene calm flooded her heart and she felt her cheeks flush with warmth. Cynthia took another step closer and Anna once gain gazed at her beauty. She trembled slightly as she reached out a hand and touched Anna’s face. She did not pull away.

Now it was Anna’s turn for boldness. She felt warmth spread from the touch against her face and placed her hand atop Cynthia’s. With her free hand, she cupped Cynthia’s softer face and leant in to kiss her, their lips brushing against one another.


The two women stood in the hotel room, hands beginning to wander as the kissed again, this time more passionately. For whatever reason, for whatever purpose, Anna suddenly felt like their relationship had never even ended. It was as though they had only been on pause – like their passion and desire for each other was just a kiss away…

Deftly, Anna ran a hand through Cynthia’s hair and she steered them towards the bed. Anna felt her pulse quicken and moaned softly as she felt friendly hands questing for her chest, then down towards the button of her denims.

Anna gently laid down her companion as she swept the luggage out of their way. It clattered to the floor and neither of them took any notice. Cynthia giggled coyly as Anna helped her out of her coat. She then began unbuttoning the shirt Cynthia was wearing.

Once loosed, she felt freedom and exhaled deeply, as Anna’s warm hands began exploring her soft stomach. Anna leaned in once more and their lips met. Mouths parting, tongues flickering and dancing; Cynthia wrapped a leg along Anna’s body.

Cynthia shifted her hips shift under the lighter weight of her companion. The two women seemed to fit together like a lost pair of gloves. A moan escaped her as their lips parted, Anna now gently nibbling at her lower lip.

Cynthia inhaled deeply and felt whole body tingle with desire. She did not want this to end. It had been so long since she had been touched like this. To feel welcomed and loved by a former partner…words could hardly express. She felt the migration of Anna’s lips travel down her neck while simultaneously rubbing her stomach. Cynthia’s own hands were busy pulling up Anna’s shirt, lifting the fabric up and away from her smooth, taught stomach.

Anna heard Cynthia gasp as her hands traveled from her friend’s bulging stomach down towards her too-tight pants. It made Anna grin in silent anticipation as she released the button and parted the zip. Cynthia moaned once more as Anna slid a well-practiced hand down towards her loins, down towards her waiting sex.

Anna felt Cynthia gyrating her pelvis towards her as her hand busily got to work, pressing against the outer softness of her sex. Subtly, Anna slid her hand to the side of her companion’s undergarments and tucked her fingers beneath them, feeling the coarseness of her womanly fur. Anna willed herself to control her emotions, to make this last as long as she could. She had missed this; and had missed it for so, so very long.

Still entwined in a passionate embrace, Anna moved her free hand once again between Cynthia’s breasts and over her torso. God, she had let herself go. Anna smiled inwardly and envisioned the curve of her fleshly belly, rounding outward against gravity. Anna cupped one of her love handles and gently squeezed. She squealed in surprise as Cynthia answered by cupping her rear and giving it a playful smack.

Anna continued playing with Cynthia’s belly. She marveled at its softness and gently stroked her flank, noting the added curves and volume that her weeks of negligent eating had caused. She bit her lower lip in anticipation as her lower hand began to circle Cynthia’s cave of desire, noting the moistness that escaped from within…

“Oh, God – I’ve missed this…” came a husky, breathless voice in Anna’s ear, making her quiver from head to foot.

Anna’s lips searched for the lovely mouth of her companion, her teeth bared in desire, for her lovely words were like honey for her soul; they kissed passionately.


“I always hoped we would be like this again,” said Cynthia softly, between kisses; batting her bedroom eyes.

“Me too”, breathed Anna. She leaned back and wiped a strand of saliva that had joined the two of them in passion. Slowly, she arched back and removed her own shirt and bra. Her modest breasts hung with vitality and Cynthia’s hands eagerly raised up to caress them.

“You’re so pretty, Anna” breathed Cynthia, her mouth wanton with desire. Anna felt her nipples harden like small rocks as she felt herself being fondled.
Anna glanced down at the domed belly of her companion and Cynthia grinned like the Cheshire cat. It pleased her to see that Anna accepted her newer, larger body. Very much indeed.

“I’ve gotten so big since you’ve last seen me. Do you like the new me?” she asked.

The childish question made Anna giggle.

“I love your little Buddha belly”, she cooed in appreciation as Anna slid down Cynthia’s body, planting little kisses down her cheek…her neck…between her breasts…

“Should I keep it?” she asked, coyly, squirming under Anna’s weight.

Anna said nothing, but cupped her hands along Cynthia’s flank, squeezing her and kneading her belly like dough as if in response. She continued her trail of gentle kisses, now venturing to her upper belly, her navel…towards the tops of her underwear…

She continued her oral exploration amidst Cynthia’s moans and pants of desire. Anna couldn’t help herself, as she felt a tingle of desire of her very own creep throughout her entire body, making her toes curl and her own sex moisten.

Anna shifted her weight and pulled Cynthia’s pants down off her expanded hips while continually blowing kisses at the tops of her underwear, ever closer towards exquisite oblivion.

She could feel Cynthia wriggle underneath her, gyrating her hips in anticipation. Anna wanted nothing more than explore her companion in the worst way. It wasn’t helped as she noted a damp patch grow dark on Cynthia’s underwear. Anna felt her resolve crumble as she inhaled deeply, breathing in that familiar tang of Cynthia’s awaiting sex.

Her underwear cut into her flesh deeply. All her weight gain had emphasized this point. Anna smiled and looked up at Cynthia’s smiling face as she cupped her rear and began to slide her panties off her expansive hips. Anna began tracing circles around the cave of desire, noting it’s moistness as she planted kisses against it.

Cynthia moaned and Anna braced herself against the entrance of passion and began licking the honeyed nectar that it contained.

An explosion ripped through Cynthia’s body as she experience two slender fingers enter her. She cried out and began to pant in short bursts against the rhythm of being penetrated.

Both women were writhing on the bed now, like two intertwined serpents.

Cynthia began to howl as spasm after spasm of ecstasy washed over her like waves crashing on a beach. She felt her sex contract and pulse until her body released itself from within her. She felt her body go rigid and immediately go limp as she lay there completely expended as she came.


Moments, minutes, perhaps days later Cynthia opened her eyes and found Anna staring at her affectionately, brushing her hair with her fingers and smiling down at her. She felt reassured at her near-nakedness, and that of Anna.

“Hiya,” said Anna softly, as she touched Cynthia’s shoulder.

She nuzzled up against the delicate touch and they held each other for several minute, fondly recalling the recent events that took place.

“So, what now?” said Cynthia, as she raised herself on an elbow, gazing at her beautiful companion.

Anna gave a won smile and poked Cynthia in the stomach and whispered, “We still haven’t had our dinner yet.”

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